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An abbreviation from Latin brevis, meaning short is a shortened form of a word or phrase. ABC-Zeitung was a German monthly children's magazine published between and Abitur is a qualification granted by university-preparatory schools in Germany, Lithuania, and Estonia. Abortion doping refers to the rumoured practice of purposely inducing pregnancy for athletic performance-enhancing benefits, then aborting the pregnancy. Abortion in Germany is permitted in the first trimester upon condition of mandatory counseling, and is also permitted later in pregnancy in cases of medical necessity.

Germany uses a 6-point grading scale GPA to evaluate the performance of school children. Achim Richter born September 21, , in Dresden is a German nuclear physicist. Acidomonas methanolica is a acidophilic, facultatively methylotrophic bacterium from the genus of Acidomonas which was isolated from septic methanol yeast in East Germany. Action for World Solidarity orig.

Aagje "Ada" Kok born 6 June , in Amsterdam, North Holland is a former swimmer who ranked among the world's best in the butterfly stroke category during the s. The Adler German for "Eagle" was the first locomotive that was successfully used commercially for the rail transport of passengers and goods in Germany. An administrative court is a type of court specializing in administrative law, particularly disputes concerning the exercise of public power. The administrative divisions of the German Democratic Republic commonly referred to as East Germany were constituted in two different forms during the country's history.

Admiral, short Adm, en: Admiral is the most senior flag officer rank in the German Navy. Adolf Prokop born 2 February is a former football referee from East Germany. Afanasy Afanasyevich Fet a , later known as Shenshin a ; — , was a renowned Russian poet regarded as the finest master of lyric verse in Russian literature. Afric Simone born Henrique Simone, 17 July is an acclaimed vocalist, musician, performance artist, dancer and entertainer from Mozambique.

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Aki Tapani Karvonen born 31 August in Valtimo is a Finnish former cross-country skier who competed during the s. Alan Dudley Bush 22 December — 31 October was a British composer, pianist, conductor, teacher and political activist. Albania—Germany relations refer to the current and historical relations of Albania and Germany. Albanology is an interdisciplinary branch of the humanities that addresses the language, costume, literature, art, culture and history of Albanians. Albert Caasmann June 2, — March 23, was a German sculptor and porcelain artist.

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Alberto Cova born December 1, is a retired Italian long-distance track athlete, winner of the 10, m at the Summer Olympics. He was professor and an Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Alexander Ferdinand Grychtolik born 6 September in Berlin is a German harpsichordist, improviser, musicologist and academic.

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The second violin part may also be played by a viola. His works include concertos for cello, string quartets, comic operas and a violoncello tutor. However he is best-known for the Sonata in C major which has become a standard work for teaching purposes, even in arrangements for other instruments.

The two movements Allegro and Rondo Grazioso can also be performed independently from one another. This sonata belongs to the basic repertoire of every young cellist. Barenreiter Partition Classique - Sassmannshaus - For Beginner String Ensembles Christmas for Beginner String Ensembles - Ideal for the youngest string ensembles - Very easy level of difficulty Christmas is a time for making music especially in ensembles.

This edition with its very easy arrangements for two violins, viola and cello is ideal for beginner string players to get into the Christmas spirit. The 27 pieces are based either on works of Baroque composers such as Lully or Handel, or on traditional, mostly German, Christmas carols.

One of the pieces requires an additional violin, another a viola.

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With their uncomplicated structure and accompanying parts which tie in closely with the melody, these pieces encourage ensemble playing from an early age. Now, after many decades, a definitive Urtext edition of this major work can be presented. In comparison to the old Supraphon edition of , the new publication includes a detailed Critical Commentary Eng as well as edited early versions of the middle movements in the appendix. Conceived as a triptych, they constitute his musical testament to the piano sonata genre. Rounding off the edition is a Critical Commentary which presents alternative readings of interest to performers.

