12 Steps to Quitting AJ

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Listen to the Pops Stream. Tina said: The story seemed simple at first, and I half-expected it to be another story about a g. Grace and AJ are like Christmas lights—off and on, again and again. Self-care means taking time to relax, recharge, and connect with the self and others.

It also means saying no to others when overwhelmed and taking space to calm and soothe oneself. Basic self-care activities include eating a healthful diet, engaging in creative activities, and taking a soothing bath. But any action that enhances mental, emotional, and physical health can be considered a self-care activity. Deep breathing techniques are an effective way to calm anxiety and soothe the body's stress response. Slowly inhaling and exhaling has physical and psychological benefits, especially when done on a daily basis.

Anyone can practice deep breathing, whether in the car, at work, or in the grocery store. Plenty of smartphone apps offer guided deep breathing activities, and many are free to download. Progressive muscle relaxation is another helpful tool for those experiencing depression and anxiety. It involves tensing and relaxing the muscles in the body to reduce stress. Again, many smartphone apps offer guided progressive muscle relaxation exercises.

We have reviewed some meditation apps that can help with depression and anxiety. Cognitive behavioral therapy CBT is an effective therapy for those with depression and other mood disorders. CBT proposes that a person's thoughts, rather than their life situations, affect their mood.

CBT involves changing negative thoughts into more balanced ones to alter feelings and behaviors. A qualified therapist can offer CBT sessions, but it is also possible to challenge negative thoughts without seeing a therapist.

12 Steps To Quitting AJ

Firstly, notice how often negative thoughts arise and what these thoughts say. These may include "I am not good enough," or "I am a failure. Take some time every day to be mindful and appreciate the present moment. This may mean noticing the warmth of sunlight on the skin when walking to work, or the taste and texture of a crisp, sweet apple at lunchtime.

Mindfulness allows people to fully experience the moment they are in, not worrying about the future or dwelling on the past. Research suggests that regular periods of mindfulness can reduce symptoms of depression and improve the negative responses that some people with chronic or recurrent depression have to low mood. Sleep can have a huge impact on mood and mental health.

A lack of sleep can contribute to symptoms of depression, and depression can interfere with sleep. To combat these effects, try to go to bed and get up at the same time each day, even at weekends. Establish a nightly routine.

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Start winding down from 8 pm. Sip chamomile tea, read a book, or take a warm bath. Avoid screen time and caffeine. It may also be helpful to write in a journal before bed, especially for those whose racing thoughts keep them up. Exercise is extremely beneficial for people with depression. It releases chemicals called endorphins that improve mood.

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An analysis of 25 studies on exercise and depression reports that exercise has a "large and significant effect" on symptoms of depression. Alcohol is a depressant, and alcohol use can trigger episodes of depression or make existing episodes worse. Alcohol can also interact with some medications for depression and anxiety.

Often, depressive episodes can leave people focusing on the negatives and discounting the positives. To counteract this, keep a positivity journal or gratitude journal.

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This type of journal helps to build self-esteem. Before bed, write down three good things from the day. Positives include regular meditation, going for a walk, eating a healthful meal, and so much more. Dealing with depression can be daunting, but no one has to do it alone. One of the most important steps in dealing with a depressive episode is asking for help.

Support lines and crisis hotlines are another way that people with depression can reach out to others. Save important numbers to a cell phone, so they are easily accessible in times of need. Major depressive disorder is the most common form of depression. Other types of depression have similar symptoms and can also cause depressive episodes. These include:. Depression is a complex condition with many possible causes.

Even though a person may be more susceptible to depression than someone else, they usually only experience a depressive episode when a stressful event triggers the condition. However, it is important to note that not every depressive episode will have an obvious or identifiable trigger.

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