The 21-Day Weight Loss Challenge (The Get Fit Series)

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It is a fabulous adjunct to the evening visualization and is helping keep me on track. I feel great afterwards and as added bonus am noticing a distinct improvement in my mood and ability to deal with my boisterous 10 year olds twins without totally losing it! Just have 3 days under my belt so far and I am really benefiting already!

I feel calmer, more centered, have been less anxious, am sleeping better, making healthier food choices and lost 4 lbs so far. I love starting my day with these meditations. Thank you for your contribution. I appreciate the program very much. I am on the Gabriel method for over a year now and lost approximately 15 kilos, easily and in an unexcited way.

The visualizations are doing me a lot of good I also got the visualization-library on your mp3player. Yet, the 1 hour program on how to visualize which is bonus on the 21 day challenge still taught me some new aspects, and this is great. Only recently it was found out that I have ADD attention deficit disorder and I feel that visualizing is a great help with this aspect of my personality as well.

Thank you all! My stomach was really hurting before I did this meditation. After the meditation my stomach is pain free. Thank you so much! I needed that message. Ice cream has been my comfort food since then. Your mission on true health and well being is commended. I play the meditations several times per day and have already dropped 8 pounds. I find the meditations very empowering. My safe place became a smooth beach, pristinely blue ocean, glistening white sands, gentle breeze, and completely safe solitude.

Thank you for these meditations! I wanted to comment on this meditation. It was very, very powerful! I cried a lot. I tapped a lot with those feelings, till the tears stopped, till I could let go of that identity.

Dr. Oz Explains the 28-Day Shrink Your Stomach Challenge

All this before even getting to the aspect of having power to create… Very wonderful, thank you so much. This helps me… I imagine myself floating in an ocean of all types of white flowers. As I gently bump into them, I imagine the glittery sheen on the petals travelling onto my skin and then into my body until I am all shimmery. The meditation has helped me to disassociate my mind and soul from unpleasantness, and to focus on what I can control and change. For busy parents trying this exercise, you also get access to a kids channel with this program when you stream YOUv2 in the On Demand section.

That way you can make fitness and better health a family affair. Our writers spent 2 hours researching the most popular Beachbody workouts on the market. Before making their final recommendations, they considered every Beachbody workout overall, read over 8 user reviews both positive and negative , and tested 3 of the workouts themselves. All of this research adds up to recommendations you can trust. Get exercise tips to make your workouts less work and more fun. There was an error. Please try again. Thank you, , for signing up.

More in Workouts. Our Top Picks. Buy on Amazon Buy on Beachbody. The program lasts 60 days, with workouts scheduled six days a week for 25 to 45 minutes. Buy on Amazon. Buy on Beachbody. Our Process. Was this page helpful? Thanks for your feedback! Email Address Sign Up There was an error. What are your concerns? Continue Reading. The 8 Best Running Playlists of The 8 Best Yoga Books of I was not a fan of working out I found with my hectic lifestyle hard to get everything portioned out for the day in a timely fashion and I had a hard time with eating it all too a lot of days it could not but that being said it does work.

Just wanted to let readers know it really does work. Also I did not do the 3 day jump start. Hi Jenn, Thanks for sharing. Yep, it works, exercise and eating right always does the trick but the Fix makes it simple for people to follow understand that is what makes this program successful for so many people.. I am taking Thrive for nutritional reasons. Is it ok to do this along with the 21 day fix? Would I just add in those calories? Hi Bethany, I really enjoy the 21 Day fix workouts, but it bothers me that you only do the upper once a week and the lower once a week.

I have typically seen workout plans where upper is two times a week like Mon and Thurs and lower is two times a week like Tues and Fri. Did you follow the program exactly and only perform the specific upper body workout one day a week?

21-Day Get Fit Challenge

Hi Annette, I followed the schedule how it is laid out for this review. You could make adjustments to the schedule if you would like. When I return from vacation I will begin the 21 day fix, but I have some questions. I am just wondering will the 21 day fix help me tone up and lose weight ALL over tone my legs, butt, hips, arms, abs, everywhere!!

I really just need to loose inches! Hi Allie, The 21 Day Fix is all about building healthy habits for eating right and working out. After 21 days you should have built the habit of working out and portion control, which would then be a hard habits to break. And, if you love the workouts it will make sticking with them that much easier. And, yes you can tone all over with the Fix, it is a full body workout program that combines strength training, cardio, and active recovery.

