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He's armed and dangerous, and he has a hook in place of his right hand. The girlfriend is obviously frightened, and wants to go home straight away, but the boyfriend insists that they'll be fine. He locks all the car doors and tries to kiss her again. She calmly explains that no means no, and that she wants to go the hell home.

Annoyed, the boyfriend slams the gas pedal and drives her back to her house.

2. Bloody Mary

It's only when they both get out of the car that he notices something dangling from the door handle — a bloody, steel hook. This one might be slightly more popular at sleepovers than campfires, but I bet that you're still just a little scared to actually try it. The story goes that if you look into a mirror in a darkened room and chant "Bloody Mary" three times, you'll see the ghostly visage of Bloody Mary herself staring back at you.

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That, or she'll pop out of the mirror and kill you. The real Bloody Mary was actually Queen Elizabeth's ill-fated older sister, and she's probably not coming to kill you — but staring into a darkened mirror for a prolonged period of time can cause very creepy hallucinations. As a kid, I knew this story as "The Blonde Wolf," which is admittedly not the creepiest of titles. But the story goes that a pregnant woman went into labor in a remote part of Texas. Her husband went for help, but both of their bodies were discovered the next day, ravaged by wolves.

10 Creepy Stories to Tell After Dark

The baby was nowhere to be found. Over the years, sightings were reported of a little girl living with a pack of wolves, and later a grown woman, covered in hair, nursing wolf pups Two college roommates are in the same science class, and the big midterm is tomorrow morning.

Marie wants to stay in and study, but Tara wants to go out and party with a cute guy from the lacrosse team. She leaves Marie to her studies. When she gets home very late that night, Marie is in bed and the lights are off.

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Tara goes to bed without turning the lights on, trying not to disturb her studious friend. In the morning, she goes to wake Marie so they won't be late for the test A man is staying in a hotel for the weekend. On his way to his room, he notices a closed door with no number on it.

1. The Hook

When he asks about it, he is told that no one is allowed in that room. Curious, he stops to peer in the keyhole on the next night, and sees a normal hotel room, with a very pale woman lying on the bed. He goes on his way. But the next night, he's just too curious and looks through the keyhole again: this time, all he can see is red. Top 5 Fall Camping Essentials.

Camping Inspired Halloween Costumes. Nighttime Camping Activities for the Whole Family. Each month, direct to your email inbox, we'll send the best camping news, tips, recipes and more, to enhance the camping lifestyle you love so much. Try these not-so-scary stories to spook your kids this Halloween Halloween is all about a little bit of scare, right?

2. Bloody Mary

So grab your candy, light a campfire, and get ready to scare. Dem Bones If your kids are fans of pirates, they are going to love this spooky Dem Bones story. Haunted Looking to recover an overly scary story with something a bit more mild? What he finds when he does will surprise the daylights out of you and your kids. The Scarecrow Let your kids be the judge of whether this scarecrow was taken by the storm, or ran away on his own. Ghost Ship of Captain Sandovate Another one for the pirate lovers in your group, the Ghost Ship of Captain Sandovate tells the tale of a group of sailors who mutiny, and end up dehydrating their captain to death — they refused to give him the water he needed to survive.

Fifty-Cent Piece An eerie feeling will come across you and your kids when hearing this story. This story will keep your kids on the edge of their seat, but not keep them awake all night. Golden Hand The greedy man in this story will serve as a great scare, as well as a great lesson for your kids. He is successful in killing her and does get her golden hand, but pays a big price for it.

The Hook This classic story about two lovers will have your kids scared, no doubt.

10 Creepy Stories to Tell in the Dark

Make a Reservation Leslie, a. Top 10 Camping Recipes of This scary story is perfect for campfires near a river. The tale says she wanders near the river, looking for her children. La Llorona is said to kidnap children who wander near, as she mistakes them for her own. The deer woman is a shape-shifting creature living deep in forests. Appearing either as a deer or a woman, she lures unsuspecting lovers or promiscuous men into the woods, then stomps them to death with her hooves.

Be sure to tell this one on your next beach camping trip: in this Hawaiian legend , night marchers are the deadly ghosts of ancient warriors.

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They are said to rise up from the ocean and march to ancient battle sites after sunset. The legend states that any mortal who looks directly at the night marchers will die a violent death. Based on an urban legend, this scary campfire story appears in the infamous Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz.

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  6. Ending in a cliffhanger, whether the couple makes it out alive is up to your imagination. He runs into a man in a suit who is staring at the sky, smiling. This scary campfire story is another one that comes in poem form. This Reddit-born story puts a modern twist on classic the scary campfire stories we know all too well.

    Sounds innocent enough at first, but this supposedly true story takes a creepy turn.