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I watched The Shallows on my way to the Seychelles so probably, not the best choice! The Shallows is a survival thriller film starring Blake Lively who goes to a secluded beach in Mexico to surf. Although the story itself is a little simple and far-fetched, The Shallows will make you want to surf and enjoy some seriously secluded nature by the beach. Just do me a favour, and don't watch it before your honeymoon in the Seychelles She is a German language teacher, a widow, dying at 70 in Relatives will migrate to America and continue to use her name.

She is a Belgian widow. Henry Grey Bennet, M. Notes and Queries saw this tomb in Sector E. Henry Gray Bennet, b. Erected by his widow. Formerly in Sector E. This Swiss shopkeeper from Neuchatel has died penniless and been given a pauper's free burial. A fine Italian portrait exists of his wife's father, the Eton-educated third son of the 1st Earl of Dorchester and Viscount Milton, while she is clearly considered Swiss by the Swiss Church from her marriage to her Genevan husband. He is a baker from the Rumantsch-speaking Grigione in Switzerland.

Of Huguenot and Scottish descent, his father was a highly successful merchant in New York. He married Mary Williams in November, He was offered the chaplaincy of the U. He was an outspoken Democrat in politics, opposed to slavery but unsympathetic to abolitionism. Due to his Calvinist ideas about the unsuitability of such a hobby for a clergyman, Bethune, an avid fisherman, worked anonymously on five of the US editions of Izaak Walton's The Compleat Angler under the pseudonym The American Editor.

While visiting Florence, Italy for his health, he fell ill after preaching and died of a stroke on April 27, His Life and Letters were edited by A. Van Nest, '. From the lack of a burial register number and from the cost we can tell that his body was shipped back to America. II: 'Registre des Sepultures avec detail des frais, Francs He is from Germany, has died at the Hospital of Santa Lucia.

He was a young Swiss cafe waiter from the Rumantsch-speaking Grigione who has died in hospital. Again, from the Grigione but more wealthy than will be Dominique Bisatz. He is buried in the original Sector B. Another Jean Bischoff from the Grigione who dies poor.

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She is a servant girl, single, her bourgeois parents also living here and she is given a decent funeral. He is from Prussia and receives a simple funeral. In spite of the evidence that a famous painting of his, now in Basel, another version in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and another in Berlin, was inspired by the island of Ponza, it reminds many of the Porta a' Pinto cemetery where his child is buried, both because of its name - Island of the Dead - and the composition itself with its cypresses'.

The painting is an imaginary composite, really, of several places, Florence's 'English' Cemetery, Venice's San Michele, the island of Ponza, the island of Ischia. That the artist obsessively painted it five times following the death of his seven-month-old daughter indicates the depth of his emotion concerning his loss. His massive tomb is in the Allori Cemetery. Sergei Rachmaninoff composed the Island of the Dead as a symphonic poem about the picture.

Rachmaninoff uses the sound of the oars of Charon's boat on the waters for his symphonic poem, the 'Isle of the Dead', Opus She is a very aged Swiss widow. She is Swiss, her parentage well documented, her burial at a discounted price, meaning she is a member of the Swiss Evangelical Reformed Church. A one-year-old English child. This is the second burial in the Cemetery, the daughter of a family from Geneva where it seems her mother has died and her father remarried, the second spouse unusually present at the burial.

Traditionally the Swiss carried out burials in privacy, somberly, in the presence of a handful of men only, that tradition being unusually broken in the case of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's unsatisfactory funeral. We know this Italian woman is buried in the original Sector B. Had she become a member of the Swiss church? The seventeen-year-old cafe waiter from the Swiss Grigione has died in poverty at the hospital.

This six-month-old child is Protestant from the Piedmont. They fill their loss with another child who in turn dies at the age of three, whose mother would die the year before, perhaps again in childbirth. Their Valdensian mother. Perhaps his brother? He dies young and unmarried at Signa. The Webbs add: ' Edward d. Edward's tomb you have recorded as damaged, Henry's as lost. They were, almost certainly, brothers. Henry is stated to be the son of Walter Brind, who died in , a silk merchant and ribbon manufacturer in Paternoster Row in the City of London.

