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We believe there are spirit beings in the Kingdom of God. We believe there are nature beings that accompany the spiritual aspect in all life forms on the whole Earth. We believe the All-Spirit is also active in the four elements. Where man does not encroach in a disruptive way, the All-Spirit serves nature, the animals and plants.

As followers of Jesus of Nazareth in the Original Christian stream, Original Christians respect and — insofar as it is possible — care for nature, the trees, the bushes, the animals and also the mineral kingdom. Jesus of Nazareth taught us: Everything is vivified, because the great All-Spirit of infinity lives in all things and all beings, in every stone, in every plant, in every animal, as well as in the very basis of the soul of every human being.

The Original Christians also believe that the consciousness of each animal communicates with the same species and sends its consciousness-radiation all around the planet. When animals are tormented, violated, maltreated, chased or even wantonly killed, all animals of the same species painfully perceive this all around the globe.

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The same applies when animals experience love, care and help from us people; then all the animals of the same species perceive this with joy and thankfulness, all around the globe. For us, as followers of Jesus of Nazareth, every flower, every bush, every tree is a life form that bears within the life of the All-Spirit. Every state of consciousness of a tree, a plant, a flower communicates — just like the animals — with the same species all around the planet.

The Original Christians have experienced and therefore know that every plant sends signals, when it is thirsty or when it is attacked.

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All plant species communicate with each other. The respect for each life form is universal life. This is what Jesus of Nazareth, whom we follow, taught. When we harvest, we stand before the fields and, in prayer, establish communication with the All-Spirit in the animals and in the tiny microorganisms of the soil. When working the soil, we do not deeply tear open the soil with a plow; we merely lightly harrow the surface, so that air and water can reach the life in the soil more easily.

We do not harm the life in the soil with artificial substances or with manure and slurry. When it is time to harvest and work the fields, we ask the living beings on and in the soil to withdraw to the extent that they are not harmed. At the same time, we also ask the nature beings to guide and lead the animals and microorganisms.

Quantum mechanics defies causal order, experiment confirms. Planet types 'missing link'. Mapping magnetite in the human brain. Puzzling Gamma-Rays from the Sun. Perseids annual show. Longest Total Lunar Eclipse of the Century. Multimessenger astronomy. Happy summer solstice! The search for supernovae with the re-purposed Kepler Astrophysics gets turned on its head: black holes Weak charge of the proton measured for the Galaxies merge sooner than previously thought.

Why is everything so dark? Panpsychism: theories that consciousness is integral to cosmos Unified origin of high-energy cosmic particles could be Chemists baffled by droplet spiraling to its doom. An artistic interpretation of the Einstein Rosen bridge Egyptian stone predates the Sun. Invention of an essential component part for quantum Kepler makes our solar system not the only A massless particle which could revolutionize electronics. Breaking electron waves provide new clues to high-temperature Looking for planet nine.

Is our solar system heating up? New sodium battery for a cost-effective power storage. New imaging technique with terahertz radiations. New progress toward quantum telecommunications. New discovery on water properties. Cost-effective water electrolysis with nickel electrode. Discovery of new tri-anion particles for battery applications. Scans of Brain Activity can be Used to Mapping Brain Circuits — Deciphering the Connectome. Does the future influence the past?

Physicists propose Neuroscientists call for more comprehensive view of how Researchers Simulate a Black Hole in the Bath. Quantum experiment to test if human consciousness is Evidence for higher state of consciousness found in New methods for investigating nonlocality in many-body systems. Brain is far more flexible than conventionally thought.

Communicating with the Scientific Community. Metamaterials that bends, shapes, and focuses sound waves. Confirmation of Quantum Resonance in Brain Microtubules.

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Neutron star reveals the energetic nature of the The Puzzle of the Proton Radius. Spacetime as Information — An Ordering Principle for Golden Ratio Stars. The End of the Aether. The Geometry of Quantum Gravity. A Few Insights on Lightspeed. Experience it here We are a community that understands everything is connected. Find Out More. June 17, Photo: Hubble image depicting galaxy ESO at the center. June 11, The evolution from the first molecule to the complex chemistry that exists in our universe today is now one step closer to being understood.

When we think of complex chemistry, we usually think of all the matter that exists on our planet which in our atmosphere is a massive June 3, Who would have imagined a fifth state of matter, containing simultaneously two states? Within the diversity of crystallization forms or phases of water May 30, Everyone knows what an electron is — right? Surprisingly the answer to that is no - no one really knows what it is.

