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Despite her doubts and his debts, the two were happy, and Victoire soon fell pregnant. Instead, on the actual day, the Archbishop of Canterbury stood with the child over the font, waiting for the Prince Regent to inform him of her name. Her first name was Alexandrina, after the Tsar even the Regent dared not anger the Russian ruler by refusing it , but she quickly became known by her middle name — Victoria. By December, Kent had accepted his debts were insurmountable and moved his family to a cheaper house in Sidmouth, on the Devon coast.

It was a bitter winter, and in early January, after returning from one of his outdoor walks soaked to the bone, the Duke took to his bed with a chill.

Is Rachel Weisz So Good in ‘The Favourite’ Because She Was There?

Victoria was just eight months old. The year-old Duchess was impoverished and desperate. Her brother Leopold persuaded the begrudging Prince Regent to allow her rooms in Kensington Palace and she took with her John Conroy, a handsome Irishman who had been equerry to the Duke. On 29 January , the day that the Duchess arrived at the palace, the poor mad King George finally died. After the Dukes of York and Clarence, baby Victoria was next in line to the throne.

Kensington Palace was then cold, gloomy and shabby — and the life Victoria led there was little better. The Duchess and John Conroy were absolutely united in a quest to make Victoria their slave. Both were convinced that Victoria would become queen and their dearest hope was that she would ascend as a minor, so the Duchess could be Regent and gather power and riches for herself and her dear friend. If, however, she succeeded after the age of 18, they wished to ensure that she would give up all power to them. The Kensington System was a cruel regime of bullying and, most of all, surveillance.

Victoria was not allowed to be alone for a second. Her every cough, every word and even choice of dress was faithfully reported to John Conroy. The Duchess was also terrified of reports that the Duke of Cumberland, who would have been the next brother in line to the throne, wished to kill the little girl. Certainly, Cumberland spread rumours that Victoria was too sickly to rule and tried to find ways of pushing her out of the succession — and it is not impossible that he might have wanted her dead. Victoria felt her confined situation keenly.

As Victoria grew up, the Duchess redoubled her attempts to control her, and to show herself off as the power behind the throne. The Duke of Clarence and his much younger wife had a girl, Charlotte, in , but she lived only a few hours.

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In late December , they had another girl, Elizabeth, to the despair of the Duchess of Kent. But by the following March, Elizabeth had died. On 1 August , she, the year-old Victoria, and the Conroys set off on the first of their journeys: a three-month tour to Wales, via the Midlands and Cheshire. Victoria hated the tour. She detested being surrounded by Conroys, the early starts, and the endless dinners and receptions with dull adults.

Meanwhile, the politicians voiced their opinion that Victoria was just too ridiculous a name for a ruler. Indeed, the King tried to force the Duchess to agree to change it to Elizabeth or Charlotte. Initially, she agreed. Finally, however, she refused, wishing that her daughter would bear her name. It is odd to think now that if she had relented, the Victorian age would never have existed. Soon the Princess was 16 and, with King William showing every sign of holding onto health for another two years, the pair began to panic — and decided to embark on a new strategy.

They told all those with influence that Victoria was so immature that she would require the Duchess to rule for her until at least the age of At the same time, they plotted to force Victoria to give them positions of power when she ascended the throne. In the autumn of , when Victoria fell ill with typhoid at Ramsgate, they saw an opportunity to act. While the Princess was weeping with fever in bed, the Duchess loomed over her and repeatedly attempted to force her to sign a document agreeing to appoint Conroy as her private secretary — in effect, the controller of her affairs and money.

The King, too, was resolute. Although very unwell, he was determined not to give up on life until Victoria turned He hated the Duchess and the last thing he wanted was for her to be Regent. Every day, he struggled on — willing himself not to die. How old! It was a giant gala day for the country. Kensington was festooned with banners and there was an official reception at the palace and a large ball in the evening.

For the Duchess, however, it was a day of despair. Victoria was 18 — and the King was still alive. The Duchess and Conroy redoubled their efforts to force Victoria to agree to appoint Conroy as her private secretary or treasurer, or to a regency until she was They told her that the country only esteemed her because of her mother; they begged and threatened — and Conroy declared she should be locked up and denied food.

Victoria stayed strong and, luckily for her, she did not have long to wait. In the early hours of 20 June , the King finally died. Her first act was to ask for an hour alone. Can you show that? I've had this discussion before and Google shows zero mention of that, except for some clickbait-y articles saying "you'll never believe how they look now!

It's a weird thing to defend but the last time I said this, someone was aggressively adamant about it and they couldn't provide proof. I just opened up a PDF version of the book and searched for each instance of her name, and even in the intro paragraph about her it just says "the girl called Lavender". Wazlib is my father.

And There She Was (HIMYM)

Aw thats a shame, im still in the first season so I have a lot of evangeline to look forward to yet. I heard Ferris had to leave the show for outside reasons. I think it's definitely dismissed as something light hearted and feminine but my god it's dark Sometimes!

I thought she would have made a great Umbridge! No, she wouldn't.

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The whole point in Umbridge is that she's cutesy. She's wonderful in Rosemary and Thyme. So great to see her play one of the "good guys"-- in this case a lovely, crime-fighting friend and heroine. Today I realized that the Matilda book takes place in England, and it was just the movie that made me picture it in America. He spent time in the USA early during ww2 as part of an elite squad of charming Englishmen sent to sway the Americans into joining the war.