Among his numerous children were an Edward born 22 October and a Henry born 31 January It seems quite possible that Thomas Waller had a business relationship with Walter Brind, who may have supplied him with ribbons for his bonnets. The only other scrap of evidence about Henry's Florentine life I have is that in he subscribed to the Relief Fund for sufferers from the Crimean War.

His death certificate says simply that he was a 'merchant'. As for Edward, there is no knowing whether he was in Tuscany on business, on holiday or for the sake of his health. There is a short will in the National Archives, made by an Edward Brind who is obviously Walter Brind's son, made in , which says that he is in good health but mindful of the uncertainty of life, which might mean that he was about to go abroad. It was proved on 24 June , about a month after the death of 'our' Edward Brind. The name is not all that common'. Marmista ignoto.

Ambito toscano. Lastra rotta, marmo sporco. Edward Brind, ob. Chiesa Evangelica Riformata Svizzera, present. Henry, s. A young man, possibly from Wales. Is John Broadhurst, who now lacks a tomb, of this cluster of burials? His widow or daughter pays for this aged Frenchman's tomb. Her body is shipped home.

IV: 'Registre des Sepultures' avec detail des frais, Francs A little English child. He is likely American and being shipped home. They bury a nobleman's infant. He is a Swiss pastrymaker who is buried in the original Sector B. A three-month-old English daughter whose parentage is not given. An English or Scottish wife who is given a decent burial, but whose tomb is now lost. Two Burton tombs survive in Sector A, near the Stisted-related tomb. But his presence in Florence is considerably before theirs. A very Victorian story and sentiment. The bride of 25 exchanges her wedding veil for her burial shroud within 25 days, both being white like her name.

Her brother Walter is buried near her. Possibile intervento di pulitura sul marmo. His sister Bianca, who died soon after her wedding, is buried near him. They may be related to Sir Richard Burton who has ties with the Stisteds. I scrizione cippo illegibile, unicamente identificato dal numero. La tomba riprende quella della sorella Bianca Burton Banchini posta in A, recinto in ferro mancante.

F: A: 56; L: She is an aged Swiss widow. A Protestant Italian? With a very Catholic name. He dies in poverty in transit from Belgium. The Custodian requests Louis Gilli this reimbursement from the Swiss Church for the cost of this burial. His grandfather was one of the noblemen of Chios killed by the Turks in the Massacre of Chios in His family parents and siblings appear to have travelled widely as traders in Europe, the Black Sea and India - typical of the Chiots.

However, looking at the little we know of them, I suspect this little branch of the family was not particularly successful by comparison with many of their super-rich cousins in the Chios diaspora who generally settled in England, Marseille, etc'. RootsWeb : They will name another child Emily who survives and is listed in English censuses.

Generally the family is living in Marylebone, London. For example: '1. The father and his second wife and another child have a mausoleum in Paddington Cemetery, while this child of the first marriage now lacks a tombstone. Emily Florence, only ch. Listed as in Sector E. His father was by then in financial straits and advised him to give up Fowey and either look to his grandmother Lady Holmes for a seat, or seek diplomatic employ from Canning.

In his father tried to procure his succession to himself in his excise place. In Campbell addressed the Isle of Wight electors, but got nowhere. For this Lord Yarborough was blamed, having refused to allow a marriage between his daughter Charlotte and Campbell. His father went bankrupt, failed to obtain a baronetcy on his retirement from the excise and sold up. By father and son were obliged to live on the Continent. Campbell died at Florence, in '. His tomb was listed in Notes and Queries as having been in Sector F. Alexander Glynn Campbell, only s.

Erected by his f. The body of a half-Italian, half-English infant daughter is sent from Naples for burial in Florence's 'English' Cemetery. A poor Swiss teenager who has died in hospital. She is Swiss, related to the above Capretz, and who seems to have married an Italian. A Mary J. Carbis is listed in the Census in Cornwall. He has died in poverty in Florence. It is possible, if she were 75 rather than 70, that she is Lady Hamilton's first daughter, named Emma Carew, who was sent away to the Continent to be a governess. If so, she is Horatia Nelson's older half-sister and her father could have been the Honourable Charles Francis Greville, second son of the Earl of Warwick.

She is shipped to America. She is from Nimes, France, her father Philippe Carret. She seems never to have married. She is 18, from England, no parentage given. An enormous sum is paid for his exhumation and shipment to America. He has no extant tomb.