If you ask any high school student what an electron is, they will most probably tell you that it is a subatomic particle with negative charge and May 20, In previous posts we have reported on the development of a novel propulsion device that does not require the emission of propellant or the combustion of chemical compounds. Instead, the device uses electromagnetic resonance We are all connected. These are not just empty words on a page or a nice platitude; this is a verifiable truth backed by cutting-edge research and the discoveries being made in the field of unified science by Nassim Haramein and his research team.

The Resonance Science Foundation is May 9, By the end of the Royal Society has published a review into the emergence of Quantumbiology as a field of scientific interest. Today, we still need to understand life in the context of its physical environment. Despite the impression this field was new, it emerged in synchronicity with April 30, Ancient metamaterials: The Colosseum in Rome could be protected from earthquake damage by a seismic invisibility cloak. April 12, April 10, Black holes are infamous for being photo shy — but today history was made and all that is about to change.

As their name suggests black holes are invisible to the naked eye. Theorized points of infinite density where beyond a critical radius — known as the event horizon — March 28, The main ingredient of galaxies does not seem to be so significant — as for the first time it seems the universe made a galaxy without dark matter. Dark matter is a hypothetical form of matter theorized to explain the anomalous rotational velocities of galaxies. According to the laws of March 21, By Dr.

The question now is, how much energy? Well the answer to that question is yet to be agreed upon and March 19, In order for sound to be affected by gravity and to exercise gravity, it has to carry some mass of its own. But our common observations showed that sound is vibration traveling through media; energy traveling through material carrying no mass of its own. Until now, intuitively we see February 15, It was already a sensational story, an interstellar object was careening through our solar system, it was a historic first and an opportunity to learn more about the interstellar medium around us.

February 11, Circulation of electrons is essential in electronics and also for living organisms. While in our computers, we use semiconductor made mainly of silicon crystal, Nature has found a more effective way: proteins. Protein structures facilitate long-range electron-transfer. Scientists have shown that structural features of proteins have elements that facilitate February 7, How does it looks like, how does it sounds like, how would it feel? We perceive our reality through our senses: sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste.

Most of our January 31, These are exciting times to witness. Among other studies, the EHT aims at the obtention of the first real image of the accretion disk or January 29, The expansion of the universe, as characterized by the Hubble constant, now has a new variable to add to the equation - the light from quasars! The latter value January 25, In , physicists found evidence of a deep connection between quantum error correction and the nature of space, time and gravity. The three January 23, Mayukh Pahari and collaborators could determine the spinning and mass January 18, The first total lunar eclipse of the year happens this Sunday and the United States is in prime position for optimal viewing.

We see a full moon when the path of the Moon about the Earth lines up with the path of the Earth about the Sun, such that the January 16, The word topology refers to the contours of a surface or the shape of an object. In mathematics, topology classifies objects by the number of holes they have. A ball is a sphere with no hole, whereas a doughnut, with its one hole, is topologically different.

The ball is January 15, January 2, Studies suggest that mindfulness practices may help people manage stress, cope better with serious illness and reduce anxiety and depression.

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Many people who practice mindfulness report an increased ability to relax, a greater enthusiasm for life and improved self-esteem. Meditation, or mindfulness practices, have become a well-accepted way within conventional December 23, The Casimir effect, responsible for the attraction of two neutral metallic plates separated 1 micron apart, is one of the most outstanding features of the vacuum influence on the macroscopic world, and has been discussed in former articles. The effect has been measured in a variety of experimental setups, December 21, The year draws to a close and we have approached once again the astronomical marker of change, the Winter Solstice of December 20, Black Holes are the most powerful objects known in the Universe.

And yet their physic remains to be discovered. For example, collapsing matter may not disappear at their center. It could bounce inside and, energy and information that fell into the black hole could emerge from the white hole December 17, Researchers from University of California - Berkeley found two clocks in our brains with different functions.

The paper authored by Assaf Breska and Richard B. There are different locations in the reptilian parts of our brain the brainstem December 14, This Sunday 16th December the second of two bright-green comets will be making an appearance in the night sky. A comet is a small icy body composed of frozen rock, dust and gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, cyanogen, methane, and ammonia. These balls of ice - or dirty December 13, Barely living "zombie" bacteria and other forms of life constitute an immense amount of carbon deep within Earth's subsurface— to times greater than the carbon mass of all humans on the surface, according to scientists nearing the end of a year international collaboration to reveal Earth's innermost secrets.

