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Kristoff : I do! But I just paid it off. No, no, no, no, no! I'll replace your sled and everything in it. In fact, this whole thing has ruined me for helping anyone ever again. We're coming. I mean, sure. I'll let you tag along. Kristoff : It's completely frozen. Anna : But it'll be fine. Elsa will thaw it. Kristoff : Will she? Now come on. It really is beautiful, isn't it? But it's so white.

You know, how about a little color? I'm thinking like maybe some crimson, chartreuse. How about yellow? Yellow and snow? Kristoff : You're creepy. Back at ya! Anna : Ew, ew, the body! What am I looking at right now? Why are you hanging off the earth like a bat? Anna : Alright.

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Wait one second. Thank you! Anna : You're welcome. Olaf : Now I'm perfect. Anna : Well, almost. Olaf : It was like my whole life got upside down. Anna' : Oh! Too hard. I'm sorry! I was just Olaf : Head rush! Anna : Are you okay? Olaf : Are you kidding me? I am wonderful! I've always wanted a nose. It's like a little baby unicorn. Alright, let's start this thing over. Hi everyone. I'm Olaf. And I like warm hugs.

Olaf : And you are? Anna : Oh, um I'm Anna. Anna : That's Sven. Olaf : Uh-huh. And who's the reindeer? Anna : Sven. Makes things easier for me. Aw, look at him trying to kiss my nose. Anna : Olaf, did Elsa build you? Olaf : Yeah. Anna : Do you know where she is? Anna : Do you think you could show us the way? Trying to focus here. Kristoff : I'll tell you why. We need Elsa to bring back summer. Olaf : Summer? Anna : Mm-hmm. Olaf : Oh, I don't know why but I've always loved the idea of summer, and sun, and all things hot.

Kristoff : Really? I'm guessing you don't have much experience with heat. Olaf : Nope! But sometimes I like to close my eyes and imagine what it'd be like when summer does come. And I'll be doing whatever snow does in summer. Probably getting gorgeously tanned in summer. Just imagine how much cooler I'll be in summer! Put 'em together, it just makes sense! Oh, the sky will be blue. When I finally do what frozen things do in summer! Anna : Don't you dare.

Elsa's this way. Anna : I'm coming! You've got the bark facing down. The bark needs to be face-up. Man 2 : Bark down is drier! Bark down! Does anyone need a cloak? Hans : The castle is open. There is soup and hot glogg in the Great Hall. Pass these out. Hans : Princess Anna has given her orders Duke : And that's another thing! Has it dawned on you that your princess may be conspiring with a wicked sorceress to destroy us all? Hans : Do not question the Princess. She left me in charge, and I will not hesitate to protect Arendelle from treason.

Duke : [looking flabbergasted] Treason?! Woh, boy. Voice of Woman : But where is the Princess? I need volunteers to go with me to find her. And should you encounter the Queen, you are to put an end to this winter. Do you understand? Anna : Oh, I am gonna talk to my sister. Kristoff : That's your plan? My ice business is riding on you talking to your sister?

Anna : Yup. Anna : Why would I be? I bet she's the nicest, gentlest, warmest person ever. I've been impaled. It's too steep. I've only got one rope and you don't know how to climb mountains. Anna : Says who? Anna : I'm going to see my sister! Kristoff : You're gonna kill yourself. I wouldn't put my foot there. Kristoff : Or there. Anna : Alright, I'm I'm just blocking you out cause I gotta concentrate here. Anna : Nobody wants to be alone. Except maybe you. Kristoff : I'm not alone. I have friends, remember? Anna : You mean the love experts? Kristoff : Yes, the love experts. Not sure if this is gonna solve the problem, but I found a staircase that leads exactly where you want it to go.

Anna : Ha-ha. Thank goodness! That was like a crazy trust exercise. Kristoff : Now that's ice. I might cry. Anna : Go ahead. I won't judge. Come here, I gotcha. You stay right here, buddy. Just knock. Do you think she knows how to knock? That's a first. Kristoff : What? Anna : Last time I introduced her to a guy, she froze everything. Kristoff : But It's a palace made of ice! Ice is my life! Olaf : Bye, Sven. Olaf : Me? Anna : Just give us a minute. Olaf : Okay. It's me, Anna.