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Swiss, he lived in Rovezzano, just outside Florence. He is only eighteen, from the Rumantsch-speaking Grigione, a cafe worker, who has died in hospital. Widow of Dr Pouget, former physician in Bombay, who placed his tombstone, she being now wife of Signor Francesco Celestini of Florence in a second marriage. This English or French woman's body is brought from Trespiano to lie here in a now unmarked grave, but which we learn from the Notes and Queries catalogue was once visible in Sector F. Eliza Stewart, ob. In French. Was in Sector F. This Swiss member of the Evangelical Reformed Church, is carefully entered in the records with Canton, with her complete parentage.

A six-month-old Swiss infant burial. See Le Blanc. A one-year-old half Swiss, half-French baby. He dies at 15, and is likely the brother. This time the parentage, including the mother's maiden name, is carefully given. We do not know her age or parentage. He is a young English coachman from Bradford. Gilbert Gilbert officiating for Rev. His body is shipped home to South Carolina by way of Livorno. Clearly his body is shipped home to Doncaster. While in Florence he may be renting, in England his family are landowners with lucrative coal mines.

This Englishwoman has appropriately come to a churchyard. She is Swiss, married and has lived to a great age. He is from the Rumantsch-speaking Grigione in Switzerland and works in a cafe.

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She has died at Cortona in the original entry, though is later described as from Pistoia. She has married. It seems that her body has been brought from Geneva. Clymer grandson of Hon. George Clymer a signer of the Declaration of Independence, was agent for the sale of the Bingham lands situated in Tioga, Potter, McKean and other northern counties of Pennsylvania, with his office or head quarters at Wellsboro.

Through his liberal offers many citizens of the state of New York, were induced to settle upon the Bingham lands in Tioga county. A large number of these New Yorkers located upon lands in the southern portion of the township of Westfield, Tioga county along the valley of Mill Creek , a tributary of the Cowanesque, and upon the plateaus and hard wood ridges on the east and west sides of Mill Creek Valley and the head waters of Long Run and Potter Brook. These settlers in the years petitioned the court to form a township to be taken from the townships of Westfield and Gaines, to be named Clymer'.

His body is inexpensively shipped home to Clymer, Pennsylvania. IV: 'Registre des Sepultures' avec detail des frais, Francs , for transport. He is English. His body is inexpensively shipped where? Condit, of Shanghai, at Florence. This child's parents are from a French-speaking part of Switzerland. He is from the Rumantsch-speaking part of Switzerland. This two-year-old boy must come from an Italian Protestant family.

He is a doctor and merchant from the French-speaking Canton of Vaud in Switzerland.

She is his wife and the details of her parentage are most carefully given. She has married into the French-speaking Convers family from the Vaud Canton while her father is a German-speaking professor in Berne. She is English. Her father marries a second time to an Italian. Both marriages seem to be in Common Law, lacking proper documentation until this is regularized at the Legation. This is the burial of Eliza's mother. Notes and Queries placed this tomb in Sector D where we then found it. Esther Coop[er], ob. This is the burial of father and husband of the above two women.

Guildhall ref only, no 'English' Cemetery documentation, Hotel d'Italie, date of burial but where? He was robbed and murdered in his apartment, the Legation noting he was infirm and unsociable. Whoever she was she was shipped home, wherever that was. A French-speaking Swiss from the Vaud Canton. She could be his daughter. She is English, her parentage not given. Her child Harry was baptised the previous year.

Her body is transported to Livorno. These three young daughters of Robert Frederick and Margaret Cox die within seven years of each other. They were all likely buried in the original B Sector. A descendant of the family, Mary Cox, will be shot by the Fascists as a traitor in The father of the above three daughters, buried with a twin baby. Further generations of Cox family to be found in comunal records: Roberto Cox, nascita , decesso [Allori, ]; wife, Maria Jacktasan [?

The likely infant daughter of Eugene Craignate is buried in the original Sector B. This day-old baby girl is sent home to America through arrangements made by the American Vice Consul who is also a sculptor would this be Greenough, instead of Grimson? Grimson scultore vice console degli Stati uniti d'America a Porto S. An Englishwoman who dies in hospital in Florence. The German Consul for Sweden in Lubeck is buried.

