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The terminal doors were unlocked but no one was inside absent a handful of locals who might have arrived and missed their rides, or were waiting for another day, or perhaps just lived there. Decouple the problems, be practical, got it. Unburdened by luggage, of course, we cut across a field and yet another parking lot. A woman at an information counter, after reacting as though no one had ever asked her for information before, directed our inquiry down several flights of stairs.

The cop paused on a Korean period drama translated into Farsi. Hands up? We were redirected to the state airline Iran Air. The bureaucrats would know. Under stern photos of the Ayatollah Khomeini and the current supreme leader, three Iran Air employees, two already grinding prayer beads while the third stubbed out a cigarette, stared me down.

I might as well have brought up Trump unilaterally pulling the United States out of the nuclear deal or moving the embassy to Jerusalem or George W. My German friend stopped me. To the Iran Air staff he brought up mutual goals: a lost suitcase jumbling around the airport was no good for anyone. Sometimes a suitcase is a suitcase, and with a little goodwill we found a solution. And my boxers. There were physical threats.

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Sure, we were allowed to leave if we felt threatened. In any case, even if we canceled, someone else would always be sent to the same house later.

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Repeat call. We needed about points a day to make our monthly quota. A cut cable line was worth 10 points, whether we tried to fix it or not. We could try to splice it if we found the cut.

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Or we could maybe run a temp line. The diggers had cut his line. I knew before I walked in.

But he still wanted me to come stare at the blank cable box while we talked. I did because the Fox News cult loves to call in complaints about their rude techs. The tap, where the cable line connects, was in a neighboring yard. There was a dog door on the back patio of that yard. I told him it would be a week, 7 to 10 days to get a new line. He said through his teeth he needed an exact day. This whole time, his wife was in the kitchen wiping a clean counter. Her husband with the tucked-in polo shirt had asked my name and I told him Lauren.

He heard Lawrence because it fit what he saw and asked if he could call me Larry. Guys like that use your name as a weapon. Does that seem like good customer service to you, Larry? She said she was sorry about him. She was terrified of him. But I looked up his account. I got lucky. I pulled up his modem on my laptop, perfect signal. There was an attenuator where the cable connected to his house-wiring to tamp down the signal — too much is also a problem.

I figured the neighbor might be more understanding about internet service than Fox. I sure as fuck was. Maybe the next job was unremarkable in every way. I liked those jobs. Nothing to remember but maybe a cute dog. Maybe a few spiders. But it was a nice gesture. Blue-collar customers were always my favorite. But the spines are cracked. Maybe the next job I had to climb into an attic. Maybe it was above 90 outside and up there. You have to work fast in an attic. If the customer had a shred of humanity, you could ask to reschedule for the morning.

Humanity is rarer than I imagined when I first took the job. One woman wanted me to shimmy down into a crawl space that held 3 feet of water and about a foot to spare under her floorboards. A snake swam past the opening. Like I fucking cared. We had a blizzard one year — a few, really. We had to work. I went to one call where the problem was dead batteries on a remote.

The next, they wanted me to replace a downed line. Most of the streets were blocked.

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Thirty-five inches is a lot of snow. A state trooper told me to get the fuck off the road. No one else I talked to did either. The supervisors made a good show of pretending to care that we made it to jobs. The dispatchers canceled everything they could. My voice would stand out. The blizzards, I remember. The other days, they all blended together. Maybe next I had the woman with the bull mastiff named Otto.

I told her I needed to get to her basement. I explained the signal behind her television was crap. The signal outside her house was great. With only one line going through the cinderblock wall, there was probably a splitter. She was taller than I am. And probably a useful trait for her considering what I found next. A good place to draw a line. Stoners, I adore you. I mean it. You never yell. You never call in complaints. She went down to get his permission.

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And I was allowed down into a dungeon where she had a man in a cage. So that was probably early on. After a few years, not even a dungeon was interesting. Sex workers tip, though. Maybe my next job was a short little fucker who walked like a little teapot and who beat his kids. Sometimes you can tell. Some of us recognize the look in their eyes, the bite of fear in the air.

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He followed me into the office. And he rubbed himself against my ass when I leaned over to unplug the modem. I let it happen that time. There were a lot of those. Those I never forgot. They seep into your skin like cat piss. Each time I had to calculate the odds of something worse against the odds of getting back to my van. One of those creeps, his suit cost more than my car. He had an elevator in his three-story McMansion. Maybe he thought he owned me, too. I hope I ruined his suit. I lost the points. I made it back to my van.

My van became my home, my office, my dining room. I was safe in my van.

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In my van, I could pull off near a park for a few minutes, smoke a cigarette, read the news, check Facebook, breathe until I stopped shaking, until I stopped crying. We were monitored by GPS. But if I stayed close enough to the route, I could always claim traffic. This was Northern Virginia. There was always traffic.

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No, that job canceled. They said it was fixed. He was bidding last night on a train. It was a special piece. He showed me his collection. His garage was the size of my high school gym. But his sensible Toyota commuter box was parked out front. His garage was for the trains.

He had the Old West to the west. And Switzerland to the east. But the train he wanted went to someone in Ohio because his internet went out again and he lost the auction. He was heartbroken, and no one would listen. I remember he started clicking a dog-training clicker when I said the signal was good behind the modem. He said he was sorry. Your faithfulness also surrounds You.

You rule the swelling of the sea; when its waves rise, You still them. Where could we find anyone as glorious as you? Your faithfulness shines all around you! You rule over oceans and the swelling seas. When their stormy waves rise, you speak, and they lie still. You crushed the strongholds of Egypt and all your enemies were scattered at the mighty display of your glory-power. If you would like to sow into this ministry please click this link. Click here to have a look. Thank you so much for your donation.

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