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The Inventor who is brimming with integrity. Everything in business, leadership, and success is founded on the virtue of integrity—it is the force that leads the way. The gap archetype is The Destroyer who is morally corrupt. While an Inventor puts their personal values into practice, if those values become corrupted, usually by forces such as ego, personal gain, or anger, they destroy the organization from within.

The Destroyer advocates cutting corners, quick fixes and compromising quality and standards. The Navigator who trusts and is trusted as they guide people to where they need to go. The gap archetype is The Fixer who a chronic rescuer no one trusts They want to help too much, fix too much and rescue too much.

They inspire trust. But their ability and confidence to know where to go and become an arrogance that attempts to control others—to do for others what they need to be doing themselves. The Knight for whom loyalty is everything and will stand beside you and will serve you before they serve themselves. The gap archetype is The Mercenary who is self -serving and put their own needs before those of the team, the business or the organization.

Often the transition from serving to self-serving is subtle. Only after unfaithfulness shapes itself does the self-serving attitude emerge in a way it can be detected and deciphered. Daskal reminds us that understanding our weaknesses is our greatest strength. From these seven archetypes, we can see how each has powerful abilities and hidden impediments.

By knowing the gaps we can get into we can better use our strengths to achieve our own leadership greatness. Daskal explains each of these archetypes in detail and importantly how we avoid these gaps. She describes what the positive looks like and what the negative looks like with examples for each. The Leadership Gap provides the antidote for leading on autopilot.

Daskal provides insight into our behaviors and beliefs that can if not managed properly can derail even the most talented and successful leaders. Confronting and avoiding our leadership gaps is the key to attaining long-term leadership success. Civility costs nothing, and buys everything. Incivility impacts our health and performance. Incivility is contagious. Incivility sneaks into your subconscious.

Civility starts with a few basic behaviors and it grows from there. Simple things like saying please and thank you make a difference in how we are perceived by others and the influence we have on them. Warmth is the pathway to influence. Other basic behaviors include acknowledging people and listening. They signal caring, commitment and connection.

Show respect for others by sharing resources, the limelight, and positive feedback. Meanwhile, low-performing teams share twice as much negative feedback than average teams. Porath advises you to avoid the temptation to get even. The best advice has nothing to do with them and everything to do with you. How will you choose to interpret it? Here are a few of her thoughts:.

What are you going to make this mean? How you interpret the situation is crucial. How much are you going to let someone pull you down? What useful lessons might there be for you in the situation? Science reveals that about 50m percent of our happiness is based on brain wiring; 40 percent is owed to how we interpret and respond to what happens to us, and 10 percent is driven by our circumstances. In large part, you really do get to decide how you interpret incivility, the meaning you assign to it, and the stories you tell yourself.

You also get to control whether it makes you feel bad or not. Everyone would agree that we should be civil and we recoil when we see others engaged in it, yet incivility has become more commonplace. And it costs us all. Uncivil behavior does not generate greater influence no matter how loud you are. Most leadership failures can be attributed to abrasive or arrogant approaches to others. Uncivil leaders eventually undermine their own potential. Are you civil?

Porath offers a quick civility assessment online. Paul Meshanko has highlighted the importance of demonstrating respect in all of our interactions in The Respect Effect. The desired result is that those we interact with will feel valued in some way. He offers 12 Ways of thinking and behaving around others:.

What we say is important but how we say it can make or break the communication. Develop Curiosity About the Perspectives of Others. When this happens, it becomes easier to communicate respect to others, even if we disagree with them. Assume that Everyone is Smart About Something. The only difference is that we are all smart through different histories and life experiences.

Look for Opportunities to Connect with and Support Others. When we demonstrate a willingness to move away from our immediate agenda and search for positions of agreement first, it makes working through the actual differences a bit easier. When You Disagree, Explain Why. We have an obligation to others to be truthful with our perspectives and points of view.

When done with civility, tact, and room for counterarguments, sharing our perspectives leads to the best decisions and optimal results. Look for Opportunities to Grow, Stretch, and Change. Learn to Be Wrong on Occasion. This means that our feeling of certainty about something is nothing more than a strong emotion.

The stronger the emotion, the more likely we are to develop blind spots around it. It takes a shift in focus away from what we need to what others need. With rare exception, when we meet people who greet us with a smile, they are sending us important information about heir intentions. Meshanko concludes with 3 key ingredients to improving your ability to demonstrate respect for others:. Once we understand the value proposition respect offers, that insight can provide us with patience, courage, and creativity.

Patience permits us to maintain our composure and respectful demeanor when others are not acting at their best. Courage enables us to candidly challenge disrespectful behavior and actions directed toward others. Creativity allows us to see points of connection, even in the midst of conflict. When we bring these qualities online and into our work interactions, everyone benefits, including our peers, customers, vendors, and ultimately, our shareholders. So if we want to have lasting change, the beginning point has to be our thinking. When we look at our behavior we have to understand that there is a thought going on in our heads that is tripping us up.