Child survived seven hours following its birth. Mother likely from puerperal fever. No 'English' Cemetery record. Intermarriage with the Irish Maquays. Laura Charlotte Darby, 3rd d. Curteis, Esq. She was the 25 years the w. Darby, who, with a s. Unbaptised twins. This Bavarian lady's body is shipped to Venice following an initial burial. He is from Yorkshire. He is a courier from the Vaud and domiciled in Geneva.

An infant burial. She is from France, no parentage given. A Swiss worker from the Grigione. His son, who has died at one month old. Likely Balthasar Denoth's brother. A young Swiss woman. An Englishwoman married to a Frenchman who dies in Florence. Her husband published a book on dentisty in French and in English.

An English infant's burial. She is from Dresden, Germany. She is a German nurse, buried in the original sector A. A Russian burial. She is a widow from Stuttgart. She is a servant from Moscow. She is Russian, buried in the original Sector B. She is English but they do not know her age or parentage. He has a grand funeral. She is a Swiss housemaid. This is one of the poor mountain regions of Switzerland where, from lack of iodine in the diet, there was much goiterism and cretinism. An Englishman whose parentage is unknown. Notes and Queries places him in Sector D and at 24 years of age.

William Henry Dunn, ob. He is an engraver from Geneva, Switzerland. He is English, his parentage unknown. He is buried first in Florence, then his body exhumed and brought to Kensal Green. He is from the Grigione and dies in hospital. Could his son have been Enrico, father of Giacomo and Luigi Enrico? These two babies die immediately following birth. He only lives six hours. This six-month-old baby has parents from the Piedmont. No burial recorded in the Register. II: 'Registre des Sepultures avec detail des frais, Paoli She is an Italian Protestant from the Pontedera, several of whom were imprisoned for their religious beliefs during the Austrian occupation.

Pastore Santini: These graves of members of the Fantozzi family recall an episode in the Tuscan Protestant evangelicization of the first half of the nineteenth century: the little group established in Pontedera which remained intact in spite of persecution and imprisonment. Her body has been brought from Rome for burial in Florence's Protestant Cemetery. He is from Down, Ireland. Her body is shipped home to America. Madame M.

She is English and dies at a ripe old age, her parentage unknown and with no extant tomb. He is Swiss, young and poor.

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A 7-day-old baby girl, born to an English father, an Italian mother. The Forbes Clan is from Aberdeenshire. This year-old boy is from the Rumantsch-speaking Grigione Canton in Switzerland. She was born in Jamaica. Her father was Scots. She was baptised 'Eliza Natale'. A three-month-old baby with, given its name, an English father and an Italian mother. An Englishman's wife is buried honourably.

He marries a Swiss woman from the Vaud Canton. Here they bury his month-old son. She is the Swiss wife of the Prussian custodian of the Swiss church in Florence. Fifteen years earlier they had buried their infant son here. Though much younger than he she follows her husband to the grave three years after him. Their tombs are no longer extant.

She is born in Boston, widowed from a Swede, Arver Gadelier, her father, 'Bottr: Barnirter', and given an honourable funeral. Her name is corrected from 'Abbri' to 'Abby' in the Swiss Register. An eighteen-month-old baby girl born to Italian Protestant parents, her parents' names not recorded. Deutsch Wikipedia: 'Johannes Wilhelm Gaye 8. August in Florenz war ein Kunsthistoriker. Giovanni Gaye con fac-simile Florenz , 3 Bde. Er starb am August in Florenz'. She is the month-old daughter of the artist Michail Gelesnov. She has intermarried with her own family from Switzerland, has been gainfully employed.

From the Grigione in Switzerland he has worked as a pastrymaker's assistant. A one-year-old Swiss baby. The burial of an Austrian Protestant. A Swiss burial, and presumably from the Grigione. This husband and wife would originally have been buried together in the original Sector A. They had married 39 years earlier at the British Legation. He has been a widower now for ten years. Husband and wife in the same Cemetery but now lacking a tomb. She has died ten years earlier than he.

Michael Francis Gordon of Abergeldie; b. Married Caroline Swete in Devonshire. They had three daughters, and one son, Francis David Gordon, who was killed during the Indian Mutiny, explaining why the tomb was not maintained. The following entries are for Grigione relatives but not parents in Pistoia of this five-year-old boy:.

