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Her journey for her first Gym Badge however was delayed by an unfortunate incident that befell her sixteen year old rival Sabina. That following morning, Sabina seemed to have recovered, but the vicious bite was still very visible on her shin. More alarmingly, although Sabina insisted that she was infected, the nurses could not find any trace of venom in her body. Despite a little wooziness, Sabina seemed to be fine; in fact, in the nurses' own words, she looked younger than ever.

Taking this as a compliment, Sabina thanked the nurses for their help, but her gratitude turned to disgust when she found April gossiping with her sister in the waitin. Have you ever lived in a flat with someone of the opposite sex? It's a lot more common than you think, but for two particular flatmates, things were about to become a whole lot weirder. That said however, things were already strange enough for Nathan Harvey. In Cardiff Bay, the former student actor finally captured a glimpse of hope for his struggling career.

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A few short miles down the road from his flat, a new film studio had just opened, and a budding new production company were hiring actors for a new family sitcom. He was the first in line for auditions, and although he was unsuccessful in acquiring the lead role, he still managed to obtain a significant role in the production, although it was not anywhere near what he expected. The twenty-seven year old was hesitant to take the role at first, but realising that this could be the break he needed, especially to earn some form of income since his unemployment, he decided to accept the offer and brace for what was about to be a.

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Before making their debut, Kathryn and Brooke Lee received mentoring from wrestling veteran Sue Reynolds, who took a shine to the spunky duo. After weeks of preparation, both women made their in-ring debut on the first show of HIW's first season in a losing effort against Roxxanne and Kelly Gomez.

This was the first instance where Brooke lost a match for her partner, but at this point in her career, Kathryn accepted the loss as though it was not to be. Lightning struck twice however when Brooke took another loss, this time from the Diaz Twins who admittedly stole the win with a roll-up. In Episode , Kathryn competed in her first singles match, displaying her immense strength by out-wrestling Diana Diaz. Despite ringside shenanigans between Brooke Lee and Donna Diaz, Kathryn managed to force Diana to submit to the Lotus Lock, proving how capable she was of winning for the first time.

In the following episode, she watched from ringside as Brooke Lee failed to do the same in her first. It seemed like an ordinary night on the prowl for Felicia Hardy, but little did she realize that this would be the beginning to something bigger than she could have possibly imagined.

The Black Cat was a renowned cat burglar based in New York, and her unique ability to cause bad luck to anyone she chose made her a favorite contact in the criminal underworld whenever a heist was planned. On this particular night however, she faced some bad luck of her own. With the help of an anonymous client, Felicia was granted a mystical deus ex machina, enabling her to sneak through the enchantment that protected the Sanctum Sanctorum from outside interference. With the biggest heist in her life at stake, she managed to climb through the window and into the trophy room, where she found several priceless trinkets ripe for the taking.

She was tasked with finding a specific amulet, but upon seeing all these mystical treasures, she couldn't help but pick one out for herself. Unfortunately this curiosity. Every region is full of adventure just waiting to be explored, and the region of Moras was no different.

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A secluded island that revolved around a large city, the region consisted of many forests, beaches, caves and mountains; as you would expect from any other region in this world. But out of all the known regions, why was this one the most avoided?

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This was a mystery that baffled the mind of a young girl on her way to her new home in Epi Town. This young girl was April, and she had just moved in with her mother and brother. Epi Town was small, but it was cozy; not too far from the Syllaba City shopping district, but far enough to avoid the noise and commotion of the busy streets.

It was a refreshing change of scenery after spending most of her life in Mauville City, but since arriving in her new ho. Unable to look through her own eyes, Zatanna Zatara suddenly found herself in a dream world. As if she was walking inside a cloud, she looked around and wandered through the vacant space, oblivious to what was happening in the real world.

Despite sharing a body with Hal Jordan, she lost almost all contact with her friends on the outside, left only to meditate until her arrival in this strange plain of existence. In this dream world, she was approached by an astral projection of Raven, although unlike her real counterpart, this projection resembled her younger slimmer self, before she became inflicted with her gluttony curse.