Barenreiter Partition Classique Buxtehude D. The arrangements stand out for their high fidelity to the original works. Both players are of equal importance and the melody with its expressive themes, moves frequently from one player to the other. Perfect for weddings, auditions or busking. He performs throughout Europe as a soloist, in orchestras and particularly in duo with his wife Marta Danilkovich. Speckert has arranged wonderful tangos from Argentina for violin and piano accompaniment.

The pieces are simple but a joy to play for the violinist, succinct and authentic in style for the pianist. Speckert is also renowned for his easy yet sonorous arrangements for mixed string groups. He is a composer, author and lecturer in multimedia production and E-learning. The duets are comfortable to play, have an authentic jazz feel to them and are full of nuances; musicians and teachers will enjoy them as much as the listener.

Marked rhythms and distinctive melodies give the pieces that special something. He is a composer, author, and teacher for multi-media production and e-learning. For more than three decades the Sassmannshaus Tradition has been the household name for excellence in beginner string methods in German-speaking countries. More than half a million students have successfully learned to play string instruments using this publication. The publication of the four violin books in in a fully adapted English version has been a big success.

What makes this viola method so unique? They pick up important chamber music skills right from the beginning! Dances and other pieces in various keys. Barenreiter Methode - Sassmannshaus E. L'utilisation de plusieurs structures de la main gauche est un des aspects les plus importants du second volume. Barenreiter Methode - Sassmannshaus, E.

Elementary duets. Sassmannshaus, K. Barenreiter Partition Classique Bach C. The editor Jonathan Del Mar has conscientiously examined every available source, including two that have hitherto been either ignored or crucially undervalued. It differs from previous editions in practically every measure and hundreds of corrections have also been made to the orchestral parts. Barenreiter Partition Classique - Chedeville E. However, the most famous is this Sonata in G minor.

Though often played in transcription by violinists and especially by double bass players, the sonata was originally published for cello in four movements — Prelude, Courante, Sarabande and Gigue — accompanied by a figured bass. Little is known about Henry Eccles. Neither his birth nor his death date has been firmly established, ranging respectively between and It is not even certain that he composed this sonata. Her arrangements are rhythmically clear, structurally coherent and easy to master. The edition includes arrangements of pop songs as well as original compositions. She lives in Bavaria, is a freelance musician and, among other things, gives courses for recorder, saxophone and mixed wind ensembles.

Barenreiter Partition Classique - Kleeb J. The pieces, originating in Brazil, Columbia, Peru and Argentina, are all either based on traditional music or are popular works written more recently. Arcano The author Jean Kleeb was born in Brazil and lives in Germany, where he is a freelance musician, teacher, pianist and choir director. He has published numerous choir and songbooks, conducts a choir, and plays flute and guitar.

The pedagogical value of these easy arrangements lies primarily in the equal treatment of both parts. Our editions, the work of two leading Mendelssohn specialists, Hiromi Hoshino and Michael Cooper, present these pieces in separate volumes reflecting the latest state of scholarly research. Each edition contains the original German text and the English translation authorized by the composer himself. A two-stave reduction of the vocal parts has been added as an aid in rehearsal.

Complete editions are available with critical reports and introductions in German and English. As a result, he created unique masterpieces of European music for domestic use and concert performance. The main sources are the first editions published by Simrock. Some melodies are lively, some dreamy but all are easy on the ear. Both violinists are of equal importance and the melody moves frequently from one player to another. When the player takes on the accompanying role, he occasionally has to substitute the guitar and must play arpeggios and easy double stops.

The melody part contains embellishments typical of the style. Auer, E. Ysaye, S. Franko, M. Wulfhorst Compositeur : Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus. Canon simplex 2. Beede vorigen Canones zugleich, motu recto e contrario 4. The Eight Great Suites. Revised new edition. Vorform von Suite Nr.

Variante zu Suite Nr. Erstfassung von Suite Nr. Originalfassung von Suite Nr. Autographe Fassung von Suite Nr. This fingering traces musical lines and supports sensitive sound production. There are also special fingering exercises to assist in the learning of the chordal structures.

