The Stony Streets of Hell

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I'm here to testify about my life, to tell you who I used to be, I was a medium Evangelical Christian, I never did things according to the word of God, all I used to do was according to my own desire and pattern, all contrary to the will of God. I'm testifying today in order for you to amend your ways, this testimony is for the salvation of souls, to save my own soul and your own soul.

Brothers and sisters listening to this testimony, lusting is a sin, watching TV- novels, worldly movies, all these things don't please God and this is my reason for sharing this testimony with you all. The angels continued the cleaning process, they brought forth a tiny bar in form of a glass, it was put straight into my ears and they started scraping my ears, I felt a terrible pain, my soul went through all these pains.

As the angel continued to scrape my ears, a black liquid was coming out of my ears and later another grey colour. Some people come to you to gossip and talk about Pastor, you were fond of listening to them even when they gossip about your own Pastor, you were fond of listening to them. Instead of you defending your Pastors and correcting the gossipers to amend their ways, you were like them, gossiping with them. My ears were anointed by the angel.

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I was then taken to another apartment, this other place was to clean my mouth, my tongue was brought out of my mouth, my tongue was placed on a platform like a tray and the angel started cleaning my tongue, I continued to cry for mercy and help from the Lord, the pain I felt during all this process was horrible. The angels were still scraping my tongue and a black liquid was flowing down from my tongue, and later a white liquid. The angels used a very sweet water to cleanse my tongue.

The water was very sweet; nothing here on earth can be compared to the sweetness of the water that was used to wash my tongue. Then my tongue was anointed with oil. I said all this because of the pain I was going through at that moment. I love you, because I love you I don't want to lose you.

When you shout at your husband also your tongue is being used. My mouth was totally cleansed and The Lord asked me to swallow some water, which I did. My tongue and my mouth were anointed with a very precious celestial oil, the oil was very special with a very precious smell, it cannot be compared with any oil here on earth, my tongue was fixed back into my mouth. One of the angels came and fixed a bridle in my throat.

I will tell you this, this is the only way we can be changed and transformed, stop speaking vain and filthy words and partaking in things that don't edify us, these things don't please God. Stop saying vain and filthy words, there are a lot of Christian Brothers, Sisters, Evangelists, Missionaries etc that are fond of speaking vain and filthy words, I'm here to testify about what all the Lord showed me for the transformation of your life, this testimony is for you to change. The love of God for you and I brought forth this testimony.

My tongue was fixed back by the angels and totally transformed, I can tell you now no one can provoke me any more, now I can only do things that please God. Then my nose went through the same process, a black liquid came out of my nose and later a white one. My nose was anointed and I felt so much pain during the process. I continued asking The Lord for mercy and I was taken to another place. In there, the angels started washing the rest of my body with a white soap, from my body came out gray liquid. The angels were scraping my body and the first skin was taken off me.

Your spirit, soul, and body have to be clean says The Lord. The soap was washed off my skin with very precious water. Then the angels anointed every part of my body, every part of my body. All parts of my body were anointed. My Pastor always told me that my mode of dressing as a Christian wasn't right, I strove a lot with her, she once told me that I lied and I was grieved. Whenever one is going astray and your Pastor corrects you.

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You feel grieved with your Pastor. I was always against my Pastor. Then I was taken to another apartment where I was received by three angels, the angels used a white cloth to wipe the water off my body. In the faces of the angels, I could see they felt so much pity for me for all I went through but they didn't say any thing, not even a word. Other three angels received me in another apartment, these angels dressed me up with a white top and a white skirt, a very long skirt, my legs were totally covered. In that place I could see things like cities and a lot of people were there waiting for me, they were waving their hands to me, they wanted me to come to the place they were.

