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Fans of this beautiful and ubiquitous masonry building material can visit Puddingstone Park, a neighborhood park built on the site of a former puddingstone quarry in the Roxbury section of Boston.

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Queen Ann style home with Roxbury Puddingstone exterior. Medieval Revival home with Roxbury Puddingstone foundation. Historic Roxbury Puddingstone - True Native Stone One of the most beautiful and interesting local historic materials found in the greater Boston built environment is what is called Roxbury Puddingstone.

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Ray , I hear you well about them rocks, here the fields are bare of them , but one needs to chose his path well when in the bush. A man does not always grow wise as he grows old , but he always grows old as he grows wise. My grandfather work for an old farmer in Maine many years ago. And the field was full of ledge knolls. The equipment was also all hay wired together from being warn out. Every time the harrow went over one of them bare knolls it would fall apart.

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Did you go there? This is in DC right?

The Egg Pudding Stone

Here is a small article on pudding stone as well. Moment of panic here. I want one too. The Magicman. Quote from: thecfarm on July 23, , AM. Here is my newest acquisition. Burlkraft helped me get it loaded to bring home when we were up to the cabin last month.

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Just call me the midget doctor. Commercial circle sawmill sawyer in a past life.

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Ezekiel When we were kids, we used to have a four leaf clover contest at birthday parties. I never found one. Are the pudding' stones easy to find or do they hide from ya'?

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Do you know if they are found in the Canadian Shield area north of Lake Ontario? Is there a reference that I could look up their distribution and range? My father once said, "This is my son who wanted to grow up and become a doctor.

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So far, he's only become a doctor. They can be pretty hard to find, and are not that common. When I say hard to find, its kinda like finding Morel Mushrooms.