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Who got a No. This, then unknown folk flavored song, was recorded by the Byrds in January of , see contract and had reached No. The timing was close, but the Byrds were first. Blues had long been a staple of rock music. Some will say that Dylan recorded with electric instruments in How did the Byrds get their sound? The Byrds sound came about naturally. First there was the blend of folk and rock styles. Then there were the harmonies. Crosby was largely responsible for the innovative combination of fourth and fifth high harmony parts. Clark and McGuinn sang in unison. The guitar sound was a blend of Gretsch 6-string and Rickenbacker string parts with an occasional acoustic guitar in the background.

At first the Rickenbacker didn't have the sound the Byrds were looking for. One of the engineers at Columbia came up with the idea of recording the guitar directly through the board and not through an amplifier, using tube type electronic compressors, in series, to sustain the guitar sound and give it an even quality. That direct, compressed string guitar sound combined with Crosby 's unusual harmonies made the Byrds recordings sound distinctive and different.

Did the Byrds meet the Beatles, and who wore those funny little glasses first? The Byrds met the Beatles in England while on a tour in July of Derek Taylor had been the Beatles press secretary and was now working in that capacity for the Byrds. Derek arranged the meeting to take place after a show at "Blazes," a club in London. Only John, George and Ringo were there. John was immediately, extremely interested in Jim McGuinn's little rectangular sun glasses. He liked them so much that he began wearing a round version, later, himself.

Lennon had been nearsighted and these new glasses gave him a way to see the audience from the stage for the first time. The Beatles also invited the Byrds to visit them at their house in Los Angeles in and they maintained an ongoing correspondence, through Derek Taylor, for many years. Did the Byrds ever work with Bob Dylan? The Byrds and Dylan never worked together. At one time there were plans to record an album together in New York but due to lack of communication, the Byrds flew back to Los Angeles and the project was never begun.

Dylan did get on stage and sang a few songs with the Byrds in at "Ciro's," a Los Angeles club. The picture of that event is on the back cover of the "Mr. Tambourine Man" album. Dylan also gave his approval to the Byrds doing his material. Why did Jim McGuinn change his name to Roger? He changed his name in because a guru in Indonesia said that a new name would vibrate better with the universe. The guru sent Jim the letter "R" and asked him to send back ten names starting with that letter.

Roger was the only "real" name in the bunch and the guru picked it. Jim only changed his middle name from Joseph to Roger but used Roger as a stage name. As far as the vibrating with the universe A study of the '60s would help you to understand all this. John Phillips and McGuinn were both living at the Earl Hotel in Greenwich Village, where they had frequent jam sessions with other folk musicians on the scene.

John wrote the song "Creeque Alley" based on their experiences during that time. Is there a Roger McGuinn Bio? As an extra treat, "Live From Mars" features two new studio band tracks recorded with former members of the Minneapolis based band the Jayhawks. While recording in Minneapolis , McGuinn visited the Mystery Science Theater set, and invited robot, Tom Servo Kevin Murphy to write the liner notes, and to appear on the album cover.

The son of professional writers, he toured with them as a child, promoting their best selling book, "Parents Can't Win. McGuinn became a folk singing fixture within the Chicago music scene. Within a few weeks of finishing high school, McGuinn was working as accompanist for the Limeliters in California , on their album, "Tonight In Person. McGuinn fronted the Byrds from until when he began his solo career. He recorded five albums for Columbia Records, and then re-joined Clark and Hillman for three albums on Capitol.

In he began his Jack Kerouac inspired adventure, and went on the road with his acoustic guitar. The first single, "King Of The Hill," co-written with long time friend Tom Petty soared to number one on the rock charts. That song is also included in acoustic form on "Live From Mars. When asked about his future plans, McGuinn replies, "Andres Segovia continued performing all his life.

That's what I plan to do. Here is a list of the songs on which he used a Moog:. Why were there so many personnel changes? This is something that happens to most bands. Egos become inflated and band members get on each other's nerves. In the Byrds' case, Gene Clark was the first to leave. He had witnessed a fatal airplane crash as a youth and had never gotten over his fear of flying. He had a panic attack on a plane in L. Gene had to get off the plane.

McGuinn told him, "You can't be a Byrd, Gene, if you can't fly. Dickson and Tickner had been planning to launch Gene as the next Elvis Presley. That plan never came to fruition. David Crosby was the next to go. He had been dissatisfied with the musicianship of McGuinn, Hillman and Clarke. He had also been interested in working with Stephen Stills. David received a large cash settlement to give up his partnership in the Byrds. After that Michael Clarke quit. Hillman and McGuinn were now partners in the Byrds. They decided to keep it that way and hired side men to play other instruments.