All that I told you, go and tell my church because I'm going to perfect My church, I'm going to perfect my house then My word would be taken to the rest of the world says The Lord but first My church. What is happening to me? I thought maybe I had been sentenced to hell for all I've done in the past; there was a Man in there waiting for me. Our Lord Jesus Christ is wonderful, Our Lord Jesus Christ stretched forth His hands to me, waiting for me at the door of hell, He had a key with Him, He opened the door of hell with the key and I saw many horrible animals coming out of hell.

When we got there, some demons tried to lay their hands on me, I said Lord I can't see this please, I tried to cover my face with my hands but everything was still very visible to me. There, you see everything, hear everything and touch everything, the same way like the other souls in hell. The Lord came in with me, the demons tried to lay their hands on me but the Lord didn't permit it. The Lord took me to a place, the people there were Christians, they served the Lord when they were on earth but at the same time doing things that didn't please God, they died and now they are there in hell.

The Lord showed me a pastor that was abusing the word of God, this pastor was gay, he wasn't a child of God because the children of God don't do such things. In that same moment, I saw how demons were tormenting the pastor that abused the word of God.

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The demons placed him on a tube and the tube was turning him round and round. He was suffering a lot of torments, he was abusing little children, he abused his fellow men. Just like you listening to this testimony, perhaps this is what you practice, hell is real also there is a punishment awaiting all that are disobedient to the word of God.

God created you a man, and God also created women; I saw how this man was being tormented in hell. His soul exploded and his remains re-formed back to the same torment. Every word that The Lord spoke to him through different means was all shown to him on the screen. He refused to repent and amend his ways and one day, he had an accident and died, he is in hell now.

He pretended to be a pastor but he wasn't. The Lord turned His back against him and the man started blaspheming. There is no love in hell, there is absolutely nothing in hell, all you can find in hell is pain, sorrow, a terrible pain that no one can resist. The Lord took me to another place, I saw how demons were tormenting the soul of a woman in hell, This woman was a prostitute while she was on earth, she was once saved, The Lord brought her out of prostitution, she fell back again and was worse than before.

She was murdered here on earth and she is in hell now. I saw how demons were tormenting her in hell, instead of her getting married and having sex with only her husband; she decided to do it on the contrary. God hates all these acts; these are abominations in the presence of God.

God will provide for you and your family. To all women prostituting themselves, I'm saying this to you, repent today and return back to God through this testimony. God has made this testimony for the salvation of your soul so you won't go to that place of torment. The Lord took me to another place where the liars and the gossipers are in hell. I saw how they were being tormented in hell, it's very tough.

It's very hard talking about hell. Gossip can make you lose your salvation, talking about your neighbours can make you lose your salvation; talking about your Pastor can make you lose your salvation. Repent today through this video and return back to God and God will return back to you says The Lord. For this reason we have to reconcile with God everyday because no one knows when he or she will die. Don't go out of the presence of God, gossip can make you lose your salvation.

The torment there was terrible. To all women serving Maria Lionsa, do you know who she is? She is a principality; she is a demon. The Lord showed me who Maria Lionsa is, she is a demon, many witches were prostrating to worship her in hell, the demons tormented them terribly.

The flames in hell never go off. The flames burn day and night, the flames in hell burn forever, please I want you to note this: idolaters cannot see the face of The Lord.

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God wants to change your life, God wants you to stop worshiping and adoring images; God wants you to adore Him. There is only one God beside Him there is no other God. The souls there are being obligated to worship her, even when they don't want to adore her, they are being seriously tormented, they are being obligated to smoke cigarette in hell when they are worshiping her. Satan is a liar, Satan has come to kill and destroy, but I must tell you this, Jesus Christ has come to give you life, and abundantly. God Almighty is calling you today through this video. How I wish you could understand this message and the plans of God for you.

Hell is real. I was in hell for good 16hours for me to really understand the purpose of the message, so I can preach, so I can spread the message of salvation with all passion to everyone. I saw Barbara. Her so-called Barbara in hell, I saw Shango. You who are worshiping and adoring barbara, throw her out of your house, she is a principality says The Lord to me, she is the demon behind prostitution. Barbara has no love, she is full of destruction, there are lots of homes without peace, she is the demon behind such homes.

