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We ran for our lives!

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The Roman army was divided into groups called legions. About 5, male citizens served as soldiers in each of the 30 legions. Prisoners of war were often taken to Rome to be slaves. Slaves did all the hard work, such as mining, road building, and cleaning.

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Roman soldiers wore heavy metal armor. Even so, they could march up to 30 miles 50 kilometers a day. The city of Rome was the capital of the Empire. Good luck! About 1 million people lived in Rome by the second century ce. Most villas were owned by rich nobles. The villas had luxuries such as baths, gardens, and even heating. The Romans were the first to use miles to measure distance. A new slave? A Roman mile was equal to about 1, double steps.

The Romans spoke a language called Latin. I knew death was the punishment for runaway slaves Romans built straight, wide roads. The roads were paved with stone to make travel smoother and quicker. About one-third of the people of Rome were slaves. Owners had the right to beat, torture, or even murder their slaves.

Roman coins were made of silver or gold. Your overseer informs us that you refuse to pray to the emperor. Most coins had the face of the emperor stamped on them. I am juba, a roman citizen from mauretania. Rome had many public baths, which people paid to use. Like who? They bathed in large hot and cold pools and relaxed with friends. The Tiber River ran through the city of Rome. Our owner was a christian.

The Colosseum was a giant open-air stadium built in about 80 ce. Arena beasts included elephants and lions. There were also giraffes, rhinoceroses, camels, and crocodiles.

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The beasts were kept in cages below the arena. About 9, beasts were killed in the first days after the Colosseum opened. Ramps and trapdoors led up to the arena.

I am a roman citizen! The Emperor of Rome was the most powerful man in the world. Entertainment in the Colosseum was free. The city was surrounded by fertile farmland and became rich and powerful. Rome built up a huge army and began conquering other lands. These lands became part of the Roman Empire, which was at its most powerful in the second century ce. The job of the soldiers who lived in the forts was to keep invaders out and to make sure the local people were obeying Roman laws. Stone walls were up to 6 feet 2 meters thick 27 Augustus becomes first Roman emperor Rome invaded by barbarians 1 ce common era Citizenship ce Page 5 Page 5 The Senate was a kind of parliament where noblemen met to discuss important issues and run the Empire.

Most citizens were born in Rome and were descended from Romans. Some foreigners, such as Juba, from countries conquered by Rome were given citizenship after serving in the army. Published in Great Britain by Dorling Kindersley Limited The Yangtze 34 DK books are available at special discounts when purchased in bulk for sales promotions, premiums, fund-raising, or educational use. Rex Printing Co. Yamashita 42tl. This ancient nation is now home to more people than any other country. One-fifth of all the people in the world live here.

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It is one of the largest countries in the world, with an area of 3. Both the Yangtze and the Yellow River cut across China, flowing eastward to the ocean. The rest of the country is mainly covered in deserts, mountains, and highlands. Fewer people live in these areas.


The rocky Gobi Desert lies to the north. It gets its name from the yellow mud and sand that is carried along by the current. The most common form of Chinese is called Mandarin, but people speak different forms in different parts of the country. The meaning of a word changes depending on how it is said. Each character stands for a word, and they can be added together to make new words.

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There are thousands of characters. About 2, are needed for simple reading and writing. Much of Chinese history can be divided into time periods based on dynasties, or royal families. Chinese merchants traded goods made from silk, bronze, and porcelain. Ordinary people were not allowed to enter. In , the Qing [ching] Dynasty was defeated in a revolution, ending the tradition of Chinese emperors. The Communists promised a nation in which everyone would be equal. But Mao made many laws without thinking of the good of the people. Millions starved due to a lack of food.

Mao and his Red Guards punished anyone who disagreed with them. China became cut off from the rest of the world. People carried it with them to prove their loyalty to their leader. Since then, China has raced forward into the modern age, and it is once more open to the rest of the world. The government limits the population by allowing families to have only one child, or in some cases two. Classes are in Mandarin, but some schools also teach English as a second language.

At age 14, students take an important test that is considered the key to a successful future. Today, people move more often, and most homes are small, especially in the crowded cities. Family and friends often gather for mealtimes. A Chinese meal is made up of many different dishes, which are shared by everyone.

These usually include soup, dumplings, steamed and stir-fried dishes, plus plenty of rice or noodles. People use chopsticks to eat. For example, a dish of extra-long noodles on birthdays represents a wish for long life. Chopsticks Using chopsticks takes practice. Keep the bottom chopstick still while using the top one to pick up food. There, people buy food, household items, clothes, and other goods. Amid the hustle and bustle, they can also get a haircut, be fitted for specially made clothes, have a foot massage, or see a fortune teller.

The market smells of delicious steamed buns and echoes with the sounds of shopkeepers and customers bargaining over prices. Some gather to practice tai chi [tie chee], an exercise of slow, relaxing movements. Others fly kites or play board games, such as Chinese chess or mah-jongg. Crowds gather around to watch.

It is based on the idea of chi [chee], the energy flow between mind and body. Many people in China enjoy both traditional and modern pastimes. Other popular sports include gymnastics and ping-pong, as well as basketball, baseball, and soccer. Many still practice calligraphy, using special brushes for writing characters, and the drama and costumes of Chinese opera have thrilled audiences for more than 1, years. These days, modern pop music is becoming more popular, especially among young people. Droughts and floods often make even this land difficult to farm.

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