Thus, the edition provides the necessary prerequisites for studying these works. Barenreiter Partition Classique - Bunk G. Reinoldi in Dortmund. Psalm op. Don't Feed the Animals 12 Pieces for String Ensemble - Easy fun pieces on animals geared towards children - Suitable for smaller and larger recitals - Can be played by a variable number of string players Instrumentation of the work 1. Violin, 3. Violin, Viola, Violoncello In this edition George Speckert has depicted an entire menagerie of small animals in 12 movements. These easy little character pieces can be played in any order by two violins, viola and cello, either one or more to a part.

It is a fun-to-play collection especially suited for children and invites them to expand on these pieces by adding little tales, pictures or scenes. Barenreiter Partition Classique - Silcher F. These helpful additions save conductors and players valuable time marking up both score and parts.

The major stopping points in the course of the music have been insightfully and faithfully translated for two flutes. Here advanced students will find beautiful music to play which also contains some small challenges. Bach and the Mannheim School. For students, they offer an ideal introduction to the early classical sonata repertoire and train brilliance in piano technique. He was commissioned to write it in for the final examination at the Paris Conservatoire in Debussy orchestrated it in the summer of While transferring the clarinet part from the already published version for clarinet and piano, he made a few subtle changes, particularly in m.

The present scholarly-critical publication is the first Urtext edition of the orchestral version. It draws on every known source and takes into account a previously ignored source that sheds new light on the piece. These three romances give violinists ample opportunity to display their skills and to entrance the audience. This new selection is based on sharply contrasting pieces that he has transformed into appealing jazz numbers. His concerts and workshops provide an exciting insight into his skills and knowledge. Jahrhunderts von Soussmann, Hugo, Harris u. Barenreiter Partition Classique Bach J.

The Manchester source has until now not been used as the primary source for a modern edition. The eight pieces exemplify a multitude of dancing and singing styles, with small ornaments and playing techniques e. The volume offers the possibility to interpret the pieces in a variety of ways, also offering scope for personal expression. The idiomatic piano part provides bold bass lines, typical harmonic progressions, countermelodies, and a considerable number of embellishments.

Barenreiter Partition Classique - Im Zoo - Violon Et Piano The kangaroo jumps up and down, the beavers gnaw day and night, the alligator glides through the legato. Can the pony keep in step? And how nobly the lion strides! The well-known Polish violin teacher Antoni Cofalik takes his young pupils on an exciting walk through the zoo, depicting fifteen animals in simple but distinctive and highly unusual character pieces.

When the teacher plays the enclosed piano accompaniment, the result is a wide range of sounds that guarantee fun in lessons and applause during performances! He deleted sections from this substantial quartet sparing only the Scherzo; the other movements where all cut by up to a third. The work was finally premiered by orchestral musicians from the National Theatre, but a printed edition was not published until the middle of the 20th century. The edition is based on the autograph and on hand-written parts. Barenreiter Partition Classique - Kukal O.

Gute Nacht 2. Die Wetterfahne 3. Erstarrung 5. Der Lindenbaum 6. Wasserflut 7. Auf dem Flusse 8. Irrlicht Rast Einsamkeit Zweite Abteilung: Die Post Der greise Kopf Letzte Hoffnung Im Dorfe Der Wegweiser Das Wirtshaus Mut Die Nebensonnen Wasserflut Der Leiermann. Heine Op. It is as though a knot was untied while he was writing the Heine-Liederkreis, op. Retrospectively, Schumann wrote that this new poetic spirit had inspired the composition of lieder to such an extent that it had become the only genre to make significant progress since the time of Beethoven. Indeed these nine songs, which represent the only complete setting of the underlying Heine cycle, came so close to the spirit of the poet that a new epoch of lied composition was founded.

