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VCs are on track to invest as much capital this year as during the height of the dot com era. But, is there any observable relationship between the federal funds rate and the startup ecosystem? The chart above shows the federal funds rate starting in through , compared to the dollars in billions of venture capital investment. From through , the federal funds rate and venture investment paralleled each other. At the height of the bubble, interest rates were relatively high.

When the technology bubble crashed, the Fed pursued a strategy of reducing interest rates in order to spur growth. Because venture capitalists viewed the environment is less rosy than before, and limited partners also invested less in venture capital, the amount of venture capital investment declined with rates. When the economy started to pick up steam again, rates increased and so did venture capital investment.

Parimal has worked in various capacities with Government of Gujarat and Government of India, till His areas of interest include energy management, modelling of energy systems, energy planning and policy, hydrogen energy and fuel cells. He was the faculty advisor to Team Shunya the first Indian Student team selected for the finals of the Solar Decathlon held in Europe that involves designing and constructing a fully functional Solar house.

He has conducted two international training programmes on solar energy and several National programmes on renewable energy and Energy Management. Department of Energy. Malhotra has been responsible for standing up the EIC, which serves as a single point of contact for investors within the DOE for accessing promising projects, and subject matter experts.

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Previously, from to , he served as the founder, President, and CEO of Oorja Protonics, a global leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of methanol fuel cells. He is an internationally renowned expert with over three decades of experience in the electricity sector in diverse functions covering the entire value chain and across continents. He is spearheading a mission to leverage technology to transform the electric grid in India and light every home at affordable cost through sustainable developmental models.

As an entrepreneur, Reji has built successful enterprises in India and overseas and exited them. A recognized thought leader in smart grid technologies and concepts of smart cities, Reji is a popular key-note speaker at international symposiums and conferences on smart grids and smart cities. He has also contributed to several articles and books. His work focuses on technology and policy, especially for sustainable development, with a focus across the entire gamut of electricity.

He is also an Adjunct Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, where he was previously on the faculty for a dozen years. He founded the infrastructure business of the Group in and built it up to levels where it now has significant investments in ports, power transmission, and broadband networks. During his term, he brought about far-reaching reforms in the regulation of the market.

Abhishek has also worked in the Supreme Court of India as a key Member of the E-Committee that is entrusted with the task of bringing e-Governance in Judiciary. Since 1st March, he is Secretary to Govt. Administration of Intellectual Property Rights has also seen a dramatic turnaround during his term.

He writes about energy investment trends, project finance, and early-stage technologies. He also worked as senior economist for a leading London-based think tank, and founded an FSA-authorised financial services firm.

Oil Pipelines (How I Make Monthly Passive Income)

He has wide experience in the power sector, policy and reforms, infrastructure financing, public sector reform and policy, corporate governance, regulation, mobilization of funds, and, formulation of accounting standards. He has previously served as Director General of the Swedish National Energy Agency, and in leading positions of renewable energy companies, environmental and renewable energy organisations. He worked at the IEA for 4 years. Ulrik Stridbaek has worked in the energy sector on energy sector analysis, regulation and policy for more than 20 years. He holds a Masters degree in Economics.

Under his leadership, Sharma helped REC scale greater heights by doubling the revenue and profits in the last five years. Mr Sharma holds a B. Steve Sawyer, Secretary-General of GWEC, has worked in the energy and environment field since , with a particular focus on climate change and renewable energy since He spent many years working for Greenpeace International, representing the organization at intergovernmental and industry fora primarily on energy and climate issues.

Siemens Gamesa established its presence in India in the year He Stolp has also consulted to government, international development agencies, private developers and financiers in the international energy sector. He advises companies, institutions and policy makers on a vast range of strategic, policy, financial and business development issues.

He has over 34 years of experience in the field of Hydro Power Development. Dr Dave Renne work focuses on solar and wind technologies and resources for clients such as World Bank, Asia Development Bank, International Renewable Energy Agency, private companies, Previously, Dr Renne worked at National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory where his focus was on solar and wind energy resources, international programs, environmental studies. Giri is qualified in mechanical engineering and business management; he has over 45 years of experience in technical, general management and business leadership positions, across various industries.