My main concern is toning up my lower body and abdominal area. With proper eating and working out with the videos to a T, can I lose a lot of inches and tone up? Hi again, Yes, 21 Day Fix has a lot lower body work in it. Lower abs are more about fat loss which the diet will take care of.

Hi, is it mandatory to incorporate the Shakeology drinks each day? Do you have any knowledge on the outcome of the 21 day fix eating program mixed with the T25 videos instead? Hi Vanessa, You can use the containers with any of Beachbody programs. T25 came out before the 21 Day fix program, but in all the recent programs the containers have been a program staple.

The 21 Day Fix portion control container diet is very well rounded, healthy diet that would make a great addition to the T25 program. Hi, I wanted to know if you think that the 21 DF would work for me. I need to lose about 15 lbs. I just had my thyroid checked and all is well. I also enjoy the Insanity program. Could I do the diet with Shaun T instead. Please let me know your thoughts. Hi Laurie, Congratulations! The portion control containers from the 21 Day Fix can be used with any of the Beachbdoy programs. Since you mentioned that you enjoy the Insanity workouts from Shaun T a program you may want to take a look at is the new Insanity MAX program, I enjoyed this program more than the original.

21-Day Meditation Challenge Starts In:

And, the MAX program diet program also has been designed for using the portion control containers if you wish to do so. Can you continue to do this after the 21 days? Is it recommended for people that have more than 75lbs to lose? I apologize if this was already asked, but I did not read all of the comments. Hi Tara, Yes you can continue after the 21 days, most people do multiple rounds. How the calorie brackets are tiered make this a really good program for people who do have multiple pounds to lose.

Often times when people cut to many calories to soon they may lose a lot of body weight fast not just fat tissue , but with a gradual reduction in calories along with continued exercise people are more likely to keep the weight off, plus it is usually mostly fat loss. I have 85lbs to lose and it is a two fold reason…one is health and the other is a bit of vanity…. When you do reach your goal weight, to keep going and maintain do you just adjust the calorie count and the exercises?

I have the program and have admittedly been procrastinating. I just would like a few suggestions on the maintaining with the same program. Hi Cindy. Generally speaking for maintenance you should be able to drop down to workouts per week and eat more calories. With that said, the 21 Day Fix is all about creating healthy eating and workout habits and once you get a good couple of weeks under your belt of following the program it starts to make sense.

I just had scope surgery for a torn knee cartilage and in 5 weeks have to have the other knee done. I have bone on bone in both knees but am trying to put off knee replacement for a few years until I retire. Would I be able to do the exercise plan with the 21 day fix after healing? And could I start the food plan before I finished healing? Hi Jeanne, It would be best to consult with your physician as to when you will be able to start exercising or be cleared first before beginning when recovered. If I am training to run a half marathon, can I still incorporate the Day Fix into my training schedule?

I am also still nursing my son, so what calorie range would you suggest for a running, lactating mother? Hi Karen, I would definitely consult with your physician about what calorie amounts you should be taking as there are a few variables that go into play. When breastfeeding, women burn an additional calories each day. In addition, are you trying to maintain your current weight? And yes, you can incorporate the workouts into your training schedule — I would just recommend sticking to the weight-training based ones and skip out on the more cardio-based workouts.

Hope this helps! I am planning to start the eating part of the program this week, but I am having lower back pains and i am afraid to do her work out, plus i am a gym person. Do you recommend any workout to follow at gym. Hi Rubal, If you are having lower back pains I would consult with a doctor before starting any workout program, you do not want to make anything worse. Plus, pain is not something you should have to live with. Hi Teresa, You will want to try your best, but you do not want stuff yourself either.

My advice would be to drop a green or purple container first and always be sure to get in the orange, blue, and tsps. Thank you for the clarification. Hi Lori, I saw that too. Hi Pam, The 21 Day Fix is based around whole foods so there is a lot of overlap in the diet plan and what is recommended for diabetics. But, you of course will want to consult with your physician before beginning to make sure you balance your blood glucose levels.

I bought the generic 21 day fix containers, so they make no reference to Shakeology although I do have a Shakeology for breakfast each morning and have for a year and absolutely love it. My question is — how does the Shakeology count in the plan? For example, how many veg, proteins, carbs, etc do you count for one shake? Thanks for your help! Hi Tammy, You count a serving as a red container.

If you add others ingredients to it, you would count those separately. Bethany, Will this 21 day fix work with the whole 30 diet? Also, I have lower back stiffness. Will I be able to do the workouts. Hi Monica, From what I have read there are lots of foods that the two diets hold in common so that should not be a problem.

