Special Times With God: Family Devotions with Young Children

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Pass on your faith to your kids by being a godly example

And let's not forget to mention peer pressure and media influences that offer temptations to try drugs, drink alcohol , and experiment sexually. Today's kids are confronted with a shortage of godly examples in a society that is moving toward "freedom from religion" instead of "freedom of religion. First, as a parent, you must live out your faith in your own life. It is impossible to give away something you don't have. Kids can spot a phony from a mile away.

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They're looking for the real deal from their parents. Living your faith starts with simple things, like showing love, kindness, and generosity. Second, start sharing your faith early in the lives of your kids. Taking part in a Christian church shows your children that spending time with God and other believers is important. Sharing your faith also means reading the Bible with your children in a way that causes it to come alive for them. Find age-appropriate Bible resources and lessons to incorporate into your family-fun times, as well as your child's education.

Make family devotions and Bible reading a priority in your weekly schedule. Also, incorporate Christian entertainment into your child's life. Instead of feeling deprived of fun, let them discover and enjoy quality, inspiring forms of amusement that will also encourage them to develop spiritually. Another great way to teach your children about God is to allow them the opportunity to make and develop Christian friendships.

Their faith will be strengthened if they can share the same values with their friends.

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And make sure your church offers a children's program and youth group that your kids will want to be involved in. Lastly, show your kids what's in it for them. Often people are brought up to believe that faith is an obligation to fulfill by attending church on Sunday. But a relationship with Jesus carries abundant rewards. Here are some great payouts to share with your kids:. Prayer and singing. While the sitting still part itself is not so fun for my toddler, she loves the time we spend together.

For context, my family is Presbyterian. We subscribe to the Westminster Standards as a faithful exposition of the doctrine the Scriptures teach. Thank you so much for posting this! My daughter is two as well. It will be a challenge for us as well as my husband and I did not grow up having family devotions either. My daily chores consist of the essentials to living like food and clothes along […]. You can find out more here!

How to do family devotions with small children in the mix

So […]. You can see our Family Devotions post for more information on how we do memory […].

Rethink Your Family Bible Time to Be More Successful

We also continued with our catechism and devotionals because the first five questions really address why we obey […]. I printed off the John printables from BibleStoryPrintables. I had my toddler say the verse with me repeating after me, of course. We also practiced our memory verse during family devotions.

Plus he loves the thrill of repeating after me and oftentimes we do it more than once. You can see a video of how we do this in our family devotions post here. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Planning Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum. Topical Bible Reading Plans. Menu Skip to right header navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer.

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Share 2. Pin Comments Thank you so much for sharing this!! It is totally doable! That's why Jesus came down from heaven and rescued His church. He set us free from our sins John — Those He has saved, His church, are free to love and serve God and others.

Special Times with God: Family Devotions with Young Children

What makes Jesus the superhero over all superheroes? Ask Him to cleanse you from sin and set you free to love and serve Him. The only way to get free is to follow my instructions. Your instructions should be something creative, such as tug on her earlobes twice, stomp her foot and sing "Jesus Loves Me.

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Talk: When you are stuck, directions can help you—but only if you follow them. Jesus told His followers that they were truly His disciples if they continued to obey His instructions John — If they did, they would know the truth, and it would set them free. Following Jesus and His directions, which are found in the Bible, brings freedom.