Elsa, you look different. It's a good different. And this place Elsa : Thank you. I never knew what I was capable of. Anna : I'm so sorry about what happened. If I'd have known Elsa : No, no.

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It's okay. You don't have to apologize. But you should probably go, please. Anna : But I just got here. Elsa : You belong down in Arendelle. Anna : So do you. Elsa : No, Anna. I belong here. Where I can be who I am without hurting anybody. Anna : Actually, about that Elsa : Wait. What is that? Olaf : You built me. Remember that? Elsa : And you're alive?

Olaf : Um I think so? Elsa : Yeah. Anna : Elsa, we were so close. We can be like that again. Young Elsa : Slow down! Anna : Elsa, wait. Elsa : No, I'm just trying to protect you! I'm not afraid! Please don't slam the door. For the first time in forever, we can fix this hand in hand.

We can head down this mountain together. You don't have to live in fear. Cause for the first time in forever, I will be right here. Your life awaits. Go enjoy the sun and open up the gates. Anna : Yeah, but Elsa : I know! You mean well, but leave me be.

Just stay away and you'll be safe from me. Elsa : What do you mean you're not? Anna : I get the feeling you don't know? Elsa : What do I not know? Anna : Arendelle's in deep, deep, deep, deep snow. Anna : You kind of set off an eternal winter Elsa : Everywhere? Anna : Oh, it's okay. You can just unfreeze it. Elsa : No, I can't.

I don't know how! I know you can!

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Elsa : Oh, I'm such a fool! I can't be free! Anna : You don't have to be afraid. Elsa: No escape from the storm inside of me! Anna : We can work this out together. Anna : We'll reverse the storm with me. Elsa : Oh, Anna, please. You'll only make it worse! Anna : Don't panic. Elsa : There's so much fear! Anna : We'll make the sun shine bright. Elsa : You're not safe here!

Anna : We can face this thing together. We can change this winter weather, and everything will be all right. Elsa : No! I can't! Are you okay? I'm fine. Wait, it doesn't matter. Anna : No, I know we can figure this out together. What power do you have to stop this winter? To stop me? I'm not leaving without you, Elsa. Elsa : Yes, you are. Put us down! Marshmallow : Go away! Whoa, whoa! Feisty pants. Anna : Let me GO! Kristoff : Okay, relax. Just calm down. Calm down!

Anna : Okay! I'm Okay! Kristoff : Just let the snowman be. Anna : I'm calm.

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Olaf : I'll distract him. You guys go. Not you guys! Anna : I got him! Anna : It's a hundred foot drop. Kristoff : It's two hundred. Anna : Okay. What if we fall? Kristoff : There's twenty feet of fresh powder down there, it'll be like landing on a pillow. On three. Kristoff : One Anna : You tell me when, I'm ready to go. Kristoff : Two Anna : I was born ready! Kristoff : Calm down. Hey, Anna! Where'd you guys go? We totally lost Marshmallow back there!

We were just talking about you.

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Olaf : Hang in there, guys! Anna : We won't. Just like a pillow. Olaf : I can't feel my legs! I can't feel my legs! Hey, do me a favor, grab my butt. He found us. Anna : Woh! Kristoff : You okay? I'm good. I've got a thick skull. Olaf : I don't have a skull Anna : Now what? What am I gonna do? She threw me out. I can't go back to Arendelle with the weather like this. And then there's your ice business and we Kristoff : Hey, hey, don't worry about my ice business.

I just fell off a cliff! You should see your hair. Kristoff : No, yours is turning white. Anna : White? Anna : Does it look bad? Kristoff : [he hesitates for a moment] No. Olaf : You hesitated. Kristoff : No, I-I didn't. Anna, you need help. Come on. Where are we going? Kristoff : To see my friends. Anna : The love experts? Olaf: Love experts?! Kristoff : Uh-huh. And don't worry, they'll be able to fix this. Anna : How do you know? Kristoff : Because I've seen them do it before. Olaf : [to Anna and Sven] I like to consider myself a love expert. Control it.