And we have to change that first. One right thought can correct a lot of bad behavior. As human beings, we latch on to certain ideas and assumptions and they blind us from seeing other options and responses to what life throws at us. We get ideas in our head that can literally block us from seeing other perspectives. We have to unlearn some behaviors and then learn and put into practice the new thinking and resulting behaviors.

And it just takes time. We have to wake up every day and know that we have a tendency—not just because of our life experiences, but also because of the way that we have chosen to respond to them—to repeat a certain set of behaviors over and over again. And learn from it. And then go to work on the thinking behind the behaviors we want to change. There will always be drama. Complaints, excuses, and regrets only serve to keep the drama alive. So, says Chism, when you experience drama you need to ask yourself three questions:.

Too often this is where we get stuck. Our focus has shifted because we became confused about our number one priority. Sometimes we create drama because we want something on our terms. Chism relates a clarifying example of this with the recently divorced Joe who is having visitation issues with his ex-wife Patty.

Yes, you can fight that battle, if winning a battle is what you want. Are you willing to drive to Illinois several times a year and spend quality time with your kids, even if Patty does nothing more than cooperate? Joe will struggle if that is his motive or intention. If he is able to let go of distractions and not get stuck on the rocks that lie between him and his final goal.

Do you see that while this kind of clarity may not change all the drama, it will give you peace and free up your energy for more productive endeavors? This kind of dynamic plays out every day in our business and personal lives. When we are not clear about what we want, what our values are, what we are committed to, it is easy to lose our focus, to drift off course. Chism has written a good-natured and practical book that will change your thinking and in the process help you to control the drama in both your personal and professional life. Chism suggests asking the following questions:.

What are my top 10 principle-based values? What areas of my life or business are in the fog? What are some of the distractions that take me off course? Where do I get stuck? Where can I improve as a leader? What drama do I see on a daily basis in the workplace? What drama do I see in my personal life? Where am I avoiding or procrastinating? STOP To start, you must stop. CUT Eliminate : Every yes contains a no. Do You Need an Attitude Adjustment? To some, this comes naturally. Others must constantly work on it. Since my earliest memory, I have had the sense that anything worth doing… worth pursuing… must be passionately pursued.

A positive attitude naturally follows. I found myself first assuming leadership responsibilities at age 14 when I became an Eagle Scout. For me, getting there was just a mountain to climb. It was the culmination of 21 merit badges and a large community project. It was the excitement of the journey, the arrival at a destination, and the achievement of the reward. For me, at 14 years old, it was like reaching the top of Mount Everest but with no real thought or plan on how I was going to get back down… the part of the climb where most people die.

But it did help jump-start a lifelong journey to develop and sharpen my leadership skills—a journey that really never ends.

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Great leaders constantly deal with the struggle between achieving personal goals, while doing so with humility. In high school, I held leadership roles in school government and on the sports field. My agreement sealed my fate.

I AM Affirmations while you SLEEP for Confidence, Success, Wealth, Health & Spiritual Alignment

All these experiences helped shape my thinking about, and commitment to, leadership because people started to turn to me to lead. I had the right attitude throughout these early years. However, there came a period in college when I lost my way. My attendance at Purdue was facilitated by an Army ROTC scholarship, at a time when the Vietnam War was stoking nationwide protests across nearly every college campus. Compared to other campuses, Purdue was a fairly conservative school, but we had a chapter of the Students for Democratic Society SDS , and they regularly protested the war on the mall or at the Armory.

I had mixed feelings about the war when I arrived at Purdue in , having spent most of my high school years in Europe—insulated from the anti-war movement. But since I had an ROTC scholarship and my dad was retiring from the Air Force and starting law school about the same time I entered college, I felt an obligation to stay in a program that was paying my way.

I also worked 4 hours each evening Monday - Friday as a janitor, cleaning the second floor of the university library to help make ends meet. Then an unfortunate event happened. Just walking across campus in uniform to attend military drills drew unwanted attention. So, when the annual Army ROTC awards ceremony occurred in the spring of my freshman year , and knowing that I was not an award recipient, I decided to skip the ceremony and attend the SDS rally in the mall instead.

I followed the crowd. Upon arriving at the armory, they broke open the large truck-sized doors and entered, chanting loud and strong. State troopers in riot gear soon arrived to keep the protesters away from the formation of cadets. He called me in the following morning and told me that my scholarship was being put on probation.

This was a wakeup call for me, and it began the reshaping of my attitude. I had to decide which side to be on. I came to realize that I wanted to be a leader more than a protestor. Like some other Americans, I may have thought that the Vietnam War was ill-advised, but I also realized that there were alternative ways to make my mark on the world. When ROTC summer camp training rolled around between my junior and senior year, I spent nine weeks at Fort Riley and did well enough to become the third ranking cadet at Purdue during my senior year.

