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The notes associated with this sketch say "BLND", probably meaning that the hair was blonde. A Cloud Over 5, Local Citizens? Noted as young , wearing a maroon or purple windbreaker with Levis. Possibly wearing a wig? First news of Goleta attack.

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There's not much information about this but according to PortofLeith, this is a composite of a suspicious man in Carmichael who boarded a bus and told the driver he lived on La Riviera Drive. This is possibly from a sighting of a suspicious man in a backyard two days before Attack This composite is most likely of a suspicious person seen prowling near Eastwood Rd and Woodcrest Rd, which is close to Attack Another composite made from attack This was the first sketch released to the public for general circulation.

This prowler was seen a few hours after Attack 21, prowling near American River College several blocks north of Attack Attack 22 had many sightings of suspicious activity. A six-year old girl encountered the EAR in her home. Serial Killings Dating Back 20 Years. The way loot cards in the game work, is that after 5 weapon mods I think the same applies for masks , that mod will stop appearing.

The way crime spree cards work, is that they don't check the inventory after each card is flipped, instead it checks at the start of the card flips what mods you have. So, if you have 5 of every weapon mod, then you will not get any weapon mods from crime spree, instead you will get more of everything else. Cipher View Profile View Posts.

Good way to farm boosts though.

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Max out the rest of your mods, buy placeholder weapons, apply one of whatever boost you want, then cash out a big spree. King: It's 2 and doesn't works only for mods.

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But aside from that, right on. Can be very annoying if you don't know, or used to get a billion of mods you do want if you know about it.

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Still a bug; one Overkill is seemingly unwilling to fix. Mitsota View Profile View Posts. Back to Jewelry Store then. Last edited by Mitsota ; 24 Sep, am.

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  • Though it gets you more mods too is higher. And Infamy cross-over as said. Also it's just a fun random heist generator if only they stocked more heists and allows people without DLC the ability to host DLC heists. There's plenty of good things to be said about CS, however the most grieving part for me the lack of heists is something they have yet to adress, if they will at all.

    Originally posted by Hassat Hunter :. Greb View Profile View Posts. Unlimited power. Although I admit I wish it didn't work like this. I sorta wish they added a whole bunch of stuff like masks, materials, weapon skins, even weapon mods that were unique to crimespree too. But oh well.