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There are an additional eighteen optional and mandatory Federal labor law posters that may be relevant to your business. Be sure to also print all relevant state labor law posters, as well as all mandatory federal labor law posters. View all 19 Federal labor law posters. Instead of printing out pages of mandatory state and Federal labor law posters, you can purchase a professional, laminated all-in-one labor law poster that guarantees compliance with all federal and state posting requirements.

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Working on Government Contracts Spanish Printable. This poster download is provided as-is, with no warranty or guarantees. El uso de este sitio web significa que aceptas a la normativa de confidencialidad y las condiciones de servicio. Registran incendio en 2 viviendas en Emeryville. Novelas Acceso Total.

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Apoyando a nuestras escuelas. Visita el sitio de nuestra cadena hermana. Autoridades informaron que varias personas fueron atendidas en el lugar del incendio.

Varios oficiales le dispararon a un joven armado con un tubo de metal en Walnut Creek. Un total de bomberos se encuentran en el lugar intentando sofocar las llamas. Fue declarada muerta luego de sufrir lesiones en la cabeza y abdominales.

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Video Morgan Hill: 3 muertos tras balacera en concesionario. Video Hijo de Trump confirma que le lanzaron un escupitajo. Un empleado de un bar en Chicago fue tomado en custodia por el servicio secreto. Un sismo de magnitud 2. Noticias Locales. It only takes a minute to answer this short, three-question survey, but your input will help shape our coverage for months to come.

Joseph Sorrentino is a writer and photographer. He has been documenting the lives of agricultural workers on both sides of the U.


Wage theft is almost always too narrowly defined. And as a result too few believe they have been victimized by it.

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  • Almost every working person not a corporate officer has had his or her wages reduced by their employers unfairly. I'm talking about the productivity wedge that has transferred trillions of dollars from working people, hourly and salaried, to corporate officers primarily and a little bit to shareholders.

    Over the first quarter century after WWII, working people received raises in line with their productivity as well as the cost of living. That ended in the early to mid-'70s and has continued ever since. The result is that most Americans do not realize how much income has been stolen from them. They don't realize how much higher their Social Security earned and paid for benefits should be.

    They don't realize that their retirement security, their ability to pay for their kids' education, their leisure time, etc. As a result the fight for a reasonable minimum wage is asking for too little. Imagine what that would mean for Social Security solvency.

    The Uphill Battle Against Wage Theft in New Mexico’s Chile Fields

    Imagine what that would mean for retirement benefits. Imagine what that would mean for the strength and resilience of the economy. Imagine what that would mean for the political voice of working Americans. What do you want to see from our coverage of the presidential candidates? As our editorial team maps our plan for how to cover the Democratic primary, we want to hear from you: What do you want to see from our campaign coverage in the months ahead, and which candidates are you most interested in?

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