101 Ways To Get Motivated Now!

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Christine Ingham. Has your motivation gone missing? Does work seem like a chore? Do you groan in the face of what needs to be done?

I think that, for most of us, there are times in life when it all just feels like Too Much.

Just focusing on positive statements for a few minutes has the power to transform your whole day. Any physical activity done for 30 minutes to one hour at least three to five times a week makes you less susceptible to depression , according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC. When life throws you out of balance, your routine is there to comfort and provide some semblance of control over your life.

Brushing your teeth, fixing the bed, doing the groceries, these are all regular habits that frame your existence. So stick to your daily routine even when you feel down. Do this a couple of weeks, even if depression persists. It will minimize the overwhelming helplessness you feel. Avoid this by delegating small, low-impact tasks to friends, co-workers and family. Yes, those annoying social media and email notifications must go, too.

These things may seem trivial to you but they all add to the mental clutter in your head. Go to the salon, get a mani-pedi and a good blow out. Pamper yourself. Then put on your best clothes and accessories. This might sound ridiculous to you, but acting and dressing as if you already feel great can boost your mood. Fill out the column with your fears and negative thoughts then scrutinize each of them.

It could be as simple as going out with friends, and then progressing to more elaborate tactics like practicing Tai Chi. Success begets success.

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But first you need a kick starter. I would take one number a day and blog about it linking back to this post.

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Would it be alright if I do that? I like that you broke the ideas into subsections which helped the list seem less intimidating. I also appreciate your writing style.

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It was easy and fun to read and made me want to get more motivated. I can vouch for several of these tips. Especially the Pomodoro Technique, mapping out your day hour by hour though I do it in chunks of 25 mins and using Freedom the software that blocks you out of the internet for the time you need it. This list is great! Finding inspiration [ 27 ] Surround yourself with motivated, productive people and be inspired by what they are doing. I also think it is very important to distance your self from negative people as well.

There has been research that you can do lots of things to train the mind in becoming what ever you believe in, but if you hang around people who are negative and unsupportive then you will quickly fall back to your previous mind set and not achieve greatness that you know that you can. I also am now going to look into pomodoro technique it sounds cool.

I find that if I write 3 of the most important things that I need to achieve that day 1. Thanks for this list, Sarah. This list helps! So satisfying! Thanks for your post- I love how no matter what your goal is, it can be applied to your list! This is amazing! And it was perfect timing for me after a hard couple of weeks.

Thanks for the inspiration! I love your goal posts! I feel so motivated now to get them done! This is such a fantastic list, and it came at the perfect time still laying around in bed at noon feeling unmotivated. Thanks for sharing!

101 Ways To Be a Better Person

Thankyou for this post, it has come at just the right time for me. Thanks for posting this! Excellent list Sarah! Let me also reiterate for your readers the importance of 87 — back your shit up. Thankfully a little tender loving care got me a scant few hours to dump everything on to another one before it died for good. This is soooooo awesome! Thank you. Perfect timing, this is exactly what i needed to read today.

Going to work on my vision board this evening. Gonna go check it out :. Awesome post! And thanks for using my exercise motivator idea : I also love your productivity night with friends idea! Also, it lessens the effectiveness of birth control, so watch out for that! External hard drives are great insurance against hard drive failure. But never compete with anyone except yourself.

How To Be More Happy, Healthy, Motivated, & Successful!

Always strive to be better than your previous self or your last attempt , but never compete with others. Thanks Jen! She taught me that you can be several awesome things at once if you manage your time wisely.