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KCET Sat. AMC Wed. E Wed. HBO Thur. Strong-willed, independent and filled with spunk, Vanellope refuses to stand down without a fight, and shows efficiency in reaching her goals for the most part. It was her lack of physical strength that truly kept Vanellope from becoming a racer independently, as Candy and his henchmen were able to counter her intellect with their weaponry and brute force. Interestingly, although years of being shunned has left her with negative traits, Vanellope is one of the only characters in the film with a lack of prejudice.

After learning Ralph is classified as a video game "bad-guy", Vanellope never berates him on his position; instead, she looked beyond Ralph's programmed occupation, and understood that his label is only a job title, and does not define who he is on the inside.

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Her kindness would heavily influence Ralph, and it was through their friendship that Ralph learned what it truly means to be a hero. From left to right: Vanellope's regular outfit; Vanellope in her royal racing gear; Vanellope in her princess gown. Vanellope is a young year old girl with a small stature. She has long, raven-black hair with candy sprinkled over it in a high ponytail. She carries a slender body, has a noticeable overbite, large, round ears and a small, pink, chipmunk-like nose.

Similar to how the other leads in the movie have their faces based off their voice actors, Vanellope's face and hair are designed to resemble a younger Sarah Silverman. Vanellope's signature "glitch" outfit is a mint green hoodie, with a brown double-layered skirt that resembles the wrapping of a peanut-butter cup many of the girls have skirts like this , green, white, and purple tights, and small black boots.

It is notable that her leggings are mismatched, one covered in broad mint green bands, the other in thinner mint bands and purple lines. They are designed to resemble candy cane stripes. Her hoodie laces and stitches are red and resemble licorice candies, such as Twizzlers. Underneath her hoodie is a violet shirt. It is only seen in a "blink and you'll miss it" scene in the video game's last cut scene. Her high ponytail is tied with a Twizzler. The pink squiggles under her boots resemble icing. She owns red racing goggles that were seen during the Random Roster Race's coin depositing.

On the side of the Sugar Rush game cabinet, Vanellope can be seen in her royal racing attire which is a teal, orange, and white jumpsuit with brown gloves. In the film's concept art, her racing attire comes with a white helmet with a golden crown design detailed onto it.

Rush (Roam Series, Book Four) by Kimberly Stedronsky - Read Online

As a princess, Vanellope wore a full skirted glittery long-sleeved gown with lacy white gloves. Her gradient pink petticoat is noticeably covered in pink, white, and red gumdrops, sprinkled everywhere like beads. However, chocolate sprinkles can be seen on the lower end of the petticoat. The skirt has many layers and opens in the front to show a deep pink underskirt.

Her gown was also given a pink flowing cloak, and a large high white lace heart collar, resembling Elizabethan royal attire. The collar is edged in a cut-out pattern of candy canes and lollipops. In addition, she wears another, somewhat smaller, white ruffled collar.

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In this outfit, she wears a red tiara. Her hair is tied up in a bun instead of a high ponytail and is covered in sprinkles that are various shades of pink. With the outfit, Vanellope owns a pink lollipop scepter with a noticeable crown symbol over it. Although she dislikes it, she wore it at Calhoun and Felix's wedding as her maid of honor outfit.

On a normal day, Vanellope is lounging about in the candy tree forest when she encounters a hulk-like man named Wreck-It Ralph, who is in pursuit of a " gold coin " atop a tree. Vanellope manages to grab it first, though Ralph pleads for its return as the "coin" is actually his medal. Ignoring Ralph, Vanellope runs off to the race track starting line, where the racers of Sugar Rush are prepared to pay their fees one gold coin to race in the Random Roster Race: a daily race that determines which racers will be featured in the game's roster on the following day.

Vanellope rushes to the lineup, with Ralph trying to pursue her, to insert the medal as her fee. The medal is accepted, and Vanellope is officially in the race. This comes as a shock to King Candy, who orders his security doughnuts to arrest Vanellope. Before they can apprehend her, Ralph suddenly appears to reclaim his medal and pursues Vanellope. Ralph's arrival distracts the king and his guards, allowing Vanellope to escape. She heads to the junkyard to work on her homemade kart, but soon finds herself confronted by Taffyta Muttonfudge , Candlehead , Rancis Fluggerbutter , and the other racers.