The edition includes the twelve five-part motets at original pitch with basso continuo. In addition, instrumental parts for string and wind instruments can be purchased. To enable varying tone-colour possibilities, instrumental parts are available in different transpositions Print on Demand.

Of great significance is the detailed foreword on performance practice by Manfred Cordes. Unser keiner lebet ihm selber SWV 7. Sammlet zuvor das Unkraut SWV 9. Herr, auf dich traue ich SWV Though speculation exists, the occasion for which the pieces were composed as well as the exact date of their composition remain unknown. The editor has supplied a text for the movement HWV , which until now has, for reasons unknown, been without text. The Amen and Hallelujah movements are in easy keys using up to one sharp or two flats and the modulations rarely move to harmonically distant tonal areas.

Handel figured the bassline very detailed which plays mostly an accompanying, supportive role, imitating the voice in a few places. The vocal part is distinguished by the repetition of motives, by repeated notes but also by short or extended coloratura. Presumably these movements were intended for use in teaching. Today these short movements of between 25 and 76 bars lend themselves well to use in church services.

BA ISMN The additional violin part to this edition contains simplifications to the virtuoso part as well as fingering and bowing which with all probabilty stem from Josef Slawjk. The violinist Slawjk worked together several times with Schubert and he gave the first performance of the Fantasia in January Where the solo part of the orchestral version differs from the version for violin and piano, the variants are shown in the violin part as ossias.

This famous tutor has remained in use to the present day and is equally valued by players of other string instruments. As a result, this edition differs fundamentally from the only known cello arrangement of this opus by Louis R. Barenreiter Partition Classique Boismortier J. Quotations by Beethoven and about him illuminate many facets of his personality, whether familiar or surprising. He appears hot-tempered and humorous, vulnerable and sarcastic, isolated and driven by utopian visions of society.

This attractive diary which presents every week, Monday to Sunday, on a double page also provides sufficient space for your own notes. The editor of this revised edition of the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto, Clive Brown, is an acknowledged expert on Romantic performance practice. Bach Faksimile: Anfang der 3. Gerbers Kopie undJ. Bachs Reinschrift P Editions continued to be published up until They incorporated traditional as well as new song themes of the day with powerful and memorable Baroque melodies.

The most beautiful of these songs have been arranged here for descant or treble recorder and piano accompaniment. The arrangements include an optional part for a second flute. The editor Nikolaus Newerkla, is a cembalist, arranger and ensemble director. O'Connor - Mr. His melodies which are steeped in Irish tradition have made him immortal.

They have also had a lasting influence on the development of Irish music. Many of his tunes have provided a basis for thousands of later melodies. Barenreiter Marcello B. Barenreiter Partition Classique Lully J. Nocturne C. Burkhard, Lied K. Hartmann, Kleine Suite II 1. Satz Distler, Walzer op. Zimmermann, Matutin Imagination. Barenreiter Franck C. Barenreiter Partition Classique - Klomp C. The editions include solo parts in C, Bb, Eb and F, which can be played by violin, flute, oboe, clarinet, trumpet and horn in F. The range of the solo instrument parts is in the middle register, making this series particularly appealing to non-professional church musicians and instrumentalists.

The hallmark of this edition — flexible instrumentation with easy playability — ensures that the pieces can easily be tackled and fun to play for church services, musical evenings and small concerts. Idiomatic instrumental arrangements and the stylistic variety of the pieces guarantee instant success for both organists and instrumentalists. Idiomatic instrumental arrangements and the stylistic variety of selected pieces offer organists and instrumentalists fast and impressive results. Included are pieces that are freely-composed or based on chorales, both original works and arrangements.

The editions include solo parts for instruments in C, B-flat, E-flat and F which can be played by violin, flute, oboe, clarinet, trumpet and horn in F. The range of the solo parts is in the middle register. The contents of the volumes correspond to the season of the church year. One wishes the series a wide circulation and every success.

