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Ideally they would all search for different ways to construct the formula which is the hexagonal number function :. I give students any type of paper they need, including graph paper to encourage an organized pace and use of graphs in their solutions , blank white paper for people who need that extra space and lined paper to encourage them to write out their thinking and reasoning.

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The goal of the summary is to share the different ideas and approaches from the group. There are so many fun ways to approach this problem and its important to share them all.

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There are many similar approaches and the goal is to encourage them all. I usually end the lesson and ask them to record their approaches and list as many strategies as they can. Empty Layer.


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Sign Up Log In. The Architecture of the Skeleton Tower. Skeleton Towers Add to Favorites 6 teachers like this lesson. Students will be able to find a pattern in the structure of a number.

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Big Idea Figurate Numbers. Lesson Author. Grade Level. Compare two different proportional relationships represented in different ways. For example, compare a distance-time graph to a distance-time equation to determine which of two moving objects has greater speed.

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For example, given coordinates for two pairs of points, determine whether the line through the first pair of points intersects the line through the second pair. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

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I found this table: I found a pattern for the answer and the number multiplied by four, so I found those first for the twelfth row, then checked my answer showing all the work. Explain how you worked out your answer to the first question. How would you calculate the number of cubes needed for a tower n cubes high?

I was looking at the patterns that I had already found and then realized I needed to find a pattern between n the number of cubes high and the total number of cubes in the tower so I made this chart: I found that the number being multiplied to get the total number of cubes was going up by odd numbers.

Share this: Twitter Facebook. Dragon measures 14" 36cm long and has a 13" 33cm wingspan! Dragon's wings move up and down! Skeleton Tower stands 11" 28cm high! Turn the crank to raise and lower the bridge! Launch rocks at the intruders! Save the princess from the hanging skeleton prison!

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