Upon graduation from Purdue in , I was one of six cadets designated a Distinguished Military Graduate. So, what should you take from this ROTC experience? In a nutshell: attitude counts. A lot. You need building blocks to realize that dream. During those early years at Purdue—at least as it applied to an Army career—I lacked ambition, a good self-awareness, and perseverance. I then adjusted my attitude, and a 4-year commitment turned into a year career. Consider, for example, all the other concepts that courage connects to in workplace settings.

Innovation takes courage because it requires creating ideas that are ground-breaking and tradition-defying; great ideas always start out as blasphemy! And sales always take courage because it requires knocking on the doors of prospects over and over in the face of rejection. Having a way of categorizing courageous behavior allows you to pinpoint the exact type of courage that each individual worker may be most in need of building.

TRY Courage is the courage of action. It is the courage of initiative. TRY Courage requires you to exert energy in order to overcome inertia. You experience your TRY Courage whenever you must attempt something for the very first time, as when you cross over a threshold that other people may have already crossed over. First attempts; for example, the first time you lead an important strategic initiative for the company.

Pioneering efforts, such as leading an initiative that your organization has never done before. Taking action. All courage buckets come with a risk, and the risk is what causes people to avoid behaving with courage. The risk associated with TRY Courage is that your courageous actions may harm you, and, perhaps more importantly, other people. If you act on the risk and wipe out, not only are you likely to be hurt, but you could also potentially harm those around you. It is the risk of harming yourself or others that most commonly causes people to avoid exercising their TRY Courage.

TRUST Courage is very hard for people who tend to be controlling and those who have been burned by trusting people in the past. Following the lead of others, such as letting a direct report facilitate your meeting. Presuming positive intentions and giving team members the benefit of the doubt. By trusting others, you open yourself up to the possibility of your trust being misused. Thus, many people, especially those who have been betrayed in the past, find offering people trust very difficult. For them, entrusting others is an act of courage. TELL Courage is what is needed to tell the truth, regardless of how difficult that truth may be for others to hear.

It is the courage to not bite your tongue when you feel strongly about something. TELL Courage requires independence of thought. The courage of TELL is associated with: Speaking up and asserting yourself when you feel strongly about an issue. Using constructive confrontation, such as providing difficult feedback to a peer, direct report, or boss. Courage is Contagious Understanding and influencing courageous behavior requires that you be well versed in the different ways that people behave when their courage is activated.

By acting in a way that demonstrates these different types of courage, and by fostering an environment that encourages them, you can make your company culture a courageous one where employees innovate and grow both personally and professionally. The only questions are what and how much. Poor choices lead you into failure, and good choices take you out of failure. Nobody likes failure. We are lead to believe that failure means that there is something wrong with us.

Failure simply represents a challenge; not something to avoid. We crave certainty, and that feeds our fears. But your purpose will compel you to keep going, adapt, and grow. Rowling, David Neeleman, and other well-known and not so well-known individuals, but he includes his own experiences that give it depth and credibility. Fail More will help you to work past your fears, the obstacles, set realistic goals, and learn from every result.

Success is a process, and failure is part of that process. Failure gives you the critical feedback you need to make the necessary adjustments to bring you closer to your goal. Life serves adversity as a barrier to entry in the pursuit of happiness.. Look within as you work to create value for people by first becoming of value to yourself.. Enjoy the fruits of your labor while you are engaged in their pursuit. Failing more is trying more.

The greatest point of growth occurs right below your limit.

Be one of those people that works right up to their edge of comfort. We all start at a place where we need to improve if we are going to succeed on a more significant scale. When you seek out uncertainty, you are opening your mind to possibility. Procrastination, lack of prioritization, and the absence of goals all have their origins in fear. In order to get what you want, you have to do those things that give you the confidence to do just a little bit more the next day. In December , John F. Jefferson dined here alone. A year before his death, he was asked by a father to give some counsel to his young son, Thomas Jefferson Smith.

He responded with a letter that began: Monticello Feb. Th: Jefferson to Th: Jefferson Smith. The letter concluded with ten rules to live by Jefferson titled A Decalogue of Canons for observation in practical life : Never put off till tomorrow what you can do to-day. Never trouble another for what you can do yourself. Never spend your money before you have it.

300 Positive Affirmations for Attracting Money: Live Smarter Series (Unabridged)

Never buy a what you do not want, because it is cheap; it will be dear to you. Pride costs us more than hunger, thirst and cold. We never repent of having eaten too little. Nothing is troublesome that we do willingly. How much pain have cost us the evils which have never happened! Take things always by their smooth handle.