His entry into hydropower was a result of his work manufacturing and marketing graphite products for the competitive global market. The technology and processes required for manufacturing graphite led him to search for sources of electricity that were stable in both price and supply.

His efforts to develop a competitive and reliable power supply led him to look at hydropower differently, resulting in a strategic integration of the financing, engineering and execution of hydropower projects. The result was three hydro power projects executed under his leadership in much shorter periods than is considered normal and with a far smaller budget. She has extensive experience in the engineering consulting industry in Australia and internationally, focusing on hydropower, renewables and water infrastructure.

As a civil engineer, Ms Chu specialised in the design and construction of hydropower systems, feasibility studies, environmental assessments and approvals, water resource investigations and management. He led various technology teams and delivered innovative technologies and helped in their commercialization. He has over 30 years of Research, Development, and Technology applications experience primarily in the area of Refining.

D degree from the faculty of engineering. His area of research has been solid, liquid and gaseous fuel combustion science and technology. The work has resulted in the understanding of various processes occurring during gasification and answered several myths in the area of gasification. He has over publications in various international and national journals, conferences and edited books and 18 patents.

Dasappa has been involved in technology transfer for bioenergy devices in India and abroad. He has been involved in several national and international projects. He has won several awards in the area of Biomass energy — national and international. Further both the scientific and technological superiority has resulted in technology transfer to developing and developed nations. These technological interventions in industries have resulted in saving over tons of oil annually resulting in mitigating over tons of CO2.

As an energy specialist with over two decades of consulting and research experience, he has consulted extensively on policy, regulatory and electricity market design issues. He has also contributed to a number of government reports aimed to facilitate transition of the energy sector. Shahid has worked closely with the government, regulatory commissions, utilities, and international organizations and research institutions.

He has over papers in journals, conferences and technical magazines, and, 3 patents granted. He has taught as a visiting researcher at UC Berkeley, has been an Assistant, Associate and Full Professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison, and did his sabbatical as a visiting researcher at Stanford University for a year.

Formerly, he worked as Senior Energy Economist of the Islamic Development Bank between and , where he led the work for the development of an Energy Sector Policy for the Bank as well as complex loan and technical assistance projects in Africa and Asia. Between and , Mr. Gonul served as a Senior Expert at the Energy Charter Secretariat in Brussels, where he spearheaded policy analysis, sectoral in-depth reviews, and regional and country reviews concerning energy investments, trade and transportation.

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Prior to his current role, Mr. Power Management Company Limited, the holding company of M. As a brilliant student belonging to the members of IIT fraternity, Mr. Srivastava earned both his degrees, B. Electrical Engineering and M. Telecommunications , from IIT, Delhi. Sc from the TU Vienna in renewable energy technologies.

His master thesis covered the solar thermal market of North America; a process of 3 years of research and market entry preparation for Wagner Solar. Neeraj is an expert in the areas of Energy, Infrastructure and Natural Resources. He has extensively advised the private sector on bidding and developing energy and infrastructure projects.

Neeraj is an active contributor to the policy debate on energy and infrastructure issues. Actively engaged with private and public enterprises within and outside India to design and develop new financial de-risking instruments and new financial institutions, such as green banks, her research has been used within government, by electricity regulators, and by international agencies and strategic philanthropies.

She has also undertaken extensive research on the International Solar Alliance, work which has been used periodically by the Government of India and other countries. Her columns have been published in various newspapers. Previously he held a position of global partner at the leading McKinsey practices in Energy and Corporate Finance in India. CEO and Founder of Leviathan Energy group, which has renewable energy innovations in small, medium, and large wind, in-pipe hydro, run of river hydro, and waves.

He has a Master in engineering and a degree in business administration. His career started with a decade in wind turbine research at the Technical University of Denmark. Since Volund has worked with offshore wind projects, including almost a decade at what has become Orsted. Rajnish holds a higher degree in Systems and Control Engineering. Marcin is a Chartered Engineer and has university degree in civil engineering, with 24 years of professional experience in construction and environmental sector in both the public and private sector. Previous experience was obtained with German planning and construction companies — L.

