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Ils sont mauvais. Y a-t-il rien au monde de plus bossu et de plus rachitique que votre monument expiatoire ah! Quel que soit leur bon air, quelle que soit leur grande mine, il en est des monuments de Louis XIV comme de ses enfants. Une loi suffirait.

Une loi pour si peu de chose! Pour si peu de chose! Admirable lettre. Pour Cluny idem. Cela est respectable. Notre-Dame de Paris. Related Posts. Victor Hugo sous les dents de la caricature.

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Le poids du nom. Victor Hugo dictateur. Condition: nrVG. End papers browned. In loose polythene protector.

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From: Golen Cachan, France. More information about this seller Contact this seller 6. Published by Nelson Senza Data, Paris. Illustrazioni: Tavola all'antiporta a colori. Rilegatura: Cartonato tela avorio sovrimpressa. Stato: Buono. Caratteristiche: Bruniture.

Note epoca: senza data anni More information about this seller Contact this seller 7. Published by J. Hetzel, Paris, Ohne Erscheinungsjahr, ca. From: Antiquariat Clement Bonn, Germany. About this Item: J. Condition: 0. Teil: Le Pape. Teil: Religions et Religion. Un livre qui satisfera tous les amateurs de bibliophilie.

Gewicht in Gramm: More information about this seller Contact this seller 8. Published by Collection Nelson sans date. About this Item: Collection Nelson sans date. Couverture rigide. Condition: bon. RO sans date. Seller Inventory RO More information about this seller Contact this seller 9. Mit zahlr. Cornillier von Michel u. Laurent, H. Fantin-Latour u. Mangin, Laguillermie u. Rotes HLdr. After the end of the war, Eluard was renowned and widely respected. He is now regarded as one of the most important lyrical poets of the 20th century.

La terre est bleue comme une orange The Earth is Blue like an Orange. Lifespan: October 30, — July 20, Also an essayist and a philosopher, Paul Valery is best known for his poetic works. After writing only a few early poems, Valery experienced a severe emotional breakdown in and, by , he quit writing altogether.

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After twenty years of inactivity, he resumed writing poetry in and, in , his poem La Jeune Parque The Young Fate was published. This poem brought almost instantaneous fame to Valery and secured his reputation as a great poet. La Jeune Parque is considered one of the greatest French poems of the 20th century. Valery used orthodox technique and all his poems rhyme and scan perfectly. His poetry generally consists of very lengthy extended metaphors, or symbols. This give his poems a tremendous degree of complexity making them one of the most challenging in French literature.

Though he wrote only around poems, Paul Valery is one of the most famous French poets of the 20th century. Les Pas The Steps. Lifespan: February 4, — April 11, At the starting of his career, Jacques Prevert was closely associated with Surrealism and his first poems were full of Surrealist wit. The collection sold more than , copies , almost unheard of for a book of poems in France. Paris newspaper Le Monde ranked Paroles at 16th in its list of the one hundred best books of the 20th century.

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They remain hugely popular in the French-speaking world and are widely taught in French schools. They also frequently appear in French language textbooks published worldwide and are often taught in upper level French classes to learn the basics. Les Feuilles mortes Autumn Leaves. Dejeuner du Matin Breakfast. Le Cancre The Dunce. Lifespan: October 21, — February 28, The collection was hugely popular and it made Lamartine instantly famous. Moreover, with Poetic Meditations, Lamartine introduced the French public to Romanticism , a literary movement which was characterized by glorification of the past and of nature.

Lamartine is thus considered as the first French romantic poet. Romanticism had already become influential in England and Germany before Lamartine introduced it to France. Lamartine infused French poetry with themes which were at the same time intimate and religious. By introducing Romantic elements to French poetry, he proved to be one of the most influential French poets.

Lamartine was also acknowledged by Paul Verlaine and the Symbolists as an important influence. Le Lac The Lake. Lifespan: March 30, — January 8, Paul Marie Verlaine began writing poetry at an early age. He was initially influenced by the P arnassien movement and its leader, Leconte de Lisle.