Santa Fe Dreamhouse: Encounters in the Land of Enchantment

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Gabby is serious about her search for Mr. She enjoys her numerous dates and the sex that comes with them. Until she finds herself falling for the one man she vows to never love. Her best With her life on the line, can she protect her heart?

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Phoebe's work at Second Chances, a women s shelter, has gone a long way toward her own healing after surviving an abusive relationship in college. She's moved on in every sense except when it comes to dating. Everything changes when Craig visits the shelter. The hot, young cop sets her Phoebe's work at Second Chances, a women s Long ago, Delanie made one gigantic mistake.

Or committed one small felony, depending on how you look at it. Stealing a coin from a sexy stranger was just a prank to help a sorority sister get revenge. The sleeping with him part was totally unplanned. Her close friend Johnny Buckingham, a Salvation Army captain, asks spiritualist Daisy Gumm Majesty to help in the church community by teaching cooking classes for the poor women. John must be nuts. However, I was somewhat wrong. Sadly, the many pages seem to give way to too many side plots and side characters.

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We also get a side romance, which is very much just insta-love, and thus I found it annoying and subtracting from the main plot, rather than adding to the book. Instead of playing off that, everything is just magically fixed, and all too quickly we learn that the h just managed to pick up the housework and adjust to her new life just fine and dandy. I was hoping to see her struggles and how she pulled from her strength or willpower to overcome them, but sadly you get none of that.

With the children, we get about 2 scenes that showcase how difficult it is for her to tame them, and soon after they treat her with a cold respect. We get to see how her relationship evolves into more than that with only 2 of the children even then, in a very shallow way , and then suddenly all the kids love her and view her as a mother. I guess what I'm getting at is that in this book, you're getting the foundation to the relationships and then bam- full on close, loving bonds.

You don't get the process, the careful building upon the foundations laid out, the way the characteristics of each person play out into forming unique interactions.

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This what bothered me the most about this book. If I'm reading a book that boasts a plot about building strong relationships within a new family and has enough pages to achieve it, then I expect that delicate interweaving of the characters, the fragile and careful building of relationships. Not a somewhat silly "this is hard, ok I instantly realized how to work this, loving close relationships". Another thing I disliked about the book was the character of the h and that of her sister. Edwina was extremely childish, and at times I actually cringed or rolled my eyes at her thoughts or words.

Especially during the while dialogue with her husband using the list she made. Or the on and on dronings about her she had a small chest. I wanted to face palm. I don't why some writers in the romance novel genre insist on making their h so stupid and feint.

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It really puts me off personally. Also, the way she treated the children when she first met them was awful in my opinion. Their world had been completely upturned again, we don't get any insight on the turbulence caused to the kids by suddenly learning they have a new mother , and instead of taking the time to meet them and allow them to adjust to her, she begins with threatening and bossing everyone around.

Her thoughts on child rearing are just making the kids do all the chores for her. I thought it was awful.

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Ed's sister, Pru, I found to be extremely condescending, and it annoyed me that she kept babying Ed and yet expected her to instantly grow up and assume her new responsibilities. I could really do without her character, or having her character as well as Maddie's and Lucinda's receive less highlighting throughout the book. Last negative before I get to the positives: I have read some bad books in the past few months.

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This book wasn't as bad as the rest of them, but it was the first book in which I actually skipped pages. I felt some parts really drag on and not hold my interest at all the whole part where Declan sets to find kidnapped Pru , and skipping them was my only way of finishing the book. What I did like about the book was the H. Very strong and determined, not much of a social being, but he was still very caring, thoughtful and gentle. I really liked his character, and felt that it blew many other Hs out of the water.

Also, even though we don't get much of a buildup in Ed and Declan's relationship, I felt that the little we did get in the form of their dialogues and the beginning of their physical relationship was really sweet and endearing. Not wanting to be repetitive, but I would have loved the book to focus more on those parts and expand on them, rather than try to tell too many other stories which just weren't interesting. I felt the action scene towards the end unnecessary the whole Lone Tree ordeal, to be honest , however it in itself was interesting and unique, and I liked how it wasn't the cliche "strong man easily saves all".

However, this book often felt like a hodgepodge for side stories that felt irrelevant and detracted the story from what I hoped it would be. Lest one think it might be somewhat dull, however "no shoot-em-ups? Edwina, a Southern Belle to her very core, who, after struggling fruitlessly to keep her family plantation following the devastation of the civil war, is faced with bankruptcy and bigotry.

With no where left to turn, Edwina accepts the offer to become a mail-order bride to a widower with four children in Colorado. Hauling her sister along, Edwina sets out to change their lives - hopefully for the better. When she discovers the huge, somewhat taciturn man who is her husband, however, she seriously questions her sanity, along with her future. What follows is an absolutely delightful and heart-touching account of how two people - vastly different in every way - learn to accept, appreciate and slowly, to love.

Declan Brody's character is the perfect example of a Western rancher of that era. He talks only when it's needful, doesn't mince words when he does and expects people to use their common sense to deal with life's challenges. These traits can drive, not only Edwina, but the reader to distraction. One wants to rip some conversation out of his mouth at times, especially when Edwina is working so hard to make their marriage succeed.

Her fortitude and determination in spite of the challenges is amazing and inspiring. She faces even the most daunting of situations forthrightly and endeavors to do well. I absolutely loved her! I do believe the story would have been much better if the synopsis hadn't given away a huge spoiler in the storyline. To have suddenly seen Declan's first wife show up out of the blue right along with Declan would have allowed readers a well of emotion that was taken away because we already knew it was coming. The predictability in that and a few other situations is the only downside to an otherwise pitch perfect Western romance.

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