Marcin has a broad experience in waste-to-energy sector, obtained as a member of project teams for e. He has been also involved in a number of international waste projects in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Albania. He set-up the incubator and seed-fund — leading incubation of investment in over 25 early stage ventures across the technology sectors, including a dozen focused on the cleantech sector. At CIIE, he directly led many of the investments and continues to guide on various aspects like hiring, fund-raising and strategy. Upadhyay worked with start-ups across information and communications technology, cleantech, healthcare and materials sector.

He was a Co-Founder at Sarvajal, focused on the drinking water market and also bootstrapped a campus social network and recruitment start-up. Upadhyay worked across continents as an internal strategy and operation Consultant with Citigroup and American Express.

He serves as a Board Observer at Aspiration Energy private limited. He has several years of incubation, investment, entrepreneurial and consulting experience. He is an M. Responsible for coordination of work of UNIDO in India and region for inclusive and sustainable industrial development, with emphasis on industrial energy efficiency, renewable energy, clean technology and inclusive and responsible value chains.

He currently focuses his work on investment in the electricity and renewables sector and trends in energy financing. At the IEA he has also worked as an oil demand and biofuels analyst. Later, she was a technical co-founder of Nonlinear Dynamics, a company specializing in applied pattern recognition. Dr Harmon provides policy direction and leadership on international legislative and regulatory matters and develops collaborative research and demonstration projects. He is also a CFA charterholder and a member of the Institute.

Subsequent to this, he joined Suzlon in and served as the Chief Operating Officer until He has been involved in public policy and communication in the energy sector for over ten years. At IHA, he is responsible for identifying business opportunities for members, including organisations involved in hydropower development and operation, and supervises the delivery of key projects, including the World Hydropower Congress, a biennial policy forum for decision-makers in the water, climate and energy sectors.

He has published 21 books and more than refereed technical papers. He also holds 22 patents, some of which have been successfully commercialized. Goswami has developed successful industrial ventures based on his inventions and other innovations and has served on the boards of many companies.

Most recently, his invention of Photo-electrochemical oxidation PECO technology for air purification, which is commercially available as Molekule, was picked as one of the 25 best inventions by Time magazine. He is an expert crystalline Si technology, Si-nanostructures including quantum dots , thin film Si solar cells, PV concentrator systems and carbon nanotubes.

He has worked on several sponsored projects by government as well as companies. The projects are focused on crystalline Si solar cells both wafer-based as well as thin film nanomaterials based. The company focuses on economizing renewable to make it affordable. During his tenure, he handled Marketing, Research and Engineering and various other roles.

He has been instrumental in bringing out several new and innovative financial products and to help meet financing requirement for the renewable sector. Mr Popli has a rich experience of working over 35 years in the Indian Power Sector. As Deputy Executive Secretary at the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification UNCCD , Dr Monga provides strategic support to the Executive Secretary and the Secretariat to implement the mandate and activities of the Convention that links environment and development to sustainable land management, and contributes to the global efforts to reverse and prevent desertification and land degradation, and to mitigate the effects of drought in affected countries in order to support climate action and environmental sustainability.

The UNCCD is particularly committed to a bottom-up approach, encouraging the participation of local people in combating desertification and land degradation. The UNCCD secretariat facilitates cooperation between developed and developing countries, particularly around knowledge and technology transfer for sustainable land management. Dr Kirk R. He also develops and deploys small, smart, and cheap microchip-based monitors for use in these settings. Smith has demonstrated that the highest exposures to air pollutants occur in rural, indoor settings in developing countries where biomass and coal are the principal fuels.

He has documented the associated risk for pneumonia and adverse birth outcomes in children and cataracts, tuberculosis, heart disease, and chronic lung disease in women as well as developed a range of small, smart, cheap microchip-based devices for field measurements. Dr Smith has a Ph. He leads the development of highly efficient and low cost Bloom Energy Servers. During his tenure at Bloom, he led the company through many technological breakthroughs bringing SOFC technology from early stages of development to a very matured state enabling deployment of highly efficient commercial systems.

