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He went on along the lake and began to get hungry. He saw some geese swimming a little off shore and thought to himself, "Now, I would like some of those geese to eat. Wenebojo then gathered some balsam boughs in an old dirty blanket he was carrying and, with this on his shoulder, he called to the goslings and offered to teach them some of the songs he was carrying in his bag.

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They all crowded in to shore, and he told them they must dance just like he did, singing the song he would teach them. He sang "A dance on one leg. Oh my little brothers! And as they danced on one leg, they stretched their necks upward.

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Then Wenebojo sang, "A dance with my eyes closed, Oh my little brothers! And Wenebojo danced and stretched, and the little goslings all did as he did, closing their eyes and stretching themselves. Wenebojo then moved among the foolish goslings and began to break their necks. Just then, the Loon, who had been dancing with the other birds, opened his eyes and immediately began to cry "Look out, we are being killed by Wenebojo! By this time, Wenebojo had killed several goslings, but he was so angry with the Loon that he kicked him on the small of the back.

That is why the Loon has that peculiar curve to his back. Wenebojo decided to cook his goslings there on the shore of the lake, so he buried them in the sand, putting their legs up so he could find them when they were cooked. Then he built a fire over them and lay down to sleep. He told his buttocks to keep watch for him and, if anyone came, to wake him, for he did not want his goslings stolen.

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While Wenebojo slept, some people came around a bend in the lake. They saw the goslings' legs sticking up in the air and thought that Wenebojo had something good to eat. But they saw Wenebojo stir when his buttocks called him and they ducked behind some bushes to hide. Wenebojo did not see anything and scolded his buttocks for waking him unnecessarily.

Again the people came out and again the buttocks woke Wenebojo, but since Wenebojo did not see them, he scolded the buttocks once more. The third time the people crept up silently, took the goslings and put the legs back just as they had found them. The buttocks remained silent because they had received a scolding the first two times they had warned Wenebojo. When Wenebojo awoke, he was very hungry and started to take out his goslings for. But he could find nothing buried in the ashes. He was furious with his buttocks and decided to punish them by standing over the fire until they were scorched.

At last, when the buttocks were black and crisp, Wenebojo tried to walk away, but it was so painful that he could scarcely move. So he sat on the top of a steep cliff and slid down, and the sore skin of his buttocks became the lichen. As he walked along, he dragged his bleeding buttocks behind him through some dense shrubs. When he looked back, the shrubs were red from his blood. This, said Wenebojo, will be what the people will use to mix their tobacco-the red willows.

One winter a newly married couple went hunting with the other people. When they moved to the hunting grounds a child was born to them. One day, as they were gazing at him in his cradleboard and talking to him, the child spoke to them. They were very surprised because he was too young to talk.

A few nights later, they fell asleep again with the baby in his cradleboard between them. In the middle of the night the mother awoke and discovered that her baby was gone. She woke her husband and he got up, started a fire and looked all over the wigwam for the baby. They searched the neighbor's wigwam but could not find it. They lit birchbark torches and searched the community looking for tracks. At last they found some tiny tracks leading down to the lake. Halfway down to the lake, they found the cradleboard and they knew then the baby himself had made the tracks, had crawled out of his cradleboard and was headed for the manido.

Pinkie Pie's Singing Telegram

The tracks leading from the cradle down to the lake were large, far bigger than human feet, and the parents realized that their child had turned into a windigo, the terrible ice monster who could eat people. They could see his tracks where he had walked across the lake. The manidogisik had fifty smaller manidog or little people to protect him. When one of these manidog threw a rock, it was a bolt of lightning. As the windigo approached, the manidog heard him coming and ran out to meet him and began to fight.

Finally they knocked him down with a bolt of lightning. The windigo fell dead with a noise like a big tree falling. As he lay there he looked like a big Indian, but when the people started to chop him up, he was a huge block of ice. They melted down the pieces and found, in the middle of the body, a tiny infant about six inches long with a hole in his head where the manidog had hit him. This was the baby who had turned into a windigo.

