Be A Vessel of Honor

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My own brother became a father three years ago. I love watching him be a dad. As I watch Matt hold and kiss his little boys, I see a tenderness and self-sacrifice that was not there a few years ago. Nothing has changed him more than being a father. When I see the happiness of the blissfully married, I sometimes yearn for what they have. Their covenant and community are earthly pictures of the unity of God.

I am created to recognize the beauty in that. Why else would I feel like changing the topic when people start asking me why I am not yet married? Or feel like I have nothing to contribute to all the mommy talk conversations of my married girlfriends? Reconciling the call God has on my life with what He is doing in the lives of my married friends can be difficult. And when feelings of inferiority creep in, especially regarding my spiritual life, it makes matters worse. This is one reason I believe the church has sought to elevate singleness in recent years.

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As we have discussed in previous articles, we live in a culture in which marrying well is a challenge. Many Christian singles would love to be married, but though they desire marriage, and are praying and preparing for it, it simply has not happened. How wonderful to hear God telling me that He has a plan and purpose behind my singleness — especially in my commitment to purity. In His eyes, my single years are not a waste. Much of the talk on singleness today seems to either devalue marriage or over-value it.

We live in a culture that is hostile toward marriage. TV alone could convince you matrimony is a losing proposition. Plenty of my married friends would tell you some of their loneliest moments have occurred since they tied the knot.

At their deepest level, all humans long for communion with Christ. Both faithful marriage and chaste singleness proclaim God.

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Marriage is an earthly reflection of the union with Christ and other believers awaiting us in heaven. Celibate singleness declares that ultimate union by forgoing sexual union on earth for a season — or, in special cases, for a lifetime. Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word, and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.

In both states — singleness and marriage — a believer reflects Christ through a lifestyle of self-giving. At this time, I do that by serving the people God has placed in my life — friends, the kids in my Sunday school class, my housemate. In the future, I may fulfill this calling by serving a husband and children. Now I minister as an individual; in the future, I may minister through a family unit.


Let me offer some encouragement to those who have either remained virgins or committed themselves to second virginity. Especially in a culture that places extreme value on sexual conquest and experimentation. Sometimes it feels like my commitment to sexual purity is a waste. That thinking is the result of living in a world that scorns purity and celebrates licentiousness.


But the truth is God cherishes purity. And ultimately, I am not the one who has kept my heart pure; through His Spirit, the Lord has preserved it as a testimony to Himself. This is a high calling. Purity in singleness is a special offering to the Lord. Yes, sexual purity will set you apart. But set apart which is the meaning of the word holy is what God calls us to be 1 Peter I am reminded of the 10 virgins in Matthew Five of them waited with their lamps full of oil.

If only a vase could speak. It started out as an ugly chunk of dough, placed upon the wheel of the potter, spun around uncountable times with pressure applied; shaping and reshaping. Then it was sent to a ferociously God will take the broken pieces of a shattered life and make them into a vessel of honor for the Kingdom of God.

Be a Vessel of Honor

He often has to break us to make us what we should be. Around every corner and at every crossroads in life there are dangers, disappointments, troubles, trials, sicknesses and even death awaiting those who are traveling. We are often caught unaware Scripture: Psalms Character matters. It must be beautiful. Glowing with His glory. Each room full of warmth, love and a unique style.

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I can just see each room- kitchen table set with a feast of the best food you ever ate, a We are told that when we meet Jesus everything changes. But what should change? This series will deal with the transformation that we are supposed to undergo.


As bad as we hate change and fight change there must be change in order for us to mature in our walk with Jesus. I stated to you that I believe the most crucial and critical We are called to be a holy people and we are called to act that way also. The way a vessel becomes honorable or dishonorable is by the way that it is used. There are a lot of people under the influence in the world. These men thought the were drunk, under the influence.

They were acting strangely. Scripture: Acts A Christian is to pursue righteousness, which means giving both to men and to God their due; at faith, which means loyalty and reliability which both come from trust in God; at love, which is the utter determination never to seek anything but the highest. He could read more than 30 Semitic languages! One time about twelve years after Donald Grey Barnhouse had graduated; he went back to the seminary to preach to the students.

Scripture: 1 Peter Today we will look at what I believe is the most overlooked and neglected area of worship that we are to engage in.

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The tongue must be controlled so that we might bless instead of curse and edify instead of destroy. Scripture: James Filter Results. Sort By. Close Filters. Rating 5 stars 4 stars or more 3 stars or more Any Rating. Language English