Harvesting The Heart

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Harvesting the Heart by Jodi Picoult – The Book Musings

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Harvesting the Heart's Energy

Download Hi Res. Nicholas assumes that Paige is not taking good care of Max— possibly causing the fall. How unfair does that seem to strike you? It is obvious that Nicholas and Paige were no way near prepared to be parents. How does that affect their relationship? Have you ever done that or wanted to do that? It is interesting how Nicholas is ready to fall apart trying to deal with Max and asking the Candy Striper for help. On page , the contradiction of guilt: those mothers who work feel guilty leaving their children yet Paige was able to stay at home with Max and wanted to be anywhere but there.

How does the media play into all this today? Paige asks her mother why she left. Are they ever the same? What brings Paige and Nicholas back together? Both Paige and Astrid capture the world through their art, whether through charcoal drawings or through a camera lens. They both become famous in their own world. How does this make them alike? How does this make them different?

Harvesting the Heart: A Novel

The author always has a double meaning in the titles of her books. What hearts are harvested in the novel, Harvesting the Heart?


Paige got pregnant and had an abortion when she was younger and she won't tell Nicholas. Paige and Nicholas get married and Nicholas becomes a very good doctor.


Paige hates her life living in a too clean home and going to big parties for doctors and their wives. Paige finds out she is pregnant and Nicholas tells her it will be alright. P: A political or historical connection I found was that Nicholas was doing what his parents wanted him to do, which doesn't really happen as much anymore today.

Harvesting The Heart

E: I think it is very wrong of Paige not to tell Nicholas that she had an abortion. It isn't very nice that Paige isn't living inside the house, but I don't really know what happened to make Paige move out so I can't really decide on that yet. A: A possible theme could be that even if things are very tough, they can work out in the end.

Because Paige was hardly getting by and sleeping on her friends couch when Nicholas came along. Another example would be that when Paige and Nicholas got married his parents quit paying for his schooling, so it was really tough for them. This is a really good book so far and I'm really curious to see what their fight was about.

Harvesting the Heart

I really like that each chapter goes between Nicholas and Paige's point of view. I wonder if she will get another abortion or if she'll keep her baby this time! Nicholas works all the time and he never spends time with Paige or Max. Paige doesn't do anything for Nicholas like make him lunch anymore because Max makes her so tired. One day Paige goes to pick something off the floor and Max falls of the couch and gets a bloody nose.

Paige freaks out and she tells Nicholas she is going to the dry cleaners and she drives back to her home town. Paige goes home to find out where to find out where her mom is.