When angry, count ten, before you speak; if very angry, an hundred. The complete letter can be found on the National Archives website. Leadership and life are built on relationships. Despite any talent or education you may have, your ability to work with and influence others is what will set you apart. Your Purpose Why am I here? You are not a victim. A specific purpose helps you also to align your actions to the purpose of others and your organization.

It is nearly impossible to make good life choices with no self-awareness. A good place to get self-awareness is to watch the behavior of others. Often the behaviors that irritate you are mirrors of your own life. Social-Awareness How do you impact others? Before you interact with others, begin by asking what is the desired result based on who I am, my purpose, and who I want to be?

We have an impact on everyone we meet. How do others perceive us? Is that our intent? Does it align with our purpose? The other part of the Conscious Success Model is how we differentiate ourselves. We have to be more proactive, more deliberate and consciously aware. This is conscious success.

How am I presenting myself to others? Am I having the impact I really want to make? This, of course, speaks to having a healthy self-awareness. Each of these differentiators as negative and a positive side. Either side will get you noticed. Avoid the side that will get you noticed for the wrong reasons.

We mostly lack authenticity because we are trying to be what people want us to be in order to be accepted or popular. We are inauthentic to cover up for our insecurities. Authenticity leads to trust. Consistency matters. It might seem unrealistic to do this but deciding to be percent responsible forces you to move forward. Blaming and justifying limits options and percent to zero percent responsibility expands options. Ask questions with the intent of clarifying your understanding. Differentiator 4: Articulate for Impact Closely related to differentiator 3 on listening is articulation.

Have a good vocabulary. Before you speak, consider your emotional state. Also, think about what your purpose is and what you are trying to convey. You can have a sense of humor, but it must be consistent with your image and what it is you want to accomplish. Gratitude is a choice we make each and every day. Having an attitude of gratitude gives you a positive outlook which makes you more attractive to others. It takes commitment, focus, and a force of will. The Conscious Success Model provides a useful framework for not only differentiating yourself but creating a life that matters.

The 9 Dimensions of Conscious Success is a great tool to put into the hands of anyone starting out in life. The first law is often referred to as the Law of Inertia.

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The law states that every object will remain at rest or continue in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force. In other words, things stay the way they are unless something comes along to disrupt them. This law has the power to make us or break us. And it is at work in our lives all day, every day whether we are conscious of it or not. When we kick a soccer ball, it heads in a specific direction until it is acted upon by a force greater than the force that is currently propelling it downfield.

Like that soccer ball, our life is moving along a path that is taking us to a particular future intentionally or not. And we will continue along that path to its destination until we do something different. Our intentions mean nothing. In other words, our will be just like our unless we exert a force to change our direction that is greater than comfort we enjoy by continuing to do what we have always done producing the same results again and again. No force, no change. Get on a new path. New actions will produce different results. For every cause, there is an effect.

Today is connected to tomorrow. Every action we take and everything we say is taking us somewhere. We just need to be sure we are on the path that is taking us where we want to go; a path that is taking us to the person we want to become. If we work harder than we did last year, then we will do better. If we sacrifice now, then we are investing in our future. If we reflect, then we will grow. If we improve our leadership, then people will follow us. If we are courageous, then we will inspire. If we are curious, then we will learn. If we avoid the trappings of power, then we will stay connected with those we serve.

If we surround ourselves with the right people, then we will be enriched and will lift others up. If we are authentic and humble, then we will build trust. If we work this law to our advantage, then we will eradicate regret. If we don't improve, then our circumstances won't improve either. Life naturally pushes us off-course and takes us on tangents. Anything meaningful in life is produced by moving upstream — against the current. We need to make some course corrections. We all do from time to time.

Of course, this implies getting uncomfortable. As we look at our life, we all have directions that need to be changed. It helps to begin this process by asking ourselves questions and giving serious and honest thought to the answers. What habits are holding me back?

What three things do I want to accomplish by ? What does a good day look like? What routines keep me on track? Why do I do what I do? And most importantly, what am I grateful for? Then drill down into specific areas of your life: Do I make time to study and grow spiritually? What habits are draining my time and attention? What activities replenish me? Am I taking time to relax and grow in other areas of interest?

Am I sleep deprived? Am I eating healthy and avoiding processed foods? What do I need to change in my diet in ? Am I exercising regularly? Am I drinking enough water? Is my morning and evening routine setting me up for my best day? Am I living within my means?

300 Positive Affirmations for Attracting Money

How much do I want to make in ? What do I have to do to reach that amount? What weaknesses do I need to minimize? Am I where I would like to be in my work or career? How can I increase the value I bring to work? What relationships are building me up? Are any relationships taking me off-track? Who do I take for granted? Do I support those around me? Do I support and encourage others?

