The Parting Glass

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The Parting Glass Songtext

These changes suggest that Nugent's broadsides were printed after Haly's and Birmingham's. It's not clear if this melody and the text of "The Parting Glass" were were combined in Ireland or already earlier in Scotland or England. The broadside from Liverpool doesn't mention a tune.

Now we have all three verses of the modern version of "The Parting Glass". Only the melody is missing. The British Folklorists are not of much help in this respect. They have mostly avoided this song. There are also some great collections of Irish tunes that are worth checking out. Even more successful is a look into P. It's a farewell song of emigrants leaving their hometown for a new life in America:. Joyce - born in - had learned it "when a mere child":.

The tune was later included in at least five other collections:. It seems that it was very popular in Ireland. A version of "The Parting Glass" from August p. This strongly suggests that these text were also known in Ireland. O Lochlainn writes in his notes p.

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It must have been a broadside published either by Haly or Birmingham because his text doesn't include the edits and errors of Nugent's variant from Dublin. This "Parting Glass" is virtually identical to the version recorded by the Clancys in and it is not unreasonable to assume that they have learned it - directly or indirectly - from this book. In fact only the publication in O Lochlainn's Irish Street Ballads and then the recording by the Clancy's have established this variant as the "definitive" version of "The Parting Glass".

During the Folk Revival era this song was also recorded by some other artists:. Galvin's may have been the very first recording of "The Parting Glass" but by all accounts the Clancy Brothers' version turned out to be the most influential. Bob Dylan also learned this song from the Clancys. He used the "song's harmonic structure and sentiment" Harvey, p.

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But Frank Sinatra liked this song and asked Dylan to perform it at the concert celebrating his 80th birthday in Bob Dylan then only played it live one more time in a day after Sinatra's death. Today "The Parting Glass" has superseded all other songs from this family. Sir Alexander Boswell's version for example had been so popular during the 19th century but today it is barely known.

In the end - and once again - the work of anonymous street poet has won over the products of notable songwriters like Boswell or Robert Burns and an Irish melody of unknown origin has pushed aside an even older tune that had been immensely popular for nearly years. More Song Histories. First posted here in November , revised version posted on March 30, Comments: Please use my blog , send a mail to info[at]justanothertune. An Opera.

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To vice, nor to iniquity, God grant none of you ever fall, God's blessing keep you both and me! Good Night, and GOD be with you all. The Friends Reply. Most loving friend, God be thy guide, And never leave thy Company, And all things needful thee provide, And give thee all prosperity; We rather had thy Company, It thou woulds't have stayed us among; We wish you much felicity: Good grant that nothing doe thee wrong.

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But as far as I know it was not printed anymore after How happy's he, whoe'er he be That in his life meets one true friend, Who cordially does symphatise In words, in action, hearts and mind. My kind repects do not neglect Altho' my wealth or state shall be small With a melting heart and a mournful eye I beg the Lord be with you all. My loving friends, I kiss your hands, For time invites me for to move; On yout poor servant lay commands, Who is ambitious of your love.

He - whose pow'r and might, both day and night, Governs the depths, makes rain to fall, To sun and moon gives course of light, Direct, protect, defend you all. I do protest, within my breast, Your memory I'll not neglect; On that record I'll lay arest, Hell's fury shall not alter it. All I desire of earthly bliss, Is to be free from guilt or thrall; I hope my God will grant me this: Good Night, and joy be with you all.

Ye favoured, enlighten'd few, Companions of my social joy; Tho' I to foreign lands must hie, Pursuing Fortune's slidd'ry ba'; With melting heart, and brimful eye, I'll mind you still, tho' far awa.

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Oft have I met your social band, And spent the cheerful, festive night; Oft, honour'd with supreme command, Presided o'er the sons of light: And by that hieroglyphic bright, Which none but Craftsmen ever saw Strong Mem'ry on my heart shall write Those happy scenes, when far awa. And you, farewell! A last request permit me here,— When yearly ye assemble a', One round, I ask it with a tear, To him, the Bard that's far awa.

Ed Sheeran - The Parting Glass (Studio Version) + lyrics

Guid-nicht and joy, guid-nicht and joy Guid nicht and joy be wi' ye a' For this is my departing nicht, And the mourn's the day I'm gaun awa'. It can be found in a Scottish chapbook: Four songs: The scolding wife. The sorrowful man at peace. The Sheffield 'prentice. The first two verses - with only some minor variations - as well as some lines of the fourth would later be used in the Irish song: All the money e'er I had, I spent it in good company, All the hardships e'er I had, Alas they were to none but me.

From what I've done for want of wit; My memory I will recal, I hope to mend it all as yet, Good night and joy be with you all. If I had money for to spend, And time and place to sit awhile, There is a fair maid in this town, So fain I would her heart beguile. Her cherry cheeks, her ruby lips, alas!

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