Project Management for Non-Project Managers

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Class dates not listed. Please contact us for available dates and times. Course Overview Although you are not formally employed as a project manager, you may occasionally be called on to lead a small- to medium-sized project for your company. Who Should Attend This course is intended for a wide range of managers and staff members who need to successfully manage small- to medium-sized projects.

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Course Objectives Plan the project and its parameters, including its scope, requirements, resources, and constraints. Enroll Today This is a 1-day class. Looking for eLearning? Browse our Online Anytime Catalog. Most of our work is fully bespoke for individual clients - contact us to discuss your needs.

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Project Management is what these people do, and they keep the wheels of our businesses turning. But what about the rest of us? In this action-packed interactive workshop, anyone can learn how to manage projects, without the techno-babble associated with large-scale programmes. Anyone who has projects to manage as part of another job, or anyone who would benefit from bringing more organisation to their work.

This course is also suitable for project managers who have had no formal training and want to try out their skills in a safe, simulated environment. Having spent the majority of his career in sales and leadership roles for the world's largest project management training company, Neil has a unique perspective on the importance of project management techniques outside of a traditional project role.

Project Management Skills Training for Non-Project Managers

Neil has been a certified Project Manager with the George Washington University School of Business since , and he works hard to bring bring project and delivery teams closer to the sales teams who sell solutions to be delivered. He does this through sharing skills across organisations, and breaking down the silos which typically separate these vital business functions.

Move from Salesperson to Problem Solver as you learn how to engage your customer in developing your solution to their problem using a range of tools and question styles to make the sale a team effort between you and your customer. Click here for the full course outline. Rise above the industry reputation and show your clients how you can really partner with them in their success with this recruitment-specific sales course.

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Learn to use the skills employed by the world's top sellers This two-day course turns telesales staff into valued consultants who identify the top prospects, understand customer needs, overcome objections and close the deal. Create a slick profile, grow your network, and create compelling updates which engage your audience and encourage others to share your content far and wide.

As you take that exciting step into the unknown which is your new leadership career, learn what makes a great leader and how to deal effectively with this new stage in your career. Learn how to ensure you make the right hiring decisions to fill your team with hard-working team players through a solid recruitment process and effective recruiting techniques.

Learn how a whole organisation works and fits together, develops strategies, and achieves goals, whilst planning your own career path and creating opportunities to acquire the skills needed to succeed Click here for the full course outline. Overcome your fear of public speaking, or take your presentation skills to a new level with this highly-participative course which will help you to present at your best.

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In this participant-focussed training course, you'll learn how to provide the kind of service which makes passionate fans, not just customers. De-mystify the world of formal Project Management in this highly-interactive course providing the key knowledge and skills needed to manage projects, for those who are new to Project Management, or those who've been managing projects for years without any formal training. Immerse yourself in a project simulation as you learn the key techniques used by the world's top Project Managers, in a language the rest of us can understand.