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Patients were assigned a treatment arm via a centralized randomization system that used a minimizing algorithm [ 11 ] probability factor 0. Treatment continued until progressive disease PD or unacceptable toxicity occurred or until investigator or patient decision. Postdiscontinuation assessments continued until death or study closure. Folic acid, vitamin B 12 , and dexamethasone administration followed that of Hanna et al. Dose reescalation was not allowed. The same baseline tumor assessment method was repeated every 2—3 cycles for both arms. Tumor response was assessed using modified Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors [ 12 ] and confirmed 3—6 weeks after the first evidence.

For responders who discontinued the study for a reason other than PD, tumor assessment continued until progression. The primary efficacy end point was OS, defined as the date of enrollment to the date of death from any cause. Secondary efficacy outcomes were tumor response rate and progression-free survival PFS , defined as the date of enrollment to the first date of PD or death.

Patients with measurable disease who had received more than or equal to two doses of pemetrexed were assessed for tumor response. All patients who received at least one dose of pemetrexed were assessable for safety. Physical examination, body surface area calculations, calculated CrCl [ 10 ], and clinical laboratory tests hematology and blood chemistry were completed at baseline and before each cycle. Hematology was repeated on days 8 and 15 and blood chemistries on day 8 of each cycle. Due to the origins of this trial as a compassionate use study, data on specific prior chemotherapy regimens, tumor histology, smoking history, and patient ethnicity are unavailable or inconclusive.

Likewise, confirmation of tumor response by independent radiology review was not carried out. OS and PFS were analyzed using Cox proportional hazards regression modeling [ 14 ] and Kaplan—Meier estimation [ 15 ] and compared using the Wilcoxon and log-rank tests. Tumor response rate was calculated as the proportion of qualified patients with a best tumor response of partial response or complete response and compared between the arms using a chi-square test [ 16 ]. Two interim safety analyses and an interim test for futility were scheduled to be carried out by an independent Data Safety Monitoring Committee DMC.

From February to November , 76 institutions worldwide entered patients into this study. Forty-one patients were not randomly allocated to the study because they declined participation, did not meet inclusion criteria, or died. The two treatment arms were comparable in patient composition, including disease stage, PS, and response to prior chemotherapy Table 1.

Data were derived from a subset of the intent-to-treat population for which data were available: for P arm; for P arm. A small percentage of patients reported prior chemotherapy results for both metastatic and nonmetastatic diseases. Of the patients, P and P patients received treatment and were assessable for safety. For extent of exposure and safety data Table 3 , these 51 patients are reported separately.

The percentage of patients who received poststudy chemotherapy P There were no statistically significant differences in tumor response and stable disease rates between the arms Table 2. The P arm had a slightly higher frequency of most toxic effects and need for supportive care, transfusions, and hospitalizations than P; no difference was statistically significant Table 3. Similarly, P—P patients exhibited either comparable or increased toxicity over P patients. Information not available. Cannot determine which recorded dose reductions are due to toxicity and which are due to Data Safety Monitoring Committee decision to lower dosage for P arm patients.

This randomized phase III study examined if a higher pemetrexed dose could achieve greater efficacy than the standard dose in platinum-pretreated patients with advanced NSCLC. The treatment arms were balanced for the four baseline characteristics gender, stage at diagnosis, PS, and best response to first-line therapy that were recently shown to impact survival among patients being treated with second-line chemotherapy [ 17 ]. Although the toxic effects that occurred were not unexpected, frequent, or severe, a modest increase in the frequency of some toxic effects in the P arm and a greater need for supportive care were observed and study accrual halted.

As recently reviewed [ 19 ], this lack of a dose—response relationship may be explained by a number of factors: i the dose—response relationship is flat within the dose range tested; ii high-dose chemotherapy is only effective for a subset of cells in a heterogenous tumor population; iii the duration of higher intratumoral levels of drug is too short to result in increased tumor cell kill; and iv the limit of bioavailability transport, etc.

Studies in most other solid tumors have likewise failed to observe greater efficacy with high-dose chemotherapy, although some have demonstrated a dose—response relationship when standard doses of chemotherapy are compared with lower doses [ 19 ]. Numerically, higher toxicity scores in the P arm of this study are compatible with greater drug exposure in normal cells. Detailed pharmacokinetic testing, however, would be required to further address the dose—response relationship in this population. The median survival for the P arm in this study 6. The original studies of Fossella et al.

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This study and the Hanna study [ 5 ] both identified PS and time since last chemotherapy as prognostic factors for survival. Additional factors were disease stage in the Hanna study and gender in this study. Patient ethnicity might also affect survival results. Likewise, a study of 33 Chinese patients reported a median survival of 9. Information about ethnicity was not collected in our study, but the absence of sites in eastern Asia may have contributed to the lower median survival. In addition to ethnicity, histological subtype has recently been shown to impact response to pemetrexed in prospective analyses of first-line chemotherapy [ 28 ] and retrospective analyses of second-line chemotherapy [ 29—30 ], with better efficacy exhibited by patients with nonsquamous tumors.

Histology was not collected in this study, but if there were a higher percentage of squamous cell tumors among the study population than observed in comparator studies, this might have contributed to the lower median survival.

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Given the similar efficacy between the doses and the slightly higher toxicity on the P arm, P remains the appropriate pemetrexed second-line dose for patients with advanced NSCLC. The authors thank all the patients, investigators, and institutions involved in this study. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

Sign In or Create an Account. Sign In. Advanced Search. Article Navigation. Close mobile search navigation Article Navigation. Volume Article Contents. A randomized phase III trial comparing standard and high-dose pemetrexed as second-line treatment in patients with locally advanced or metastatic non-small-cell lung cancer M. Oxford Academic. Google Scholar. Article history. Revision Received:. Cite Citation. Permissions Icon Permissions. Table 1. View Large. Ro- the network of available services made ted so many projects, starting with berto Vezzelli took his first working available to clients.