Also you might be wondering what's going on in your life and perhaps you have her image in your house. How I wish you could understand this message and the plan of God for you, she was obligating people to worship her in hell, the souls in hell burn forever, it's terrible, the torment there is all flames.

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Right there in hell the screen is been placed for them to see. The souls in hell have no excuse to present to The Lord. The Lord shows to them all the opportunity they had while they were on earth. If you don't repent and amend your ways today, your will see how death will surprise you and you will eventually end up in hell. The Lord took me to another place; it was like a big club. I heard the souls there shouting, crying for mercy and help.

I saw there in hell a table was placed before them to drink, they were obligated to drink against their will. They were all in flames, all they were drinking in hell was acid and I saw how their souls exploded. There is a man in hell, The Lord sent an Evangelist to him in a bar were he was drinking while he was still on earth, the Evangelist told him to give his life to Our Lord Jesus Christ because the Evangelist felt he was going to die soon. This man insulted the Evangelist; he called her a mad woman, the same thing many other people around the world are saying to Christians.

That same day, this man came out of the bar drunk, he had an accident and now he is in hell. He was being obligated to drink in hell, he tried to escape the torment but the demons would not let him, he is being tormented there in hell forever. Maybe you call yourself a Christian or whatever and you're still honoring or adoring or worshiping images, you have to repent today and give your life to Jesus Christ. In hell, there are men and women.

You can be very rich here on earth if you want, you are going to hell if you don't surrender your life to Jesus Christ.

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Your money cannot buy your salvation. Your salvation has been bought by Our Lord Jesus Christ. Everything The Lord said about that man was being shown on the screen, the message, the day and the time the Lord sent the message to him. That man is in hell now because of his disobedience.

These are women that served The Lord while they were on earth, but they didn't want to change and accept the doctrines of God rather they preferred to serve God in their own pattern. The torment I saw in this place was worse than the once I saw before. I felt very so much sorrow for these women of God in hell because they served The Lord while they were on earth. The Lord showed me one of these women, she was sitting on a chair and the chair was full of flames of fire, suddenly a demon came pouring some liquid on her head.

My hair was black and wanted it black-blue. The Lord told her it was too late and she started blaspheming. As the demons were pouring the liquid upon her head, her neck fell side ways, her hair was falling down, she stretched forth her hands trying to seek for help. She had a very long hair, she was a very beautiful woman and she wanted to be more beautiful than the way she was but she committed a very terrible error.

The Lord sent a Pastor to this woman while she was still on earth; she was an Evangelist while she was on earth. This woman was preaching and teaching. Like some, when they are preaching, they try to present themselves first to the congregation for them to be accepted the way they are so that they can preach and teach what they want. This woman never wanted to understand God's purpose, she eventually died and she is in hell now, this was a woman that served The Lord.

At that moment I saw a woman that was holding a mirror in her hands and demons were obligating her to paint her face, she applied a liquid on her face and her flesh fell off her face. Perhaps you are listening to this message and you' re saying that make-up is not a sin, I will tell you this now; when God speaks, we all have to obey. That woman disobeyed while she was on earth, she was using make-up here on earth and now she is in hell. She is in hell now, being obligated to paint her face day and night.

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  • We will all be judged with this word. All types of make-up you use here on earth, you will use it there in hell too. I was using wet-lips to make my lips shine and call the attention of others. The woman was in flames while she was still being obligated by the demons to keep painting her face, her face, her lips fell down.

    There I saw a woman who was being obligated by demons to wear an earring on her ears, a very big serpent came to her as she put the earrings on her ears and the serpent wrapped itself around her neck. The Lord is totally against women that use jewelries. She was a woman I knew many years ago, since I gave my life to The Lord; I never preached the message of salvation to this woman. The Lord showed her on the screen all the opportunities she had while on earth to surrender her life to Him but she refused.