The hallmark of this edition — flexible instrumentation with easy playability — ensures that the pieces can easily be tackled and are fun to play for church services, musical evenings and small concerts. Idiomatic instrumental arrangements and the stylistic variety of the pieces guarantee success for both organists and instrumentalists. Six Fugues or Voluntarys for the Organ or Harpsichord op. Capriccio F-dur HWV 4. Preludio ed Allegro g-moll HWV 5. Fantaisie C-dur HWV 6. Suite d-moll HWV 7. Suite g-moll HWV 8. Capriccio g-moll HWV 9.

Allemande A-dur HWV Allemande F-durHWV Gigue F-dur HWV Sonatina B-dur HWV Air A-dur HWV Lesson a-moll HWV Partita A-dur HWV Alcina, 'Alcina' Ah! Non fia vero. Barenreiter Partition Classique - Chilla K. These pieces are intended primarily for the amateur organist but can also be of interest to the professional who can use these as a starting point for improvisation. Barenreiter Partition Classique - Pintscher M. It is a very strict, graphically inspired picture, with economical black lines on untreated canvas.

It is a homage, an 'obituary', a requiem for Barnett Newman's brother, whose Hebrew first name is Zerach, which means 'to rise' of the sun. In recent years the trumpet has taken on a special role and importance for me, both in chamber music and in orchestral works or in a double concerto for two trumpets.

It was time to create a solo piece for this instrument. The music is very introspective in places, almost on the edge of tonelessness and lapsing into silence, a shrill out cry picks out the theme of the loss of a loved family member. The cantata movements can be performed in accordance with the church year, but are also suitable for performance in festive services and concerts. Barenreiter Partition Classique - Bodunov V. Both players are of equal standing, the role of soloist and accompanist changing constantly. The arrangements stand out for their fidelity to the original works.

Idiomatic harmonies, techniques and embellishments offer a wide-ranging insight into the sound of these popular styles. Many of the pieces are kept straightforward to facilitate getting started with this collection; others call for greater empathy, but their exciting style will soon make them gems on any programme, large or small.

Barenreiter Elgar E. Our scholarly-critical Urtext edition, based on the definitive New Schubert Edition, presents the sonata in a spacious new engraving with practical page turns. Rounding off the edition is a Critical Commentary Eng containing alternative readings of relevance to the performer. It was Joplin who brought this musical style to the pinnacle of perfection. Jean Kleeb has simplified the works and added fingering. A fresh evaluation of the autograph has made it possible to reconstruct several variants ignored in the first and subsequent editions and to clarify ambiguities in notation and articulation.

The edition appears in two volumes, one for high voice and another for low voice. Exciting stuff! With skill and sensitivity Speckert, who actually was born in New Orleans, captures the typical melodic, harmonic and rhythmic style of each genre, whether ragtime, blues, boogie woogie, gospel, folksong or early jazz. Equally suitable for music-making fun in lessons, recitals or your own living room. His treatment of the original melodies is refreshingly different from standard jazz arrangements: It is characterized by a free perception of the tunes, varied rhythms as well as unconventional harmonies.

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All eight of the songs in our edition offer agreeable and stimulating literature outside the classical and jazz pigeonholes for pianists everywhere, whether or not they dig German folksongs. Though based on the original songs, the pieces go far beyond them in form, harmony and rhythm, thereby turning the originals into top-quality jazz ballads. All the pieces have suggestions for improvised passages, usually with chords and written-out ostinato bass lines.

All the pieces are recorded on the like-named CD with Edgar Knecht at the piano, accompanied by his trio of bass, drums and percussion. Since the age of 14 he has held concerts with his own piano pieces and written many theatre, film and TV scores. With his Edgar Knecht Trio he transforms German folksongs into fascinating jazz ballads with which he fills his programmes and venues. The pieces are easy to play and rhythmic; distinctive melodies lend a very special flavour.

