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While modesty is a seemingly ubiquitous Canadian characteristic, its tensile strength is challenged whenever musicians enter the conversation. There is also great diversity in the nominations for Francophone Album of the Year that include cross-overs from other categories. And despite the competitive nature of an awards show, the group of nominees also displays unity and unbreakable kinship.

Selling more than one million albums over the past decade, six-time JUNO Award nominee Coeur de Pirate will team up with Loud for an unforgettable performance.

Juno (mythology)

As she preps to launch a tour that includes Canadian and European dates, Coeur de Pirate provided some perspective to NOW about the Juno Awards, what it means to be an icon, and of course, Celine Dion. It's always amazing to be recognized by your peers so this is always amazing for me. You and Loud represent different styles and genres of music. What does it mean to be performing together? The International Astronomical Union discourages the use of these symbols in journal articles. In certain cases where planetary symbols might be used, such as in the headings of tables, the IAU Style Manual permits certain one- and to disambiguate Mercury and Mars two-letter abbreviations for the names of the planets.

Following the discovery of Ceres in by the astronomer and Catholic priest Giuseppe Piazzi , a group of astronomers ratified the name, which Piazzi had proposed.

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At that time, the sickle was chosen as a symbol of the planet. The symbol for 2 Pallas , the spear of Pallas Athena , was invented by Baron Franz Xaver von Zach , who organized a group of twenty-four astronomers to search for a planet between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

German astronomer Karl Ludwig Harding created the symbol for 3 Juno. Harding, who discovered this asteroid in , proposed the name Juno and the use of a scepter topped with a star as its astronomical symbol. Olbers, having previously discovered and named 2 Pallas, gave Gauss the honor of naming his newest discovery. Gauss decided to name the new asteroid for the goddess Vesta , and also designed the symbol : the altar of the goddess, with the sacred fire burning on it. Karl Ludwig Hencke , a German amateur astronomer , discovered the next two asteroids, 5 Astraea in and 6 Hebe in Hencke requested that the symbol for 5 Astraea be an upside-down anchor; [47] however, a pair of balances was sometimes used instead.

As more new asteroids were discovered, astronomers continued to assign symbols to them. Thus, 7 Iris had for its symbol a rainbow with a star; [51] 8 Flora , a flower; [51] 9 Metis , an eye with a star; [52] 10 Hygiea , an upright snake with a star on its head; [53] 11 Parthenope , a standing fish with a star; [53] 12 Victoria , a star topped with a branch of laurel ; [54] 13 Egeria , a buckler; [55] 14 Irene , a dove carrying an olive branch with a star on its head; [56] 15 Eunomia , a heart topped with a star; [57] 16 Psyche , a butterfly wing with a star; [58] 17 Thetis , a dolphin with a star; [59] 18 Melpomene , a dagger over a star; [60] and 19 Fortuna , a star over Fortuna's wheel.

He introduced encircled numbers instead of symbols, although his numbering began with Astraea , the first four asteroids continuing to be denoted by their traditional symbols.

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This symbolic innovation was adopted very quickly by the astronomical community. The following year , Astraea's number was bumped up to 5, but Ceres through Vesta would be listed by their numbers only in the edition. The circle later became a pair of parentheses, and the parentheses were sometimes omitted altogether over the next few decades. A few asteroids were given symbols by their discoverers after the encircled-number notation became widespread. Pluto 's name and symbol were announced by the discoverers on May 1, The zodiac symbols have several astronomical interpretations.

Depending on context, a zodiac symbol may denote either a constellation, or a point or interval on the ecliptic plane. Lists of astronomical phenomena published by almanacs sometimes included conjunctions of stars and planets or the Moon; rather than print the full name of the star, a Greek letter and the symbol for the constellation of the star was sometimes used instead. In modern academic usage, all the constellations, including the twelve of the zodiac, have dedicated three-letter abbreviations. Each symbol is taken to represent the "first point" of each sign. The symbols for aspects first appear in Byzantine codices.

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Quebecois stars shine bright at 12222 JUNO Awards

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