    I was scared and there was no way I could preach to her. The Lord showed him a screen and we could see when he was in prison so many years ago, The Lord showed him the day and all the promises he made to serve The Lord. The Lord brought him out of the prison so he could serve him and while he was out, he refused to fulfill his promises to serve The Lord and two years later he was assassinated in the very arms of my mother. My brother died in a very terrible way because of his disobedience.

    This is my brother that I'm talking to you about. My own brother in hell, it's terrible. I didn't want to say this to the public but The Lord said I must say it. I cried the more when I saw my brother in hell. He may be missing a limb or two and he might knock a few glasses off the shelves. The property has a long history. A hotel burned down in on this spot, reportedly killing a victim in the basement. Other tales claim a 16th century murderer haunts its corridors. Built in , the former estate of financial tycoon J. Morgan is haunted by the ghost of his young daughter Alice, who succumbed to typhoid fever in the mansion, according to Haunted Places: The National Directory by Dennis William Hauck.

    The place was utilized by the Russian Embassy for years afterward before turning into a Catholic school and convent in the s. The farmhouse, built in , is one of the oldest English-style houses in New York State. On June 2, , however, it became the site of a brutally vicious slaying.

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    James and Frances Wickham, along with a year-old servant boy, were axe-murdered in their bedrooms by a year-old Irish farmhand named Nicholas Behan who, following an intense manhunt, according to The New York Times archives, was discovered hiding in nearby woods, put on trial, hung and buried in an unmarked grave. Descendants witnessed a ghost standing over their bed in , according to Haunted Places: The National Directory by Dennis William Hauck, and sealed off the bedroom.

    Originally built as a residence for a Czech baron in the s, according to a Long Island Business News article, it became a speakeasy during Prohibition and the Hotel Chateau La Boheme before its last incarnation as a restaurant. The Gothic-style structure on the corner of Smithtown and Lakeland has been boarded up since and is currently once again up for sale. There have also been reports of cold spots and other apparitions. Besides its delicious food and romantic atmosphere, the Country House Restaurant serves patrons and visitors a smorgasbord of history.

    Originally built as a farmhouse in , the place was purchased by Thomas Hadaway, a prominent English-American actor and comedian in , according to Stony Brook by the Three Village Historical Society, who was noted for throwing parties involving the occult. Mount, in his notebooks and diary entries, believed he was able to communicate with the 17th century Dutch Master Rembrandt, who gave him advice through letters and influenced his work, according to Haunted Visions: Spiritualism and American Art by Charles Colbert.

    The original lighthouse, standing 74 feet high, was constructed of stone in and served as a beacon to distressed whaling and merchant ships for about 30 years. It was replaced by the current lighthouse, built in , which is rumored to be haunted by a curator who committed suicide prior to its resurrection. The former room Italian Renaissance mansion estate of Frank Winfield Woolworth was allegedly a hotbed of occult activity, according to Haunted Places: The National Directory by Dennis William Hauck, and its owner died just two years after it was built in , of infected teeth.

    Relocated in from Southampton Town, where it served as a landmark for seafaring ships, to its present location as a part of the former Claflin Estate, the windmill was also once a former cottage and housed such guests as playwright Tennessee Williams, who reportedly penned one of his plays during his lodging. The 8- oryear old girl is still there, say students, and her face can be seen peering from its various windows. Students also report to the Press the eerie feeling of being watched as they pass it by.

    No Long Island Haunted House list would be complete without this demonic gem. Was it madness or evil spirits that led Ronald DeFeo to murder his family here in ? George and Kathy Lutz, who bought the place a year later, believed the latter. Hoax or truth? The world-renowned ghost hunters and psychic mediums, the Warrens, back up the claims. News Entertainment Everything L. Events Power List Kings of L.