If the manidog had not killed it, the windigo would have eaten up the whole village. The villagers realized a windigo was coming when they saw a kettle swinging back and forth over the fire. No one was brave enough or strong enough to challenge this ice creature. After they had sent for a wise old grandmother who lived at the edge of the village, the little grandchild, hearing the old woman say she was without power to do anything, asked what was wrong.

While the people moaned that they would all die, the little girl asked for two sticks of peeled sumac as long as her arms. She took these home with her while the frightened villagers huddled together. That night it turned bitterly cold. The child told her grandmother to melt a kettle of tallow over the fire. As the people watched, trees began to crack open and the river froze solid. All this was caused by the windigo, as tall as a white pine tree, coming over the hill.

With a sumac stick gripped in each hand, the little girl ran out to meet him. She had two dogs which ran ahead of her and killed the windigo's dog. But still the windigo came on. The little girl got bigger and bigger until when they met she was as big as the windigo himself. With one sumac stick, she knocked him down and with the other she crushed his skull-the sticks had turned to copper.

After she killed the windigo, the little girl swallowed the hot tallow and gradually grew smaller until she was herself again. Everyone rushed over to the windigo and began to chop him up. He was made of ice, but in the center they found the body of a man with his skull crushed in. The people were very thankful and gave the little girl everything she wanted. There once was a big lake where Indians lived all around it. In the middle of the lake, there was a big island of mud, which made it impossible just to paddle straight across. So if someone in one village wanted to go to the one on the opposite side, they would have to paddle all around the edge of the lake.

They stayed away from the island of mud because a bad manido. One day, one of the villages was holding a dance, and the people from the other side of the lake started out in their canoes, coming around the edge of the lake. Two women who were going started out late, after everyone else had gone. The two women were sisters-in-law and one of them was rather foolish. She was steering the canoe and headed straight across the lake to the island of mud. The other warned her not to do it, but it didn't do any good.

The first girl carried a little cedar paddle with her but did not use it for paddling. She carried it everywhere with her. As they got to the middle of the lake, they started to cross the island of mud, and in the center of the mud they saw a hole of clear water. The water was swirling around like a whirlpool, and as they started to cross that bit of open water, a panther came out and twitched his tail across the boat and tried to turn it over. The girl picked up her little cedar paddle and hit the panther's tail with it. As she hit it, she said, "Thunder is striking you. It was a solid piece of copper about two inches thick.

The panther ran away through the mud, and they laughed hard. One girl said, "I guess I scared him. He won't bother us again. The copper tail of the underwater panther had magical powers. Everyone wanted a little piece of the tail to carry for luck in hunting and fishing and people would give her father a blanket for a tiny piece of that copper. Her family got rich from the tail of the underwater panther. Mink found a live pike on the lake shore. He told the pike, "Pike, the Muskie is calling you all kinds of names.

Mink answered, "He says you're wall-eyed. He's not pretty either. There was a muskie nearby, and Mink told him what Pike had said about him.

Mink went back and forth, back and forth, getting Muskie and Pike mad at one another. Finally Pike and Muskie had a big fight and Mink acted as referee. Muskie and Pike ended up killing each other in the fight, so Mink had the last laugh on them. Mink got a big kettle and boiled and dried the meat. Then he lay down to rest. He was taking life easy. He had the fish eggs, which were his favorite, all together next to him and all he had to do was open his eyes and stick out his tongue out to eat them.

Finally he dozed off. Some Indians came by in their canoes and saw Mink lying there with all those fish. They came ashore and picked up all the fish and put them in their canoes. Where Mink had all the fish eggs right next to him, they put rocks there. Then they went away. When Mink woke up, he reached with his tongue for the fish eggs, but instead there was only rocks and stones which broke his teeth.

He realized they'd played a trick on him and he just walked away. Every winter, the birds fly south. One winter, a hell-diver also called a grebe told all of the other birds that he would stay for the winter to take care of two of his friends who had been injured and couldn't fly south. Both of his friends, a whooping crane and mallard duck, had broken wings. To feed them, he got fish by diving through a hole in the ice. But the Spirit of Winter got jealous of his success at fishing and froze the water after the hell-diver had dived through his hole below the ice.