They can also be successfully used in teaching mixed string groups in schools. Whether they are used individually in teaching or concerts, or as a set, they will add welcome variety. Speckert is a composer, author and lecturer in multimedia production and Elearning. With the simple rhythms and repetitive motifs, nothing could be more suited to young players. Barenreiter Methode - Battanchon F. These pieces are intended primarily for the amateur organist but can also be of interest to the professional who can use them as a starting point for improvisation.

Barenreiter Partition Classique - Pachelbel J. This cycle of 22 songs for tenor an alto and three female voices are added in three numbers was composed on a setting of poems that were published anonymously. It was not until 80 years later that their author was identified as the regional poet and writer Ozef Kalda. The cycle also contains theatrical elements, such as the alto entrance and exit cues and lighting effects. This edition presents 14 pieces covering a wide stylistic spectrum, giving viola players a rich body of appealing concert pieces to choose from.

He continues the work of his father Egon Sassmannshaus, who set new standards with the Sassmannshaus string methods. Hautbois, 2. Hautbois, Basson, 1. Trompette, 2. Trompette, 3. Trompette, Timbale. These works can be played by professionals as well as experienced amateurs. Separate parts for viola and violoncello are included with the score. In addition to her extensive teaching and concert activities in the field of chamber music, she works as an editor for well-known music publishers. He plays as a soloist and chamber musician and was awarded the title of Honoured Artist of Ukraine in This series of piano miniatures appears for the first time in a scholarly-critical edition.

Barenreiter Partition Classique - Monteverdi C. Apart from the many available recordings, it is frequently performed in its entirety or in parts. The Urtext edition of this well-known work has unusual origins. It originated from a graduate seminar at the University of North Texas, under the direction of the Monteverdi specialist Hendrik Schulze.

The result is an edition which combines the latest in musicological research specifically with the needs of the performer in mind. These new musical and performance practice insights make a modern interpretation of this year-old work possible. Finger Der 4. Finger Der Dreiklang Der 1. Finger Das Greifen auf verschiedenen Saiten Der 3. Barenreiter Methode - Sassmannshaus H. At last students of the largest instrument in the string family can make use of this tried and tested method for beginners, developed by Egon Sassmannshaus for the other string instruments and applied here to the double bass by Holger Sassmannshaus and J.

Peter Close. This method will meet the needs of the growing number of young bass students. Lively and colourful illustrations by Charlotte Panowsky complete the edition. The English editions for violin, viola and violoncello, which were introduced to the international market in , have proven to be very successful, particularly in the United States. Kids to the Bass! While children learning other string instruments can start as early as the age of four, the appropriate age to begin the double bass is approximately eight possibly even six ; this allows for a faster progression than on the other string instruments, and the method consists of only three volumes.

The first volume will be published separately in an English and a German edition; the following two volumes will have German and English text in each book. Original compositions by Boguslaw Furtok enrich the volumes. He also teaches the double bass and performs with several other ensembles. Peter Close is a teacher for violoncello and double bass in Munich. Editor : Schmid, Ernst F Instrumentation : cl, 2 vn, vla, vlc. Barenreiter Partition Classique - Furrer B. Barenreiter Partitions Classiques - Haendel G. This new Urtext edition is based on the first edition score, solo violin part, piano reduction and orchestral parts.

At first fixed positions and shifting are practised separately from one another in one and two part combinations. In the second volume these two techniques are combined and consolidated. In he emigrated to Sweden, where he made a name for himself as orchestral musician, concert master and soloist as well as pedagogue. He is the author of numerous educational works.

Barenreiter Partition Classique - Stamitz C. Barenreiter Partition Classique - Mussorgsky M. He was a friend of Mussorgsky who had died in He has re-evaluated the sources and in the process has discovered surprising variant readings of the well-known musical text. The edition will meet the demands of advanced piano students, teachers and pianists. Furthermore modifications made to dynamic markings and additional legato bowing are shown. This revised edition of the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto only the orchestral parts remain unchanged includes a separate booklet on performance practice.