Do I focus on building others up? Do I make time for others? Where do I need to grow? What strengths do I need to improve on? What do I need to learn? What books do I need to read? What seminars do I need to attend? What can I learn from the mistakes I made in ? The key to moving forward is the first step. Every destination needs to be broken down into incremental markers or indicators on the way to the destination.

What is the first thing you need to do to get you moving in the right direction? As you begin, focus on the actions required and not the end result. A small step is easier than a leap. What did you have to loose by completing the entire four days? Then perhaps, only then, would any of your words In the article have substance. Feel the fear, do it anyway my friend. Regards S. I get it and I deeply respect you!

Yet you missed out on transformation day and in the fire walk. Your authenticity will attract a great relationship? This article is so well written with no childish anger or rantings. All of your examples were informative and described with a completeness for understanding the situation. Your reason for leaving was intelligent and logical.

You wrote information without emotional garbage woven into it. I so appreciate accuracy when people write about experiences. I didn't find anything in this that push me to believe he's unaware by any stretch of the imagination. I went into this with high levels of doubt. I leave with a huge respect for this person's ability to self evaluate. Me too, enormous respect for a well written article. We have some of the best reputations in the world. ORG best organisation in the world! Some people view it as a cult.

Recovery might mean liberation from the cult and possible brain washery. This is a ridiculous statement. The Jehovah's Witnesses are a brainwashing, fundamentalist cult that teaches people it's okay to abandon their families, judge other people and "shun" people through disfellowshipping which is both illegal and unethical , to name but a few of the core practices that run through every day life within the religion.

I could go on. To say that someone who has left the religion and is trying to rebuild their life, figure out who they are outside of the constraints of being told what to say, do and act, and find a sense of purpose and meaning beyond that experience, is "recovering" is very apt. I am from Africa and I learnt about Tony's materials while I was looking for ways to develop myself the more. Tony helped me to look at the angles I wasn't focusing on before. He did his own part of the job and I did mine and today am a better version of who I was. I think that is the ultimate aim of Tony's work.

I thought I was the only one. I walked our after the first day, too. I had been listening to and reading Tony Robbins for 20 years. After a bout in the hospital due to overwork, my wife gifted me with a ticket to UPW. I was so excited. But, after waiting in the hallway for 4 hours before being let in, I felt totally mistreated and the seminar took on the smell of BS. I committed, however, to staying around for the Firewalk, because I wanted to challenge myself and I didn't want anyone to say that I chickened out. That was a great experience. I called my wife from the firepit and told her that I had just walked on hot coals.

By 4 AM, I was back home in my own bed with my wife. You are totally correct that Tony is very superficial. After the seminar, I embarked upon a campaign of going into depth on the subject where Tony barely scratches the surface. The effect was amazing. As it turned out, one of my office mates was an NLP trainer. I got nominated for an Emmy for my work with a local TV station. I was awarded the black belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate with ever setting foot in a Kempo school. I have a start-up, PunditNetwork.

I learned to meditate and practice at one of the best meditation centers in the Western world, which, as it turns out is just around the corner from my house. I designed my own stock portfolio. A couple of financial planners showed me how they would have invested my money over the last few years. As you say, Tony is superficial and, sometimes, dangerous. His financial book is a mass of contradictions. Tony's gift is pointing people in the right direction. But we have to remember that Tony seminars are just the beginning of a long journey.

He showed me possibility and inspired me to step up and create change. I too wanted to walk out. I wanted to leave after the first 5 minutes and then after the first hour. I wanted to leave all the way through the first day. So I let go of my own judgements and expectations. I stopped being so self-conscious. I through myself in and yes, I massaged everyone and danced like an idiot with strangers and all the other excruciating things an uptight self-conscious person like me hated.

Things started to really change. Day 2, 3 and I could feel the shift. I was genuinely changing. Every day for the next year I worked on myself and reminded myself what I needed to remember about myself and life. It was the year I broke free. How you spent you day was truly valuable and we all need more of those.

But you could have done that at any time. When you consider all the people he has inspired, who go on to become coaches, therapists, etc, and all the people they go on to impact, his positive reach is a phenomena. This is an excellent comment. The superficiality might have belonged more to Noah's approach than to the Seminar. It's very subjective. But sticking it out one the day in the case of George, and that might be the best lesson from all of this. People are always searching for answers where sometimes there are none. Robbins makes money off of that fact, with pablum and half baked motivational statements that do nothing.

In day one he pulled some random guy from the audience who balled his eyes out about having done horrible things and everyone cheered this guy in the end because Tony saved him. On the last day I saw this same guy but in a video clip Tony showed and this guy was in the background as a volunteer- it was all staged. I know from an insider this is how it works.

I saw a lot of this, and waaaay too much dancing and messaging and listening to puffery. And now R faces several allegations of sexual misconduct, and bullying.

