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Step by Step acrylic painting on canvas for beginners - moon light night Painting - Tree of flowers

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The primary course you select will be the course you see in Canvas. The other course sections will not be viewable by you or your students.

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The merge function can only be done during the first four weeks of the semester. This is due to trying to merge when you have assignments and grading in the courses causes major problems for you and the students. Once course is merged here are two important items related to People and Gradebook functions.

Select People from within course and a listing of students appears. Gradebook will list all the students from the merged courses. This option may assist if you are teaching an undergraduate and honors class and need to give different assignments to students.

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Access documentation, videos, events, workshops and FAQs to help you use Canvas as an instructor. Learn more about why we are looking at Canvas and what we accomplished with the Fall exploration project. Report an Issue you will need to login with your NetID username and password. For a complete list of support resources, visit our Support page. Canvas — Learning Management System. Once this is completed Canvas will be updated overnight and your course s will appear in the Canvas Dashboard as well as the Courses link.

The week before the start of semester and the first week of classes this update happens twice a day. If this procedure needs to be altered Information Technology Services will partner with Faculty Senate before any changes are made.