Over the years, Venkat has assembled, led and mentored a very strong team of engineers and innovators around the world in the areas of stack technology, system integration and power electronics, who have made tremendous strides in that time, solving the key technical challenges that had previously prevented the commercialization of SOFC technologies. Besides managing the technology at Bloom Energy, he manages IT and customer installation groups.

Soonee has 30 years of work experience. He has worked extensively in Integration of State Grids to form a Regional Grid and subsequent integration of Regional Grids leading to the formation of the National Grid. Other areas of expertise of Mr. Arent is Sr. His research interests are centered in energy and sustainability, where he has been active for more than 30 years. He has published extensively on topics of clean energy, renewable energy, power systems, natural gas, and the intersection of science and public policy.

Arent has a Ph. Mr Parkin has over 30 years of engineering and business management experience across Europe, Russia, Asia and South America. Earlier in his career, Mr Parkin worked in the construction industry with a FTSE company and worked on a number of major infrastructure projects worldwide, including the construction of the Hong Kong International Airport, the Channel Tunnel and Heathrow Terminal 5.

Dr Venkatachalam Anbumozhi has published several books, authored numerous research articles and produced many project reports on resource management policies, energy infrastructure design, and private sector participation in Green Growth. He has taught resource management, International cooperation and Development Finance at the University of Tokyo and has speaking engagements at some of the leading international organisations.

He obtained his PhD from the University of Tokyo. She has a strong track record of leadership development and institution building aimed at deepening the understanding of green banking and mainstreaming sustainability across verticals. A certified independent director and a prominent speaker at influential national and international platforms such as the UN General Assembly and G20 amongst others, Namita holds a number of key positions.

The company which came into existence in the year , is the first-ever initiative of the Hero Group to foray into renewables. He is the third-generation scion of one of leading industrial houses of India, the Hero Group. It is the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world.

Rahul has an avant-garde entrepreneurial spirit, which combined with his passion for the environment, has led him to establish Hero Future Energies HFE in of which he is the chairman and managing director. HFE is a wind and solar energy integrated power producer IPP and is one of the biggest success stories in renewable energy in India. He also serves as Director of Rockman Industries Ltd.

CPPIB is a professional investment management organization that invests the funds not needed by the Canada Pension Plan CPP to pay current benefits on behalf of 20 million contributors and beneficiaries. Bruce's mandate is to build a diversified global portfolio of value-add power and renewables investments, taking advantage of growing market opportunities as the energy sector transitions and global power demand grows, especially for low-carbon energy alternatives.

Previously, he spent a number of years working with Macquarie Bank in London and Toronto in corporate finance after having worked in investment banking at RBC Dominion Securities. He transformed CLP India from a single-asset and project management company to a fully-grown organisation with presence across conventional and renewables sources of energy. Though a Mechanical Engineer by education, he has been mostly working in the field of education reform for more than 27 years.

In he was instrumental in the launch of Operation New Hope, a triangular collaboration of the government, village communities and the civil society to bring reforms in the government schools system. The programme involved formation of Village Education Committees to take ownership of state schools, training of teachers in child friendly ways and re-writing and publishing localised text books for Ladakh.

For students who still failed in their state exams he founded the SECMOL Alternative School Campus near Leh, a special school where the admission criteria is failure in exams and not grades. However with the supportive and creative environment at the school, the so called failures have excelled in their chosen fields and risen to international acclaim as entrepreneurs, film makers, politicians, teachers and so on. In order to solve the water crisis facing mountain regions due to climate change and fast melting glaciers he invented the Ice Stupa artificial glacier which stores the wasting stream waters in winter in the form of giant ice cones or stupas and releases the water in late spring as they melt… just when farmers need water.

Gregory has been involved in large scale renewable energy projects for over 10 years, was the founding JV partner of companies that own 82,ha of farms in the Ukraine. Mr Monish Ahuja, Managing Director is known in the Biomass fraternity as a dedicated and knowledgeable leader. He has been advocating the cause of establishing the increased usage of biomass applications for generation of Bio-Energy by encouraging Biomass Project Developers to engage them in such initiatives with attractive economic and commercial considerations.