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Another one bites the dust. Please save us from the Type-A, "over-the-top," caffeinated gurus who take our money and I hear you. Similar experience with other "motivational speakers". The sheep feel better for a few days, then crash back into reality, then decide that they need another seminar. These speakers have perfected the recipe for creating seminar junkies.

Walking out on anything - from a movie to a book leaves you with uncertainty. It also denotes that you rely heavily on others to do your thinking for you. Being around positive people creates positivity. You have failed entirely by observing this key factor in his factor in any lesson - regardless if it's Tony Robbins or a complex movie.

Thanks, they talk to much. Too much about self empowerment which is not possible. Trust God and ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart. You will find the real truth of spiritual empowerment. Tony and many like him have great concepts but too much of it and you sink deep into the abyss of wishing. Read romans and find the Christ for your self. Truly finding contentment in Christ is empowering.

The Bible calls us to allow our convictions, not our circumstances,to govern our sense of contentment. True biblical contentment is a conviction that Christ s power, purpose and provision is sufficient for every circumstance. Thanks for your content, I just with drew from his lattest course, before I come across your info. I find him to be an ego maniac. That one comment alone made me buy his tapes. That was a multi-million dollar analogy!! Interesting take on that event - I would not be able to sit through that either. Flashing strobe lights — jumping up and down — loud music, other peoples hands on me and Tony dropping F- Bombs just sounds awful.

He on the other hand is single has no home, no real money and recently overcame a big drug addiction. A Google search cannot replace a medical degree and using recipes from Epicurious. In his own words I watched his special on Netflix and enjoyed it. I think it would be useful for many people to attend one of his events. At times it has a cult like feel to it, he swears too much, and he's too full of himself. Still, he has great skills as a communicator, and I think he has a good heart.

I feel the good outweighs the bad. I think whatever you wanted, you had expectations that weren't met, you could have just enjoyed the experience and got the most from it possible. To "walk out" To "walk in" To "make" those decisions He should be "giving" to the masses!! He has cleverly found a way to take billions of dollars from fragile, vulnerable people with his modern day tent preacher messiianic performances.

Inevitably all men like this end of falling too much in love with their own shit and eventually come crashing down. For as public and nauseantingly name dropping as King Tony projects himself onto the common people ,we know so little about his private, intensely guarded personal like. My guess would be that his current life is checkered with heartache, embarrassment ,disappointed and frustration just like everyone else. I predict that when the man boy king comes crashing down back to earth it is going to be very ugly.

Let us all just sit back, wait and see. I dont think youve done your research really. Tony has 18 companies which are doing 5 billion in sales and he is using most of that money for charity. This year hes gonna feed a million people and next year double that. Also to me it sounds like youre quite bitter and jealous of how happy of a life he seems to be living, i can tell from the "just like every one else" and the second half of your answer.

I think all of us need to sit back and self reflect on what we say and do and think sometimes. It has shocking ratings Go to Fiji and talk to the locals where he has his ridiculously expensive resort. He gives next to nothing back. I would say do YOUR research - although he has made it very difficult to uncover the truth as he has an army of lawyers ready to threaten anyone who speaks out against him. Written with love? You were overwhelmed. But you actually made fun of his clap.

The guy had a brain tumor. And maybe it impacts his physical mobility. Very honest and interesting. I have seen Tony over the years raving about his supernatural ability to inspire everyone into action based on his perceptions of life here on earth. We are all as unique as every grain of sand. Tony as well. Unfortunately his cult following haven't realized that yet and think he has all the answers because he is so convicted.

Don't be sheeple people. Think for yourself, the answers are within. My friend, I understand the urge to leave UPW, but you might have done yourself a disservice by leaving early. On a side note, you might have been a bit disingenuous when you criticized the nutrition part of UPW which you obviously did not attend. I attended many of his events over the years and started with a high level of trust. His early books were so congruent that I made a decision to trust that he and his team knew what they were doing.

If you attended many events like I, you would have also noticed that he repeats many of the same anecdotes. That bothers me as much as it bothers me to re-read great works of literature. Unleashing the Power Within is a lifetime commitment. For me, UPW was an effective way of breaking patterns that were ingrained and no longer served me. Through it all I have observed how Tony Robbins does not pretend to have all of the answers, he just knows how to convey the latest breakthroughs in business, relationships, personal development, nutrition and personal finance in a caring and powerfully efficient manner.

If you do, I think you might find that your life will never be the same again. Thanks for this! I just sat through an AGONIZING infomercial of his and some other big deal motivational type - though it was ever so cleverly disguised as something that would teach strategies about how to create such and such kind of business, blah blah.

