Whats Next? The 7 Steps to Discover Your Big Idea and Create a Wildly Successful Business

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We had one student at Consulting. Right now, Facebook is the number one place to get clients for your consulting business.

How To Start A Consulting Business

Facebook allows you to select the location, ages, and genders you want to target. You can even select their job title and general interests. They arrive at our landing page. A landing page is a website page designed to convince incoming visitors to give you their contact information. This page should serve as an extension of your Facebook ad. If we invited plumbers looking to get more clients in the ad, we should make our promise on the landing page relevant to plumbers looking for more clients. You are simply going to offer the visitor something free in exchange for their contact info.

Since we want as many people as possible to give us their info, I like to keep it really easy, and just ask for their email address. This means that for every people who click on our ad and view our landing page, around 33 should give us their emails. Once our visitors give us their email addresses, we need to deliver the free training we promised them.

The 7 Rules for a Successful Startup Business (for tech & software engineers)

The value video is all about Sometimes people think they need to hold their advice close to the chest, but in consulting, we want to give people a ton of value for free. You can simply record a PowerPoint presentation with a voice overlay. At the end of the video, invite your viewers to learn even more from your expertise by scheduling a free consultation with you. We want to use some form of scheduling software here that allows our leads to see our availability and directly select a time to speak with us.

We use custom built software for this at Consulting. Calendly is a tool that can be used for free and is preferred by many of our students. Imagine trying to schedule all of these appointments with a notebook or even something like Google Calendar. It would be a nightmare. Well, this is an example of what my calendar looks like just two days after turning on an ad campaign. If I want more clients I can just turn on this system. I turn on my ads and poof, my calendar stacks up like this immediately.

People have a current situation and then they have a desired situation. There is a gap between these two things.

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Then we want to position ourselves and our consulting offer as the vehicle to help the prospect bridge this gap. A lot of people make the mistake of trying to sell their services. They think they need to talk and convince their prospects to trust them and to give them money. The reality is that prospects often come to you frantic and with a scattered mind. A truly masterful salesperson is almost like a therapist. By asking the right questions and listening to the prospect, you allow them to process through that confusion and arrive at a place of clarity.

Lessons from 7 highly successful software engineering cultures | TechBeacon

You sell a successful future. I call it the Alchemic Conversion Script, because you can quite literally use it to create gold. This strategy works. It worked for me, and it works for brand new students with absolutely zero sales experience. And while the script is retained as an exclusive part of our premium Consulting Accelerator training , I can tell you now that even just changing your mindset going into calls based on the recommendations made here today will give you a massive leg up in closing sales. The students who rewire their mentality see drastically improved results over those who simply extract knowledge and methods from our course.

The only guaranteed way to succeed is to hack your brain and develop a mentality that naturally breeds success. When you are able to see yourself, your business and the market through the right mental lens, something crazy happens. This is why we spend an entire week with our students focusing strictly on mentality BEFORE diving into the practical mechanics of business building.

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. Consulting is not for the mentally fragile. Consulting is problem solving, both for yourself and your clients, and the more resilient and persistent your mentality, the more successful you will be. Hopefully this guide has taught you how to start a consulting business and given you a clear game plan for building your own successful business. As we discussed earlier, there has never been a better time to get started. Whether you decide to go it alone or join our community of ambitious consultants, be sure to sign up for our free webinar.

Because the job market is changing. But why? What is a consulting business? And what makes consulting so lucrative? But none of this is true. So what do you need? A compelling offer that provides value A well-populated niche of potential clients A repeatable system for attracting clients A rewired mentality Want to know how to start a consulting business?

Successful Consultants Have A Compelling Value Proposition One of the most important lessons anyone can learn in business is how to create value. So how do we create value as consultants? This is how the global economy ticks. And people will happily pay you for this for one of three reasons: They have been unsuccessful in getting there on their own. They want to get there faster. They want guidance from someone who has been there, done that.

How To Start An Online Business

If your 1 goal for the next year was to lose 50 pounds, who would you rather have helping you? We want the specialist. Successful consulting businesses target a specific niche. What mountain are you going to climb? To answer that, you need to answer three questions: What industries do you already know? What skills do you already have? Overlapping your answers to these three questions is how we discover your niche.

What industries do you already know? Got the market and ask them. Start by reading the top ten blogs in your niche. Tools like BuzzSumo can help you locate these blogs. Look for the most popular posts on those blogs. What topics do they cover? What questions are they answering? Now go to the comments section. What are people saying? What are they arguing about?

1. Set goals that address your biggest challenges

Now go to Amazon. Buy them. Read them. What are they talking about? Why are they popular? Now find out who the top ten influencers are in your niche. What are they saying? What are they doing that drives the most engagement? The market only cares about its own needs and desires. If you want to succeed in business, find out what the market wants and give it to them. Now we need to go out, present our offer to potential clients, and close deals.

They have no clue where their next client will come from. They feel like they are on a rollercoaster, never knowing when to expect feast or famine. Even in the good season, there is a constant worry about sustaining the business. What does this mean? What if I want to make even more? Remember what we discussed earlier? You have your current state and your desired state. You stop fighting against yourself. Most recently, Joy was nominated and selected to become a member of Leadership America , a small select group of 50 business women nationwide who gather on policies and decision making for women.

In her local community, Joy serves as a Girl Scout Troop Leader to foster confidence and leadership in young girls who will be the leaders of tomorrow. You may be wondering what types of women entrepreneurs work with Joy.

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She works with highly motivated women who have a desire to create freedom-based lifestyles so they can enjoy business and entrepreneurial success as well as fulfilling personal lives. Imagine…finally discovering a coach and mentor, someone who truly cares about your success and believes in you. Someone who has the knowledge and a step-by-step approach to help you get clear, confident and focused on your vision and dream as a woman entrepreneur.