Widow's tomb at F4N-O. Lastra di marmo bianco, sporca. Da pulire. A: This elderly widow was born in the Rumantsch-speaking area of Switzerland. Lastra di marmo bianco su base di pietra serena. A: 21; L: 72; P: His sister dies at five years old, the following year. A six-day-old Italian Protestant baby. A still-born male child born to an Englishwoman who seems to be unmarried. A seemingly otherwise unknown painter from Hanover in Germany. The burial of an infant daughter of an English or Irish Captain army, navy?

John Groves and his wife Elizabeth. The three Groves infants may be from different couples given the spacing between them and the two fathers' names we have. Another Groves infant burial. Richard Groves, fils de Marc Graves, sujet de S. She is from the French-speaking Vaud Canton in Switzerland while her widower is from the Rumantsch-speaking Grigione and they have a cafe. An unbaptised dead baby of an English father. Six burials of the same Gudli family from the Swiss Grigione for whom not one tomb survives.

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This one has died in poverty in hospital, neither his age nor his father's name given. Antonio and Christophe are brothers, Jean Jacques and Paolo their half-brothers, the six-month-old Christophe their nephew? This still birth has an English father and a mother from Bridgetown, Barbadoes. He is the Consul from Saxony, Germany. This American had a normal burial in the Cemetery, rather than being shipped home wrapped in lead, but his tomb does not survive. An English priest brings a still-born infant for burial? A young Englishwoman is buried. He is her son. They die within a month of each other.

She is their daughter and had predeceased them. She is a Swiss widow who has married into the Doney family of the famous cafe and ice cream shop Elizabeth Barrett Browning writes about. She may be her cousin, is not her sister. A year-old Englishman who has died in Florence. She is He commanded a brigade of Foreign Troops in the West Indies c. He may have died or He was not included with the Chasseurs when they were used to form the 5th Battalion 60th Foot. Heillimer, with dependencies of Ackerbach and Tiffembach, is a seigniory with a castle dating from at least Any assistance, suggestions are appreciated'.

He appears also to have settled in the Kingdom of Naples. Is he her son? This family have tombs in Sector C, C88 , C It is possible she is the above Elvira's mother. Is he the one who has paid for the tomb below? I: 'Registre des Sepultures avec detail des frais', Paoli One remembers Elizabeth Barrett Browning's description in Aurora Leigh of the comfort the heroine's dead father's books gave her when she discovered them stored in an attic at Leigh Hall.

This very ancient lady, who seems never to have married, dies in Florence. She is from Karlsruhe in Germany. He is Swiss. He is from Dresden in Germany. The Alphabetical Register is clearly wrong concerning his age. He had buried his ten-month-old baby daughter three years earlier. The Foreign Office identifies him as the natural son of Lord Berwick. He is a month-old son born to the same Danish parents in Florence. Now it is their father who has died and we learn that he is a mechanic, a labourer. He is English or Scottish, his father was John Hood, and he has lived to a ripe old age.

He is a servant in the family of Miss Disbrowes a spelling of Disborough. She and her husband are from Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Madame Sarah M. Whetherill ou Hough? A young Welshman who dies in hospital. An Englishwoman from Gitterham, Devon, dies in hospital two years later. Are they husband and wife? She is probably buried beside her husband under the great cast iron cross on his grave.

He is a tailor from Brunswick, Germany. Intervento conservativo sul ferro Daniel Dumitrescu, A: 75; L: 60; P: Webbs note related to Whytes, Bossi Pucci, Reader. For her parents and her sisters Emily and Letitia, see:. Other children marry into Italian nobility, the Incontri who also intermarry with the Reader family , the Bossi Pucci.

One realizes that Jane Austen's hero, Darcy, with his vast acres and annual rents, is similarly Irish, though Austen does not say so. Lastra in marmo rialzata su basamento in mattoni, marmo sporco, rispetto alla posizione originaria obliqua, incisa con stemma e iscrizione. Judge, w. Their descendant came, showing his signet ring with the family crest, and arranged for the restoration and cleaning of these two tombs. Lastra di marmo, inciso. Pulito, Daniel-Claudiu Dumitrescu, A: 20; L: 68; P: Emily, d. Obituary, Times, Western Mail. We lack information concerning him as he is not entered in the funeral Register, his body being shipped wrapped in lead outside of the country.

