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A poor person never gave anybody charity, not of any real volume," he said. Falwell Jr. Last September, the president of the Christian conservative university stated he was considering ending Liberty University's ties with Nike following their Colin Kaepernick Just Do It campaign. After Nike launched the advertising campaign, the school's partnership with the sportswear giant to provide gear for their athletic teams until was reportedly criticized by conservatives. About 31 percent of Latinos and 37 percent of Asians voted for him.

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Although Trump is not on Tuesday's ballot, the midterms still serve as an emphatic litmus test for his administration. And the support from his evangelical base is likely to play a decisive factor. Muddying the waters in understanding evangelicals is the label "religious right". Many often conflate and confuse the two.

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The religious right is a potluck of conservative religious groups joined together by similar moral values and political goals. It is comprised mainly of evangelical Christians, but also includes Catholics, Jews, and Mormons. And on election night , these groups showed their support, too: 61 percent of Mormons voted for Trump, as did 52 percent of Catholics, and 24 percent of Jews, according to Pew.

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The religious right's other hallmark feature is its organisational structure, which comprises a loose network of conservative political actors, religious organisations and political pressure groups. The religious right has a well-defined origin and agenda. Although conservative values and US Christianity have long been intertwined, it crystallised into a political strategy in the s under the guidance of evangelicals like Jerry Falwell.

Falwell, a Southern Baptist preacher and televangelist, utilised his influence and political savvy to create the "Moral Majority", a religious political organisation. Part of Falwell's blueprint for the religious right was to win over a wide range of believers by selecting certain moral issues that would unite them and manufacture votes for Republican candidates.

Central rallying calls included a rejection of same-sex marriage and abortion.

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Mel White, a former pastor and ghost biographer of many leading evangelicals including Jerry Falwell, witnessed the origins of the religious right. He recalled a significant conversation between Falwell and Francis Schaeffer, another prominent evangelical leader.

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  7. And that's when they invented the term co-belligerents. Find issues that they are co-belligerent with, so the Catholics will come on board against abortion, the fundamentalists will come on board with you against homosexuality. Reagan didn't know whether he was saved or unsaved," said White.

    I think that was the beginning of the end. Many have followed in Falwell's footsteps, blending religious influence, financial means and political ambitions. One key figure is televangelist, and former presidential hopeful, Pat Robertson. Trump warns of violence if GOP loses midterms.

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    Nelson: Scott should recuse himself. Meet the Republicans who held onto the Senate Minorities, LGBT make history in midterms.

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    Hear from the Democrats who took back the House. Abrams vows to remain in gubernatorial race. Ocasio-Cortez: This is a movement for justice.

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    O'Rourke congratulates Cruz on his victory. Tapper: This is not a blue wave. Van Jones: It's a rainbow wave. Brian Kemp: Confident victory is near. Pelosi: Tomorrow will be a new day in America.

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    The Democrats who might lead the House. DeSantis thanks Trump in victory speech.

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