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Meanwhile, Gary slowly hypnotizes all the agents at the Time Bureau with his nipple.

Tomorrow's Legends

Contact Information If you want to join in the discussion, you can submit feedback via email to tomorowslegends gmail. Please submit all feedback by pm eastern on Wednesdays following the show. You can also join the Facebook group at facebook. And you can follow us on twitter tomorowslegends.

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Synopsis Neron manipulates Constantine into using his magic so he can trap the Legends on an avalanche, conveniently sidelining most of the cast. He then travels to ancient Britain to visit King Konstentyn, an ancient ancestor of John Constantine, so that John can learn how to stabilize a vortex to hell. Ultimately, Neron is still working to bring Tabitha from hell to the mortal world.

Stuck in an avalanche, the remainder of our Team Legends needs to remember what it means to be a family.

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Ecological footprint analysis, we are told, indicate that current lifestyles, and levels of over-consumption in the United States, are not sustainable… giving us concern that maybe we should start dressing up in green vestments and start consuming far less. Homo prodigus has been put on notice now that conspicuous consumption and global warming have entered the debate, not as laughable freakish subjects as characterized by conservative institutions and politicians just yesterday, but as the reality they are today.

Does it mean that Homo prodigus is on its way to extinction just like that Homo neanderthalensis of 24 millennia ago? Maybe so, but in the United States prodigus swears that it will not go down of its own accord, that Americans have a birthright to a lifetime of opulence.

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But unfortunately for this prodigus living under the stars and stripes, he may have little to say on the matter. At the accelerating distancing that is taking place between rich and poor in the US — two to three times as fast as in the other industrialized nations — this Homo prodigus is likely to disappear in a generation or two, giving way to two new species: Homo copiosus, also known as the Haves, and Homo penuriosus, representing most Americans, the Have-nots.

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But you know what? A podcast dedicated to the television show DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

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Preview Mode Links will not work in preview mode. Jun 14, In a surprising turn of events, Legends of Tomorrow completely rewrites history, eliminating a beloved character.

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  • Contact Information If Read More. May 17, Neron unveils his plan to claim thousands of souls by having people accept the terms of service with an app. Contact Information If you want to join in Constantine - - Quid Pro Quo.