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I agree with this, and the comment below about chiropractic. I do them before I go to bed so that my back can relax and decompress without fighting the tight muscles around the bad areas. Core strengthening on an exercise ball and the chiropractic technique Active Release Technique has helped me the most. I am pretty much pain free now. A couple of thoughts on back pain: 1. The spine needs to decompress and fill the disks with fluid 4. I tend to over work and then get lower back pain. If I do over work, I have to ice down my lower back to head off the consequences P.

I likewise recently started the foundation traning approach and have found it helpful with lower and cervical back issues. I am trying to improve my comfort on a road bike for slow movement and sprinting as running is not an option due to a suspect knee and said spinal concerns. It has helped so far. Plus cycling to me has always been a form of play. This has been the best Christmas in a long time.

I also like the day goals. Long enough to make a difference and short enough that you have the end in sight to keep you encouraged. I also recommend a chiropractor for your lower back pain. Take note of how the adjustment is done and see if you can replicate the movement at home. It does seem like you should take a few days off the PT exercises to let the muscle repair itself. Hopefully it will be able to lend more support to the spine if it can build up.

Good luck on the next phase. Have you looked at kettlebells at all? They got rid of my back pain and leg injuries, and you can just leave them outside your door. I had knee surgery earlier this year, and I found that the swings caused me some pain afterwards, which ended up putting me off of kettlebell work. Brilliant and inspiring—way to go, and thanks for the inspiration! Looks like you have some healthy and happy decades ahead of you.

What a great history! Once again another proof that PBP works! Please excuse my grammar as english still is a daily learning. Thanks for the feedback everyone. A couple of updates the article dates back to August or September :. I get the odd pang but it is under control and not stopping me from doing stuff. Physio came down to mostly yoga exercises. I have come to believe that yoga has many solutions. Good for you, Andrew! Congrats Andrew, great story! As far as sweeteners, try stevia, all natural, just takes a little and will NOT raise your blood sugar, and may not give you the cravings you are experiencing.

Might be worth trying. Best wishes for continued success! I love the way you approached your goals, Andrew. And you are a very wise man to understand the value of marrying well! Nicely done on all counts! Have u tried a mackenzie certified physio? I have a disc protrusion and three physios did little to alleviate my symptoms. I researched the mckenzie method and found a certified pt who has me doing extensions, which all the others told me to avoid.

After only one week im noticing a big difference. I am 58 and retired for almost 5 years. You are right, health care is out of control, even the most minimal care is hugely expensive. A chronic condition or emergency could easily become a financial calamity. Insurance concerns are the biggest obstacle to early retirement. I agree. I like sweet stuff.

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Very, very occasionally I may eat something non-primal including dessert. I may have actually lost weight quicker on weight watchers, but it was excruciating. Also, IF as presented in this post is also only realistic for a single or a very flexible couple. Ditto with feeding the kids. Heck, I started low carb diet precisely because I was such a moody monster as a vegetarian. I am healthier than most of them and my body comes before what anyone else thinks.

There is a difference between not eating a pizza — or any other food- and not eating every day — and setting guidelines like — if you are hungry, sleep it off; eating an apple is gonna destroy all the work, etc. It takes more to maintain than to reach the goal. A loss achieved with extreme methods is very hard to sustain, it is likely to backfire. For example, at some point a person will stop sleeping if the hunger suppression is chronic. Chronic fasting might be possible to a monk living in a world of spiritual meditation who can elope to the Tibetian mountains and seek calm and enlightenment, but a normal person at a normal world is going to grow short of temper and potentially negatively react on a personal or a professional level sooner or later.

I respectfully adhere to my position on this after consideration. If going to sleep helps you stick to your plan then I consider it valid. It worked for me at times. In that sense I reckon going to bed hungry is as primal as the rest of the things we do to mimic the primal experience. I wanted to get my weight down quickly so I could enjoy doing the things I love to do.

I want to get exercise by mtn biking and skiing. Hauling the equivalent of 4 gallons of milk around the trails was making that difficult. I sequenced my transformation my way.

Jennifer Lopez’s 10-Day No Sugar, No Carb Challenge

But I found this advice completely in harmony with my own experience. The one thing I love the most about paleo is that the cravings are gone. From the beginning of going paleo, it took about 2 or 3 weeks for all of my cravings to stop. I choose to fast 1 day each week with about 50g of whey protein during the fast. However, I have a friend who did 1 year of intermittent fasting every other day and did quite well with it. Seriously, I am taking some items you mentioned and incorporating them into my own training. I am only 10 lbs from ideal weight and have been stuck here for months..

