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Home Invasion: The Lake Ch. Into the Dark Dangers of fear of the dark hypnosis therapy. Sam's Visitor Sam has a surprise visitor after her shower,.

Balticon 44 Panel on Erotica and "Dubious Consent"

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Sexualized Saturdays: Non-Con, Dub-Con, or Just Rape in Fanfiction

My Renaissance Ch. The Cat Burglar of Westchester Cat burglar breaks in and takes more than jewelry. Rape fantasies are not like real rape; it is usually less violent, and consent is always given. This brings me to the category of dub-con or dubious consent. I tend to be of the belief that dub-con reflects rape fantasies in many ways.

Dub-con usually follows these guidelines:. Character A likes Character B, but for whatever reason does not want to admit or cannot admit that they like Character B. It is never okay! In a fanfic, I think it is trying to play into the rape fantasy. Dub-con tends to stress way less that someone is being forced into something since both characters actually like each other and often the character admits to liking the other one not long after a rough romantic kiss.

So usually consent is given for the sex anyway, sometimes its given during sex or foreplay, or something. Unlike the first fic I reference, there is no end scene where you find out it was really a role play, but I think dub-con often comes off as a rape fantasy, because it rarely portrays rape in any sort of real way and there is almost always consent given.

People who read dub-con may regard it as something more real. MadameAce : The dub-con issue has been the debate of the internet for some time. The biggest difference between dub-con and actual rape is how well someone can separate a story from reality. However, some of you may be wondering what the difference between non-consensual sex and rape is. There is no such thing. Sex is something that happens when the parties involved are all consenting.

Though this quote was in no way directed at fanfiction, the author makes a point. But people do claim there is a difference. Another person online said that non-con is what happens when two characters are under an influence and have sex with each other, and thus it was non-consensual in that both become rape victims, and therefore the line of guilt is blurred. Some sites, like fanlore , give this definition to the difference of rape and non-con:. Other fans feel this is a meaningless semantic distinction; non-con is just a dressier word for rape.

They may feel that rape should always be treated realistically or that it is an inappropriate subject for fanwork. I understand the argument for dub-con though I admit it is problematic. However, I think it is important to point out that most, not all, but most fanfic authors are women, and women have dark sexual fantasies just the same as men. However, the idea of consent in fanfiction is problematic, because as Ace said, its hard to tell if this is just an erotic fantasy being written or something really problematic that perpetuates rape culture.

Rashad's journey is a no-holds barred erotic kinkfest, meant for adult readers who can stomach the rough and raunchy sexuality that Brutewood Correctional is known for. Published: May 10, by Eroticatorium. Sam has come to Russia for a business trip, but is surprised to find a musclebound local taking an interest in him. Rimanov hates gay men and Sam can't hide who he is, but he's about to find out that for str8 Russian thugs like Rimanov, the line between gay and straight can be blurry. Travis is terrified of prison rape, and he's about to face that fear.

He's heard how slim Asian men like him fare behind bars, but it turns out he's got more than one trick up his sleeve. Though he initially falls prey to the aggressive and forceful masters of Brutewood Correctional, Travis soon manages to turn the tables, and makes this story into something so hot you'll spot your rod!

Marcus is not a military man himself, but he's still serving a sentence in a military prison. That doesn't mean his conditions are terrible, however, as far as he's concerned, they're not that bad -- now that he's gotten past the daily circlejerks! But an unusual new inmate is arriving, and that makes the situation a lot more complicated.

Scott is in for the ride of a lifetime when a local sheriff picks him up and accuses him of voter fraud. As it turns out, this sheriff has more on his mind than electoral integrity, and he's determined to ensure Scott shows him respect, submits to superior Southern men and learns a lesson about Texas-style justice. Bottom's Most Brutal by Curtis Kingsmith Some bottoms can be as bossy as any top, and they service men whether they're into it or not!

Brutewood's Most Brutal by Curtis Kingsmith This is a series about the most brutal guards, trustees, probation officers, wardens and more that Brutewood Correctional has ever seen! Brutewood Maximum Security 3-Story Bundle by Curtis Kingsmith These are hardcore tales from Brutewood Correctional's most extreme and taboo line of prison sex and rape gay erotica. Each entry contains three complete stories. The 'Bimbofication of Woman' Series, Vol.

It is rough, kinky and brutal with hardcore rape and other adult themes, and is meant for only the most mature readers, with tough stomachs and a taste for this sort of material. Check out Brutewood's Minimum and Medium Security stories for friendlier fare.

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Conviction of Steel: Brutewood Correctional, Vol. Adults only. The stories are not connected in plots, just in erotic themes. Two Thick, One Tight, Vol. To Gang in Groups, Vol. The Darkest Fruit by Ursula Kinkenstein Inside you'll find bundles of stories of hardcore hetero erotica about sex between white women and black men! The Darkest Fruit, Vol. The Smoothest Fruit, Vol. Ivory Statue Garden Bundles by Debbie Sizemore These bundles have stories about hot erotica featuring white women!

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The Creamiest Couples, Vol. The Ivory Babes Collection, Vol. The Man of the House Is Sexy! You won't believe where these stories go! It is an open franchise that anyone can join in on; simply email the maintainer Eroticatorium talk for more information. Loveslice Family is the hottest and most outrageous organization around, full of so much incredible scandalous sex you'll never look at families the same way again! Our stories range from hot and hardcore modern-day tales to incredible stories of love and lust in the Old West.

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Brutal Sax, Vol. Intimate Relations, Vol. Taboo Public Sex, Vol. A Cuckoldry Bundle, Vol.

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It's short but gripping and exciting, all in all a lot of fun! Eliza and the Raptor on Feb.