Raven sent this message to Zatanna as a last resort, explaining that she brought back an incredible evil upon the Earth. Her father, Trigon the Terrible, had returned with the promise to exact vengeance on her behalf, but realizing what she had just done, Raven needed to tell Zatanna the Magician how to stop both the Deviant and her father. When asked, out of all o. The city of Metropolis was on the road to recovery.


After the damage done by the maniacal Lex Luthor, every individual in the city had to adapt to their new lives. Every male in the city was forced to cope as female equivalents of themselves, and every female had to make sure that the streets did not erupt into chaos again. Civilization was once again becoming stable, and with the resistance watching over the city high in the tower of LexCorp, this would at least grant the Justice League time to figure out how to stop the Deviant once and for all. Unfortunately however, the Deviant had other plans.

LexCorp, turned into a safe haven for allies tainted by the Deviant's magic, was suddenly invaded from above. Wielding their respective power rings, they took the resistance by surprise, wiping them all out from the top floor. Browse Gallery. Random Favourites. Mature content. Browse Favourites. Zero Meets Michelle. My lucky day, meeting Zero Confidence in such a situation Can't help but wonder if she might have been responsible for this new form Journal History.

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All Watchers. All Friends. One Year Later Alright guys, I think it's safe to say that I haven't been all that active on here lately, and for that, I am truly sorry. First of all, my last journal entry was almost an entire year ago. In that time, I've uploaded three stories; only one of them however was uploaded in Despite everything, I haven't forgotten about you guys, but I cannot keep promising to be back soon.

Family and parenthood must always come first, and work closely second, and although I do get a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction from this hobby in general, I barely have enough time as it is for most of my other hobbies.

The Monster's Daughter » Melville House Books

Basically I just wanted to let you know that at this point there will be no comeback story or anything; if I do get inspiration to come up with something, and if I have the time to work on it, I will gladly share it on here, but the times of frequent uploads are long gone, and I don't want to keep lying and telling you guys to stay tuned for what's to come. I appreciate those who appreciate my work, and I wish I got to work on projects with a few of you. That said however, that doesn't mean that I'm removing this account Things may be absolutely different since I first started on this website, but like I said before, I haven't forgotten about you guys, nor do I think I will for a while, and as long as I remember, I know there will always be a place for me to share these little bursts of inspiration.

Marvel Changes is a series that is long overdue a continuation. The ideas for the next chapter were already there since before the last chapter was uploaded, however the motivation quickly died down, and unfortunately, it never came back up. If it ever does, I'll be sure to try my best to get it up and ready.

I want that series to be just a memorable to me as the Justice League Changes series, but to be completely honest, I don't have as much love for Marvel as I do with DC, so please bare with me as these chapters will more than likely take a lot more time than usual. The same applies to Pokemon Changes. There's no proof that this sort of thing actually happened during the Boer War. Two characters in the novel are the products of those experiments.

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  • Both characters are aging very slowly and they are still living over a century later as the two alternating timelines converge. The main character, a young woman who is investigating this homicide for the South African Police, is determined to solve this crime. As she digs deeper she makes some horrifying and bizarre discoveries.

    After you listen to my conversation with Michelle Pretorius I hope that of some of you will have had your literary taste buds well whetted to explore this sizzling story. If you have been listening to this program for a while you know that I'm quite fond of a good detective novel. McKenzie is one of the more unusual detective novels that I have read lately because it has the detective novel vibe but there really are not any detectives involved. Readers love to try to pigeonhole books and authors.

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    So do reviewers. We seem to need to have some points of reference. They want to have definable genres that people can recognize. This novel is crime fiction. Interesting concept. Where do you come up with ideas for your artwork? I believe I was inspired to make this one from another deviantart user but never got around to finishing it because I didn't like the way it turned out. Most ideas come from my list though..

    Thanks, glad people are enjoying my work xXx. LOL Wow, laughing at the misery of others is underrated. It feels awesome! Glad you're enjoying it I'm glad you're so COOL about it. Get it? It's funny because the word "cool" has more than one meaning! Prev Next.

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