The drummer they hired was Kevin Kelley, Chris Hillman's cousin. The Byrds performed as a trio for a while but felt they needed another player to round out their sound. Chris brought a musician around that he'd met at the bank. His name was Gram Parsons. The next album was all country and they recorded in Nashville. The album, "Sweetheart Of The Rodeo," was a breakthrough in pop music. Now more than 25 years later it is considered a classic. Gram quit working for the Byrds in London only nine months after Chris and Roger had hired him. After an ill fated tour of South Africa, Hillman quit the Byrds leaving McGuinn as sole owner and responsible for paying off a huge debt.

John York was hired to play the bass. This lineup lasted for a short time and John York was replaced by Skip Battin on bass. They continued touring and McGuinn recorded the "Untitled" album with them. Why did McGuinn stop using the name the Byrds? David Crosby, having reached a high point of success with Crosby Stills and Nash, wanted to do a reunion album with the Byrds.

David convinced all the original members to join him on Asylum Records for the project. Crosby was upset because McGuinn was still using the name "Byrds. In after the failure of the Byrds reunion album on Asylum. McGuinn became a solo artist. Since then the Byrds have done several shows and recorded four new songs on the "Byrds Boxed Set. At this time there are no plans for another reunion. Did the Byrds have a lasting influence on pop music? The sound the Byrds created with "Jingle Jangle" guitars and vocal harmonies continues to be heard in new bands all over the world, coming out of garages and onto the pop charts.

What's on the Boxed Set and does it sound better than earlier CDs? The Byrds Boxed Set consists of four CDs that cover the entire chronological range of the Byrds from the time of their inception to the time of their last recordings. All the old masters were transferred to a Sony 64 track digital tape machine and remixed to pull out the stereo that was not included in some of the original mixes. The overall sound quality of the Boxed Set is excellent! When compared to the earliest CD Byrds albums there is a drastic improvement!

Yes the Byrds were inducted in January of Sunshine of Your Love Foxey Lady Piece of My Heart Pinball Wizard Uncle John's Band Suite: Judy Blue Eyes Black Magic Woman Tracks of Disc 1 1. Whipping Post 2. All Right Now 3. You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet 4. Easy Livin' 5. American Woman 7. Summertime Blues 8. I Know I'm Losing You 9. Show Me The Way If I'd Been The One Twilight Zone 2. The Stealer 3. Midnight Run 4. Crossroads 5. Magic Carpet Ride 6. No Time 8. Takin' Care Of Business 9. Love Hurts All The Young Dudes Layla Tracks of Disc 3 1.

Peace Of Mind 2. Hi-De-Ho 4. Once Bitten, Twice Shy 5. Shine A Little Love 6. Don't Fear The Reaper 7. Tambourine Man 8. Black Magic Woman 9. Hold Your Head Up. Top Hits of the 60s - Chart Toppers. Oh Pretty Woman 2. Young Girl 3. Tambourine Man 4. Kind Of A Drag 6. San Francisco 7. Little Green Apples 8. Flowers On The Wall 9. A Boy Named Sue Blue Velvet It's Your Thing Red Rubber Ball Hey Little Cobra Kicks Greenfields Don't Worry Sink The Bismarck Big Bad John Theme From "A Summer Place".

Don't Stop Believin' 2. More Than A Feeling 3. Eye Of The Tiger 4. Don't Fear The Reaper 5. Piece Of My Heart 6. Walk On The Wild Side 7. All The Young Dudes 8. Dogs Of War Because The Night Leave A Light On Walk This Way Broken Wings Summer In The City Africa Dust In The Wind Fantasy Soul Sacrifice Albatross Tracks of Disc 2 1.

The Final Countdown 2. Bat Out Of Hell 3. Breaking The Law 4. Danger Zone 5. Message In A Bottle 6. Poison 7. Take It On The Run 9. Beginning Of The End The Battle Rages On Burnin' For You You're The Voice Kyrie Hold On Baby Rock 'N Me Call On Me No Time Jessie's Girl Johnny B. Goode Black Magic Woman 2. Little Wing 3.

She's Not There 4. Turtle Blues 5. Cause We've Ended As Lovers 6. Nantucket Sleighride To Owen Coffin 7. Eight Miles High 8. American Woman 9. Rock And Roll Band While My Guitar Gently Weeps Wild Child Fly Like An Eagle Hazy Shade Of Winter Alright Hold Your Head Up Free Ride Race With The Devil Raw Power Tracks of Disc 4 1.

