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And similarly, let us work together to turn back efforts to reinstate capital punishment. I say this as a citizen of a country that abolished the death penalty years ago.

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President, We simply cannot achieve any of our goals without the full participation of women and girls. Within the UN, I am committed to establish a clear road map with benchmarks to achieve gender parity across the system. I will soon propose to the General Assembly ambitious new steps to help end sexual exploitation and abuse committed under the UN flag. We must do far more around the world. As we do so, I also make a special appeal for the rights of children.

Millions of children around the world are denied their rights. And children are the main victims of war and crises — the effects of which often last a lifetime. Let us act to protect children of all ages, ensure they know their rights, and can live and breathe those rights every day and everywhere.


President, Let us also recognize that we must do more to ensure equal attention to economic, social and cultural rights. The corpus of human rights is indivisible and interdependent. We cannot pick and choose, emphasizing some and ignoring others.

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The Agenda provides an ideal platform to demonstrate our commitment to all human rights. As the High Commissioner has often pointed out, the right to development is at the core of the Agenda. The right to quality education, housing, food, water, equal access to employment — these and other economic and social rights can and must be realized.

As we work to promote all human rights, I want to express a final word of appreciation and admiration to those on the frontlines.

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The United Nations is on your side. And I am on your side. I remind Member States of their responsibility to ensure that human rights defenders can operate without fear of intimidation.

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Human rights defenders must be able to freely participate in the Council and engage more broadly with the UN without fear of reprisal. This is critical to our work and to the credibility of Member States. Journalists are an essential part of the checks and balances of any society.

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They, too, must be guaranteed full protection in law and practice to do their vital work independently and without interference. Human rights inspire.

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Human rights transform. Human rights drive progress and change the course of history.

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I am determined to raise the profile of human rights and to speak out whenever necessary. And I will do my utmost to defend the defenders. We will build a safer and more stable world for our children as we recognise the interconnections between peace, development and human rights. However, now that the technical infrastructure is also due for replacement to guarantee the security of data, the investment does not outweigh the decreasing use of the forum.

The interaction between electronics enthusiasts is increasingly taking place on the Elektor Labs website and we encourage everyone to become a part of this lively community. Visit the Elektor Labs site today to post electronics projects, collaborate with other designers, and discuss engineering solutions. La livre poids de table se subdivisait en 16 onces. L'or et l'argent se pesait au poids de marc.

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La marque de pain bis ne se divise pas. Elle mesurait 22 pieds, 12 pouces. La perche de Toulouse mesurait 14 empans de la canne de Toulouse soit 3, m. Quelques exemples de noms et valeurs des sous-multiple de l'arpent suivant les lieux. Henri III - ordonna la fabrication du franc d'argent. Louis XIV - supprima la livre parisis au profit de la livre tournois.