Way to break down your goals into day segments and conquer each one at a time. Amazing job! Thank you for sharing your story Andrew. I especially appreciate the methods you have been choosing, such as thinking of your process as a series of days and focusing on one major goal at a time. You seem to know yourself well. I completely agree with your account of fasting — the three phases as well as the cycle of energy have proved themselves in my experience. Thanks, Andrew. But I can start on a day goal tomorrow—and I will. But nobody should think that they are causing irreparable harm to their body if they have a dessert every couple of weeks and are mostly strict other times.

We all use different mental cues and analogies that help us work through our own problems though. Binging I think is a different story, but we are all in different places. I try to keep thinking how each case is unique, and I guess for me a wholesale abstinence from food that could sabotage my progress is easier. Over all than sampling the forbidden stuff even rarely.

Your story was an interesting read, Andrew, thank you for sharing. Going primal has allowed me to disconnect from food, and I now eat when hungry, which is about 2 meals a day, a brunch and a shared meal with my family in the evening. Best wishes for the season, Cheers. Love all the fasting self-experimentation. As for your back, I too, have been experimenting. Esther Gokhale is a great beginning step. I can actually see based on your after photo that you are a little short in the front hip.

Great work!!! I highly recommend it. I learned about her book on this site and will forever be grateful to Mark for the recommendation. The Mayo Clinic says her book may be the best contribution to non-surgical back pain ever written. This was really inspiring. I do not have a supporitive spouse. Best of luck to you in the next dys!!! Great job, Andrew! Great job on the experimentation — it is the only path to finding what is right for you. I applaud his self-experimentation, and am baffled by the few critical comments.

We all have to find our own path to our own best health. Core exercises are very important not just stretching for any type of mid-line problems. Also, Insulin is produced by everything. The key is to make the spikes less and if you do spike it make sure it is after a workout. Studies have shown that sweetness regardless of calorie content will result in an insulin spike so for all those diabetics, you should avoid added sweetners of any kind, sucks but its true.

Really like the way days worked for you. You look like a different person, but most importantly you healthier! It is a key point. Particularly for one like me who is always taking things to a one extreme or another, or doing things in a non-conventional way. A spouse who lets you be yourself is a treasure beyond any lottery win. Very instructive post, plenty of method and good sense! Mark did a review of it and her daughter participates in the PrimalCons! That book changed my life. Just short 30 minute massages once a week should really help your back pain.

It seems the troubled state of healthcare has a tremendous silver lining. We all have extra incentive to take responsibility for our own health. Fantastic and inspiring work, Andrew. I might stop whining and try his day plan in ! You look great Andrew! And I agree about artificial sweeteners.

They must somehow trigger the same mechanisms as sugar. I to have been doing eating experiments lately. I definitely perform better on an empty stomach. I prefer to skip breakfast and lunch before an afternoon workout. Up my water intake for that time and it is amazing the difference. I think alternating fasting days with exercise, Then Refueling and rest together works best for me. I naturally tend to consume more on my Rest days, it seems natural for my body to do this and it work! Thanks Andrew for a personal and well-thought out plan for achieving a goal.

YMMV yes, but your plan typifies a punch list for success: 1. Support from partner, family, or friends. Putting into practice the notion of eating to live rather than living to eat. Eating well occasionally can be a pleasure in itself but your photos confirm the results of your tinkering. Well done. I appreciate your comments and experiments regarding artificial sweetners.

Target 100 Diet: Does It Work?

I think you are right although for a long time I resisted this idea! I have found that upping my fat intake has helped me and my sweet cravings have really gone and I am rarely using the artificial sweetners anymore! I like your day approach, I might try it! I have type one diabetes and I find that unless my blood sugars go low from injecting too much insulin I tend to crave sugar a-lot less than the normal person… probably because my body produces no insulin.

I really enjoyed reading your story. It gave me some good ideas about fasting and goal setting. I like the day idea. I agree with your observation about health care on the path to crisis. You are an inspiration by what you have done. Happy for you. Good thinking on your part. Breaking down the process makes it easy to focus on the task at hand which, in turn, simplifies the job of learning and understanding what you are doing.

