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Three weeks later, after considerable nocturnal probing of the perimeter defences, Australian infantry supported by British tanks and artillery assaulted the fortress.

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The last remaining pockets of enemy resistance collapsed during the afternoon of 22 January. This was a shock to both the German and Italian high commands, who had assumed that the fortress would hold out for a considerable period. Instead, Tobruk had fallen in just 29 hours. Ironically, the assault was, in many respects, a forerunner to the one General Erwin Rommel planned for November , and ultimately launched in Sensing victory, Rommel rushed his troops forward against the bastion in a series of abortive attacks in mid April and another in early May.

While censuring those around him, he failed to ensure proper reconnaissance, with disastrous results.

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His troops had marched into an unanticipated hail of fire from an unknown enemy ensconced in unknown positions. Yet, in the aftermath of defeat, Rommel cast aside personal responsibility for the reverses and heavy casualty rate. Having failed to storm Tobruk, Rommel laid siege to the isolated Libyan fortress while German propaganda sought to undermine the morale of the entrapped garrison.

The rats of Tobruk

It was a taunt, however, that immediately backfired. He never failed to cheer us. Though we were often interrupted by air raids, any wireless receiver tuned in to him was sure of a big audience. Later decorated by Hitler for his propaganda efforts, Joyce was arrested after the war near the German-Danish border and charged with treason.

Found guilty, he was hanged at Wandsworth prison on 3 January Joyce remains the last person to be hanged in Britain for treason. Decrypts of German radio signals and teleprinter traffic confirmed his intention to seize Tobruk, and his abandoned November plan for storming the fortress was in British hands — dropped by air to the fortress — and well known by many British staff officers.

Forced to work on the docks unloading provisions for the Axis forces as they pushed ahead towards the Nile Delta, Maseko sunk an enemy steamer on 21 July harbour using a makeshift bomb.

Ex-HMAS Tobruk—from Wreck to Reef | Environment, land and water | Queensland Government

Returning home, the relatively unknown native hero died in after being struck by a train. Maseko is remembered today by a primary school and main road in the township of KwaThema, as well as South African navy strike craft, that bear his name. Scenes in Cairo following the 21 June surrender of Tobruk ranged from sheer panic in the European quarters to jubilation. Nazi propaganda used shortwave radio to target the Egyptian populace and provoke an uprising.

LIBIA (Resistencia en Tobruk)

Who of us is not sympathising with him? Anwar Sadat and Gamal Abdel Nasser, both future presidents of Egypt, and their co-conspirators, actively prepared an anti-British rebellion in Cairo. A plane carrying a message to Rommel promising support, however, was mistaken for a RAF aircraft and shot down. November 25, at pm.

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The rise and fall of the Knights Templar. Entry to the area is prohibited without a permit or written approval.

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  • This applies to everyone—all vessels, divers and snorkelers. All divers must have a recognised scuba diving qualification. A range of dives are available, suitable for open water level certificate divers to advanced wreck divers.

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    It is important to remember that wreck diving is potentially dangerous. Ensure to plan your dive and dive your plan PDF, 5. Check weather forecasts before your dive trip. Weather forecasts are available from the Bureau of Meteorology. Please note the ship is lying on its starboard side. You can also take a 3D Virtual Tour of ex-HMAS Tobruk to walk the decks of the ship and experience what she looked like stripped bare prior to scuttling! admin