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Still, during a season when anti-Western sentiment in Russia built to a pitch not seen for a decade, they nudged each other awake for Senator Barack Obama. Each of them had their own reasons: David Zokhrabyan, 21, is Armenian, and Mr. His girlfriend, Mane Karapetyan, a student of public relations, wanted to know how Mr. Karapetyan, 22, said.

What interested Mr. Malashenko was the mere fact that either candidate could win. He and his friends, politics buffs from Moscow State University, had a single point of reference for presidential elections: Dmitri A. This is a real competition between the candidates. The waitresses on the night shift went home, and traffic picked up around the Lenin statue in October Square. Glazunov roused himself. He stood when Mr. Obama began his victory speech, with a faint smile playing on his lips the whole time, as if it had never occurred to him to be sleepy.

Warmest, sincerest congratulations to Barack Obama for his stunning victory! I have great confidence that you, as President, will bring positive change to the US. Your inspiration message, delivered steadfastly with the utmost grace throughout your campaign, restores hope not only to Americans but to global citizens everywhere. My deepest gratitude to Americans for having the courage and vision to vote for change.

Thank you from a relieved and elated Canadian! I also send my condolences to Barack, Michelle, and their children for the devastating loss of their beloved Toots. I am happy and thankful to all americans. This very special day will enter in the world history as a great example of identity revolution and democratic progress.

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Congratulations for voting Obama, a world leader with unique charisma. I believe him to be one of the very few if not the only one to be trusted — and that is worldwide which is saying a lot about politicians Therefore I wish him strength, courage and wisdom for making the right choices both in picking his team and in leading the country away from the cliff.

All best. I am an Indian-American living abroad now and it is with the greatest pride that I can declare that my home country has seen past racial division and come to elect our first African-American President. What a perfectly run campaign — I look forward to a presidency of that caliber as well! The unthinkable happened. I am a Belgian living in France and today I am proud of America and its people.

The message of this election is that we must believe in democracy, that people of any color can unite and stand up and give hope to all over the world! Thanks to America! As an American living in Taiwan, I can hardly believe that this has happened! Finally we can join the rest of the world in solving the problems of our time-global warming, sustainable living, learning to live in peace. Now we trust in American values and the integrity of a man who convinced not only the majority of the voters but also people all around the world.

If he will work so hard and efficient as he did in campaigning he will be a great president and a leader of the world.

Wonderful day. Big coverage here in OZ. Much celebration happening. You have a man to inspire, get behind him and make a difference. God bless America and Barack Obama! He is going to help our country and our world unite. I am so proud to be an American!

Why does the devil in 'The Bible' look exactly like President Obama?

MY deepest , heartfelt sympathy goes to Barack and his family, on the loss of Toot, who was inspirational to him. I am sure she was up there watching, and perhaps helping a bit with the election. Congratulations to Mr. Americans have spoken and they have spoken for change. I hope and pray that he will bring that change and bring peace to the rest of the world and work towards strengthening America that was evnvisioned by the founding fathers.

We do not need American weapons instead we need institutions like America. God bless the entire world. It is expected!!!!. The African-American President will bring a positive change in the minds of people with his dynamic approaches by solving the international problems amicably. Today I am one of the proudest people in the World. I honestly doubted whether this could happen all the way to the end, I commit that this will make a difference beacuse all of us will be changing the way we look, at, participate in, and contribute to our common global purpose.

I am a south korean writer. I have followed this election trail till now.

I shed tears at the news. This is a revolution to change the world we know. And, here we are, forty years later, with President-elect Obama accepting the Office in that same Park.

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We all had goose bumbs while watching the voting lines yesterday and barack obamas speech of today. Silvia Kadolsky Berlin-Germany. I am an India working in Saudi Arabia. I have been closely following this election rooting for Obama all the way. It is indeed a great momentous occasion for the entire world.

This ushers in a new era — like a breath of fresh air. There is optimism in the air. There is faith in humankind. This is a big YES to civility, intelligence, intellectual thinking, inclusiveness, We-are-all-one worldview. Kudos to all Americans. Who is the Antichrist by Will Clark liked it 3.

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She Waits in Atlantis by Will Clark did not like it 1. Who Is The Antichrist Beast? Return to Atlantis by Will Clark did not like it 1. Shades of Retribution by Will Clark did not like it 1. Student Study Skills by Will Clark did not like it 1. The Seven Spirits by Will Clark 0. The War on Christians by Will Clark 0. Who is the One Killing One Another? No ratings or reviews yet. Be the first to write a review. Best Selling in Nonfiction See all. The Book of Enoch by Enoch , Paperback Save on Nonfiction Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days.

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