I will say too that I was surprised to see the guy that hid underneath the other fellow. A remarkable change. A heartfelt thank you to all who commented and all of you who read my Days essay. I enjoyed writing it and I have enjoyed the transformation process. Today, following the comment board has been a thrill and I appreciate all the kind words. I had a strategy from the start, which, in broad stokes, was to shake off the weight so I could be active, and then keep the weight off by staying active.

In doing the things I a, [assopmate about skiing in winter, mountain biking in summer and going at them with enthusiasm, I think my body is right-sizing.

10 Ways To Do A Low Carbohydrate Diet The Right Way.

Congrats on your success. Admire your self-experimentation and ability to accept what works with your mental and physical attributes. I avoid all sweets. Congrats to you. I found that I naturally have reduced my eating window over time, basically IF from night till usually around PM the next day. I think that there is some benefit to going whole hog to get to a set point where you want to be. I find it easier to stay where I am now even with some food indescretions at this point after being fairly strict for 3 years now. Hopefully that makes some sense. Also many suggestions on the back issue and I want to also throw a couple ideas out there.

Read Stewart McGill and Pete Egoscue, two authors who have some interesting things to say on the matter. You look unbelievably good, fit older men are the most gorgeous IMHO. Please do some research on the outstanding Russian Scenar device for back trouble.

I suffered at the hands of every conventional means of treatment for a back back for about twelve years. Massage and Rolfing they call it the Rolls Royce of massage were my favourite till I found out about it earlier this year, but I tried all the rest at least twice too. Massage made the pain manageable, but nothing but the actual device has begun to address the source. Another fantastic n of 1 success story. Be proud Andrew as you are Master of your Metabolism. Looking liberated….. Probably, the before picture reminds my of my father and the potential that still slumbers inside of him.

Have to get him on the right track. Thanks for sharing your story. As Dr Mike says; face down the carbs! That said: your tale, Andrew, motivates me to try days without. Well, without the drink-mix. And let me second third? I had a such a visceral reaction to the after photo — such a change in not just appearance but vitality. I walk the fine line between being an overly-restricted lunatic and understanding the danger of the slippery slope. Really connected with that personally.

Perfect timing — thanks! Love how you approached the whole transformation as an experiment. I believe all change should be treated just like that. So many people in your age group have the same basic look as you in your before photo — heavy, puffy, overfed, sedentary, almost always with way too much abdominal mass. I did as well, and found it was the worst possible thing for me. I also like your sweetened tea experiment.

I think your theory is correct, and, to add to it, I know from my own experimentation that sweets make me want more sweets — because of dopamine. Kessler, MD the gist of which is that highly palatable foods, especially sweets and bad carbs, make our brains crazy for more — they cause a dopamine release that feels good, and our brains start to crave more dopamine. Lodge, MD. The version with the yellow cover is generic and mostly for men; the version with the pink cover is for women.

I also absolutely agree that artificial sweeteners cause unwarranted hunger. I definitely noticed this in myself. You are truly an inspiration to me. After reading your story I feel ready to totally embrace it. Thank you for sharing! Congratulations to you and your wife — the journey is never solo and we need supportive, loving people around us.

You look 20 years younger and you are way hot! Andrew is an inspiration and an example to me every day…and yes, definitely way hot! Your transition has been inspirational and I was intrigued to read about the driving rationale and strategies. I especially like the idea of the day programs — this seems like the right amount of time to begin an effective change while thinking of it in terms of days and not months seems very manageable.

I plan to follow your example in the New Year! I have fixed chronic back pain in hundreds of clients. I am a certified Rolfer. It is mazing for chronic back pain ,look for one in your area. A Rolfer restructures the entire body bringing it back to alignment. Some people think it is painful, like a deep massage, but paleos find it feels good cause we have very little muscular inflamtion.

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Great success story! Rolfing is still massage, not healing. Enjoyed the article and can relate so well — in my mid fifties and started a fitness quest about a year and a half ago and today am in the best shape of my life — thanks for sharing your story. Try a rolfer for your back pain.. I suffered for years going to a chiropractor…. Congratulations and thank you for the inspiration.

Not having grown up around snow I needed someone to show me that you can get into XCC skiing and skate skiing and become accomplished not just floundering at a later age. I have always been an athlete though and for a long time one with back pain. Ironically the one thing that cured it for good was an out there approach that I tried because I was desperate.

