Zo Gaat dat in Rusland: of hoe te leven tussen Russen (Dutch Edition)

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The fact that Groningen has so many students and that the city is generally well-educated plays a role in that acceptance, according to several members.

While group members say they have not been the victims of anti-gay hate crimes, many admit that they hesitate to identify questionable interactions as criminal behaviour. During the KEI parade, there were several moments where the group was confronted by unfriendly responses from the crowd, particularly in the vicinity of the Vindicat building.

In contrast, the group felt warmly accepted when they participated in the canal parade during the Amsterdam Gay Pride week in August for the first time. Local and national police forces confirm that victims of anti-gay hate crimes do not always file a report, and when they do, the reports do not accurately indicate that a hate crime occurred.

The board members stand in a small cluster beside a pillar on the ground floor of De Kast, one of the pubs where Ganymedes members can regularly be found. The association consists primarily of Dutch members, but there are also a few international members. But according to the outgoing board members, not all international students are enthusiastic about their club. Sometimes they ask us what we do and then we explain the abbreviation LGBT: lesbian, Gay, Bisexual — and before we have the chance to say transgender , they walk away. This year was no different with a few of the Russian visitors at the information market, Hofstede recounts.

A little later that day, Hofstede saw one of them hanging around and pointing at the Ganymedes stall and speaking to someone next to him. But how do Dutch people react? Priscilla Postma, a first year student of Information Sciences, sees a relationship between how homogenous Groningen is and how safe the city is for LGBT people.

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Several members of the student association are of the opinion that Groningen is better in accepting LGBT people than cities in the west. But in an effort not to paint everyone with a broad brush, she quickly adds that a few former Muslim classmates of hers had no difficulty with the fact that she was so open about her sexuality. Other members also think that the number of highly educated people and students plays a part in how accepting Groningen is.

Marcel Tiemens, a natural sciences PhD candidate, is convinced that LGBT people are more quickly embraced in an academic setting than in society in general. I felt very uncomfortable having to tell people, but looking back, that was completely unnecessary. No one who the UK spoke with has personally experienced any seriously dangerous moments as a result of their sexual orientation, but some members say that they had a close call during the KEI parade. Quirijn de Geus, secretary for the board of Vindicat, says that the fraternity has always distanced itself from all forms of discrimination since it was founded and that the group deeply regrets if any negative comments were made in the vicinity of their building during the KEI parade.

Members of our fraternity come from all over, have different sexual preferences and are all treated equally. Het totaalaanbod is een feest helemaal uit te pluizen: je zal vol nieuwe indrukken huiswaarts keren. Het verschil tussen beide tentoonstellingen is of fotografie wordt benaderd als doel of als middel. Maar mijn voorkeur gaat uit naar de tentoonstelling in Antwerpen. Want daar is fotografie het middel: de verhalen zijn leidend.

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Elfrem en Sveta bij een meertje in Tsjeljabinsk dichtbij het Kurchatov-monument, een plaats waar alternatieve mensen in Tsjeljabinsk bijeenkomen. Het eerlijke verhaal is dat we ongelofelijk in de shit zitten. Maar hoe erg het wordt, dat bepalen we zelf. Als lid van De Correspondent kun je in gesprek gaan met onze correspondenten en andere leden. Deel jouw eigen ervaringen, vertel iets vanuit je vakgebied of stel vragen. Dan kun je gewoon verder lezen. Wij geloven niet in betaalmuren, omdat we het belangrijk vinden dat onze journalistiek zoveel mogelijk mensen bereikt.

Tegelijkertijd kunnen we onze verhalen alleen maken als betalende leden ons steunen. Vind je onze journalistiek belangrijk? Word dan ook lid!

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