King Of Dreams 2. Rock The Night 3. Wasted In America 4. Living After Midnight 6. Solid Ball Of Rock 7. Black Betty 8. Peace Of Mind Any Way You Want It When I See You Smile Don't Fight It Carry On Wayward Son Keep On Loving You Cuddly Toy Pretty In Pink Lean On Me Once Bitten, Twice Shy Rosanna 2. American Heartbeat 3. Let It All Out 4. Mutually Assured Destruction 5. Another Girl, Another Planet 6. I Don't Want Nobody 7. Gloria 8. I Drove All Night 9. All Out Of Love Summer Rain Crash Heaven Don't Talk To Strangers Frankenstein Low Down Dirty Mean Burlesque Goin' Back Family Man Come And Get Your Love.

Bat Out Of Hell 2. The Final Countdown 3.

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Holding Out For A Hero 5. More Than A Feeling 6.

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Any Way You Want It 7. Hold The Line 8. Danger Zone 9. The Way It Is I Drove All Night Hey Stoopid Barracuda Frederick Take It On The Run Carry On Wayward Son 2. She's Not There 3. Black Magic Woman 4. Piece Of My Heart 5.

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I'd Rather Go Blind 6. Rock And Roll Band 7. American Woman 8. The Letter 9. Black Betty Don't Look Back Roll Away The Stone Lido Shuffle In Your Room Walk This Way 3. Poison 4. Breaking The Law 5. Don't Fear The Reaper 6. Keep On Loving You 7. Burning Heart 8. Rosanna 9. Rock The Night Human Touch Playing With The Boys Satellite Private Eyes Love My Way Who Can It Be Now The Flame Night Games Summer Rain Tracks of Disc 4 1. Total Eclipse Of The Heart 2.

All The Young Dudes 3. Fox On The Run 4. Raw Power Iggy Pop Mix 6.

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Because The Night 8. Another Girl Another Planet Cum On Feel The Noize The Party Ain't Over Yet Trouble Love Struck Baby Cherry Pie Grace Out Of Touch Games People Play Real Gone Kid Tracks of Disc 5 1. Hallelujah 2. Rocks 3. Motorcycle Emptiness 4. Trash 5. How To Save A Life 6. Drops Of Jupiter 7. Wherever You Will Go 8. Left Outside Alone 9. I Don't Want To Be Lullaby Amazed Runaway Train What About Now Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Teenage Dirtbag Place Your Hands Two Princes Ready To Go Dancing In The Moonlight.

Silence Is Golden Vol. On The Road Again 2. Perfect Day Remastered 7. She's Not There Album Version 8. Lean On Me Single Version In Dreams Album Version Lazy Sunday Wedding Ring Falling In Love Again Suzanne Ring Of Fire Album Version California Dreamin' Tracks of Disc 2 1. American Pie 2.

Hurdy Gurdy Man 3. White Rabbit 5. I Told The Brook 7. Mother And Child Reunion 8. Calypso Groovin' Eight Miles High Album Version Softly Whispering I Love You For Your Love 2. These Eyes Remastered 3. Kentucky Rain 4. Gimme Little Sign 6. Streets Of London 7. Woman You're Breaking Me 8. Fool Fool Fool Mercedes Benz Suspicion Stoney End Album Version Five O'Clock World Kicks Album Version Everybody's Out Of Town Summer In The City 2.

The Letter 5. Young Girl 6. Captain Of Your Ship 7. Yummy Yummy Yummy 8. Music To Watch Girls By Everybody's Talkin' The Good Life Theme From "A Summer Place" Take Five Piece Of My Heart Light My Fire Move Over Darling Stand By Your Man Ring Of Fire September 2. Sunny 3. I Can't Stand The Rain 4. More, More, More 5. Yes Sir, I Can Boogie 6. I Love To Love 7. Native New Yorker 8. Rock The Boat 9. Love Train Band Of Gold Summer Breeze, Pt.

Lovely Day I Can See Clearly Now Midnight Train To Georgia Summerlove Sensation Seasons In The Sun Annie's Song Perfect Day Tracks of Disc 3 1. Club Tropicana 2. Conga 3. Rain Or Shine 5. Can You Feel It 7. I'm So Excited 8. Eternal Flame Give It Up Down Under The Lion Sleeps Tonight Break My Stride My Favourite Waste Of Time The First Picture Of You I Want Candy Live It Up Fantastic Day Waterfalls 2.