Dahl was apparently sent to seduce the wife of an influential senator, which he did, only to later request that he be taken off the mission because her gargantuan sexual appetite was exhausting him. Movie Matilda would have gone to Ilvermorny, the North American school for witchcraft and wizardry. Movie Matilda would've probably been sorted into Horned Serpent, the Ilvermorny scholar house, I would guess, then. I was sorted for Ravenclaw and Thunderbird which have very different descriptions. I'm a Gryffindor Horned Serpent myself.

All it said for the Horned Serpent description was that it was the house for those who are scholars, so I figured with Matilda's love for books and learning she would fit in well there. They're definitely not equivalent but then again there's not much on the Ilvermorny houses I think there's less emphasis on characteristics in American witchcraft.

It's a potion ingredient in the Draught of Living Death! In Harry's first meeting with Snape, Snape asks him "What would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood? What would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood? Or a demon see The Screwtape Letters by C.

“Wheresoever she was, there was Eden.”

Could Matilda be a cambion, as Merlin was? True, but I like to think that she was able to use her powers with a good amount of control only because she was under an extreme amount of stress. At the end of the book, when she was finally happy, her powers only suppressed. Harry similarly appeared to only have magical powers in his youth under extreme stress.

she was there by Joseph Bishara - Listen to music

It sounds like that's the most common way for magic to express itself in youngsters see also: Neville. I don't think she was under stress but actually bored I believe that's the explanation given in the book but not sure just like Tom Riddle was able to control its powers by being kinda bored in the orphanage.

Obscurials are formed by forced suppression.

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  • Knowing you are magical and intentionally trying to stop magic from happening. Even in this fan fiction we're talking about here there is no reason why Matilda would want to stop using her powers. Not being able to use them does not automatically make someone an obscurial.

    Just like Harry never became an obscurial because he didn't know he was magical and didn't actively try and stop himself from using magic. Matilda developed and honed her abilities under duress. But without a reason, those powers went dormant until she received a certain letter at the age of I'll let you make an educated guess. This is just brilliant.

    I only saw the movie, though, and it might be a bit too late to read that book. I only hope that teacher is as great in the book as she is in the movie. I adore good teachers. Matilda is a British character, the film was made American because that's what American production companies do with British source material so it's more appealing to American audiences see Charlie and the chocolate factory and witches too.

    IIRC Danny devito made it because his daughter loved the book. The reason why Speilberg turned it down was because he insisted on an American actor as Harry and JK refused. In my opinion American kids are better actors, but I'm glad we kept it British. I remember reading an article at the time I had a big folder of Harry Potter articles from magazines and newspapers that Spielberg wanted to make it all CGI, combine the first two books together and cast Haley Joel Osment as Harry Potter. Weird how people agree that bullying is wrong, yet will insult celebrities on their looks without batting an eye.

    And in what way is American child actors better than the British ones?! Evidence or bias opinion? It's an opinion and one without bias, as I am British and half of my class, some of my family and 2 of my ex-boyfriends were in the first 3 movies, but British kids tend to give more of a stage-y vibe. Overacting facial expressions, wooden voices That sort of thing.

    Before I remembered that Matilda was originally a book by Roald Dahl I was going to comment that Matilda would have gone to Ilvermorny or another unknown North American magic school I can't imagine that Ilvermorny is big enough for all of the magical students across the US given that the population is 4. That's not that unbelievable. There could be as few as students at Hogwarts at any time, making Ilvermorney students big or a few more, once you add in the rest of North America , That's still less students than my high school.

    So does JK Rowling, to be fair. She sometimes says there about 'about a thousand' students, which raises the question of where the other hundred students in Harry's year are. Also lots of deaths. I can't imagine that Ilvermorny is big enough for all of the magical students across the US given that the population is 4. You could easily have a boarding school that is 5x as large considering most of Hogwarts had like at most a thousand students. And as a Muggle-born, she would've been killed or imprisoned when Voldemort had control of the Ministry. I like this headcanon. I'm an idiot.

    Im British and forgot that Matilda was the book by Ronald Dahl so obviously it would have taken place in England and not america. Is the Matilda in the books British? She was just one of those NPCs in the background. Probably died during the battle of hogwarts. Wonderful book, that was adapted into a really good movie by Danny Devito.

    I recommend both! It isn't a perfect fit but it gives you a general idea. There was never a Matilda in any of the HP books! And then I realize you're talking about the entirely separate telekinetic bookworm character from the movie based on the Roald Dahl book. I actually think Mathilda may have some Hufflepuff in her as well. She tried to see the good in her father and tried to save him when the cops came after him even though she hadn't had the best childhood. But ultimately I agree she probably would have been sorted into Ravenclaw!

    Didn't Rowling write a character in the 4th book named Matilda but then wrote her out? She was Ron's cousin or something. Very close! I can totally see her being a Ravenclaw. However, if we go with the theory that Hogwarts is what qualities are the most important to you, I'd say Hufflepuff has a chance as well. But I may be biased ; Despite that, iirc empathy was always important to Matilda. However, all those tricks she played against her "family" could also point to cunning, and thus Slytherin. But err. Was Matilda even in the UK? Inb4 a thousand yeses.

    I saw other comments, sorry I'm late. Most "older" millennials like me love it 28 and above. Although the movie makes it seem like it is American, the book is English.

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    I don't know about Ravenclaw and I say that as a Ravenclaw. One of her defining features is her kindness and goodness, which I associate more with Hufflepuff than anything else. Plus her food-motivated actions speak for themselves Especially the first few chapters with the Dursleys. His books must have had a huge influence on J.

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