Cooperativa Bilanciai then participa- pany - says Vezzelli -. The range of labels Italia, based on the number meets any demand, from the water of springs and range of labels, used daily by families in order to fol- the Pessina family holding is constan- low a balanced diet, to the most spe- tly committed to promoting this na- cific needs of consumers and restau- tural heritage from North to South rants. It is witnessed by the from water, such as sports-people. A great com- munication campaign was created based on this concept which Acque Minerali d? Sangemi- ni is a historic brand in this area, it is the protagonist of a re-launch based on the distinctive features of this truly unique water, that supplies bio-availa- ble Calcium, which is highly assimila- ted, ideal for sports people as it contri- butes to raising the fatigue threshold thanks to its content high in bicar- bonate contrasting to low Sodium.

Here is also an important novelty: the 0. Among the most re- attention to the look that the group st: football, basketball, volleyball and cent and appreciated in the market has always had as a partner of the re- even motorcycling, always at top le- are 75cl glass bottles with the Nor- staurant industry. Vis- Olmo. The main focus is consumer safety and the preservation of the extraordi- nary natural heritage of water throu- ghout Italy. This without ever forget- ting ecology and the environment. In particular, new plant technologies al- low the production of containers and bottles using less material.

Great attention is paid to the respect and defence of the territories where the production sites are located. Close up Five generations of sweetness Since, Irca has been producing food compounds for pastries, bread and fine chocolate in line with Italian tradition F ive generations of sweetness and almost a century of history. This is the calling card which Irca pre- sents to its numerous clientele, spread all over Italia and abroad. A sto- ry made of work and passion for quali- ty which was born from far away, from the first industrial malt makers, and which arrives today with the produc- tion of every type of dessert, including high profile chocolates.

The production of chocolate only came much later, in the seventies, and ties that the three companies were fu- at the start in quite limited quantities. Over the next decades, the com- the creation of products for the des- pany saw constant growth, but the real sert industry. At first the companies jump in quality came in the nineties were three in number: Essenze Italiane, when we became the supplier for Al- which was dedicated to the production gida for their Magnum brand at the of malts, plus Italcima and Dulcania, factory in Caivano.

It was in these ye- which produced dessert ingredients ars that Irca on the strength of its hi- The new Irca headquarters and much more for the big supermar- ghly recognized quality became the ket chains. In the pot at Irca other projects for the future are already boiling. At the same time, we intend in the chocolate world. Our relationship with our part- of which have now entered into pro- ners- distributors is based on the logic duction. All this allows us to keep in of reciprocity and loyalty.

They have step with the trends, which in our sec- the exclusive license for our products, tor always have a great influence. Often and we work in such a way to guaran- in this sector we act to resolve, in a very tee them an ever innovative product of brief time, needs which are submitted excellence which can satisfy the diverse to us by our most important clients. Other examples corations to spreadable creams, from are the substitution of sugars with ste- the bases for ice cream to variations, all the way to products of excellence like single-origin chocolates and still more.

All of this with just one common de- nominator — absolute quality! A ran- ge of products that is subdivided into various business units which respecti- vely take care of products reserved for industry, for supermarkets, for past- ry and bread-makers, and in the last four years also for artisan ice cream ma- kers with the newly minted Joygela- to brand. Close up A tasty tale Demetra, a company based in Talamona, produces culinary specialities for high-quality catering I n classical antiquity, Demetra was oil, but soon we started to produce the name of the goddess of the har- speciality food, pre-processed but also vest and agriculture, the sister of finished products, which are special- Jupiter and bearer of abundan- ly designed for the Horeca hotel, re- ce and food for the whole mankind.

The To the point that when her daughter construction of a larger establishment Persephone got married to Hades, the at the beginning of the 21st century god of the underworld, during the allowed us to further expand our ran- time she spent with her husband - ge of products; today there are about about half of the year - the land would different products in different cease producing and winter began. To- formats that we supply to restaurants, day, with the age of myths and legen- pizzerias, hotels, pubs, butchers, ta- ds lying in the past, Demetra of Tala- keaways, canteens and other mass- mona is a tasty tale that began some catering facilities, bars, wine shops, thirty years ago thanks to the initia- delicatessens and other catering bu- tive of two courageous entrepreneurs sinesses.

Deme- serve desserts, tinned fish and seafood day. Demetra risation and sterilisation, as penetra- tion of the heat is faster than tradi- tional packaging, resulting in fresher, crispier products with a more vibrant colour. All products of the company Demetra are strictly free from gluta- mate and artificial preservatives. In addition to the domestic market, Demetra products are also exported to over thirty countries around the world, where they always represent in the best possible way the typical ta- ste and flavours of Italia.

Such as is, products for which Demetra is the teeing a consistent quality that has in the Demetra Food Academy, with exclusive distributor for the Italian conquered customers throughout Ita- which the chef promoters organise de- market. A wide range that Demetra lia and abroad.

Technological ve its products. Our company has an new range of high-quality handmade from our competitors. This is the re- ISO Quality Management Sy- products intended for the retail sector, ason why our factories are equipped stem and our products are accredited specialist stores and high-end delica- with the most advanced equipment, by the Us Food and Drug Admini- tessens. Close up A group which looks confidently to the future Saviola Holding Srl hastens renewal and has been refinanced. In just a few years it has reduced the ratio between Net Financial Position and Ebitda by 10 to 2.

This is the path that Saviola has been instead attested by Saviola is the leading Italia pro- , at A virtuous path that has control. And so, it counted on the de- ducer of chipboard panels, and among been made possible in three steps, ex- velopment of products and a presen- the top players on the international sce- plains President Alessandro Saviola. This is a path that has structure was the first step.

A reduction euros carried out through a which involved the hol- group of nine banks, with ding complex also with the Banca Popolare di Milano organic reduction. In particular, the ming the unity of intent plan foresaw the passage of Alessandro Saviola, president of Saviola Holding between the company and the Nfp from The second moment came starting from , the year of defini- tive rebalancing and restarting, but not yet with great investment, but organi- zing and evaluating aspects which ear- lier were not central.

The holding affirms Alessandro Saviola yet again, now closes its economic ac- counts for the month on the fifth wor- king day of the next month, the pas- sive cycle, active and authorization process of expenses are carefully articu- lated and investments are monitored in a capillary way. In fact, the group fol- Composad, Core office lows the parameters of a company on the stock market, even though it is so- lidly in the hands of the Saviola family. We know where to go, how to reach our goal, and in how much time. Definitely, we have reset the organiza- tion of the processes of the entire group — continues the president.