Claiming they're ostracizing her for her own safety, the racers torment Vanellope by calling her "an accident waiting to happen". They destroy Vanellope's kart and throw her into the mud, unaware that Wreck-It Ralph had been looking on in hiding. Furious with the racers' cruelty, Ralph charges out to scare the bullies away, saving Vanellope. Vanellope, however, is far too upset and embarrassed to even thank Ralph. Despite his empathy, Ralph chastises Vanellope for stealing his medal, but she claims that she planned to return it after she won the race.

Without a kart, however, both she and Ralph are out of luck.

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In anger, Ralph begins to wreck things, including a jawbreaker. This gives Vanellope the idea to have Ralph break her into King Candy's kart factory, where she can make a real kart.

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She runs her plan by Ralph and promises to return his medal once the race is won. Ralph reluctantly agrees. At the factory, they work together to build the kart. Because of Ralph's destructive nature, though, it appears very different from its intended design. Disappointed, Ralph thinks the kart is broken, but Vanellope is more than happy to have a real kart in her possession, proving to Ralph that his wrecking can actually bring happiness to others.

To finish their newfound "masterpiece", Vanellope and Ralph sign the kart. Just then, King Candy, alerted by the security about the break-in, arrives with his minions. Vanellope coyly confesses that she doesn't know how to drive a real kart, forcing Ralph to steer it by hand to escape the king and his goons. Vanellope directs Ralph to her hideout in Diet Cola Mountain. Once safe, Ralph scolds Vanellope on her inability to drive, feeling it takes away any chance of getting his medal back.

Vanellope sarcastically inquires why the medal is so important, and Ralph explains that it could give him a better life back in his game. Vanellope is surprisingly able to relate, but it doesn't ease Ralph's frustration. Upon calming down, Ralph takes a further look into the mountain and is introduced to Vanellope's hovel of a home.

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She explains that, because of her disability, she is bullied and tormented by everyone in the game. Not only that, she cannot leave the game because glitches lack the ability to do so, forcing her to endure her misery. Vanellope figures that if she wins the race, the others would stop treating her harshly. Ralph sympathizes with Vanellope, prompting him to teach her how to drive, himself.

After some extensive practice, Vanellope and Ralph prepare to forge off to the racetrack. Before they do, Vanellope runs back into the mountain to get something. During her absence, King Candy shows up to return Ralph's medal, in exchange for a chance to explain why Vanellope cannot race; according to the king, Vanellope's glitching would make the players think the game is broken.

When Sugar Rush is unplugged, Vanellope would be unable to escape and die alongside the cabinet. King Candy asks for Ralph's help in protecting Vanellope from such a fate, to which the bad-guy solemnly accepts. When Vanellope returns, she surprises Ralph with a homemade medal that reads "You're my hero", in the event that they lose the race. Though touched by Vanellope's gesture, Ralph tries to talk her out of going to the race.

Vanellope is initially confused, but quickly notices the Medal of Heroes around Ralph's neck and becomes suspicious. Ralph tries to explain that he and King Candy had a talk, but Vanellope assumes that the two are working together. Betrayed, Vanellope rebukes Ralph and tries to go to the race alone. With no other choice, Ralph destroys Vanellope's kart against her protests. With any hope of a better life tarnished, Vanellope runs off in tears. A downhearted Ralph, meanwhile, returns to his game.

At some point after Ralph's departure, King Candy captures Vanellope and imprisons her in his "fungeon". Back at Fix-It Felix Jr. Sour Bill confesses that Vanellope was a real racer until King Candy tried to delete her code and turned her into a glitch.

Rush (Roam Series, Book Four)

Should Vanellope cross the finish line in an official race, however, the game would reset and her code would be restored. While rushing to the racetrack, Ralph informs Vanellope of the situation and explains that she only has to cross the finish line to be a real racer. Vanellope, angered by King Candy's villainy, declares that she's already a real racer and will win.