Don't feel! The sky's awake. Anna : A little. Well, I say friends, they're more like family. Anyway, when I was a kid, it was just me and Sven until they, you know, kind of took us in. Anna : They did? Kristoff : Yeah. I don't want to scare you, they can be a little bit inappropriate. And loud, very loud. They're also stubborn at times, and a little overbearing, and heavy. Really, really heavy. Which you'll They're fine. They mean well.

Kristoff : You are a sight for sore eyes. I didn't even recognize you.

You've lost so much wight. Olaf : I'll distract them while you run. Anna : Uh Well, I'm gonna go. Anna, wait! I'll wash them I'm gonna keep my clothes on. Look, it's great to see you all, but where is Grand Pabbie? Kid Troll 1 : He's napping. But look, I grew a mushroom. Kid Troll 3 : Kristoff, pick me up! Good for you. They're trolls. All Trolls : A girl!

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Kristoff : I've learned to just roll with it. Bright eyes. Working nose. Strong teeth. Yes, yes. She'll do nicely for our Kristoff. Anna : Wait, wait, wait! That's not why I brought her here. Anna : Right. We're not. I'm not Why are you holding back from such a man? Kristoff: What? Troll 1 : Or the grumpy way he talks? Anna : Oh, no. Troll 2 : Or the pear-shaped, square-shaped weirdness of his feet? Troll 3 : And though we know he washes well he always ends up sorta smelly. Bulda and Troll 1 : But you'll never meet a fella who's as sensitive and sweet. Anna : That's nice.

Bulda and Troll 1 : So he's a bit of a fixer upper. So he's got a few flaws. Troll 4 : Like his peculiar brain, dear. Troll 5 : His thing for the reindeer. Troll 4 and Troll 5 : That's a little outside of nature's laws. Kristoff : This is not about me! All Trolls: So he's a bit of a fixer upper, but this we're certain of. You can fix this fixer upper up with a little bit of love. Kristoff : [to the trolls as they continue to sing] Can we please just stop talking about this? We've got a real, actual problem here. Kristoff : Can we please just stop talking about this? Bulda : I'll say.

So tell me dear, is it the way that he runs scared? Troll 5 : Or that he's socially impaired? Kid Troll 3 : Or that he only likes to tinkle in the woods? Anna : I did not need to know that. Troll 1 : Are you holding back your fondness due to his unmanly blondness? He's just a bit of a fixer upper. He's got a couple of' bugs.

Kristoff: No, I don't! All Trolls : His isolation is confirmation of his desperation for healing hugs. The way to fix up this fixer upper is to fix him up with you. Stop it. She's engaged to someone else. Boy Troll 2 : That's a minor thing. Boy Troll 3 : Her quote "engagement" is a flex arrangement. Kid Troll : And by the way, I don't see no ring. All Boy Trolls : So she's a bit of a fixer upper, her brain's a bit betwixt. Get the fiance out of the way and the whole thing will be fixed! We're only saying that love's a force that's powerful and strange.

People make bad choices if they're mad or scared or stressed. But throw a little love their way All Girl Trolls : Throw a little love their way and you'll bring out their best! True love brings out the best! Kid Troll : Brother! All Trolls : We need each other to raise us up and round us out.

Everyone's a bit of a fixer upper, but when push comes to shove. All Trolls : True, true, true, true, love. Love, love, love, true love. Anna : Wait, what?! Troll Priest : You're getting married. All Trolls : Love! Kristoff : [holding Anna in his arms] She's as cold as ice.

Kristoff : Grand Pabbie! Grand Pabbie : Come, come. Bring her here to me. There is ice in your heart, put there by your sister. If not removed, to solid ice will you freeze, forever. Kristoff : But you can remove it, right? Grand Pabbie : I cannot. I'm sorry, Kristoff. If it was her head that would be easy, but only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart. Anna : An act of true love? Bulda : A true love's kiss, perhaps? Anna : [looking very weak] Hans.