Equally significant is the repositioning carried out between employees and management. The holding has signed off on a second level integrative con- tract with over collaborators which does not affect the economic substan- ce but ties it to results regarding the management of objectives which are measurable. Today the Rsu, supported by local and national unions, sit down with the company in joint committees with regular attendance. And then the Saviola, ecological panel in striped oak Saviola, Tadao ecological panel pore register affirmation of a highly qualified ma- nagement in key positions, both with bringing out the value of internal re- vate, with a focus, in the last year and where the presence of the furniture is sources of high potential, and with fi- a half, on high margin products, and now tied to the panel and to Sadepan gures coming from outside, nurtured with a self-imposed product cycle of chemistry.

An example of a manufactu- by relevant experiences in multinatio- four years after which, to be conside- red system in transformation which has nals in Italy and abroad. Case History Mutuality, a business model to share In the era of the sharing economy, the Trentino Group Itas Assicurazioni reaffirms the importance of the original and purest form of insurance: mutual insurance H aving a tradition and he- ritage to protect and sha- re is an essential prerequi- site for building a socially aware future.

Itas Mutua, the oldest insurance company and to date one of the few mutual insurance compa- nies operating in Italia, is well awa- re of this. Perhaps not many people know that in the Italian insurance market the- re is actually a clear prevalence of profit-making companies: out of insurance companies are limited companies, but only 3 are mutual insurance companies and only one is a cooperative. A paradoxical situation if you think that at the origin of the concept of General manager, Raffaele Agrusti, and president Giovanni Di Benedetto insurance is the concept of mutua- lity in a broad sense, that is to say mutual aid, and not capital remu- countries, where the sector of mu- model, strongly customer-oriented neration.

In other words, the mutual Italia is considered a winning busi- ness model compared to the compe- tition, as it is the purest form of the modern concept of the sharing eco- nomy. In Italia, Itas is a good example of the category, showing for almost two centuries how mutuality is not just a word but a reason for being. Members, not customers Like cooperatives and associations, mutual insurance is a voluntary co- ming together that has the common good of all the people working with and for it as the objective. Itas Assicurazioni job opportunities in more favoura- ble terms than those available on the market.

The mutualism model is also a suc- cess in terms of performance. This is shown by the excellent results the Deputy general director, Alessandro Molinari company continues to achieve year after year: the collection of pre- miums in the first four months of , just to mention the current year, has registered a much better trend than the rest of the market, achieving 8.

The new ITAS at work Today, ITAS is in all respects a uni- que example in the Italian insuran- ce market and is a group able to claim segments of the market and achieve remarkable results. In May, the company appointed the new management team that has the task of guiding and aiding the Group towards the target of its first million insured members by Generali and Rai. Once the Founda- novative way.

Today, the Scriptorium, asure for the client, like manuscripts, knowledge. Neverthe- lously curated to the last detail. The hand-decorated miniatures have ini- less, the market response proves that artists work on painting, drawing tials in 24K gold leaf. We and engraving.

Antica Bottega Amanuense lian universities to create graduation diplomas. There are many fields in which the art of Antica Bottega can be applied. In high demand are, for example, wedding invitations. The invitation has to live up to the expec- tations of a beautiful and very impor- tant event, and the workshop creates special announcements that intima- tely reflect the history of the couple. Ebooks and Manuals

Receiving these invitations means fe- eling like you are in a different atmo- sphere, made of patience, long times, the rustling of papers, the smell of the inks. The poetry of the lines appea- ses the eye and reaches directly into the heart, with a wax seal which ma- kes the message even more precious.

The workshop also creates prestigious gold engravings on stone which beco- me original business gadgets. For businesses, a team of specialists is able to define their visual iden- tity. It is also a precious support for institutions and public administra- tion. Certificates of honour, of merit and honorary citizenship on illumi- nated parchments for anniversaries, ted reproduction of city coats of arms, soft light.

The castle, which immerses special events, awards, ceremonies as well as reward diplomas and bo- the visitor in an unparalleled fascina- and honour awards, are increasingly xes made of precious wood, creating ting environment, is also the ideal lo- in demand. As is the golden book a unique gift for important visitors to cation for events and exhibits, thanks for councils, mayoral lists, illumina- the cities.

The Scrip- tivity and style, and is just a few mi- torium is an oasis where art and beau- nutes from the sea and historical cen- ty meet in a timeless place and which, tre of Recanati. It can host up to since has a fascinating home. Also available which the owner had built to help re- to guests is a spacious and convenient discover the lost atmosphere of the parking area. The castle is orientated call antique traditions and atmosphe- at 21 degrees east. In everything we do, we any time of the day and month of the are guided by the pleasure we take in year without having the sun bother the beautiful, and the beautiful esca- the amanuenses during their incre- pes time and trends.

We are ready to dible artistic work. Dedicated to Focus food farming Communication project created by Domenico Renis Quality, innovation and sustainability are the drivers of recovery After a difficult A spring with little rain, a dry and very hot summer. And after the great drought, came the inevitable hailstorms summer, Italian and thunderstorms which, if it were at all possible, made the situation even worse for our farms, damaging fruit, farmers lift their vegetables and produce with heavy effects on the entire Ita- lian food-farming industry.

Our voyage discovering the Italian food-farming businesses Therefore, there are many difficulties, but also a lot of wil- does not really need a lot of slogans to create excitement. We believe they have, and those With the arrival of autumn, we are all ready to turn the page, who hit these target objectives will certainly enjoy a conside- change the rhythms of our mind and body to get back on track rable competitive advantage over their markets of reference.

Certainly, all these individual stories have had the stamina And like always, also this time our voyage is aimed at the re- and privilege of becoming a single, strong, collective project search, or rather to the hot pursuit of someone who could tell which is summarised in this Special. Knowing that to help regenerate The first certainty is that all food-farming products represen- oneself from the difficulties of this voyage, which has often ted here, from wine to pasta, from olive oil to cheese, cured led to travelling off the beaten and foreseeable path, there meats, fish or pizza, are symbols of the passion and efforts of is nothing better than relaxing and leafing through the pages big companies and sole traders who, with stubbornness and that follow.