Due to her glitching, Vanellope manages to bypass the competition at an alarming rate. Soon enough, she is second only to King Candy. As the two near the finish line, Vanellope speeds passed the king, who rams into Vanellope's kart in a fit of fury. Having lost all patience, King Candy physically attacks Vanellope with his kart's antenna, destroying fragments of her kart in the process. This leads to a tug-of-war between Vanellope and Candy, with their staggered movements triggering Vanellope's glitching and causing King Candy's disguise to fade.

A shocked Vanellope pulls back in fear, just as Turbo ruthlessly admits his crime of reprogramming the world. Claiming Sugar Rush as his possession, Turbo vows that he won't let Vanellope or Ralph foil his plans. Turbo then tries to kill Vanellope by ramming her onto an oncoming stalactite, but Vanellope saves herself by gaining total control of her glitching and teleporting out of Turbo's grasp. Vanellope races ahead in first place, but before she can reach Ralph and the finish line, a swarm of Cy-Bugs —creatures from the game Hero's Duty that have been breeding in the catacombs underneath Sugar Rush —explode from the ground and directly impact Vanellope, throwing her kart off the track.

Ralph and Felix scurry to her side, but before Vanellope can continue the race, a swarm of Cy-Bugs surround the finish line and devour it. Unfortunately, Vanellope is unable to escape as she is still a glitch. With a heavy heart, she accepts her imminent death and tells Ralph to leave her. In that moment, fortunately, Ralph formulates a plan to erupt Diet Cola Mountain, hoping to have the hot cola act as a beacon to attract and destroy the Cy-Bugs. Unfortunately, he is attacked by Turbo who had transformed into a Cy-Bug after being consumed by one. During their battle, a swarm of Cy-Bugs surround Vanellope, Felix, and Calhoun and prepare to kill them.

Fortunately, Ralph is able to break free of Turbo's grasp and plummets down to the mountain. When Vanellope sees Ralph plummeting, she glitches to Diet Cola Mountain, where she is able to catch Ralph before he falls into the cola. Together, they escape the volcano just as massive amounts of Mentos plunge into the hot cola, causing the mountain to erupt.

The eruption produces a beacon that attracts all the Cy-Bugs, including Turbo, vaporizing them for good. After Felix fixes the finish line, Ralph pushes Vanellope across, resetting the game. With her code restored, Vanellope magically transforms into a princess, revealing her to be the rightful ruler of the kingdom. The racers beg for Vanellope's forgiveness, which she accepts though not before playfully humiliating them. Despite this revelation, Vanellope has no desire to be a princess, instead proclaiming herself as a racer with "the greatest super power ever".

She nevertheless still chooses to lead the kingdom, as "President Vanellope von Schweetz". At this time, the arcade is about to open. As Ralph prepares to leave Sugar Rush , Vanellope offers a private wing in her castle. Ralph warmly turns down the offer as he is content with her friendship and has a job to do: playing the bad guy in his own game. Ralph and Vanellope bid farewell, as the other Sugar Rush racers surround the latter in reconciliation. During the finale, Vanellope, seen in her princess attire, serves as the maid of honor at the wedding of Felix and Calhoun.

It is also shown that, due to her glitching abilities being used as her power-up, Vanellope has become a fan-favorite in Sugar Rush , winning the hearts of the gamers and finally living her lifelong dream. Many times, Vanellope is able to see Ralph in Niceland from her cabinet, and vise versa, causing the two to happily wave to each other often.

This part of the gameplay is said to be Ralph's favorite, as he enjoys watching Vanellope gain the love and admiration that she has always deserved. Ralph also notes his newfound acceptance for his job, claiming Vanellope's friendship is all the validation he needs to remind him that he's far from a bad person. During the end credits of the film, Vanellope and Ralph, along with Felix and Calhoun, are shown constantly enjoying each other's company after gaming hours, having numerous game-jumping adventures together. Vanellope appears in the sequel, along with Sarah Silverman reprising her role, taking place six years after the original film.