You may have to think of something else to do with the days. I love the day idea. Day I wish you continued success as you go forward. I think you are right about insulin being triggered by tasting something sweet. I always get real hungry after drinking a diet coke. I also have another reaction which is just the opposite. I live in Seattle and frequently walk around Green Lake 3 miles.

Sometimes on my second lap I get real hungry and hit the wall. If I pull out a peice of hard candy and suck on it the hunger goes away even though I am consuming less than ten calories. Thanks for sharing what worked for you. I have to admit eating sugary stuff including fruit has sabotaged me quite often.

Congratulations on your achievement! Your artificial sweetener experiment totally fascinated me…and your conclusions made perfect sense. Yes some people when they are in ketosis get bad breath. For most it wears off, this is a great article on how to avoid or limit the bad breath. A small price to pay temporarily for fabulous health benefits. I was looking at the shopping list and there is Full Fat Yogurt listed in the dairy section. I thought yogurt had a lot of sugar. I have type 2 diabetes so I avoid yogurt.

Also, sugar free jelly is on the list. I thought jelly was a food that was off limits, even if it was sugar free. Are these two foods really ok to eat? Sugar free jelly is OK, especially for those just starting out who would like a quick and easy jelly or cheesecake recipe. For some people having a sweet treat is the difference of starting low carb or it seeming impossible. Libby have you heard of the store whole foods?

I would love to know what yogurts I can buy in there store. Or anything else in the store for that matter…. Hi Christine, take a look here and see what I keep in my pantry. Then take a look at my recipe archives where you can plan some varied meals or even get a meal plan made for you.

I am sure you will see some new recipes in my archive that will help with snacks and meals. Homemade mayo is so easy. Two whole eggs, good squeeze of lemon. Use stick blender, and dribble feed extra light olive oil, I use Olivani. Done in 5 minutes or less, and never fails. I add cloves of garlic, or fresh chillies. Generally people stick to 1. Please help me to calculate carbs as i am newbie. When i calculate carbs in my recipe, am i suppose to calculate 8gm of carbs in 2 tbsp of coconut flour?

OR i need to deduct fibre from Total Carbohydrates? If you are counting total carbs it is 8g if you are counting net carbs it is 3g. Yes Gloria, you just need to ensure you are getting enough protein which is hard enough for vegetarians but you can add dairy if not vegan and nuts etc.

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Take a look at the recipe archives for vegetables and salad s. Some may need adapting spinach carbonara will need the bacon removing. I have recently started with LCHF diet and so far it is going very well. I have anemia, so eating fish and meat is of main importance for my health. The only issue is that my doctor prescribed me a medicine against anemia that I have to take 30 minutes before breakfast, accompanied by a glass of orange juice.

The orange juice and the C vitamin makes my body absorb the components of these pills. My question is, how can I remove the orange juice from my diet? You can actually buy iron tablets that have Vit c in them so there is no need for that glass of orange juice. This has been a great site for me. I was running out of ideas until I found ditchthecarbs! Now we have so many choices. That is incredible Misty, I am so happy for you and I am also thrilled you have found my website to be so helpful. The future is looking tasty indeed x.

All my ingredients are pretty much pantry staples in most homes and can easily be found in the supermarket. I also try an make the list of ingredients as short as possible, no one wants to make a recipe that has a huge list of ingredients. Hey thanks Kaitlin, that is so kind and I am so happy you are enjoying my recipes. I get plenty of protein from quality meat and fibre from veggies.

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With all foods, choose low carb nutrient dense foods according to your level of carbohydrate restriction. Great site Libby. What… No peanuts? Which means no natural peanut butter ground peanuts only. I have been GF and grain free for several years and ground peanuts a favorite source of protein for breakfast. Please share why they need to be avoided. Those who need to lose weight may have to be incredibly strict, whilst those with no health issues or weight problems may afford a little higher carbs from healthy sources.

Readers have found ketodietapp very useful and accurate. So excited to find a site that appears to be NZ in origin? Im type 1 late onset standing on the threshold of LCHF. SO happy to have found you. Awesome Lis! Yes I am in NZ Auckland and making recipes that are doable, family friendly and within budget is exactly the reason I started my website. Read my post on Low Carb For Diabetes — all types, which is written by an amazing diabetic educator and who is achieving the most incredible result with her patients.

I am so glad you found my website, Libby. Love your site! Do you have to contantly track every bite to know you are at those macros? I started by counting carbs really to see where they were coming from and it soon taught me foods to avoid completely and those to eat in limited amounts.