Focus food farming Projects and reflections on the future of the industry Stable markets are a distant memory. Looking for solutions to protect small food farming businesses S hares for durum wheat, the main ingredient in pasta-making, went through very tense weeks on the market, with some of the large world producers, like Canada, cutting their estimated harvest figures, making pri- ces rise. These tensions, in addition to the per- formance of sugar and dairy, have pushed the Fao global food price in- dex up, which in July marked its hi- ghest price since , with an increa- se of 2.

The cereal index in particular which also includes rice increased by 5. But the world is not in the same situation that led to the pri- ce spikes in The first trend kes it difficult for small and medium- lopment Commission of the European sized businesses which make up the parliament, Paolo De Castro.

The seat European Parliament in Strasbourg ad, the prices have recovered - explains De Castro — but if you look at the dif- ferential and speed that the prices set- tle you can understand what it means to have a volatile market. Between and there was a vertical drop, and recovery was equally vertical. The point is: how can we help food-farming busi- nesses face this up and down of prices which could become fatal, especially to small businesses? One of the most complicated knots to unravel is that this instability is not only caused by normal market dynamics but also by external factors.

This is something that has nothing to do with the fact that milk or cheese producers are doing their job well, but with geo-political questions ha- ving a great weight. This vironmentally friendly products. In short, even though we naturally grown or organic products. Numbers confirm this as they buy and the resulting benefits for does the growth trend of the leaders of health and well-being. Taste and quali- Large-Scale Distribution with some plea- ty represent nowadays a well-known ad- sant surprises such as those related to ded value for made-in-Italy food, but to- organic products.

A fact that we wit- se people who opt for conscious con- needs. A mega brand distin- In other words, diet and health are two has also led us to add more of these guished by different colour coding and sides of the same coin, and the most product lines to our shelves.

new york Ebook

The pro- easily recognisable that results in grea- ter impact also from the point of view of recognisability at the Conad store. Compared to traditional products, it is still a niche market, but this growing fo- cus on the products offered also com- bines with an extremely advanced so- cial responsibility policy from Conad that spans from dedicated responsible consumption education to relationships with small local producers as part of an evermore attentive and knowledgeable chain.

In short - concludes Conad Ceo, Francesco Pugliese - our labels are be- coming much clearer and are proof of our commitment and attention not only towards the main market trends, but above to all the new needs and demands of the con- sumer. Focus food farming Quality that makes a difference Leader in the mortadella industry, Felsineo has now taken up a new challenge with the launch of a new line of organic vegetarian deli meats T here are products that, whether they be in the hands of a Miche- lin-starred chef, or in those of a simple housewife, never lose their ex- traordinary taste.

First and foremost among these is certainly mortadella: a prime rural dish, this delicious deli meat owes its fortune, in addition to its good taste, to its ease of use. From the simplest sandwich eaten as a quick snack, to the most elaborate and inno- vative dishes of modern gastronomy, mortadella never loses its unmistakea- ble smell and incomparable flavour. And when we talk about mortadella, we immediately associate this king of Ita- lian products with the city of Bologna, home to this noble meat.

Here, right af- ter the war, is where Felsineo Spa star- ted working with its artisanal skill and modern manufacturing technology, a dent, Andrea Raimondi — is quite sim- name that mortadella lovers will imme- ple: high quality, carefully selected in- diately recognize for its superior quali- quality like mortadella, the Italian mar- gredients.

The result is a which, together with their high level mo- ged partner to some of the most im- single product, mortadella, with a va- nitoring of the production process, have portant retail companies. United States, Japan and China. The- Another step taken over the last few ye- re is no doubt that for such a tra- ars by our company has been in our abi- ditional product of high lity to keep step with new eating habits. Mortadella made by Felsineo is made only using natural flavours, with no ad- ded polyphosphates, gluten, milk and derivatives. The results of this desire to satisfy the modern consumer, who is particularly careful of their he- alth and nutritional aspects in food, are the two newest members of the family.

Opposite, a dish made with organic vegetarian deli meats underestimate a market like this, even though it may appear to be quite far from our mission statement. And in this case the same guarantee. And so, they ope- as well - concludes Andrea Raimondi ned a new company called Fmv Srl, de- — everything undergoes the strictest dicated to an absolutely innovative pro- controls and most rigorous testing, so duct line. As is, after all, the tra- with a patent for their grinding techni- offer vegan and vegetarian consumers ditional way for Felsineo and Mopur Ve- ques.

This is and a much lower fat content. Its added bonus is that is wellbeing. But now — right in Bologna, whe- re deli meats, meat, and tor- tellini stuffed with mortadel- la reign supreme — in order to keep in step with the times and new eating habits, Felsineo has taken up yet another new chal- lenge. Focus food farming Naturalness, well-being, and taste New products and new occasions for consumption for Parmareggio, a company on constant upturn.

Its goal — to satisfy the needs of an ever more varied public T he Italian food industry has shown Parmigiano Reggiano is an extraordina- over the last decade a rather pro- ry cheese, tasty and nutritious, a banner nounced vitality. In other words, uniting the Par- ge of grated cheeses — Grattugiati con migiano Reggiano tradition with creati- Fresco and 30 Months — to satisfy all ta- ve ideas and intense research, we have stes with a package that has been stu- dedicated to the little ones.

Just recently another product was laun- ched. Now, it is avai- lable in four varieties — three with Par- mareggio Snack and one with the soft cheese Formaggino al Parmigiano with breadsticks, dried fruit, and fruit run through the blender. But soon it will be enriched with another tasty new featu- re. Made with the same nutritional characte- ristics of the other ABC references, the Plumcake Parmareggio respects the tra- ditional offering of dessert-like snacks. Gua- and potential for growth not only on the ranteeing the respect of traditional re- domestic market, but on the internatio- cipes and elevated quality standards, nal market as well.

