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I suggest it remain rejected. Grace for verse 8. Thomas for verse This is not bogus. God 's purpose for us was for us to be immortal. That 's why he created us in his image. Genesis And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: The reason why God told Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree because they would know good and evil. Genesis But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

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We couldn 't be immortal knowing good and evil. Because of Adam 's sin, death came into the world.

By the time of the Egyptians, idol worship was alive and well. They worshiped gods that could not even stand on their own.

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In the last section, he returns to more contrasts between God's treatment of the Egyptians and his people. Needless to say, things don't go well for the Egyptians. Because they worshiped animals, God sent a plague of frogs. In contrast, God provided quail for the Israelites in the wilderness — a delicacy to satisfy their hunger. Again, there is no mention of their grumbling about wanting to return to Egypt.

Because of the animal worship, God tormented the Egyptians with locusts. In contrast, when the Israelites were punished with snakes, God provided a resolution by which they could be saved. The Egyptians received no such help. Lightning and hail came down from heaven to punish the Egyptians. But manna came down from heaven to feed the Israelites.

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And when darkness came upon the land and terrified the Egyptians , bright light shone upon the Israelites. The death of the firstborn sons only affected the Egyptians; the angel passed over the houses of the Israelites. But the clincher came at the Red Sea.

The sea parted for the Israelites and was the cause of death for the Egyptians. Lest one think this might have been unfair, the author is clear that all the punishments fit the crimes. The Egyptians suffered because they had committed wicked acts. The most egregious was that they originally invited the Israelites to their country as their guests during the time of Joseph and then turned them into slaves.

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Nothing could have been worse. That violated every ancient law of hospitality even though the author does not spell this out. In order to accomplish his plan, God enlisted all the elements of creation to do his bidding.

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That's why the sea opened, the creatures invaded the land, and manna fell from heaven. The book ends on a high note: "In everything, O Lord, you have exalted and glorified your people, and you have not neglected to help them at all times and in all places. Audience So who was this book written for? There are several possibilities.

The first suggests that the audience was being persecuted — possibly under Ptolemy or the Romans. This would most likely have been observant Jews.

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Another group might have been those Jews that were facing a crisis of culture. Because Hellenization had been effective and productive, Jews found themselves in a minority position. This Book of Wisdom would have provided encouragement and a renewed commitment to their ancestral traditions. A third group might have been Gentile readers.

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Some of them could have been thoughtfully assessing the problem of idolatry and possibly considering worshiping the one God. Many of these Gentiles would have been highly educated and well-versed in Greek philosophy. The author wanted to show the folly of worshiping impotent Greek idols. Influence on Theology This book was influential in several areas of theological development.

Its use of wisdom as a personification of God was an important first step in understanding the person of Jesus Christ. Wisdom is a companion of God and an important intermediary between God and people. This Wisdom can only be achieved through prayer.

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It is through Wisdom that one knows what God requires. Another area was in the realm of immortality, which is understood as a gift from God. Some religious and ethical influences that are found in the Book may stem from Greco-Roman Stoicism, which blossomed in popular culture. It is considered to be a possible source for the gospel of Matthew. For Matthew, the suffering servant of God is Jesus. The best example may be that Matthew which is connected to Jesus, and which is uniquely Matthian material with no parallels in other gospels is very similar in language and theme to Wisdom , which in turn seems to be alluding to the suffering servant of Psalm Matthew "He trusts in God.

Let God rescue him now if he wants him, for he said, 'I am the Son of God.