I hung on, waiting, waiting to be given at least one practical tip, but no - repetition ad nauseum, and, well, you get the drift. And I, too, have a lot of respect for TR, in my way. But I also know for sure that when someone truly feels confident deep within, they don't go on and on and on about the money, the celebrities, the money, the money, etc. I literally have a headache. Funnily, I was toying with the idea of writing him a letter on his site when I saw this. I mean, I knew already what I thought and felt was accurate, but just at the moment, it was nice to be validated.

Best of everything to you! I think I'll just go have a nice dinner. That's so amazing that you had the idea of writing to him. I recently almost attended his london upw seminar but for a myriad of reasons I didn't go. I watched a short interview he did with Russel brand and he said something about his many houses! In that moment I knew he needed help. He also needs to grow to help others as he is having such a large impact on many people. He is an instrument of God but he is letting him down in many ways.

Maybe you are an earth angel like me. I think you and I should reach out to him the better he is the better we all can be! Much love to you all xx. Tony got me started in self improvement 25 years ago. Tony takes what they teach and makes business around it. Just saw a documentary "I am not your guru". His vulgar language there can only prove that his own methods don't work on him. F words in almost every sentence when he speaks to person in the crowd. The great Tony doesn't seem to be so great anymore.

Has he ever been? I had to snap out of it. Very dangerous. That's my opinion. He is powerful for a reason. I also walked away I would dare to say that you were empowered to leave, which for many would be a breakthrough in itself! I can't tell you how many times I've felt exactly the same way about one seminar or another. I'm willing to wager you got the most benefit from that UPW event of all the attendees because you could look at it with a clear eye and take what value there was from it. Most of all, you got the gift of time that time and every other time you choose not to go to another of these events.

Cheesy is an understatement and the fact that others found it to be motivating is absolutely mind blowing. I followed Tony for years and implimented so much into my life. Then I began to struggle physically, mentally and emotionally. After years of struggle I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I struggle cognitively and physically. This contradicts what I learned from Tony for years. Hi Mike, I too have ms rrms and was diagnosed in Probably started when I was about Would you like to share with me what you would like Tony to do.

I just recently discovered this guy through Netflix. I too have to monitor my energy. I have a 6 year old son and am a single mom. If you'd like to talk privately about it you can find me on facebook. Hi Noah, Just found this in April Thank you - I needed this story. He changed my life in many ways. I went with high hopes. I left after the first evening session after refusing to participate in the firewalk.

It has pained me ever since. With your post I have repositioned the experience as empowering. Thank you. I feel like a lot of the things you say hold a certain resistance. The point in so many things I think is not to find out if you like or dislike, but what thought patterns lie at the base of your opinion and if you can set yourself free of it if you choose to.

And in that sense everything is interesting and adds value to your experience. The jumping up and down I feel is a vital part of the experience. Even if you did zero, you were entitled to feel the way you felt. If not, the reason why people have been able to continuously grow. Cheers mate! I like the way you confidently state your position while respecting that of the author's. You also shared valuable advice:; instead of complaining about what we don't enjoy or find as "a good use of our time", get curious about it, explore and learn from the experience.

What is it about ME that is not making the connection? And if you did get something out of the experience, what is it about you that allowed that? I enjoyed reading your comment. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I'm sorry you felt UPW did not meet your expectations.

I went in and I can honestly say, not only did I learn a lot, but I draw upon that information almost daily, and almost a reflex. Raise your standards. Change your state, change your story, change your strategy are words i live by. Even that direction, don't sip your water, chug it while its at your lips, to get your intake up I did not hire a TR coach. My bf is a life coach, walks the walk, so I have that I attended the UPW in London and didn't really feel I got the value for money for all the reasons you explained. First of all, Tony only showed up 2 of the 4 days he was meant to deliver, there was also a lot of hard selling, trying to get people to sign on for the upcoming events.

I didn't attend the last day as I thought I wasn't going to miss anything. I did feel empowered and I will continue to do my best and apply myself. Very interesting read! I agree with what your saying one to one with an individual helps over come fear I am interested in attending one of your seminars. You did what it was right for you and applaude you for your courage.

In my opinion , I don't need a 3 day seminar to love mysel. I read books on self growth. Learned to Love myself unconditionally.

See a Problem?

Bravo for your point of view. We have freedom and choices. Very fair review which is hard to find these days. I attended UPW at excel in and whilst I have overcome a lot of personal issues I had with self love over the last few years I really did find it inspirational. What I did like was he practiced what he preached and it was a great spectacle as you would expect from the US.

I feel the reason feel the constant music and clapping was to invoke emotion in people, as explained this is how words make an impact. I trust that everything that we had to do there was for a reason. It certainly helped me get some focus and provided me with techniques to deal with bad emotions. Thanks for writing this article! I was interested to see what the event was like as I know people who attend every year.