He has over three decades of experience in the entire aspect of business in automotive, infrastructure and cleantech, and manufacturing industry. He specializes in creating new businesses and taking the start-ups to scale. Sunil has been involved in introducing new concepts of power selling in the Indian renewable sector, especially wind. He has been actively advocating for stable and meaningful policies to promote the cause of green energy. Sunil has a consistent record of delivering extraordinary results in growth, revenue, and operational excellence. His cumulative experience has been of setting up more than 2.

Characterized as visionary and strategist, he has assumed the thought leadership position in the renewables sector in India. Mr Charles Yates is a specialist in renewable energy with a passion for delivering projects which are commercial and serve the public good. He has a track record of working effectively at board level and with senior civil servants. Prior to the current role, Nitin was the Managing Director for Shell Lubricants for the cluster of India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, which combined is the 3rd largest lubricants market in the world.

This role was preceded by several other roles in Shell across verticals of strategy, marketing, project delivery and supply chain in geographies of Asia Pacific, South East Asia, and the USA. Bruce Douglas has been working in renewable energy for 20 years. He is currently the Deputy CEO of SolarPower Europe, a member-led association based in Brussels representing over organizations active along the whole solar value chain.

He is also the coordinator of the RE-Source Platform — the European alliance for corporate sourcing of renewable energy — and the Co-Chairman of the Global Solar Council GSC , the representative body for the entire global solar PV sector at an international level, representing over solar companies around the world. He has a Master degree in renewable energy systems technology and is fluent in English and French. Shalini has led the HR function for over 3 decades in India, Europe and globally.

Shalini has led and lived through several organization transformations, mergers, acquisitions, IPOs and Organization Restructuring. Besides this, she loves to mentor and advise some start ups and is on the board of BD Foundation which promotes diversity and inclusion. Shalini has authored many articles and presented at various Indian and International Conferences. Dr Yongping Zhai has been working on energy development in Asia and Africa for more than 25 years. He is also in charge of developing energy sector knowledge work for ADB and interacts with worldwide energy sector partners.

Moreover, Dr. Zhai has played a key role in promoting power trade and cooperation in GMS. She works closely with senior officials of the Government of India, industry leaders, and experts from thinktanks and multilateral agencies supporting the economic growth of the country through policy advocacy, project execution, preparation of policy documents, and engagements.

She has written extensively and is recognized on a wide range of issues, including the energy sector. Bob Smith has 25 years experience in the energy sector, including the last 8 in renewables. Smith joined Mytrah in after 4 years as CEO of a renewable energy technology start-up. He joined Tata Power in Ashish has over 30 years of cumulative experience with a focus on project management and contracts in both India and abroad. Under his leadership, Tata Power Solar emerged as no.

He has been instrumental in streamlining the business for increased efficiency and profitability by focusing on building state-of-the-art technology, engineering and strengthening customer and employee satisfaction. His relentless pursuit of excellence has helped Tata Power Solar build strong competencies leveraging technology and innovation.

Tata Power Solar has more than doubled its revenue under the visionary leadership of Mr Khanna and during this period the company has commissioned several challenging and industry landmark projects. Mr Douglass Sims is Director of the Natural Resource Defense Council's NRDC Center for Market Innovation, where he leads a team that provides analysis, advocacy and thought leadership on innovative financing for low carbon and climate resilient infrastructure. Douglass also regularly advises jurisdictions around the world on the green investment bank model and is a member of the Standards Board of the London-based Climate Bonds Initiative.

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Arijit helped Living Goods Uganda significantly grow its reach and impact. Arijit is an alumnus of Lamartiniere School, and St. Xaviers College, Calcutta University. Carolin started her career with KfW in Dr Garg has more than three-decade experience in the energy sector.