But the hell-diver swam to shore where there were a lot of reeds and bulrushes. He pulled one of them down through the ice with his bill to make a hole in the ice and so he got out and flew home. When he got home, he saw that someone was peeking in the door of his wigwam. It was the Spirit of Winter, who did not like him and who was trying to freeze him out.

The hell-diver got a big fire going, but it was still cold in the wigwam because the Spirit of Winter was right there making it cold. But the hell-diver tricked the Spirit of Winter by mopping his face with a handkerchief and saying, "Gee, but it's hot in here! One day the hell-diver decided to have a feast. He got some wild rice and sent a duck to invite the Spirit of Winter, but it was so cold that the duck froze to death before he got there. Then he sent Partridge with the invitation.

She got very cold too, but she dove under the snow to warm up and then went on again. Get Known if you don't have an account. One more big reason why you Don't Go Into the Woods. Anime and Manga. Wendigomon is the villain for the first Digimon Adventure 02 movie though it is never identified as such. It is a corrupted evolved form of Wallace's Chocomon infected by a virus, and referred to solely by that name in the movie , compared to Turuiemon, named for the Festival of Rabbits.

It's a Wendigo with stretching arms, ice breath, and giant laser cannons that burst out of the flesh in its chest. Early American Bandai materials mistakenly called it Endigomon , while it Japan it is known as Wendimon. One Piece : Chopper's Monster Form was very inspired by this, being a giant monster with reindeer-like features. His most dangerous form, he manages to control it post timeskip. Elias Ainsworth in The Ancient Magus' Bride is in what seems to be his Shapeshifter Default Form a tall, lean creature covered in fur, with a horned Skull for a Head although it's not a deer skull.

He is first encountered by Lindel in a freezing cold forest somewhere in the North, and claims to have eaten humans in the past, and occasionally still feels this urge in the present. He is never explicitly referred to as a wendigo, but to date, this is likely the best explanation for his existence the fandom has come up with. Comic Books. In Marvel Comics , anyone who eats human flesh in the frozen north becomes a Wendigo. The creature is best known as a villain of the X-Men and spinoff team Alpha Flight , but has tangled with Spider-Man and others.

In fact, he seems to be the standard villain for superheroes visiting Canada. It's a common Incredible Hulk villain too, having made its first Marvel appearance in his book. And its second story in that book was the first appearance of Wolverine , giving the association more historical weight than it might otherwise have. In Earth X , Multiple Man is transformed into one when he eats one of his own doubles to survive.

He doesn't lose his self-duplication powers. Todd McFarlane infamously used the Wendigo as a poor, misunderstood victim during his Spider-Man run. An issue of Amazing Spider-Man , pencilled by Charles Vess, featured a demonic spirit called Wendigo who descended upon New York during a fierce blizzard. No relation that we are aware of to Marvel's regular Wendigo. In the Amazing X-Men storyline World War Wendigo, a confrontation between two Canadian meat packing plant employees resulted in one accidentally killing the other.

The perpetrator decided to cover it up by running the victim's body through a meat grinder, which ended up being consumed by several people, resulting in a mass break of the Wendigo curse. We don't learn if he's under the curse or has a different origin, or anything else about him before he gets killed. In an issue of Spider-Woman , Jessica Drew visited a Canadian ski lodge, where an Evil Chef was serving human flesh to his unwitting patrons in order to invoke an outbreak of Wendigos. Drew managed to prevent most of the patrons from eating human meat by pretending to be a militant Straw Vegetarian , knocking morsels out of people's mouths while shouting things like "Meat is murder!

Weapon H reveals that eating a Wendigo's flesh turns you into a kind of Double Wendigo. A run of B. This one is a particular Tear Jerker , since the Wendigo retains his memories as a family man, though he had been unaware that his family thought him dead and had moved on. He is told that he will eventually lose his humanity, and when he asks Abe and Hellboy to kill him, is told that it won't work, since the only way to break the curse and let him die peacefully is to kill someone else and pass the curse on.