In short, tasty, posi- Grandi Salumifici Italiani focuses, in tive for the economy and the local area, short, on certain musts: strong ties and increasingly more attentive to new between the localisation of manufactu- market trends, for some time cured me- ring facilities and the origin of traditio- ats have been guaranteeing consumers nal products; careful quality control of have a wide and varied selection, capa- the ingredients, respecting the highest ble of satisfying the needs of all. Italiani group, with head offices located The goodness and typical characteri- Giuseppe Colotto in Modena and another 14 manufactu- stics which makes all products of the ring facilities across Italia, to grow and great Gsi family stand out, come toge- position itself at the height of the na- ther with the important properties given es, is the continual perfecting of its of- tional market in cured meats and fresh, by the quality of the ingredients used, fering, with the launch on the crowded ready-made main dishes.

In addition, it and the care given through each phase cured meats market of increasingly in- has become one of the major interna- of processing, through to the strict disci- novative products, capable of satisfying tional players thanks to the potential of pline tied to the health of consumers, the palate and responding quickly to some of the more famous brands, re- as well as environmental protection and consumer demands.

Recently the company And it is exactly in this direction that the excellence of their products like image has further strengthened thanks the innovative products such as the Li- Casa Modena, Senfter, Alcisa, Cavazzut- to the operative communication stra- beramente brand of Casa Modena is ti, Gruppo Alimentare in Toscana, and tegy of the chief executive officer, Giu- going: the front line dedicated to tho- Fratelli Parmigiani, a top level delicates- seppe Colotto. In sum, protection of lo- se who love to eat, enjoy a good meal sen, in Parma.

Careful production, quali- cal products and promotion of quality. The Giravolte An assortment of Senfter brand products fat and salt, more proteins. This is why new line of finger foods which are fast recipes and unexpected flavour com- this range, made up of sliced meats, and irresistible. It is all part of a new com- paninis and salad mixes, is perfectly A similar discussion, tied to innovation munication strategy, notably reinforced in-line with market trends,which requi- and brand reinforcement, can also be in the last year because the company is re genuine and tasty products, to eat had, obviously, for all the other brands working hard on the brands, so as to be without worries.

Grandi Salumifici Ita- belonging to Gsi. Senfter, for example, truly competitive and ready to take fur- liani also looks to young people and this year is celebrating years in bu- ther steps in the foreign market, where children, with Teneroni di Casa Mode- siness by launching new food offers and Gsi is already a solid presence in over na, a bespoke range, which has for 20 original methods of consumption for 30 countries. Focus food farming Sharing values, skills and behaviour With Cremonini Academy the Group from Modena rationalises training and contributes to personal growth T raining, innovation, research and in Italia over sales points including development for products and ser- cafes, canteens, kiosks, restaurants, vices, customer care: these are the self-service stations, and pizzerias, in 49 strategic concepts for operators of orga- train stations, 11 airports, 51 motorway nised catering and are topics that Grup- service areas.

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Abroad, it manages cate- po Cremonini has faced for years in its ring services on trains in 5 Europe- own business, in particular that dedica- an countries. The company works with its ted to catering services. But starting vice channel, Chef Express, also has as back in the 70s, the group diversified its its subsidiary Roadhouse Restaurant, business in distribution, with Marr, and the restaurant chain specialised in gril- shortly after, in , it began to take led meat which now has locations steps into the world of catering services, in 11 regions. The company, with over em- ducts and services.

The facility has a Management Commit- tee formed by the Ceo of Chef Express, the Ceo of Roadhouse Restaurant, the Human Resources managers, the Mar- keting managers of the different catering service activities of the Group, and is co- ordinated by the director of the Academy. The training courses — about thirty a year — are attended by employees working in all sales points, including the area ma- nagers and sales point managers, sto- re managers, assistant store managers and part of the workers in each individual location.

We are talking about em- ployees a year, aged between 18 and 50, Training and in rotation, representatives of each sales point also participate. Among this goal, Roberto Valbuzzi has shown the teachers, a particular role is held by himself to be perfect, being able not only Chef Roberto Valbuzzi who coordinated to create dishes for the menu, but also the creation and implementation of the to transmit to our employees the enthu- menus for the free-flow restaurant, Gu- siasm and passion for preparing the di- sto, with over thirty locations, in airports, shes, even if it is in a special context highways and train stations.

Focus food farming Parmigiano Reggiano: priority to prestigious exports With Mulino Alimentare Spa the flagship of the Italian cheese industry knocks down North American barriers and wins the challenge of quality and food safety U nited States, Canada, and Cen- tral America. The new frontier for the most famous hard cheese in the world, Parmigiano Reggiano, is in- creasingly strengthened by focusing more and more on North America. This is due to the agreement recently signed between Mulino Alimentare Spa, one of the big national players in the sector, and a giant of large-scale distribution, Loblaw Companies Ltd, with over 3, sales points across Canada, United States and Mexico.

And these are the shops which will be the main door to America for the entrance of thousands of wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano cut, portioned, and packaged by the com- pany located in Baganzola di Parma. Claudio Guidetti A job which requires great operational skill, adequate local marketing and re- spect of the most rigorous internatio- Ocean. But Parma remains unpertur- charge of this business producing and nal certifications.

Because even in the bed: quality, tradition and certifications packaging Parmigiano Reggiano throu- Usa and Canada, our Parmigiano Reg- are irreplaceable paradigms for tho- gh Cai srl Compagnia Agroalimentare giano must showcase our respect for se who, like Mulino Alimentare Italiana.

From there, it has been a the noble and ancient tradition of Emi- Spa www. An expansion which has led to the purchase of an area 30 thousand m2 where they will soon build a newer and more efficient manufacturing plant. An experience which consoli- dated the relationship between Mulino and Loblaw Companies to the point that today our company is called to select reasons for the overseas success of se making tradition, like Grana Padano, other local Italian cheeses to be promo- Mulino Alimentare Spa. The added va- Pecorino Romano, Asiago, Provolone, ted and distributed on the other side lue of a product like Parmigiano Reg- Gorgonzola, Mozzarella di Bufala and of the Ocean under a prestigious brand giano which is capable of sharing the Mascarpone.

