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The story and characters feelings are shown through action and character inter action. There are a few occasion where I wanted to scream at Liv during the book but at the same time she pulls on your sympathy strings and you completely empathise with her and the situations she finds herself in. I'm so glad that I carried on with the series now as it really did all come together really well. This is the second book in the Just Human series and we definitely needed this second instalment after the cliffhanger of the first book - Just Human.

I was so glad I had the chance to read the books in tandem because if I had to wait I would be screaming. Lucky for new readers they are both available together. This is a story of first love and second chances or maybe in this case plus another chance. Danny and Liv were young lovers torn about by circumstance and brought back together by Facebook! Whoa - yes one of those - a whole rip roaring emotional tidal wave!

I just loved Danny - well there were parts whilst he was sat drowning in his torment in America, I wanted to slap him upside the back of his head - but for the most part he was divine! His resolute to win back the love of his life and not letting anything get in the way was wonderful. I wish more men were like this. As for Liv - she frustrated the feck out of me. Yes she had been through some serious crap first with Danny leaving England all those years ago, then to catch her ex in the act - yes total understanding on that but she really was a stubborn woman. She was determined to not let her heart be broken and she therefore let her head lead the way.

But as the book titles of both books show we are Just Human and Still Human and we humans continue make mistakes time after time but we need to realise that and forgive, forget and take our chances. First chances, second chances I have really enjoyed reading this series, even with the frustrating moments as they, along with the sensual sexy moments, the love is all moments, the friends supporting moments etc.

I love this 2 part story of Liv and Danny, so many turns on this long journey I felt I was on the rollercoaster with them. Well done Kerry for the amazing story line which beautifully captured the characters well. Customers also viewed these items. Just Human. Spencer Not your average British romance Book 1. Still Just Human. Lucky Scars. Need customer service? Click here. Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more. There's a problem loading this menu at the moment. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

Audible Download Audiobooks. DPReview Digital Photography. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Amazon Business Service for business customers. I hate it when that happens! Childhood sweethearts, second chances and lifetime loves. I'm really looking forward to reading the next instalment, as these characters are so likeable, you can't help but root for them. No Themes: Childhood sweetheart Second chance love Warning. This book includes Sexual content. Writing: Good Like this review and want to keep up to date with more book news…?

ARC provided by an author in exchange for honest review. Everything Second Chance Romance Fan needs. Just human is enjoyable second chance romance that will capture your attention and warm your heart. Olivia is twenty nine year old owner of a bar, who lives in UK. After another disaster she wants to relax and stop getting into bad relationships. From: Danny Morgan 23rd March Hey! I was reminded of you today. How is life? Add me if you feel like chatting to an old friend. First love, first kiss, first touch… 12 years ago he moved to US and their relationship was destroyed.

Now after getting simple message via social networking site they can have their second chance. Can they? I can see my future with you Liv, and if you feel the same way, then we have to try. Keary Heavens created funny, sweet and heart warming novel mixed with great steaminess. View all 7 comments. Who knew a book I accidentally picked would end up turning me into a hermit for two days and then rocking my world to a point where I have no desire to start another?!

This story was everything I seek, need, hope to find in a romance book, and then some. A modern fairy-tale of second chances at love, of true love surviving time, distance, life — from the very first page I was hopelessly captivated and unable to step away. Liv is a modern-day independent woman. When her latest relationship fails due to infidelity, Liv finds herself wishing for a change, aware that something is painfully lacking in her love life, but unable to pinpoint the missing piece.

And then one day, her childhood sweetheart, the only man she has ever loved, contacts her by email and everything changes. When Danny moved away with his family, he left a broken young woman behind who hid her own pain for his sake, his own heart even further shattered by her apparent indifference. They then lived apart on different continents for twelve long years, pursued their passions in life, made new friends, even dated other people, but never quite got over the one that got away.

Their lives suddenly make sense again and their hearts no longer ache. A day was all I needed. This is not a story where the reader takes sides, there is no right or wrong in this scenario — we fall in love equally with both Liv and Danny, understanding what is in both their hearts and seeing where their actions stem from. As we watch them make up for lost time, we cannot help but feel every emotion, every beautiful nuance of their newly found-again love as time goes by, and we love every poignant moment of it.