My Love Is Your Love 3. Genie In A Bottle 5. Macarena 8. Mambo No. Where Do You Go Un-Break My Heart Summertime Jump It's Like That One Night In Heaven Another Night Everybody's Free To Feel Good Hideaway Feels Like Heaven Infinity At The River Tracks of Disc 5 1. Get The Party Started 2. Timber 3. Let The Sun Shine 4. Sax 5. Ain't It Funny 6. Beautiful Girls 7. Hey Ya! Fallin' 9. Footprints In The Sand Ordinary People These Words Summer Of Love Boys Of Summer Singin' In The Rain Steal My Sunshine Dancing In The Moonlight Hey, Soul Sister She's So Lovely Teardrop Slip Into Something More Comfortable.

Good Morning Starshine 3. A Beautiful Morning 4. Daydream 5. Lazy Day 7. Up Up And Away 8.

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Sunny 9. Happy Together Tracks of Disc 2 1. I Want Candy 2. Kind Of A Drag 3. Lady Willpower 4. Close Your Eyes 5. Crying In The Chapel 6. Tambourine Man 7. Time Has Come Today 8. Turn Down Day My World Fell Down I Fought The Law 2. The Beat Goes On 3. In The Midnight Hour 4. People Got To Be Free 5.

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida 6. Laugh Laugh 8. C'mon And Swim 9.

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  4. You Keep Me Hangin' On Nobody But Me 2. Hippy Hippy Shake 3. Do Wah Diddy Diddy 4. I'm Telling You Now 5. Gimme Some Lovin' 6. This Diamond Ring 7. A World Without Love Spooky Tracks of Disc 5 1. Sunshine Superman 2. Carrie Ann 3. Sugar And Spice 6. Green, Green 9. Groovin' Is Easy Echo Park Flowers On The Wall Baby sittin' Boogie Summertime, Summertime Tracks of Disc 6 1.

    Wipeout 2. Monday Monday 3. Lovers Who Wander 4. Til 5. Shiela 6. Who Put The Bomp 7. California Dreamin' 8. The Letter Lovely Day 2. Sexual Healing 3. Rich Girl 4. Hold Me Close 5. When I Need You 6. Lido Shuffle 7. Band Of Gold 9. To Love Somebody Me and Mrs. Jones I'm Your Puppet Suddenly All By Myself It Must be Love Hallelujah Tracks of Disc 2 1. Just Be Good To Me 2. Criticize 3. Caribbean Queen 4. Leave A Light On 5. I Drove All Night 6. Because the Night 7. Don't Stop 8.

    The Way It Is 9. Toy Soldiers Perfect Promise Me Don't Wanna Lose You When a Man Loves a Woman The Power of Love Every Day Hurts Say You Don't Mind Longer Tracks of Disc 3 1. Torn 2. Dream Catch Me 3. Perfect Day 4. Lullaby 5. Amazed 6. Drops of Jupiter 7. Lazy 8. A Little Respect 9. Complicated Kevin Carter Valerie Same Jeans Dancing in the Moonlight Sunday Shining Shine I Believe I Can Fly Heaven Candlelight Mix The Ballad Of Tom Jones Brick Small Farm Tracks of Disc 4 1. She's Got That Vibe 3. Wonderful Tonight 4. Un-Break My Heart 5. Chains 6. Sign Your Name 7.

    You're All That Matters to Me 9. Left Outside Alone Because of You Innocent Eyes Leave Right Now Achilles Heel Flying Without Wings Adia A Deeper Love Everybody's Free The Key, The Secret Tambourine Man 2. Everybody's Talking 3. Light My Fire 4. Alive And Kicking Live Version 7. Beautiful Ones 8. Ring of Fire 9.

    Jolene Sunday Morning Comin' Down The Most Beautiful Girl He'll Have to Go Music to Watch Girls By It's Impossible Just Walking in the Rain Love Me Warm And Tender I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better 3. All I Really Want to Do 4. Eight Miles High 7. Spaceman 8. Have You Seen Her Face Lady Friend My Back Pages Goin' Back [LP Version] Ballad of Easy Rider Jesus is Just Alright Chestnut Mare He Was a Friend of Mine Paths of Victory From a Distance Love That Never Dies. Live At The Fillmore: February Nashville West 2.

    You're Still On My Mind 3. Pretty Boy Floyd 4. Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man 5. Medley: Turn! admin