December 12, Precise measurements of the electron dipole moment EDM may help solve unanswered questions about our universe. The standard model of particle physics accurately describes all particle physics measurements made so far in the laboratory. However, although it aims to describe our observable universe, from the very big to the very December 9, Quantum physics is the general term for a set of physical approaches born in the 20th century which, like the theory of relativity, marks a break with what is now called classical physics.

Thus, the so-called "quantum theory" describes the often non-intuitive behaviors of atoms, photons and other particles December 7, There is an obvious flaw in the current predominant physics model of the fundamental behavior and nature of the universe: current physics theory is a contentious amalgamation of two separate models that seem to be incompatible in characterizing a couple of important properties, like gravity and time.

One of December 5, In a National Geographic Article from 28th Nov. Nonetheless, the physical interpretation and whether or not the effect comes November 30, Thanks to the work of Arthur Ashkin among many others, optical traps are now a reality. Using laser beams optical levitation of microspheres is November 28, A recent publication indicates Yoga-Music at bedtime enhances the hearts variability in beat to beat distances. The heart is not only pumping, but pulsing with fractal fluctuations.

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The more flexible it is, the healthier you are. The pace will increase while breathing in and slow down during exhalation. As mentioned in a previous article, the Event Horizon Telescope is an international collaboration aiming to obtain the first real image of the event horizon EH of a black hole using a set of antennas scattered around the globe. EHT has been monitoring and collecting data from the supermassive November 21, The year is historic for the world of measurement.

It will mark the redefinition of the International System SI , and more particularly of four of its units: the kilogram, the ampere, the kelvin and the mole. November 16, The Leonid meteor shower will be peaking this weekend. November 15, Biologist Dr. Daniel Fels recently published an essay in Biology on the interaction of matter and the so-called bioelectricity as a functional unity for regulation of living cells. He discusses interactions of internal bioelectricity with Up to , the biggest telescopes were composed of an array of antennas located in a particular site, like the one at Atacama Desert, in Chile.

Its construction dates from and consists of sixty-six 8-tometer diameter antennas aiming to receive millimeter November 13, Galaxies come in all shapes and sizes with the most common and well-studied being similar to our Milky way galaxy and known as disc or spiral galaxies. November 12, Scientists have discovered that a two graphene layers can conduct electrons showing superconductivity if the two hexagonal nets are twisted against each other at a 1.

Most superconductors November 10, A star that formed at the time of the early universe has just been identified, and its unique characteristics may reveal new insights to star formation. Stars are theorized to have formed in the collapsing dust of a nebulae, with the star forming in the centre of rotation and the November 9, Of all the science-fiction-sounding names that have come to fruition in recent years, perhaps none is as mysterious or seemingly fictitious as time crystals.

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  • The name evokes something between Back to the Future and Donnie Darko, and the reality is perhaps crazier than either. Two separate groups of scientists recently A team of scientists designed a device that can induce partial hindlimb regeneration in adult aquatic African clawed frogs Xenopus laevis by "kick-starting" tissue repair at the amputation site. November 8, When we think about liquids, we think about one of the four known states of matter: gas, liquid, solid and plasma charged or ionized gas.

    Light being massless, the words Liquid and Light put together seems at first like an oxymoron. But not so long ago, in , a November 1, Tractor beams are often shown in science fiction film to move heavy weight. Even if our current technology is not advanced enough to lift large load, physicists have managed to move small objects using acoustic or laser tractor beam.

    As mentioned in a recent article, we saw acoustic tractor October 31, Planet formation is not yet understood and to complicate matters Mercury is an anomaly — now a new ambitious mission hopes to resolve the mysteries and shed light on planet formation. Planets and stars are theorized to have formed in the collapsing dust of a nebulae, with the star forming October 29, Chairman Dr. Luc Montagnier. He introduced a highly sensitive method for detecting infections like Lyme, when usual Lab tests like serology and classical PCR An acoustic tractor beam that can bend sound around an obstacle to levitate an object on the other side has been created by researchers in the UK.

    October 27, The most widespread view of the origin of our Universe is that of the big explosion, commonly known as the Big Bang BB. We have asked ourselves what happens right after, at the first instants of the universe… the most accepted view among cosmologists is that of an exponential October 26, Identifying the shape of massive astronomical object is not a simple task.