About the back, I would check with a doctor before beginning and get cleared for exercise first. When you use the links in this post to order there is a 30 day refund policy if you are not satisfied with your results for any reason. Hi Mary Ellen, Yes, you drop down containers as you go if needed. I would re access after each round.

Hi Sherry, There are 21 day fix approved ways to make mashed potatoes. Grits, nutritionally pretty similar to oatmeal I would think they should be fine. Sherry- potatoes are on the list, though not highly recommended. A great alternative is to make mashed cauliflower. Simply cook it, then puree in a food processor. Add some garlic, and some pepper, and voila! Sooo tasty. My sister told me about this program. She purshased it last year. But I like it so far.

Very convenient. I am ordering the 21 day fix but I should be eating according to my dietician instead of that the program suggested. How would this work in me being successful. Just want to make sure he or she has all the necessary information. I feel and look great. I was doubtful like many others are. To me it was just another gimmick. Started measuring out my portions with measuring cups. Or how do we sign up and become part of a group?

I am only interested in the basic program.

You are here

Thank you for your response. Hi Michelle, I think what you are referring to as team members is the challenge groups that are done. Which are a group of people doing the program together in a group setting via a social media site or app for support and accountability. My groups begin on the first Monday of each month, if you order through a link on this site, I will become your coach and invite you to one mine.

Is this all you can eat ALL day? Or is this just for lunch? I know you need to do Shakeology for one meal. Hi Cindy, You get to decide which containers that eat each meal.

I have a sample meal plan if you search under the 21 Day Fix category of how I did it. Are the shakes lactose and gluten free? I have celiac and am lactose free. Other than almonds I also avoid nuts including peanut butter. There are also choices for gluten free bread but I find the nutritional values not worth it. Hi Shaina, You would want to take a look at the Vegan versions of the shake that uses vegetarian sources of protein. He says I should lose weight. I used to be in decent shape lbs before the knee injuries.

Will I be able to do the daily exercises associated with the program. It seems like even the modified versions would be extremely difficult for me to perform. Please give me your honest advice if you think this program can work for me. Hi, Have you taken a look at the PiYo workout, it is low impact.

It might be a better place to start. Thanks for this review. Would the workout portion really be necessary for me, or will the martial arts be sufficient? Hi Diane, The recipes in the eating plan are basic. The plan wants you to be able to learn portion control with balanced nutrition that you can use for a lifetime. Hi Wendy, Yes it is very flexible, I personally have been limiting dairy for the last few months and feel better. Hi Kathy, I have had people use the 21 Day Fix with great success who travel for work.

Another program you may want to look into that uses no equipment is PiYo. HI, Thank you so much for the clear information about the program, However I am an asian and we cook veggies with salt and spices.. After reading everything, seems like i have to avoid salt, so can you help me with any suggestions how to overcome with this?

I am ready to avoid salt for sometimes whenever I eat salads for dinner but cannot avoid it completely especially for the lunch.. Plz plz help me.. Hi Revathi, A lot of the 21 Day Fix recipes call for salt and pepper to be used as spices. It is the sodium levels in prepackaged and take out foods that you want to be careful with. Thanks for all your information.

21 Day Challenge

I am a runner, I am wondering if I can follow this plan and still get my runs in or is it one workout or the other. Hi Rhonda, The program does not say you cannot run, if you are already run then I would think you could try to work in the workouts and if you need to scale back you could do so. Hello, I am just wondering about doing just the diet to start. Will it still produce results? I recently herniated a disk and need to lose some weight before I get to jarring my joints jumping around or kicking until I take some weight off my joints.

What do you think? Hi Jennifer, You could try or just follow the diet part of the 21 Day Fix and as you progress add in some of the Fix workouts maybe. I have a question. I mean, is there a plan that does not include meat or the plan as a substitute for meat in it? Thanks in advance, Carla. Hi Carla, Vegans can count beans, lentils, and quinoa as a red container instead of yellow. I use canned creamed soup for sauces. How would you portion something like that where the food groups are all mixed together?

Or are you not able to eat these kinds of things? Also, I have back issues and bad knees where I am very limited when it comes to exercise. I am worried about being able to do the program videos. Hi Patti, You might be able to find a recipe to create your own creamed soups, but most processed foods are not approved on the Fix diet. For foods that are mixed together you portion them out first, once you do it one time you can make notes as to what containers you used.