The editor, Clive Brown, is an acknowledged expert on Romantic performance practice. Holland to Fl. Stuka-Schule 1. Messbungsstelle d. Schule Gppingen, appt Kdr. Schule IV Gppingen. Barenthin, appt provisional Kdr. Barenthin, promo to Obstlt. BAIL, Dr. Last rank: Oblt.

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IV, assigned temporary duty to Wehrmachtgefangenenlager Donau-Niederbayern to Wattener-Lizzum to Flieger-Ers. BARK, Benno. Credited with air victories in 1, combat missions. Shot down 9 times. JaboG 31 to Buried at Tegernsee. I to Gppingen and later Kdt. Brieg to Schutzzone Slowakei.

Schule at Wittstock. BARN, Adolf. JG 51 to WWI served in the infantry. Stabes and on Nordost to Credited with 17 night victories and 2 day victories. Dortmund to Wehrmeldeamt Dortmund 2. Apparently survived the war. Seenotgruppe L Norderney to Seenotgruppe, promo to Oberst. Credited with 4 victories.

Early attended course for Battery chiefs at Flakartillerie-Schule I. Training at the Flugabwehrschule in Rendsburg. Fliegerkorps, promo to Stabsarzt. Credited with 52 air victories in combat missions.

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Stuttgart II. Kette 9. Credited with three victories. Rostow area, promo to Maj. Koblenz to 6. Sdost to Credited with about missions. Guben to KG 1 to Flakartillerieschulen, promo to Hptm. MIA n. Klinik Jena. Kattowitz to Wehrmeldeamt Oppeln. Oppeln to Lw. XI and assigned temporary duty to Genst.

BARY, Lothar von. BARZ, Heinz. BARZ, Rudolf. BARZ, Willi. Ost area. Ost to Dt. Mission in Rumnien to Norwegen for temporary duty. W , trf from Mun. DOB Hauptbildstelle des RLM. BSS, Gerhard. BSS, Rudolf. World War I pilot with 7 victories. Fallschirmschule 1 and concurrently Kdt. XVII Wien. Mission in Rumnien. Koflug Afrika. Mission Rumnien. Festungsbezirk Tunis-Bizerte. Armeekorps to OKW Abwehr. BAST, Wilhelm. Hamburg IV. Wehr 3 for temporary duty. Felddivision 5? I and appt temporary Kdr. BATA, Johann. RDA advanced from later date. Credited with combat missions during the war, more than any other bomber pilot in WWII.

BATH, Karl. IV to Bekleidungsamt d. Buried at Trondheim-Havstein. BTZ, Gerd. BATZ, Johann. Ost for operational training. Credited with air victories in combat missions. BAU, Albert. BAU, Eugen. Berlin VII. Entlassungsstelle Luftgaukdo. II to Stelle Darmstadt-Griesheim. Posen to Flieger-Schtzenschule 1 to Bordschtzenschule 1 to Rahmel to Seenotstaffel, then trf to JG Frsorge- und Versorgungsamt Regensburg to Wehrm. Frsorge- und Versorgungsamt Nrnberg. Afrika shot down by AA vic El Adem.

XI to 1. Mnchen III. Westfrankreich, appt Chef 9. Jagdkorps, released from active military service and re-employed as a Luftwaffe technische Beamte N. FFS C 4 and Kdt. Sprottau to FFS C 18 Lben to Sd Villacoublay-Sd for assignment to JG Buried in Hutberg near Kamenz. Luftzeuggruppe See. Tnning later Fl. Kiel-Holtenau for temporary duty to Warburg, Res. Bad Driburg and finally the civilian hospital in Konstanz to Credited with a total of 31 combat missions, the last of these flown on Hospitalized near end of war.

Flew over 1, combat missions during the war, the second highest number by a Stuka pilot. Also credited with 11 air victories and the destruction of 51 enemy tanks. Moved to Argentina after the war and worked as a salesman. Fliegerkorps for temporary duty. Einsatzstab Krim des Gen.