    Even with recent observations of gravitational waves the mass and angular momentum of the object remain known with large uncertainty. Moreover, it exists exotic objects, as wormholes who can mimic the shape of black holes for example October 25, The universe as we currently understand it may not be allowed to exist — at least according to the cosmological model of string theorists. To understand the behavior and evolution of the universe, cosmological models provide a mathematical description capable of making validated predictions. October 23, In search of a cure against cancer patient voice Bonnie J.

    Addario called out at Forbes for a new paradigm called Transformational Medicine. It is about the Information flow in academic and pharmaceutical efforts to find cures. October 19, Point particle, electron cloud, if the electron is actually a physical object with a finite size, then how big is it. Surprisingly, there is yet no clear answer to this simple question.

    However, some theories turn out to be pretty interesting such as the Bohr radius m , the classical October 14, Atomic Hydrogen H - the first element in our periodic table - has given an unexpected and unprecedent apparition. A recent study by Lutz Wisotzki of the Leibniz Institute of Astrophysics in Potsdam and collaborators from different institutions reveals the presence of H all over the sky, including the Three scientists on Tuesday won the Nobel Physics Prize, including the first woman to receive the prestigious award in 55 years, for inventing Chirped-pulse amplification, or CPA.

    October 8, A study published late September depicts the mean rotation rate of the Sun as a function of velocity vs. The subsurface boundary shear and the angular velocity gradient gives rise to a latitudinal migration of a toroidal field dynamic with a cycle of 22 Years, October 6, The detection of cosmic rays is rare — however the latest detection is even rarer as it appears to be going in the wrong direction.

    Cosmic rays are bombarding the Earth every day and are measured at observing sites across the world, with the most notable being located at the October 5, A new groundbreaking discovery has been made within the most basic of resources. Scientists from Germany now believe that water has a memory, meaning that what once was seen as October 1, This could be the first time you have heard about a white hole WH.

    Such cosmological entities, roughly represented by a singularity September 29, Relativistic jets synonymous with black holes have been observed in a highly magnetized neutron star for the first time - putting current theories into question! We see jets of ionized matter in all types of astrophysical objects from the plasma jets seen emanating from the surface of stars like our September 25, The detection of gravitational waves GW has been a remarkable breakthrough for many reasons, among them, the possibility of discarding or testing different theories describing gravity.

    These extra dimensions are September 21, Sunday 23rd at UTC marks the point of equinox — that is when there is approximately equal day and equal night, making it the official start of Autumn. As the Earth orbits the sun, in a slightly eccentric orbit and inclined at an angle of September 13, This Monday 10th September one of two bright-green comets will be making an appearance in the night sky.

    These balls of ice - or dirty snowballs September 12, An experiment has confirmed that quantum mechanics allows events to occur with no definite causal order. Why are some planets rocky and some gaseous? Have you ever wondered why the Earth is rocky and solid and planets like Jupiter and Neptune are gaseous? To add to the September 7, The last year or so has been very busy for the scientists at the Resonance Science Foundation with new scientists joining the research group, having productive workshops, and learning and engaging with other scientists around the globe.

    In August scientist September 4, That the human brain contains magnetite is well established; however, its spatial distribution in the brain has remained unknown. A new study shows that the reproducible magnetization patterns of magnetite is preferentially partitioned in the human brain, specifically in the cerebellum and brain stem. In researchers identified the presence August 23, Gamma-rays have been observed emanating from the solar poles at a higher rate than expected.

    Gamma-rays are the highest observed energy of electromagnetic radiation and are typically produced in energy transitions in atomic nuclei.


    Similar to photons of light being emitted as electrons reconfigure in atoms, photons of light are August 10, The Perseid meteor shower will be peaking this weekend and with Saturdays new moon the night sky will be perfect for viewing this astronomical show. July 26, Get ready for the longest eclipse of the century this Friday 27th July when the full moon will not be like any old full moon.

    We see a full moon when the path of the Moon about the Earth lines up with the path of the Earth about the July 12, In-direct observations of black holes are made through the detection of electromagnetic radiation emitted by the surrounding matter, and more recently through the detection of gravitational waves.


    Now for the first time, at an observatory feet below the Antarctic ice, astronomers have observed a black hole through the June 20, June 13, The latest supernovae survey reveals the crucial importance in furthering our understanding of supernovae and reaching confident conclusions as soon as possible. The standard theory of stellar evolution results in an explosion and is revealed in a rare and beautiful astronomical event.

