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This book shows you how to that, but in a way […]. April 21, The first is that people are working longer.

In fact, many want to work longer, not just for financial reasons, but for the benefits of continued engagement and satisfaction. In fact, for most people, retirement today will include work of some kind. The second fact of life is that the nature of work has changed and continues to evolve. Perhaps the biggest shifts are the decline of the traditional employment arrangement and the explosive […]. February 26, It means reason for being and it is associated with a feeling of well-being.

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This book was born in curiosity. The co-authors are two writers, one lives in Japan and the other in Spain, who wondered what is behind the […]. February 22, By Thelma Reese and Barbara M. In Short Following their book, The New Senior Woman, Reese and Fleisher, two retired college professors, tackled the sometimes thorny issue of how men successfully transition to life in retirement.

There are many things to love about this book. First, there are thoughtful conversations with many men, from all walks of life, at various stages of their retirement journey woven into the book. These provide snippets of real-life case studies that paint a rich portrait of lived experience and wisdom.

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The reader comes away with a […]. January 25, Combining real-life stories with their own personal experiences, the authors offer sound advice and recommendations on some of the most complex problems couples can face when thinking about retirement.

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Each conversation […]. December 19, By Anne C. Coon and Judith Ann Feuerherm Praeger Women face some unique headwinds that can have a cumulative and lasting effective beyond the workplace and into retirement. The authors tell stories of 25 women across their careers and life course into their retirement years. This book is primarily about resilience, creativity and triumph though the compelling stories of women who overcame multiple obstacles and are living satisfying lives in retirement — on their own […].

December 9, In fact, studies have found that your longevity may even depend on it. Yet, purpose is one of those subjects that I sometimes find hard to get my arms around.

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I wonder about how someone discovers their purpose — particularly when they transition from their primary career to their next chapter. I always feel like it requires a lengthy trip to mountains and extensive navel-gazing. That will need to wait for another day. It turns out that the mountains are optional. October 18, A New Purpose. The authors help the reader connect with the concept of purpose by taking us through a journey of discovery, covering key topics including: what success really is, the importance of relationships, the power of giving, how we are using our lives to make a real difference.

They offer a refreshing view of philanthropy and ways to make […]. More and more people who are mid-career or beyond are concluding that moving on from corporate life offers greater flexibility and interesting, rewarding work. The ranks of silver entrepreneurs continues to grow.

March 22, For some, it happens mid-career and leads to a major shift.

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  8. For others, approaching retirement offers the time and space for reflection, exploration and discovery of their deepest purpose. I didn't even have to be pleasant.

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