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Doctorate in chemistry and completed post-doctoral work at University of Oklahoma, Norman USA and has large number of publication in international journals of repute. He has promoted renewable energy and encourage the use of clean and green technologies to achieve carbon neutral growth for economic development. He is responsible for organizing annual international conferences, namely — World Renewable Energy Technology Congress, World PetroCoal Congress, World Water Summit apart from consultancy, training and research in energy sector.

He has been invited at number of International Conferences world over to deliver keynote address in energy sector specially in Renewable Energy on Rooftop Solar. He is a recipient of many national and international awards. He oversees various policy and planning functions, including Electric Power Survey Report on long term demand forecasting, National Electricity Plan on Generation Planning, Coal and Gas supply to power stations, renewable sources of energy, etc.

Mr Batra is a B. Present Occupation — work areas: Entrepreneur with a clear vision: Growth thru innovation and entrepreneurship. Focus industries are Healthcare, Communication and Bottom of Pyramid — markets. He worked in Credit Suisse Investment Banking from Ever since he led the Exicom Group helping it to become a leading player in the Indian Power Electronics market.

He has also been involved in promoting Innovative business models to support grid interactive solar irrigation, utility anchored solar roof top aggregation, smart meter deployment etc. His analytical skills and unique vision about the market strategies sets him apart. Mr Narasimhan is a veteran entrepreneur with a track record of 35 years in both manufacturing and marketing enterprise. He started off by launching Raasi Enterprise , an industrial unit for manufacturing chemicals. He is the President of Indian Solar Association, and an active member of several chambers of commerce.

REIL emerged as the largest off-grid solution provider and the largest deployer of milk analyser in India, benefiting sixty million citizens and three hundred thousand villages. He is an institution builder an innovator, entrepreneur and motivator. He is a physicist from universities Regensburg, Germany and Montpellier, France and received his doctorate at Fraunhofer ISE from the University of Regensburg for a dissertation on the conversion of low-energy radiation into electric power.

His professional experience in the fields of semiconductor and solid-state technology with the focus on photovoltaics. In , he established the research group Energy System Analysis. In the 8 years of his taking charge, the group has seen newer heights in terms of business and industry recognitions. He has worked in different products and technologies e. Previously, he was the Director General of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency in the Government of India from to , responsible for bringing energy efficiency into our homes, offices, and factories, through initiatives such as the star labelling programme for appliances, the Energy Conservation Building Code, and the Perform, Achieve and Trade programme for energy-intensive industries.

He has been a key Indian climate-change negotiator, and was also the Indian spokesperson at the climate negotiations at Paris. He won the election from Lucknow central. Under his able leadership, the state of UP has undertaken several measures to facilitate work in the area of energy and renewable energy as the focus has been to encourage private investment in the sector. B, educated in Lucknow University. A veteran in this sector, Mr Kumar has previously worked in several departments such as Ministry of Power and Central Electricity Regulatory Commission, among others.

Under his able leadership, the sector has developed, demonstrated and commercialized technologies for harnessing new and renewable energy sources through enabling policies. Prior to that, he has worked as a Medical Officer in the Health Department, Haryana from to He also runs a small hospital at Bawal wherein he treats the poor.

Ram Gupta is working on developing and manufacturing solar panels specially-made for electric vehicles. He has previously served in executive positions at various technology companies such as Oracle and Yahoo in silicon valley.

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Prior to that, he also served as a Computer Scientist in Government of India. Mr Pranav R Mehta, recognised as one of the top ranking Global Solar Leaders, is a leading environmentalist and technocrat from India known for his social and environmental concerns. He has many a National Awards to his hat. A veteran in the renewable energy sector, Shukla carries with him a rich experience of over 36 years wherein he mentored the electrification of over remote villages through decentralised renewable energy based power plants in his capacity as CEO of CREDA. He has also undertaken projects for treatment of watershed areas with intervention of Solar Pumps.

Under his able leadership, about 5, hectares of barren land have been brought under cultivation. A veteran in the energy and renewable sector, he has also served in Karnataka State Regulatory Commission for about 7 years. Ravikumar is batch IAS officer of Karnataka cadre. During his tenure in Energy department the state has seen significant growth in Renewable sector.