His descendant knew that Edward Ingersoll, son of Benjamin Ingersoll, had died in Florence 7 July and been buried in the 'English' Cemetery, We found his identity by checking death dates in the Register. Ingersoll left his family in Washington, D. Ingersolls are in Massachusetts and Washington D. I suspect these two are husband and wife and that she is buried with him. He is French-speaking Swiss from the Canton de Vaud and a property owner. Lastra in m armo spezzata, marmo sporco.

Possibile intervento di consolidamento e pulitura. A: 24; L: An Englishwoman from London widowed from a Swiss or French husband.

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He is from the Grigione in Switzerland amd was living in Pistoia. He is his younger brother and likewise living and working in Pistoia. Their mother is a Stupan, also from the Grigione. She seems to be named after the Sophie de Jeanneret buried in Sector C. Their dates and marriage families are different. Petrolo is in the province of Pistoia. Lastra in marmo rialzata su basamento in pietra, marmo molto sporco. Possibile intervento di pulitura. Her body is brought here from Pisa, her father and mother Swiss from Neuchatel, her mother the Sophie Jeanneret Perrin above.

He is actually buried here rather than shipped to Charleston in America but his tomb is now lost. Henry D. Pastor Luigi Santini: She , with two of her fellow Englishmen, played a large part in the dissemination of ideas about the 'Plymouth Brethren', which provoked a schism, as early as , within the Protestant movement in Florence. An Englishwoman's burial with no parentage given. Known only from funeral expenses of A three-year-old child whose father is a baker and whose mother is a Marguth. An eight-year-old girl from the Grigione who is given a free burial.

A sixteen-month-old baby whose parents are from the Grigione. A teacher from the French-speaking Piedmont region of Italy. A three-year-old boy whose parents are from the Grigione. A Russian baby girl, a few hours old, the daughter of an emancipated serf of Count Boutourline. Gasperowicz e M. Talalay, trad. Olsuf'eva, Lucca, Paccini Fazzi, He is a pastry-maker from the Rumantsch-speaking Grigione in Switzerland who is buried in the original B Sector.

He may be his father. A young comb-maker from Prussia. His eighteen-month-old daughter whose mother's family may have come from Poland. A young German. The burial of an infant with English parents, her father, J. Graham Kelly, an artist. This name recurs amongst families in Utah. A young Englishwoman's burial. A Russian burial or shipment. He was a Russian student at university. Her body was transported, wrapped in lead, to Russia for burial there. Both her father and her husband were counts. He is Prussian from Gdansk, naturalized in Tuscany, Protestant, a property owner, his body brought from Poggibonsi.

He is an elderly Swiss immigrant to Italy. She is Swiss, her parents from different Cantons. We can approximate her age as a child from her brother's burial below. This seven-month-old child would be her brother. Minister to Great Britain during the Civil War. Notes and Queries placed her tomb a hundred years ago as visible in Sector E.

Henry Adams' sister. A teenager from the Grigione. These two members of the Swiss Grigione Kyrkel family die in hospital in poverty. She is a two-year-old child born to parents in poverty from France and Germany. This family is from the Grigione. This may be a brother of the above 9-month-old baby. Another Lansel relative, none of whom have extant tombs. She is from Jamaica, the widow of Captain Arthur Law of the 40th Regiment, of Pittilock, whom she had married, , in Edinburgh, and where he died, Penelope Newhill Hepburn Law, wid.

Four years after their marriage this illiterate husband and his wife lose their 5 month-old child. They then lose yet another child, given almost the same name, at 15 months, three years later. George, now living in Prato and married to another woman, loses a daughter, aged 4. A Swiss woman is buried in the Cemetery. We do not know her parentage or her Canton. She is from the Vaud Canton of Switzerland.

Giuliana Artom Treves, Golden Ring , discusses his father, passim. Pastor Luigi Santini: ' His story, like several others buried here, is of a dream of Italy and Florence gained in adolescence from books; then, circumstances cut short the southern voyage and turned it into an eternal resting place. His father, a writer of popular literature, had spent seven years in Florence. Too soon the son was struck by illness in the land he had loved and dreamed of while reading his father's books'. Charles Sidney Lever, Lieut. An only son. Listed as being in Sector F.