All products which, for a of the chain focused on promoting the excellence of made-in-Italy food, as well large part, take the road to export hol- best Italian specialties. An agreement as the strength of the land which produ- ding high the flag of real Italian quality. Without forgetting the other in North America still holds a relevant Territorial recognition is one of the main excellences of the best Italian chee- share of the market.

Mu- lino Alimentare takes up the challenge against unfair competition not only by fighting it with protective actions, but also by facing the challenge on the mar- ket. But America - concludes Guidetti — is not the only front we are working on. At the beginning of we created Cai France Sarl with headquarters in Paris, which works with the French and Belgian markets and joins the already operative Parma Trade Inc. New York, working on the American market. Focus food farming An evolving wine producer This is Cavit, top company in the Italian wine-producing sector due to its production of high-quality wines and sparkling wines.

It now seeks new markets, such as Cina 2 has been confirmed as a year of interesting changes for Cavit, one of the leaders in the Italian wine-producing sector which is well known abroad for the high quality of its wines and sparkling wines. The Cavit wine offering for the restaurant indust- ry and wine bars has been renewed and amplified with new additions: Rulendis Pinot Grigio and Brusafer Pinot Nero , and a renewal of the top of the range, the Il Maso line.

The expression of Pinot Nero par excel- lence, Brusafer Trentino Superiore Doc is born from a blend of grapes coming from differing areas: the hilly range of Enrico Zanoni, general director Trento, in the area around Povo and Val- lagarina, on the slopes of Mount Baldo, between the towns of Besagno and Caz- gio grown in Trentino under the name lection of the top-range segment of the zano. Rulendis, and here lies its Horeca channel. Each of the four wines definite structure, contained in a total real peculiarity, is born from the search of the line inherits, in fact, from its own black bottle of modern elegance.

On the Rhenish bottle, sing the strong ties that each has with slender and elegant, the contrasting la- its land. The new la- this wine-producing company are added. Turning a quality wine into a daily plea- sure to be shared has always been the mission at Cavit, the flag-bearer for an approach which focuses on increasing the number of lovers and fans of good wine. The supermarket sector continues to be watched over by a wide range of bottles and thanks to the widespread presen- ce in all major chains. A new look to the international sce- ne characterizes the wines from Cavit, which are well-distributed on the Ame- rican market where Cavit is definitely the most widespread Italian brand , Ca- nada, Gran Bretagna, Germania, north Europa, Svizzeria, Belgio and Austria.

In addition, the presence of Cavit wine is in rapid growth also in Giappone and Cina. Serving consumers and the environment for over 20 years T he ever-increasing awareness of for something fresh, healthy, wholeso- millions of consumers about he- me and, if possibly, ready to eat.

If anything, the additional a Mare, in the province of Fermo, has strength is represented by the strong been following with confidence for many local rooting, a positioning that sees us years now, thus becoming one of the excel in the centre of Italia, with the aim major national leaders in the fresh and of firmly establishing ourselves also in ready-to-eat salad segment.

For of modern life. Therefore, little time to that create fascinating shapes and li- some years now parents Marziano Am- dedicate to cooking but so much desire nes.

Sancta Maria, mater Dei, KV (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) - ChoralWiki

In other words, ready-to-eat products. A fruit and vegetable segment in which the company from Marche stands out due to its extensive product range, such as the curly endive heart or ice- berg lettuce, as well as mixed salad packs and tasty poker, a well-balanced The greenhouse with crops mix, in terms of taste and crunchiness, of salads and vegetables with carrot or fennel. Almost a ready-made dish of salads and vegetables which, fini- shed with the right dressing, can be ea- ten quickly. All pro- ducts perfect for the most demanding customers, to whom we always guaran- tee, in addition to the high quality and freshness, the strictest controls along the entire production process.

Focus food farming Experts in barbatella Since Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo, world leader in the plant nursery and vineyard sector, has been synonymous with research and technological and scientific evolution F or some time now, the vineyard te and the hands of man are necessary world at the top has started on a but not sufficient to ensure the produc- route of the highest quality, with tion of wines of excellence. For these, producers focusing on quality rather you need a starting point at a higher le- than quantity. To reach the wine cellar where respect for tradi- this level and bring to life an incompa- tion and the experience of past genera- rable morphological quality, like that of tions is mixed to an ever greater degree Vcr products, all biological processes — with innovation.

In other words, the first from the formation of the gall to the ro- step towards the production of a quality oting, maturing, and the hardening to wine of great commercial success must wood of the vines — must be done in op- necessarily cope with its terroir, but timal conditions. The view of a plant nursery years of business has con- in the production and sales of ket is in continual movement and open tributed to the creation of barbatelle, but also in the se- to new proposals. In other words - con- healthy, long-lasting and lection of clones for the gra- cludes Eugenio Sartori —vineyards in profitable vineyards in all the pevine varieties.

Today this com- a goal, but also a stimulus to day it is also necessary to have a diffe- pany is an essential landmark continue to grow, offering wine- rent vision and be ready to open up to for those wishing to create qua- growers an ever more comple- new wines and unusual aromatic profi- lity vineyards which respect tra- te and wide range of barbatelle, les which have an adequate feedback dition but also are innovative. This is why tradition, and cultural sistant varieties already in the advan- since we have heritage of a land.

Already ten varieties of disease-resi- stant grapevines at the University of Udine and Iga have been registered in the National Catalogue and authorized for production in several regions in Ita- lia and abroad. Research, experimenta- tion, technological and scientific evolu- tion are, therefore, the words summing up the business and which have consti- tuted the real engine of growth for Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo. A great history which for decades has followed and gui- ded the evolution of the Italian vineyard sector.

Focus food farming Wine: tradition and culture at the dinner table With Emilia Wine the great wines from Reggio Emilia win the market challenge. And with Vigna Migliolungo innovation and tradition are in perfect harmony I t is a true covenant of love and re- that these wines and labels are having spect between the vineyard and the today.

The ability to innovate, is also land which links some of the most needed, while maintaining the quality of famous and praised wines from Emilia oenological production and always ma- and the wine producer Emilia Wine, cre- naging to represent the distinctive fea- ated in thanks to the contribution tures and productive values of this wine of more than families of vine-gro- region in both the domestic and interna- wers and wine-makers in the province of tional markets. All of this - ex- sed the great oenological sector of Reg- plains the president of Emilia Wine, Da- gio Emilia, namely those of Arceto, Cor- vide Frascari - is the result of our mem- reggio and Prato di Correggio.

