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To identify and destroy a Separatist spy and terror network in a city full of civilians will require special talents and skills. Not even the leadership of Jedi generals, along with the assistance of Delta squad and a certain notorious ARC trooper, can even the odds against the Republic Commandos. And while success may not bring victory in the Clone Wars, failure means certain defeat.

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The novel starts with a flashback eight years before the Battle of Geonosis when Mandalorian soldier Kal Skirata goes to the rainy planet of Kamino to observe the developing army for the Republic. He finds out that they are cloning his friend, Jango Fett , and that the clones have had their age factor doubled. If the clones have lived a year they will have aged two, and when they have lived two years they will have aged four, and so forth.

Skirata is disgusted with the Kaminoans ' practice of "reconditioning"—often a term used for terminating—clone children who didn't pass quality control standards. Six "prototype" ARC Trooper children, designated Null -class, were labeled defective and scheduled for reconditioning because they would not follow any orders given them. However, before the unruly clones can be executed, Skirata intervenes and takes it upon himself to raise and train them personally, keeping them separate from the other clones. The plot jumps forward to five days after the Battle of Geonosis.

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The storyline then skips ahead a year later , where the Galactic Republic learns that Separatist terrorists have infiltrated Coruscant and are spying on the Republic. Skirata is hired by the Republic to track them down and enlists Omega Squad — Darman , Niner , and Fi , all personally trained and formally adopted by Skirata, and Atin who was trained by Walon Vau —for the mission. Skirata and Vau have a rivalry due to their different philosophies in training clone soldiers.

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Skirata trained Omega Squad as a role model father-figure, while Vau trained Delta Squad through abusive discipline. Atin has a hard history with Vau since he was beaten so many times under his tutelage. During the course of the story, Etain and Darman's relationship grows stronger, and Etain becomes pregnant with Darman's child but does not tell him.

During the mission to track the terrorists down, Jinart and Valaqil join in to remind Omega Squad and Etain that they still owe the Gurlanins a debt after they helped the clones and Jedi back on Qiilura.

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Etain and Omega Squad promise that they will eventually repay that obligation, but ask the Gurlanins to assist in the mission, to which they agree. The spies in the Republic are ultimately found, and the information they captured is destroyed and the terrorists are killed. During the exercises the commandos conducted anti-ambush and patrol drills and sharpening their field skills.

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He refuted claims that Western troops are poorly equipped, and said they could deal with any resistance they may encounter. He said: "The British armed forces are trained for this environment and the risk that will be prevalent in Afghanistan. They are making a big difference to a very troubled part of the world.

The Afghanistan mission is the second deployment this year for some Royal Marines from 42 Commando. They spent up to 10 weeks in the province between February and April.

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Around Royal Marines from 42 Commando became the first UK troops to enter Helmand Province and were given the task of protecting the engineers building Camp Bastion. In total almost 2, troops will be involved in the latest six-month deployment. However if circumstances allow, a rolling programme of leave will allow troops to return home for short periods to see their families. Home Explore the BBC.

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