But I honestly feel that sometimes you need to fall before you can fly, and that only a storm could force Liv and Danny to let go of their past. Follow me on Facebook! Follow me on Twitter! View 2 comments. Just Human by Kerry Heavens 4 stars!! The missing piece came into view and I had to come see if I could put myself back together. So I was extremely spoilt!! This is another debut author who has done an amazing job for a first book. I was engrossed from start to finish which is no mean fe Just Human by Kerry Heavens 4 stars!! I was engrossed from start to finish which is no mean feat.

Liv and Danny were best friends as children, in fact they became inseparable, Danny had come over from the USA when he was six years old and moved in a few doors down from Liv. His dad was British and his mum was American. His mum was a high flyer in her field and had come over to the UK to head up the UK side of the company. At the grand old age of 15, they realised their feelings ran deeper than best friends and they moved onto the next level. Not only were they lovers and best friends but they were also soul mates. Danny goes to America.

Are humans still evolving by Darwin's natural selection?

She knows that the reason Liv cannot hold a relationship is because she still loves Danny. No man has ever matched up to him and they pale in significance. Unbeknown to her, Danny is in the same boat, he still misses Liv and she is the only girl that he has ever loved. As both never told each other how they felt at the time Danny left they both feel that the other broke their heart. After much soul searching and help from a close friend Danny decides to take a leap of faith and messages Liv….

She has tattoos and piercings but they all mean something. It was refreshing to get the tatted girl rather than the usual tatted bad boys that we are used to. Danny is also successful, he works from home designing computer programmes for others, he also works all the hours and is often a hermit, he has casual hook ups but has had nothing serious.

Danny was just perfect, he was totally adorable and was big on the grand gestures, his only pit fall…. Their relationship does hit the ground running but you have to bear in mind their past history, there is no taking it slow, they have been there and done that before.

This book is very HOT!! It is an adult book, they are 30, they are mature and they do get it on a lot!! Kerry can write a great sex scene too!! You could feel how much they loved each other and you were willing them along. This book is littered with humour and as it is set in the UK I could relate a lot. As Danny is American there are also parts that our US friends can relate to as well!!

I loved the Facebook message interactions between the two, you can so see this happening in real life and using social media is just so apt now in the society that we live in, it was real, it made it all the more believable! I loved this book, even though it frustrated the hell out of me at times, but that is a sign of a good book. I love these two as a couple and I cannot wait to read about them going forward, I just hope that they get their HEA, after everything they have been through, they deserve it.

Bring on book 2, I need it!! View 1 comment.

Liv is twenty nine year old bar owner and great girl but it seems that her soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend dos not get that. After that she just wants to relax and enjoy. But her phone rings. She has new message on Facebook. Her long lost love. Her first and ONLY real love. I like that conversation started via Facebook and then face to face. They can start things and destroy things I like every second of Liv thoughts and fears and how she reacts on everything.

I wish I could be like her. And have tattoo like her ; As soon as they get together action starts. There is a lot of sex in book and it was good. Not Cherise-Sinclair-great or Selena-Kitt-fantastic but it was okay. That is why my rating is 4. Danny is great guy and they are destined to be together but There is always but in every story So you've stayed perfect in my memory.

I guess my fear is, if I let myself love you, you might turn out to be just human. And if you're just human, you could easily hurt me too. I couldn't survive being hurt by you Danny. There has been something missing in my life ever since that day and last week, for the first time in twelve years, something changed. Liv voli Dannyja. Danny voli Liv. Nakon dvanaest godina skoro su zaboravili.

Mogu li zaboraviti svoje strahove i prepustiti se? Jednostavna je i lijepa. Ali njen mobitel zazvoni. Ima novu poruku na Fejsu. Danny je. Njena davno izgubljena ljubav. Da bar mogu biti kao ona. U knjizi ima puno sexa koji je dobar. Zato je moja ocjena 4. Not only because Kerry is someone I became friends with over Twitter a while ago, but because this book is truly a terrific read and definitely one you need to look out for.

Childhood sweethearts that got separated by the ocean when Danny had to move from England to America with his family. They lost contact but after twelve years of failed romances they are reunited. And this is where the story really begins. This was really, honest to God a great book.