What was born from this is a true pro- A path that has seen Emilia Wine grow duction and commercial giant, a top-le- quantitatively as well as qualitatively vel business reality and leader in the thanks in particular to native vineyards markets of reference, in particular with which are therefore able to tell the histo- its Lambruschi from Reggio Emilia Doc ry of our local territory, its culture and its The president Davide Frascari guarantee of origin , but also with Mal- traditions, in the best way possible, thus vasia and Spergola, names that are part doing justice to excellence of an articu- of the history and the oldest wine tradi- lated and diverse world just like the ter- diano and Casalgrande to the plains tion of the area.

Vigna Migliolun- viality and that, for this reason, are also go is so called because of the name of appreciated by a young audience. Its label repre- the Lambrusco Reggiano Doc, certainly sents the harvest in the Reggio area at one of the most popular and apprecia- the end of the eighteenth century and it ted Italian wines on both national and is the artwork of the painter Udo Tonia- foreign markets. A bubbly wine made no- to. This wine is made using 40 different ble by its very own history, its long tra- types of antique or traditional red gra- dition of production and the sense of pes vines all originating from the Reg- close ties with the original areas that gio province, of which 21 are varieties perhaps more than anything else bonds of Lambrusco, many of them are almost it with its people.

The Lambrusco obtained in this But history and tradition are certainly manner is an aromatic, clear and reso- not a limit. Indeed, right from these con- lute wine that stands out for the many siderations, Emilia Wine is striving to sensory facets it expresses. In the Arceto winery we carried out rallel tracks by finding positive contact the wine-making, while the vineyards points both productive and commercial. Focus food farming Working for quality, renewing the challenge for the last 25 years For the cooperative, Cooperativa Agricola Progeo, the high quality of its processes, products, and services is a pledge that is constantly renewed O n the total evaluation of every far- transformed in its own industrial plants.

Sustainability in its cultu- ever at the service of agriculture. These res, the healthiness of its harvest, and range from the milling sector with the pro- food value are, in addition, paradigms duction of flour for domestic use, which which which complete one another with is then sold directly to the most impor- the quality of production and the certain- tant bakeries and pasta-makers in Italia, ty of delivery at prices that are agreed to technical and service products to sup- upon and balanced.

A range of opera- port and guide its partners. Progeo opera- tions that are very complex, but indispen- tes mainly in north central Italia, but the sible today for those who approach the vastness of its activity and relationships farming and animal raising world, and make it in fact an authentic big player on the best responses to so many of these the national scene. The new feature which stands out which he climbed the whole company from agricultural partners who provide the and outlines the first months of this year pyramid. Headquarters a gap that is going to be difficult to fill great growth that has taken place in a chemical company which produces and from a human as well as from a profes- quarter of a century and which has taken sells organic-mineral feeds, plant health sional point of view.

To replace his speci- the company to becoming the head of and agro-biotechnical products. Products fic role and his government of company a galaxy of companies which are equal- which ensure maximum nutritional effi- activity we decided to take over as pre- ly important in the agricultural field and ciency for the soil, while totally respec- sidential staff and counting in particular in the Italian food and agriculture sector. But the fact remains that this is an great part of the production range insu- organizational change involving great ef- red to clients and partners of the coope- fort on the part of all, both for those who rative.

The at- involved in nature and transformation of tachment to work, the passion and effort its best products. This is why our main shown by former director Uber Iori in the factories have organic and non-Gmo cer- over forty years that he has been in the tification both in the feeds sector as in field and at the head of Progeo, seem to the milling sector. Focus food farming Delicious by tradition Quality ingredients, hand-crafted production and innovative technology: Italpizza unveils its true heritage, a leader in frozen pizzas for large retail chains I t cannot be denied that a good pizza enjoyed in a pizzeria is still indisputa- bly a well-rooted habit in our country, but the hectic rythm of modern day life and the lack of free time, often make it necessary to have a ready stash of fro- zen foods, which are useful and practi- cal for any family meals.

And it is on this assumption, that Italpizza has built, for over 25 years, its commercial success, thanks to a product which is in no way inferior to a fresh handmade pizza. Christian Pederzini, president Merit also goes to the quality of the in- gredients used by the company, based in San Donnino Modena. The rest comes from its respect for tra- is hand rolled and then baked in a wo- za is now an industry leader for quality, ditions, as guaranteed by Italpizza throu- od-burning oven.

A leading Italian delicacy which gh is leavened for at least 24 hours, it duction has not paid off. Another relevant fact connected duct — explains the president of Italpiz- Massimo Sereni — respond with new for- to the growth of this Modena business, za, Cristian Pederzini — is in increasing mats, perfect for new consumption tren- is the fact that Italpizza has become demand on the foreign market, where ds, like, for example, the 26x38, which not only a benchmark name for the big- we now have a consolidated presence has already become a commercial suc- gest retail chains and for private labels, in over 54 different countries.

We produ- cess, because, besides being good, it is but is getting closer to a proper brand ce pizzas for the most impor- perfect for the home oven name. Italpizza is also well-recognised in tant retail brands, both and therefore ideal for an its own right, with its own identity based as private labels and easy snack or a pleasant on the Italian-ness of the product, its using our own brand, evening among friends. Mo- high quality and food safety. In short, the and we offer hundreds reover, we also have diffe- company has entered, in its own right, in of recipes and varieties rent conservation techni- the list of one of the most famous bran- of dough which will cer- ques which go from the ds of Italian-made food products.

But no doubt days, to pizzas packaged in der the radar while keeping faith to our the true test of a pro- a protective atmosphere, production principles. Also for such logy capable of guaranteeing the perception of its values, and of a ter- simple product it is ne- quality, taste and healthiness up to 12 ritory like ours, with a vocation for food cessary to keep in step with the times months.