Sounds like a lot of veggies to eat. Can you give me a list of options. Prep time.. Someone said there is a lot of prep time. What is the prep time for meals each day. Hi Casey, Some people find roasted vegetables to be more palatable than steamed or raw. Meal planning and meal prep once a week would cut down your time. I like to do my lunches and snacks on one day, breakfast is a shake, and dinner I would get more creative.

The containers do take a little bit to get used to, but once you do it is simple. I also think this will be better for me than WW because you are eating fresh foods, not packaged foods. Thanks for writing this review. My question is — do the shakes taste good? Hi Kim, The other workout program you are comparing this one to, does not actually contain a workout to follow along with. There are video clips of exercises, but then you are responsible for putting them together.

I have a recipe post that gives over a hundred ideas for how to mix the shakes up, this way you can always get something that suits you. I saw that you need a resistance band and weights for those of us who are more advanced. Hi Venessa, Yes, with Beachbody on Demand you can stream the workouts to mobile devices. I have a review of the service on the site if you want to search for it. Hi Rebecca, Yes, it is gluten free. I would talk to your doctor if it would be appropriate with celiac disease or if adjustments would be needed.

Hello, me again. How do you measure eggs? Because fried eggs fir more in a container than boiled ones. Hi Michelle, It is 2 eggs no matter how they are cooked. Foods that change shape or irregular in shape are often listed by serving six next to the container listing. Hey, I love to eat seaweed salad, in which container shall I place it? Can I stuff in it as much as possible? Do you think it would be too much?

The coconut oil is very expensive, can I use other oil? Can I drink as much water I want to? Can use other potatoes except the week one? You can fill the containers to the top no, especially stuff those greens full. You can have potatoes all the entire time. You may want to review the meal plan guide again to really knock out the details. Hello, Can you give me some examples for healthy fats? Can I eat all kind of cheese, like Camembert?

Do I still have to do the workout from the videos. Hi Elena, If you check out the 21 Day Fix category on this blog you will find a complete list of foods. Hi Beth, Yes, you may have to adjust your calories, but the Fix diet and exercise program builds a great foundation for woman of all ages. Hi Kitty, If you use the links in the post and scroll to sampler in the shake category you should find it.

I was laid off 4 months ago, broke up with my boyfriend of 3. I used to be a model and lbs. I also used to love to work out, and I have lost all motivation. My therapist and I have decided I need to start working out and eating healthy again. I want a lifestyle change and have been thinking about ordering the 21 Day Fix. The only thing I am concerned about is what if I cannot finish the allotted amount of food I am supposed to eat for the day? You mention that this was a concern of others in your review above. Would this ruin my results? I know it is most important to have the veggies and protein—correct me if I am wrong.

Those are the type of people I surround myself with in life anyways. Thanks for the honest review. It is a rare and refreshing find! Hi Emily, Finishing all of your containers would not ruin your results, but it is always try to when you first start out and then make adjustments if you must. You can also try doing partial containers too.

The two most important in my mind are the orange and tsps, these are the healthy fats and you always want to make sure you get those in. I bought the 21day fix program but have not started doing it yet. I have been searching a lot online to see how I can use this program and still be able to eat the food that is prepared at home. Need to lose atleast lbs. It will be great if I get guidance to how I can use the boxes to make this plan work for me and I am sure many more in a similar situation.

Hi Viji, Vegetarians would count lentils, beans, quinoa as red containers instead of yellow. I just have a simple question, on the veggies, do you use the size for raw, uncooked, or if you are cooking them is it cooked size? Hi Jennifer, Some vegetables are measured raw, it says right next to the food in the approved food list in the eating plan guide. Basically, I believe it is mostly veggies that shrink are measured raw first. Only form of exercise I can do is walking everyday due to back surgery last year.

Was pounds and up to Have not lost any weight…will not give up but what can I do differently? Hi Mary Ann, It has only been a week, I would continue on and try not to worry what the scale says, think of all the good healthy eating and exercise is doing for your body! I am wondering if I need to do the shakes with this plan…or if it would work without?

Whenever I have tried to buy products like that I seem to not use them and waste the product. Please advise? Like me, most people say they help keep them on track by replacing one healthy meal and reduce cravings, but everyone is different. Just an fyi, the shakes come with a bottom of the bag policy where you can return for a refund if you are not satisfied. Is there Canadian site or shipping? Thank you for your prompt response. Hi Lindsay, No it is not.

It is made from partially hydrogenated oil, and the Fix diet wants you to avoid processed foods.

