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It is inescapable.

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The underpinning faith of their teachers may teach materialism, secularism, agnosticism, pluralism, or a more organized religion, such as Christianity. Practically, this means teaching from a distinctly Christian worldview.

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Whether we are teaching math or biology we keep Jesus and His Word as our intermediary. Knowledge is deeply personal, local, historical, relational, and integrated.

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  6. Our two-hour humanities block is right at the core of our curriculum, and it is organized around these two principles of worldview and integration. Science, history, art, economics, civics, theology, and philosophy are woven into an integrated Christian whole.

    Our School System Was Designed To Produce Obedient Servants Of The State. It Should Be Abolished.

    This humanities block reflects our commitment to redeeming not only the content but the structure of education. We must be willing to sacrifice the technical and modern notion of divorcing art and philosophy, for instance, in order to teach either well. To accomplish this integration we create the humanities block and sacrifice a rigid class schedule that moves students from one specialized class to another regardless of the discussion that is going on, the questions students have, or how well they have mastered the material. The conviction to integrate is complimented by a commitment to high levels of comprehension.

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    Again, sometimes arbitrary schedules are at odds with education. Modern schooling is reflective of the Industrial Revolution in which it was born. I own 4 dogs, 3 Rottweilers and a Boston Terrier.

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    By dealing with and resolving these problems at a young age, you can minimize and even prevent more serious struggles that may emerge as your children reach adolescence.

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    Public Education was designed to create obedient workers and soldiers who won't question authority.

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