Just like Italpizza has done. Focus food farming Simply good, just as tradition wants The extra virgin olive oil produced by Olearia del Garda is not only good but is also a heritage of history, culture and great gastronomic tradition W hen you want to bring genuine and Zucchi families it soon became a and tasty products to the ta- prominent reality at national level, the ble of Italians, the only possi- company from Verona grew rapidly and ble recipe still today is to use raw mate- today it is proposing to the most impor- rials of the highest quality, hand-made tant names of the great Italian and fo- processing and possibly very simple reign distribution as well as to normal and natural.

In fact, olives of the best quality can grow and mature perfectly. And they are perfect for produ- cing an extra-virgin olive oil which is just as special and nice. Actually, it is also simply good just because it is made in a traditional way and using raw mate- rials of the highest quality. To sum it up, recognizable products, transparent information and rigidly con- trolled supply chain. This means put- ting the health and well-being of the clients first by offering high quality pro- ducts and guaranteed in every proces- sing stage.

The headquarters and high quality. But just as important ly demanding both in terms of service but is also an expanding economic re- are references like Augusto, dedicated and taste and balanced nutrition con- ality. Demand for organic products, in- to the founder of this company, the ex- tents. Also, highly tresor - organic is no longer just a vir- tely an opportunity, not to be underesti- appreciated by the market are the orga- tuous model of sustainable agriculture, mated, to position ourselves in a high nic extra virgin olive oils and a range of market area.

The same also goes for flavoured extra virgin olive oils. All pro- the flavoured extra virgin olive oil, a re- ducts which meet the demands of cu- ady-to-use dressing, which is apprecia- stomers who are increasingly aware of ted especially abroad, for its high va- new consumer opportunities, but equal- lue added. An excellent product of Italian food-far- ming, also the extra-virgin olive oil of Olearia del Garda obviously keeps the flag flying of the made in Italy abroad. Indeed, in recent years, the company from Verona has considerably streng- thened its presence on the main Euro- pean markets, both with branded pro- ducts and with the name of some of the most important international private la- bels.

Varieties and production

In Italia, when talking about olive oil, we cannot only talk about production and trade, but also about the thousands-ye- ars old tradition and culture. And to give even more value to Italian gastronomic culture, nothing is better than the selec- tions of Olearia del Garda, capable of collecting values such as the quality, hi- story and tradition of a unique product such as extra virgin olive oil.

Focus food farming Quality, taste and freshness always win The first step in successful cooking is choosing fresh fish products such as those which are sold by Veneta Pesca, leader in the sector for 45 years E xperienced professionals for a very competitive distribution mar- ket and to satisfy discerning con- sumers always on the lookout for new and fulfilling taste experiences, both in terms of quality and freshness as well as product variety. When it comes to the market for fish and seafood, there can only be one name, that of a com- pany of the highest level, with a long Inside the new facility in Porto Viro tradition and the national leader in the fresh fish market: Veneta Pesca.

And this is precisely the mission of the fish company based in Veneto, which this year celebrates its first 45 years of bu- siness; during this time it has always responded to the challenges of the mar- ket with commitment, passion and con- tinuous research into improving the pro- ducts it offers. A growth process which began in , The offices starting from a small family-run com- pany located in Taglio di Donada Rovi- go that only distributed fresh local fish stribution and the best fishmongers, a But the approach and the way of working to the markets of Northern Italia, and wide variety of fresh and frozen fish pro- have remained the same as ever, now as which today, from the new headquarters ducts not only from Italia but also from it was then: quality, first and foremost.

Focus food farming Efficiency and eco-sustainability The green circuit designed by Cpr System wins twice: for the food production chain and for protecting the environment P ackaging waste has always been Ferrara — has been a record year with two one of the hottest issues tied to figure increases in all the indicators, fully our model of consumption.

And it confirming this positive trend which has is just this contrast between waste pro- been accompanying us for years. A clear duction and preservation of the envi- sign that even in the moving of goods — in ronment which has been the key which this case, mainly fruit and vegetables — has allowed Cpr System to establish it- efficiency is a decisive model.

And in our self rapidly on the Italian market. With case, this is doubled. From the econo- its green plastic crates which are easily mic point of view since our packaging is identifiable, with their sides that can be used and reused many times, and from lowered and reused, Cpr System with its the environmental one, because even at headquarters in Gallo in the Province the end of their life the green crates are of Ferrara has, in fact, by now given a re-granulated to create new ones in a clo- new sense to packaging terms, giving it sed-circuit system.


All of this takes pla- a rightful and fully recognized role in the ce in a format which however plans for food production chain next to the major continuous improvements in energy con- brands in supermarket chains. The synergy designed and guided by Cpr System for the fruit and vegetable pro- duction line has given results and eco- nomic advantages which are so tangible that the model has been enlarged to the meat segment and pallet circuit. To sum it up, the potential for growth is there, And Cpr System is ready to take advan- tage of it. Every corner speaks of history, and its Sacro Monte, art, and culture, and offers attractions and oppor- tunities to satisfy every type of tourism.

We will start our itinerary with its capital, Varese, the ancient commercial this is a picturesque hub between the River Po plain and the towns beyond the Alps. And yet more, the foothills of the Alps and their little villages immersed in the greenery and in history from Castiglione Olona, a unique Renaissance corner of Lombardia, to the Castrum Sibrium in Castelseprio, to the hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso in Leggiuno.

See you next issue. A landscape glio Litta Panza di Biumo with its Italianate garden and that was enriched in the s by Art Nouveau archi- a contemporary art collection that is famous all over the tecture and by the frescoes and the murals which show world. The panoramas sur- ving tourists extraordinary examples of industrial arche- rounding Lake Maggiore range from the valleys of the Lu- ology. In Busto Arsizio, the yarn-making area of the for- inese to the snowy Passo della Forcora, with trekking and mer Cotonificio Bustese has housed these last 15 years, an cycle paths. Li- Michele offer a privileged observation point over the Al- kewise, also of note is the recovery of the Frera Motorcycle pine foothills and across the whole of the Verbano, and a and Bicycle Factory which is now the Museum of the Mo- stop further south will allow us to admire the impressive torcycle, while the former Officine Caproni in Vizzola Ti- fortified tower of Borromea di Angera.