The Silver Teacup: Tales of Cadiz

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The Silver Teacup: Tales of Cadiz

Chelo fled Cuba in search of freedom in Born in a small village near Havana in , she married Adolfo Llano in The couple resided in Artemisa, the cradle of the Cuban Revolution of They came in contact with some of its most prominent leaders and endured the cruel communist tyranny, which ended their prosperity and cut short their bliss. The Llanos left the island empty-handed.

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It would have been easier to be a fake revolutionary like Fidel Castro—who used deception and wielded a gun to suppress the free will of his people—than be a real fighter and do what she did day after day. Her life stood out as a monument to Cuban tenacity.

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Intent, a youngster sits amidst the audience at the bullfighting ring in Cadiz. Hidden under his shirt is a red cape. His mind drifts into his efforts and frustrations to become a bullfighter—rehearsals on his flat roof, illegal entries into the venue, clandestine nocturnal bullfights, testing of brave calves, fighting wild cows, refusals by impresarios, broken promises. As soon as the first bull charges into the ring, the youngster eludes security and jumps in. Paco rushes home to join his brother and escape with him.

His mother conceals him before the treacherous son arrives with several fascist comrades. Wielding a gun, he demands that she hand him his brother.

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Paco darts out of his hiding and wrestles him to the floor as the weapon goes off. A young man is obsessed with the ghost of a woman he has seen in his new apartment in an old neighborhood in Cadiz, Spain. She is beautiful, bears a sad expression, and holds a poppy flower in her hand. He becomes obsessed with her.

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A roll of parchment that had sat buried in a wall of the abode for several centuries accidentally comes to light. It reveals her identity and her death on the stake. To reverse the unjust verdict, he reviews the records of her trial at the National Archives.

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His research achieves an unexpected result when her poppy flower appears lying on a table in his bedroom. I find myself transported not only to the narrow streets, plazas, and seaside promenades of Cadiz, Spain, but also shuttled back in time. Enter your name and email address to join my Circle of Friends. Enjoy special discounts, free ebooks, reading tips, recommendations, and interesting material I will exclusively share with my friends.

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