Fliegerkorps I to Credited with combat missions and 57 air victories. Wounded 7 times. Stendal to Wehrbezirkskdo. II, assigned temporary duty to Luftgaustab Finnland to Bau Zweigwerk Kthen. XI to Fl. Believed to have ended the war with a total of 7 victories 6 night and one day. Buried at Gutersloh. Schule Rerik. LKS 6 Flak to Unteroffiziersschule d. Unteroffizierschule d. LKS 2. Baneasa in Romania. VII, released from service.

Stab III. FFS C 10 to VI, trf to Gen. XVI to Section A - F landed S of Calais. BAUM, Dr. Batterie Flak-Rgt. Credited with the destruction of 17 tanks mainly on the Stalingrad front. BAUM, Erich. Tunis area, promo to Maj. BAUM, Hans. BAUM, Heinz. BAUM, Ludwig. BAUM, Manfred. VII to Lw. Staf 8. Credited with 23 victories. Summer with Erg. End of End became Adj. Buried at Sandweiler.

Kurz-Lehrgang to Fliegerkorps and appt Verbindungs-Offz. Stelle to Buried in Merseburg. Flak-Regimentsstab Bumer.


VIII, Lneburg. Subsequently, Hptm.

Credited with missions, in the east. I to Luftflotte 4 to BAUR, Egon. Flakbrigade to ETr to BAUR, Eugen. BAUR, Georg.

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Wi 1 for temporary duty. Mitglied des Vorstandes des DLV. Leiter in the Inspektion der Fliegertruppen to Luftgau-Reserve Section A - F Kriegswesenschaftlichen Abt. Koflug Griefswald. Koflug Dberitz. Wien II. Fliegerkorps and concurrently Kdr. Reich to BelgienNordfrankreich f. XI still Stettin I. III still Flak-Brig to Wien II, trf to Wehrbezirkskdo. Wien III. Flugzeugfhrerberprfungsschule LF to Mur to BECK, Adolf. BECK, Albin. BECK, Alfred. Holland to Flgm. Inspizient d. Belgien-Nordfrankreich, appt Kdr. BECK, Alois. BECK, Bruno. BECK, Ernst. BECK, Dr. WWI served with the artillery.

I, Knigsberg. Luftgau-Intendant XI, Hamburg. BECK, Fritz. BECK, Gustav. BECK, Horst. Fliegerdivision to LKS 2 rescinded. BECK, Karl. BECK, Leopold. BECK, Otto. BECK, Rudolf. BECK, Rudolf von. BECK, Theo von der. Holland for further assignment. BECK, Waldemar. BECK, Walter. BECK, Werner. Anwrter 4 Wien. Anwrter 4 Wien, promo to Oberst. VI and appt Offz. Breslau II. Mannheim II. III, promo to Maj. Klagenfurt to Berlin VI. Westfrankreich area, promo to Hptm. Dortmund I. Langenhagen as Stabsoffz. Langenhagen to Fl. Stade to Norwegen for further assignment.

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Flakwaffe in RLM. Hildesheim to Fl. XI area, promo to Hptm. Sd later renamed 8. Another account has: Fliegergruppe Kiel and concurrently Kdt. See Fl.

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Luftdienstverbnde See. FFS B 15 to Schule 11, appt Kdr. Schule 3 to Flakkorps area, promo to Maj. Fliegerkorps area, promo to Hptm. No known grave. Fhnrich-Lehrgang in Potsdam-Eiche. MG Kp. Wach Kp. Remains never recovered. Credited with combat missions and 44 46? XI, trf to Luftgaukdo. III for further assignment. Summer retrained as a fighter pilot. Aachen, promo to Obstlt.

Aachen, ordered to Durchgangslager Luft Oberursel for temporary duty. Kriegsgefangene Dulag d.