HB and Abe regretfully inform the Wendigo that they have no choice but to lock him up. The last shot of him curled up in his cell with nothing but a photo of him with his family for comfort makes this example something of a Woobdigo , particularly as it's clear he'll eventually forget who they are, and may be starting to already. However, these "wendigo" are described more like The Fair Folk ; small, mischievous but relatively harmless tricksters who play pranks on people in the forest. Ithaqua from the Cthulhu Mythos makes an appearance in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen when it accidentally takes over Allen Quartermain's body while he's astral-projecting.

Ithaqua was perfectly happy to be a nightmarish mass in an infinite void of space, and isn't particularly pleased to be in Quartermain's disgustingly alien, human meat-body. The obscure one-shot The Wendigo of Manitou Valley , notable for its cover depicting the eponymous beast fighting a robot. Fan Fiction. The Wendigo first appears to look like a regular person, but after Harry gives it a gift of three plucked turkeys it reveals its true form of a white haired, deer-headed giant.

Wendigos are not incredibly popular among the supernatural world, so they have to hide themselves very well and a modern city like Chicago is basically a giant buffet for a Wendigo, which can sustain itself on the dozens of all-you-can-eat restaurants that populate such areas. Several wendigo, portrayed as lanky and pale humanoids with elk skulls for heads, appear in The Luna Syndicate , which is part of The Calvinverse series. They hunt in packs, can walk on walls, and have the ability to mimic humans to lure their prey into a trap one pretends to be a crying little girl to lead the main cast to its pack.

They are also influenced by a red star like all the other monsters. They are given a physical alternate form that is gaunt, very tall, and looks like a frostbitten corpse with icy growths resembling hooves on the feet and an antlered deer skull on their faces. While they feed off of and perpetuate misery instead of specifically human flesh, cannibalism is mentioned as another means of causing despair. The winter theme is also played up as a manifestation of the evil they can emotionally manifest.

The American horror movie titled Wendigo. The Wendigo in this is a deer-headed man that may or may not exist. The movie leaves it up to the viewer but the more likely explanation for the cannibals in the movie are real psychological problems. The most interesting part to note is the director of the film is no other than Wendigo myth enthusiast Larry Fessenden. Yes, that Larry Fessenden. The Wendigo Myth features prominently in Ravenous In the film, eating human flesh is addictive and gives you super-strength. Ghostkeeper , where an insane woman keeps the Wendigo that was once her son locked in the basement.

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Someone can turn into a Wendigo after experiencing a devastating personal betrayal or by looking into the eyes of one in Maneater. He eats human flesh, and at one point eats the heart of the main character's brother in front of him , so his conclusion is understandable. Troma created a movie in the late 80's named Frostbiter: Wrath of the Wendigo. It has less to do with monstrous cannibal spirits, and more to do with killer animated pots of chili, however. Judd tells him that to the Miq'mak who used to live there, it wasn't a fairy tale; they were deathly afraid of it.

He may or may not have spotted it through the trees while carrying Ellie's body to the cursed burial ground. Blackwood's short story was the inspiration for The Wind-walker. The second book in the gory Monstrumologist series is called Curse of The Wendigo. A "neither living or dead version of the Wendigo" is the main antagonist.

In that story, the Wendigo is more of a spirit of wind and frostbite, although there are still cannibalistic overtones the two men are starving. The Wendigo calls you out of the tent with its eerie, windblown song, and drags you along the ground until your feet burn, then carries you up into the sky and drops you. Oh, my fiery feet! My burning feet of fire!

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Diego lifted up the hat, and screamed. There was nothing beneath the hat but a pile of ashes.

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Live-Action TV. Showed up in the second episode of Supernatural. Par the course, it's formerly human, feeds on human flesh, and lives in the woods. Come see some of the Evergleams in the Nightmare Before Christmas theme in the front window at The mad Hatter on the coroner of Eighth and Franklin in historical downtown Manitowoc! Tickets for the 'Trolley to the Trees' are going fast, don't miss your chance to ride on Saturday, Dec. Book yours on line at: www. Prepare to be Aluminized! Shout out to those who competed in the chalk art competition at Windigo Fest !

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