Rowan Wood

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Rowans were often planted near gates and doorways to protect against evil spirits and misfortune. The twigs of the Rowan were placed in barns and above doorways for this same purpose, similar to the Cross of St Brigid, who is associated with the Rowan according to Celtic folklore.

Rowan Wood

It symbolises protection in both Druid and Viking beliefs. Rowan wood was often used to build cart wheels, boats and walking sticks, perhaps as a form of protection on a journey, and the bark of the rowan can be used as a powerful dye.

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Rowan berries are quite bitter but not poisonous. When mixed with sugar they make nice jellies, jams juices and wines.

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Eaten raw the seeds of the rowan berry can cause stomach upsets but they can be turned into remedies for cleansing the kidneys and the blood, balancing the digestive system, strengthening the immune system and helping with a sore throat or bronchitis. Quantities are limited and items are subject to prior sale.

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No price adjustments on prior sales. Our hand-lathed, -sanded, and -stained finial comes in three shapes and sizes united by a cheerful, red, white, and blue palette. This mango wood and iron trio adds a touch that's part cottage charm and part seaside sophistication. Made of mango wood Multi-color painted finish Available in a large, medium and small.

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Need Help? Phone: Rowan was also noted for its believed disassociation with the Dark Arts.

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Ollivander, who had a nearly photographic memory when it came to the wands he had sold, could not recall a single instance of a wizard he sold a rowan wand to ever becoming evil or turning to the Dark Arts. Perhaps for these reasons, rowan has become associated with pure-hearted wizards , though Ollivander noted that rowan wands can also match or even outperform others in duels. There is an old poem regarding various wand woods which goes: "rowan gossips, chestnut drones, ash is stubborn, hazel moans". Garrick Ollivander believed that there was some truth in this rhyme.

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Ollivander also noted that wizards chosen by rowan wands tend to be compatible with those chosen by elder wands. The name "rowan" is derived from the Old Norse name for the tree, raun.