I have never felt so isolated in my life, yet I was surrounded by 15, people. Lived next to two former personal assistants to the TR empire in San Diego who loved to talk shop. Save your money friends!!! For two to five thousand dollars I'll go on a great vacation and read dome books on the Dharma because his whole act is based on the things Buddha said thousands of years ago. If you want to learn the causes and cessation of suffering go to a Buddhist event, not a to dollar screaming, yelling, massaging, self aggrandizing big guy who is a billionaire on your money.

Two thousand a head for three days. You do the math. Week after week, year after year, decade after decade. I agreed with you. I preferred attending a vipassana retreat more than attending any of these kind of seminar. It cannot help us eradicate the foot of suffering, this maybe one of the reasons that people keeps attending more and more seminars.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion! It changed my life and my future and I would encourage everyone to experience it for themselves! This article makes it sound like some lame event led by an ego centric, money grubbing, narcissist. Did you not start this article by talking about all your accomplishments in order to get people to take you seriously? I believe same as you. America spiritual and cosching world have niceee cheesy and superficial and just another business. I agree. All that is around oneself is already within. Some need the push.

Others do the pushing. It's a life long learning. Like the old saying "people are like sheep". They tend to follow the followers. There's no magic bullet. Near death experiences whether personal or shared will help create this profound awareness most seminars try to unleash. Every type of experience is personal. What now drives someone like Mr Robbins is money. Money to pay for the machine. It's a catch twenty two. His wonderful shared beliefs are now sold instead of being given. Once the giving becomes a commodity the original intent is lost on most.

I am 57 years old. Life will change and we all have to make decisions. Sometime not knowing the out come. Like the old saying goes " We Live We Learn". But if you pray and trust God after you research, etc. Then you can rest assured all things work together for good for those who belief. How this work.

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  • Money Affirmations Bundle.

Well we learn from our mistakes and from our success. The most important thing is that God walk with us always because he never leave us or forsake us. Enjoy the journey of live and trust God always. Learn to share and give to others. Read the Bible that is the best self help book, and spiritual guide and fulfillment ever written. All we have to do is obey and follow direction and of course it all will be different for each one of us. Since the changes and the life we all live, choose and call to live is unit for each one of us.

I say choose because we have free will, and call because events will happen in our life cause and influence by others that we will not choose. Sometimes unexplained. But in those we could learn or tell God I leave them in your hand and do not understand the meeting but it does not matter. Say God thank you for walking with me, thank you for life, and thank you for your protection and keep walking and living life in faith with him.

Also learn to love other human like yourself since we are all crated in the image of God. Now we do not have to agree with every behavior that is negative, including our own. God Bless you all! Thank you for this article. I was researching Tony Robins and really have never watched or heard any of his talks. I was thinking of going to a UPW event in Dallas because it seems like everyone is talking about how amazing it is and even though I feel like he's a total phony, maybe there's something to it.

But, you are affirming my gut feeling. I take personal development days where I watch loads of videos on Youtube from Impact Theory, to Ted Talks, to whatever fills my brain with answers, more questions, and intelligencehealthy food, yoga, nature, social activity, and challenge. For me that's FREE! And one of my biggest pet peaves in life is being "had", wasting my money on something that I thought might be a good chance to takeand at Tony's price point, that would be a huge resentment for me. I can put that money towards an event much more meaningful.

This person is the consummate con man. He makes a living ripping people off with his phony, feel-good garbage. What empowerment should he teach? Protect your wallet from clowns like me! Beta I have taken Tony's courses many times over the years and he inspired me to start my own internet business. Now, I finally moved out of my mom's basement and into my own sq ft apartment in a gender equal neighborhood that is pro-Israel.

I feel like I have conquered the Mountain! I respect your opinion of Tony but again, I, like took his courses to heart and I totally succeeded! You feel good for two or three days, then it wears off. I walked out and adopted conservative views and morals. Stopped being so damned self absorbed and began be in service to others.

Went Fishing and thanked God for my Wife and Life. Never looked back! Spent way too much time talking about his ego driven personal financial accomplishmen's and name dropping. I came away thinking Tony seriously needs to improve that aspect of his life. Too much time promoting his products. People paid lots of money to be helped Perhaps mentions then let people go to the booths to sign up or purchase products. His energy level resonated with the masses and that got people involved.

How often in our lives can we "let go" and get into mutual mental psych. Typically only at a great sporting event. Your daily thoughts determine your reality. What do you daily thoughts about money consist of? Are you constantly worrying about bills or your fleeting paycheck? Tips for: Understanding your unique and sometimes unusual child. I believe it is chock full of insights just as the title promises.

Some of the things she says are just hilarious and can come at Positive Affirmations for Attracting Money: Live Smarter Series worst possible moment, like a life or death moment. This book shows semi detailed maps of lots if not most of the rivers in WA. At least, thats as far as Michael Sinclair is concerned. He seems to want to redeem himself and erase the past. Oh and Elvis the dog. Went out and bought chickens because of it.