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In fact, the two properties are so different that, when the film premiered, Moore refused to see it and requested his name be pulled from any marketing materials. To be fair, Moore has never had anything nice to say about Hollywood adaptations of his work, but with our current political climate being the burning bag of dog feces that it is, it might be a good time to see just how the movie and the book differ Now, Thatcher was always a controversial figure. Dubbed the Iron Lady, she rose to power during the Cold War, becoming the longest-serving Prime Minister of the 20th century in Britain.

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She was hard and uncompromising in her values, values Moore clearly disagrees with in his novel. For Moore, V for Vendetta was about opposing Thatcherism, the notion of deregulation, centralizing government, disempowering trade unions, and placing trust in the free market. There was also a notion of morality and sin that Moore flouted when writing about the Norsefire Party, the ruling fascist government in his comic series.

The Wachowskis, on the other hand, chose to model their tyrannical regime around a more imminent threat. Not only did the siblings envision the Norsefire Party and Chancellor Adam Sutler Adam Susan in the books as a direct comparison to the Bush administration, they hinted at the corruption and conspiracies associated with that era.

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These may seem like subtle differences, but Moore took issue with the directors using themes and problems he felt were native to England and giving them an Americanized twist. The Cold War was in full swing, there was panic, confusion, a sense that some structure might go a long way in making citizens feel safe. The Wachowski siblings set their adaptation years in the future. Nuclear war seems less ominous now than something as sinister and effective as biological warfare, a way to target, to cull, to sufficiently wipe out an entire population without so much brute force and destruction.

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But they took things a step further when they made the government responsible for the virus that ended up killing hundreds of thousands of people. Again, a subtle change with huge consequences. In the books, the leaders of the Norsefire party, though still evil and corrupt, seemed to truly believe that fascism was the only way to restore order and civility to a ravaged nation. By making the government the instigator of that chaos in the film, the Wachowskis added a new layer to their all-encompassing villain.

In both the comics and the film, V is not a clear-cut hero by any means, but we must admit, the Wachowskis painted him in a much more favorable light than his creator did. Moore envisioned V as a morally-compromised anti-hero. Instead, he was hell-bent on revenge and less interested in pushing an entire nation to better itself. He had his own flaws — a God complex being chief among them — and served as a more ambiguous character than he does in the film. Then came the new Cobra with a cubic-inch engine. For Ford-branded cars, these were incredibly expensive automobiles.

Still, no one could imagine they'd fetch hundreds of thousands - if not millions - on the vintage car market in forty years time. It was not for sale, nor could anyone put an accurate figure on how much it had cost to build. It was the first win for the Ford GT After the drive-by, the whole gaggle headed to the nearby Mission Inn for a schmooze-fest. The GT40s were trailered back to the City of Angels, to a new Shelby American plant, where Shelby's team was waiting to get their hands on it.

The new Shelby American factory made the old Venice shop look like a two-car garage. It sprawled over The official move was March 1, , but already the space was filling up fast.

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One hangar housed the racing shop and administration, the other the assembly line, where Cobras and Shelby Mustangs would be built by hand at a rate of roughly cars a month. The pavement between these two hangars was already blackening with tire marks.

Un manco en iRaracing: Ferrari fixed - Interlagos (Vendetta!!!)

All day the shriek of passenger jets taking off and landing at LAX rattled eardrums, and at night Shelby American test drivers gunned racing cars up and down the runways under the stars. The business employed nearly two hundred people. Though Shelby had publicly declared Enzo Ferrari his nemesis, his organization bore a startling resemblance to the one in Maranello, Italy.

Shelby had become the Ferrari of America, the charismatic man behind a small automobile company that produced handcrafted sports and racing cars. In contrast to Ferrari's reclusivity, however, Shelby was a bit of a showman. He was on the road much of the time. When he was at his factory, he darted from task to task and office to office, his feet moving as fast as his mouth.

As one visitor described him: "Shelby paces about restlessly like a lawman who expects trouble suddenly to bust out behind every swinging door in town. Now he's in his office on the phone: "Hello, butter bean. When I heard what you did, you could have cut buttonholes in my behind. My opinion may not be worth a pin whistle, but I think you're dumber than a hundred head of billy goats. Now he's interviewing a new secretary: "How would you like to work in a snake pit for a real snake? So much change was afoot that spring.

Ferrari snaps ties with India dealer as complaints mount

Some of the old guard from the Venice shop didn't take to the LAX facility. Men in suits worked there.

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  6. Gone were the Friday drunken lunches at the Black Whale that lasted until closing time. Some of Shelby's employees were getting their notices from Uncle Sam. Who knows?

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