They were fun and witty, with big hearts and I found myself really wanting to get to know them. I thought she was a really wise old lady and she seemed like so much fun! I had a sneaking suspicion that she was up to something and I loved that I was right! She was so cool and I really hope we get to hear more from her in book 2. Liv had loads of tattoos and being tattooed myself I thought that was great. She was strong and spunky and really in control of her life. Then we have Danny. Oh my. He has the looks and the charm in abundance and he sure knows how to make a girl go weak at the knees!

He was so dreamy and so dirty!! This book is HOT! Kerry sure knows how to write the sexy stuff. There was a lot of fanning going on while reading this. Another thing that surprised me. Kerry certainly has no problem writing for either sex. Overall this book was absolutely awesome! There were plenty of laughs, steamy moments and throughout the majority of the book I had a smile on my face as I read it. Well done Kerry Heavens. How did I miss this book? He knows he loves her more than she loves him, because she does nothing to get him to st How did I miss this book?

Or will deep rooted doubts and insecurities tear them apart If I had read this book a year ago, I probably would have given it 5 stars. Now, I am always looking for a twist in the plot. I also like elements of surprise in my stories. Book 1 does end in a cliff that is totally predictable and it makes me want to smack both Liv and Danny.

It's what happens when one withholds information for too long and the other jumps to conclusions too fast. I will read book 2 just to see 3. I will read book 2 just to see how things play out.

Their chemistry is amazing! Danny kept me reading, he is swoon worthy and I did like Liv most of the time I actually really enjoyed this book. I did find the characters to be really frustrating but it wasn't enough overly annoy me. There is a cliff at the end but book 2 is already on my kindle so it wasn't a big deal.

I felt so bad for him at the end of the book. He's a "nice" guy. I'll take a nice guy over a bad boy any day. Liv and her insecurities tend to make her annoying but I still liked her. On to book May 29, Amber. Just Human is a book I let sit in my to-be-read pile for about a good month or so. I kept wanting to read it, and kept having other things crop up and didn't really have the chance to. A Sunday came around that I had free, and let me tell you, I took my Kindle, grabbed my cellphone and went and laid in the hammock. I spent all day in there, with a glass of sweet peach tea and Just Human.

That alone may tell you how much I enjoyed this book, but the book itself? Oh my, Heavens. And yes, I me Just Human is a book I let sit in my to-be-read pile for about a good month or so. And yes, I mean Kerry Heavens, by that. The view from my hammock. Just Human is about Danny and Liv, these two grew up with each other as best friends from the young age of six, eventually fell in love and then moved apart due to circumstances they couldn't control.

Or so they thought they couldn't. Each things they love the other more, that they other doesn't love them enough and so they have to let the past go. They have to move on.

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So that is what they do, they both try. Twelve years go by and they get in touch via Facebook. It's like nothing has changed for them, where they thought they were over each other, they are far from it. The years and life experiences have changed each of them from the younger versions of themselves, but at core, they are still the same person the other one knew.

Danny is He left Liv behind, thinking he had to, thinking it was what she wanted. Nothing has ever really worked out for him relationship wise. Sure, he's had them, but they never seem to stick. Really though, I don't know what girl would not want this guy? He's intelligent, handsome, has made something of himself, sweet, caring, thoughtful. Yes, thoughtful sticks out to me a lot.

Sure, he's a guys guy, but you actually see his softer side. Liv used to be that shy, quiet girl, that wasn't loud but who literally loves movies and would lose herself in them. She's changed from that girl though, now she owns her on business, has piercings and tattoos and knows herself. She's had a lot thrown at her recently, including walking in on her live-in boyfriend with another female So when Danny gets in contact with her, she's just has her trust shaken. Liv's never stopped loving Danny, but she's sure he never loved her as much. He didn't try to stay, and he didn't ask her to go with him.

So she's spent a long time trying to move. She too, has had relationships, but for her as well, they never seem to work out, and something is always missing.


Before you know it, and these two are back in each others lives, hoping to make this work out. Neither is sure where this is going to go, so they plan to take it slowly. Topics Mentioning This Author. We need Remy lovers willing to spread the word and vote like crazy! Come in, kick your shoes off, grab a glass of fizzy from the shirtless waiter and chat! Rachel Brookes author of Be My Dec Michelle Day author of Prodigal Son.

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