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The Parable of the Wedding Feast

It would have never occurred to me to spend my Saturday nights at a Catholic conference or retreat. Being roasted over an open fire for all eternity definitely did not appeal to me. But neither did wasting my Saturday night in a Church event that was not strictly required by divine law.

Why is this? Because I craved fun, joy, adventure and fulfillment.


And Church was the last place I expected to find any of these things. But in the gospel of Matthew , the kingdom of Heaven is not described in terms of an endless ceremony or angels sitting on clouds playing harps.

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It is painted in the colors of a wedding feast— a boisterous, energizing celebration with delectable food, choice wine, dancing, laughter, and fellowship. But not just any wedding feast. This party will be fit for a king since the bridegroom is a prince. Obviously, the royal Host will spare no expense and it will be truly a gala affair.

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Perhaps part of it is the fault of the messengers. Maybe their blank faces and monotone voices confirmed the worst suspicions of the invited guests — that anything put on by the King will be a crashing bore. Isaiah speaks of a veil that covers all peoples, a web that is woven over all nations Is.

It is a web of deceit that has been woven not by a spider, but by the serpent that first deceived Eve. In fact, it is an immense propaganda campaign that is subtly woven into the message of movies, TV shows, and print advertising. His Kingdom is at worst about slavery, at best endless boredom.

Give the obligatory nod to God and go out and get a life. So the wedding hall was filled with guests. In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. You'll get this book and many others when you join Bible Gateway Plus.

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Wedding Feast Fit for a King

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Parable of Wedding Banquet/Feast

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