21 Day Fix | Beach Body coach- 21 Day Fix | Weight loss binder, 21 day fix, 21 day fix diet

HI Peggy, You would of course want to check with your diet. I see one women who is I am a Type1 diabetic, is this program safe for diabetics? I know it has to be better than what I am doing. My sugars are up and down, I have been tempted to order this. My problem is I am a snacker and always over eat at meals. I think the containers would help me ALOT! The diet seems to be better than the diabetic diet they put you on. HI Rene, You of course want to check with your doctor before starting.

And, yes I agree with you it does seem tp appear healthier than the recommended, it just looks like it needs an update to current nutritional knowledge. Hi, I would like to try this, it was recommended by a good friend and have heard great things. Since I need to loose pounds, will I be able to do the exercises? My knees already hurt but I desperately need to lose weight. My Physician also recommended this program. Help please. Hi Terri, You should be able to most if not all of the exercises.

If you find moves that cause you pain, switch it up to something else or walk it out. Hi Terri I was just reading your question. In Autumns workouts there is a woman named Kat who modifies each move. Just start each day and do your best. I am thinking about purchasing this because I need a jump start. I belong to a kickboxing gym and do the hour classes at least x a week and also like to run.

Since the diet and workouts compliment each other are there other options for workouts? So if I go to my hour kickboxing class burns up to 1, calories will the food allotted be enough? I figure I can do the 30 minute workouts on my running days. Just checking. Hi Ruthy, I would start with the recommended amount of containers for your weight.

If you start to lose to much weight or have lack of energy then you may want to consider increasing your amount of containers. I am 56 years old and about 40 lbs overweight well, not anymore. The workouts are intense but very doable. My soreness has gotten significantly better over the first week. I love the variety of workouts offered each day. The eating program has also been excellent. Are you only given one set of containers? Meaning you need to wash them and re-pack things for every meal?

How do working people plan this out?? Just looking for some help with logistics especially with a 12 hour shift. Hi Tricia, You can get an extra set of containers. Personally, I would just measure out my food with them and then store my food in another larger container. Just checking before I get started. I just started my day fix and I love it so far! I have a question for you. What is the thought of using frozen foods veggie burgers, broiled or grilled fish, etc. Hi Nancy, Frozen foods that are in there natural state or close to it are fine. You of course want to avoid processed and refined frozen foods.

Hi Kay, Would be best to consult with your doctor before beginning thos or any workout program. Hi Bethany, I am a year-old woman and about 15 pounds overweight. So with that background, I have 2 questions: 1. Could I forego the workouts on days when I play tennis? Thanks for your honest answers! Hi Sonia, Yes, I have seen the program work for older woman. Thanks for your blog I found it helpful in making my choice. I found the eating programmes on those dull. Also, when using the containers, do you use them one time for each meal. Breakfast use certain containers Lunch use these containers Dinner use these containers …..

This is worth the try, esp for anyone who has hit a plateau. That was me. I am on my final 20 lbs to lose. I did the program a few months ago and lost very little weight, but I know I gained muscle and lost inches!

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  3. The Nourishing Food Planner.
  5. Real Dirt: An Ex-industrial Farmers Guide to Sustainable Eating;

The proof is in the clothes and what people are saying and the measuring tape I waited about a month. This seemed to be key for me. I kept my food habits clean so as not to gain any fat. I am doing another round of it and am steadily dropping the lbs!! This really should become a lifestyle and not a one time diet. You will really feel better. I am a bit confused. I am ready to purchase the 21 Day Fix.

Which one should I purchase? What is the difference? Did it work for you? Did you loose weight? Are there any specific cautions I should be aware of if I follow this 21day fix? Thanks, Bethany. I think I will try it for 21 days. The website was so confusing with all the products and multiple web directions.

You made sense of it all. Hi Bethany, Thank you for all your great advice, I started the program yesterday. I have a few questions 1. I like to work out in the morning. This morning I felt sick working out. I ate breakfast oatmeal with strawberries at 8 am. I started working out at Should I wait a certain amount of time after eating before I exercise? Thanks for your help in advance. Also is it a good idea to eat before working out?

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If so, what would be good to have? Thank you so much. I have about 10 pounds I really need to lose. I am really trying to lose my belly fat. I look like I am pregnant some of the time. HI Sal, Check out my snack ideas in the 21 Day Fix catergory if you are going to being eating within an hour of your workouts.

Hi Sal, You could try waiting another 15 minutes or lighten your breakfast a little. Usually the closer to your workout the less you want to eat. Dose this really work for plus size people sizes between 18 — I sure would like testimony from over weight people and photos. I get tired seeing photos of people are already skinny. Hi Maria, I am about a size right now, weighing in at lbs.