Kristoff : Pull us out, Sven. Come on! Olaf : I'm coming! Who is this Hans?! Be on guard, but no harm is to come to the Queen. Men : Yes, sir. Duke's Guard 1 : Come on! Get her! Don't be the monster they fear you are! What have I done? Hans : I couldn't just let them kill you. Elsa : But I'm a danger to Arendelle.

Get Anna.

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Hans : Anna has not returned. Elsa : [looking distraught] Don't you see, I can't. You have to tell them to let me go. Hans : I will do what I can. Kristoff : Stay out of sight, Olaf! Townswoman : It's alive! Kristoff : Don't worry about me. Oh, you had us worried sick.

Kai : My Lady. Kai : We will. Kristoff : Make sure she's safe! French Dignitary : You cannot risk going out there again. Hans : If anything happens to her Spanish Dignitary : If anything happens to the Princess, you are all Arendelle has left. Prince Hans. Anna : Hans, you have to kiss me. Anna : Now! Hans : Woh. Gerda : We'll give you two some privacy. Anna : Elsa struck me with her powers. Hans : You said she'd never hurt you. Anna : I was wrong. Hans : A true love's kiss. If only there was someone out there who loved you. I knew I'd have to marry into the throne somewhere. Anna : But But you Anna : Hans?

Hans : You were so desperate for love, you were willing to marry me, just like that. I figured, after we married, I'd have to stage a little accident for Elsa. No, stop. Hans : But then she doomed herself, and you were dumb enough to go after her. Anna : Please. Hans : All that's left now is to kill Elsa and bring back summer. Anna : You're no match for Elsa. I, on the other hand, am the hero who is going to save Arendelle from destruction.

If we don't do something soon we'll all freeze to death. Spanish Dignitary : What? Hans : She was killed by Queen Elsa. Duke : No! Her own sister. Hans : At least we got to say our marriage vows Duke : There can be no doubt now, Queen Elsa is a monster and we are all in grave danger. Spanish Dignitary : Prince Hans, Arendelle looks to you.

She's dangerous. Move quickly. Guard 2 : Be careful. Guard 3 : It won't open! Guard 4 : It's frozen shut. What's wrong with you? Stop it! Put me down! We're not going back! She's with her true love. Come on, boy! Oh, no. Olaf, get away from there. So this is heat. I love it. But don't touch it! What happened to your kiss? Anna : I was wrong about him. It wasn't true love. Olaf : But we ran all the way here? Anna : Please, Olaf, you can't stay here, you'll melt. Olaf : I am not leaving here until we find some other act of true love to save you.

Anna : I don't even know what love is. Olaf : That's okay, I do. Love is putting someone else's needs before yours. Like, you know, how Kristoff brought you back here to Hans and left you forever. Olaf : Some people are worth melting for. I'm getting something. They're coming back this way. Anna : They Olaf : Wow, he's really moving fast. I guess I was wrong. I guess Kristoff doesn't love you enough to leave you behind. Anna : Help me up, Olaf.

You need to stay by the fire and keep warm. Anna : I need to get to Kristoff. Olaf : Why? There's your act of true love right there! Riding across the fjords like a valiant, pungent reindeer king! Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Description Now in paperback, the fascinating story of America's vast natural ice trade which revolutionized the 19th century On February 13, , the brig Favorite left Boston harbor bound for the Caribbean island of Martinique with a cargo that few imagined would survive the month-long voyage.

Packed in hay in the hold were large chunks of ice cut from a frozen Massachusetts lake. This was the first venture of a young Boston entrepreneur, Frederic Tudor, who believed he could make a fortune selling ice to people in the tropics. Ridiculed at the outset, Tudor endured years of hardship before he was to fulfill his dream. Over the years, he and his rivals extended the frozen-water trade to Havana, Charleston, New Orleans, London, and finally to Calcutta, where in more than one hundred tons of ice survived a four-month journey of 16, miles with two crossings of the equator.

The Frozen Water Trade is a fascinating account of the birth of an industry that ultimately revolutionized domestic life for millions of people. About Gavin Weightman Gavin Weightman is a journalist, author, and documentary filmmaker. He lives in London, England, with his partner, Clare Beaton, an illustrator of children's books; their son, Tom; and her older children, Jack and Kate.