    Astronomers search for these events in the hope May 27, Supermassive black holes observed for the first time at the earliest epoch of star and galaxy formation are indicating that black holes form first and guide the later accretion and structuring of stars and galaxies By: William Brown and Amira Val Baker; RSF research scientists For decades physicist Nassim Haramein has May 14, Charge - that is the degree to which an entity is affected by an external force — comes in all shapes in sizes.

    Now for the first-time scientists have been able to determine the weak charge of the proton. The weak force is one of the four fundamental forces of May 1, The biggest map of our galaxy just got revealed and it confirms the intriguing discrepancy in the value of the Hubble constant, further questioning our understanding of the expanding Universe.

    April 27, Massive galactic clusters were thought to have formed 3 billion years after the big bang when their component galaxies started merging. However, recent observations of starburst galaxies now reveal that they began merging and forming galactic clusters much sooner — 1. Galactic clusters contain January 30, Conventionally consciousness is explained as emerging from electrochemical computational activity of cells in complex neural networks.

    January 26, Cosmic rays can mean any high energy from the cosmos and were only referred to as rays for historical reasons — in that they thought cosmic rays were electromagnetic radiation. However generally cosmic rays refer to high energy particles with mass whereas high energy in the form of gamma January 17, Back in chemists were baffled when they dropped a single droplet of dichloromethane DCM into a beaker of water.

    DCM is a solvent and commonly used as a paint stripper or degreaser. However, it is not miscible proportionally mixed with water and as it has a higher density An Einstein Rosen bridge, ER or commonly called a wormhole, is a theoretical passage through space and time that could create shortcuts for long journeys across the universe. This phenomenon was predicted in when Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen published a paper showing the existence of a corridor January 11, Recent analysis of a stone found in the Libyan Desert Glass area of southwest Egypt, has sparked debate and a rethink of the current consensus on the formation of the solar system.

    In a study, due to be published next month, a team of international researchers announced the resulting analysis One difficulty of making quantum systems is because the qubits have to be maintained coherent during the whole process. Thus, due to the current technology, the qubits must be very close to each other, about 10 to 20 nm apart, in order to communicate.

    This leaves little room to December 15, Yesterday it was announced that an eighth planet had been confirmed to be orbiting the Sun-like star Kepler What makes this news even more remarkable is the fact that it was discovered by an AI — artificial intelligence. In , after 85 years of searching, researchers confirmed the existence of a massless particle called the Weyl fermion. With the unique ability to behave as both matter and anti-matter inside a crystal, this quasiparticle is like an electron with no mass.

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    The story begun in when Dirac Superconductivity is a sought-after effect, but unfortunately it only enters this state at extremely low temperatures. Normal conductors are wasteful and inefficient so the desire to understand superconductivity and replicate the effects at higher temperatures is paramount. A team of scientists now believe they may just be on the edge Stochastic processes are ubiquitous in nature.

    Also known as random processes, they can take multiple forms like a random walk, or a game of chance. Their studies have played a pivotal role in the development of modern physics starting with Langevin and the Brownian motion well illustrated by pollen November 20, Since and the declassification of Pluto for a dwarf planet, our solar system has only eight planets.

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    At this distance, a large population of small, The consequences of human activity on our environment has been proven and sadly can be observed on a daily basis. Even the Chinese government is taking action to face the ongoing problematic smog spread all across Chinese Cities. Finding a new energy storage material is a great challenge and sodium is showing great promise. Being one of the two main ingredients in the salt, it is very abundant, non-toxic and cheap. However, it is very difficult to produce a sodium based battery. The problem is, when exposed October 24, However, in reality, two-dimensional surfaces do not exist in nature, if zoomed in sufficiently even the most seemingly flat surface has 3-dimensional structure.

    This can pose October 16, October 7, Recently, electromagnetic radiation in the terahertz THz frequency range has emerged as one of the most promising imaging techniques for a variety of applications in science and engineering. The potential and suitability of the THz technology for practical applications such as the nondestructive testing field has been released by The ability to generate entangled photons is a key prerequisite for several quantum applications like quantum information processing, quantum repeaters, or quantum cryptography.

    In particular, for the implementation of long distance quantum communication, as a matter of example for fiber-based quantum key distribution, it becomes compulsory to employ low October 3, Water is one of the most basic molecule we can find in the Universe but this tiny molecule is still keeping some interesting secrets. Its physic could be very surprising. Among its various properties, water can exist in three different states, either as solid ice, liquid water, or vapour September 27, Water electrolysis is an effective way to produce hydrogen and oxygen by breaking the water molecule in two parts. admin